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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I am using 20.10 on a few systems here.01:44
FlameReaper-PCgood day02:20
FlameReaper-PCafter upgrading to 20.04 LTS from 18.04 i realized gtk apps performance were pretty poor on my end. is there anything i should look into?02:21
ampgreetings all! I've installed 20.10  as a VM in vmware workstation, as a dry run on the distro.  So far most things are working as expected, but I'm getting a weird graphics issue. The 'panel' at the bottom of the screen is 'blinking'. when I select the K button the window it opens up is basically doing the same thing, it almost looks like it is cycling through graphics modes. Has anyone seen this behaviour?04:03
fahad-M> greetings all! I've installed 20.10  as a VM in vmware workstation, as a dry run on the distro.  So far most things are working as expected, but I'm getting a weird graphics issue. The 'panel' at the bottom of the screen is 'blinking'. when I select the K button the window it opens up is basically doing the same thing, it almost looks like it is cycling through graphics modes. Has anyone seen this behaviour?04:52
fahad-Mi did observed screen flickers, and once i observed image distortion, but only in beginning, now it runs smooth.04:52
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EdgyMC_69Is it within normal usage to have 7 Activities with several Firefox windows open and Discord, MS Teams, some screen recording software running in the background?07:36
EdgyMC_69I get freezes pretty often (which require a complete restart) but I don't know how to attempt to fix them. I also got them when only using Facebook on Firefox.07:42
eeoshi! What is the equivalent of Ubuntu Remote Desktop under Kubuntu?07:47
Maikeeos: KRDC if i remember correct08:36
Maikeeos: https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kdenetwork/krdc/using-krdc.html08:38
StyXmanwhat's the best way to upgrade to 20.10? I tried aptitude to help solving conflicts by hand, but it's stuck in the broken deps resolver08:43
StyXmanTrying to fix broken packages... it says08:45
MaikStyXman: from which version you try to upgrade?08:49
Maiksudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade08:50
StyXmansorry, it's swapping a lot, so some keys ight not get through08:50
Maiksudo do-release-upgrade -d08:50
StyXmanand what do I do it it tries to remove packages I want?08:50
Maikwhich packages?08:51
Maikdid you add PPA's and installed software from them?08:51
StyXmannot ppas, but things like google's chrome or zoom08:52
Maikit shouldn't remove them afaik08:52
Maiki never upgrade and stick to LTS releases. one machine has Ubuntu 20.10 but that's a fresh install.08:54
StyXmanor this: https://dpaste.org/P9G308:54
StyXmanI used to use dselect, but got too old08:54
Maiktry  sudo apt-get -f install && sudo dpkg --configure -a08:59
StyXmanwhy the upgrade before the do-release-upgrade, anyways?08:59
Maikto make sure your system is up to date before trying to upgrade, that's why09:01
eeosMaik: that would be the client rather the server09:07
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Maikeeos: you could always search in the documentation if you can find the answer there09:11
Maiki just googled for remote desktop on KDE and that's what came up09:13
StyXmanah, yes, it was09:15
EdgyMC_69I had to restart and all my Firefox windows I've placed in different Activities reopened in one Activity. Eh.09:38
eeosMaik: yes, I have done all the googling already, that was the reason for the question being so specific ....09:58
fahad-M> I get freezes pretty often (which require a complete restart) but I don't know how to attempt to fix them. I also got them when only using Facebook on Firefox.10:04
fahad-Mthe problem is in facebook, i used it as well, and if you see in ksysgaurd, you will notice e firefoz tab is eating up all the resources. Fix? I just stopped using facebook or you can try using third party clients for facebook. Good Luck10:04
StyXmanyeah, stop using fb altogether :-)10:38
Maikfahad-M: i bet it's your system which i think is low spec10:44
fahad-Mmaybe? intel 8 gen, 16 gb ram10:44
Maikok, that's not low sepc10:45
fahad-Mamd radeon, maybe it's low spec?10:45
fahad-Mgraphic card*10:45
fahad-Mbut it;s kinda low spec for facebook lol10:45
fahad-Mi probably need a tb of ram for that10:46
Maikfahad-M: any add ons/extensions on firefox you use?10:46
fahad-M6 or 7 maybe10:46
fahad-Mdark reader10:46
fahad-Mpassword manager10:46
fahad-Mgoogle translate10:46
fahad-Mand website locker10:46
Maikturn them off and see if that improves things10:47
fahad-Mnope, i did10:47
Maiki have a laptop that is 10 years old with 4GB RAM and have no issues at all10:47
fahad-Mand honestly, chats over facebook aren't even encrypted till you do idk what secret messaging stuff, so not a problem for me10:47
fahad-Mmmm, maybe it was problem with ubuntu 18.04 then? but honestly, i don't care10:48
Maikeven my Pi 4 with 4GB RAM works properly and Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.1010:48
Maikfahad-M: did you try another web browser?10:52
fahad-Msame problem on chromium, only that it was worse11:00
fahad-Mand i tried different laptop too11:00
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Maikfahad-M: weird that only you have issues11:05
StyXmanok, I did the upgrade again w/ aptitude and this time I was more careful about breaking ops, and it worked fine12:13
fahad-Mhey guys, i know it is off-topic but is there a way to see if someone is online or not?12:34
BluesKajHi folks12:37
Maikfahad-M: then take it to #kubuntu-offtopic if it's... well.... offtopic. ;)12:54
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Guest43787Anyone knows how to scale konsole wallpaper?13:33
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IrcsomeBot<Utkarsh> HI Guys, … Can anyone help me in updating to latest plasma 20 on kubuntu ?15:16
Maik@Utkarsh not possible.... yet15:17
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zack62hello, I need support with KAMIL in kubuntu 20.04 LTS16:04
zack62kmail I mean16:05
zack62Recently (I didn't used kamil for few days), I lost my local mail box.16:06
zack62That is, in my account, I still have a local folder, but completly empty16:08
zack62~/.local/share/local-mail is full of mails, but Kmail don't load them anymore... Can someone help me ?16:09
zack62hello, first time I use this irc channel, is it working ? can someone see my question ?16:13
zack62hello rudie, I posted a question about lost mail in kmail, you can see it ?16:14
zack62I started kmail today, and all my local dir is empty. Don't know what caused that, and how to reload my locol folder ?16:16
zack31Is there anyone to help me with kmail ?16:22
zack31I have lost all the content of my local folder / local mailbox (inbox, sendmails, etc). There are still there in my ~/.local/share/local-mail,but hte kmail GUI can't see them anymore ?16:24
zack31was working few days ago, don't undertand what appened...16:25
zack31anyone encountered this issue ?16:25
zack31I absolutely need to recover my emails... please.16:26
IrcsomeBot<ghostfacegangstar> How is Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 (Ryzen 7 4800U)?? … Will it ever come to India...I m not getting the AMD one...16:29
zack31is this irc channel a fake one ?16:31
zack31new to kubuntu, there is no active suport here ?16:31
Maik!patience | zack3116:35
ubottuzack31: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.16:35
Maikzack31: i don't appreciate unwanted PM's. Everything can be asked and talked about here in the channel. :)16:45
Maikzack31: how long it takes before you get an answer depends on if anyone is around or comes around who has the knowledge. If you don't have the time try asking on the forums, Askubuntu or come back again later.16:47
Maikyou could also do some research on the web in the meantime. :)16:48
zack31ok, Maik, I don't want to spam the channel neither. This is the first time I try this irc channel, I don't know yet the abit of this community. In mageia, was more interactive talks...16:49
zack31So someone will answer me and I wait... So I wait...16:50
Maikzack31: you could also try to ask in #kde16:54
zack31ok good idea, I will, thx16:55
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zack31Ok so I still wait for community support...17:50
zack31so i suspect an akonadi issue, possible ?18:00
woozleI've *always* had trouble with Akonadi, and never been able to find any diagnostic guides.18:01
zack31someone using kmail on 20.04 in this community ? No pb recently ?18:01
zack31woozle, you use kmal right now ?18:02
zack31I hav inedexing error message when I restart akonadi18:03
zack31and when I try to configure my account, I see a local dir pb18:03
zack31Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/3b88db53b01bbf11a7ba8ad6a23b28f0/kmail.png18:03
zack31you see, in my "identity" configuration, the advanced tab.18:04
zack31I have an alert message of misconfiguration of my personal folder "not existing or no more existing" (the mapping with draft and model folder is "failing" (so appear in pink).18:06
zack31I don't know what to do...18:06
Maikdid you ask in #kde too already?18:09
art_who suffers from covid?18:13
zack31Maik yes, not supportive community18:16
zack31one advice me to make an archive18:17
Maikthen try to search for your issue or use the other options i mentioned before. I never use any mail client so i can't help, all web based here.18:18
zack31and another guy said akonadi doesn't work well and is not documented.18:18
zack31not very useful18:18
woozle(I don't use kmail. I use mostly Roundcube, and sometimes Thunderbird.)18:19
woozle(You might try Thunderbird, which can automatically configure some things, and see if you can get the connection working -- then use that to figure out what's wrong with kmail.)18:20
zack31woozle, thunderbird is a local client ?18:22
zack31is it possible that thunderbird import kmail folders ?18:22
zack31may kubuntu decided to switch from kontact to thunderbird with some migration tool or procedures ?18:23
zack31there are devlelopers or packager in this irc ?18:24
woozleHow do you mean local?18:24
Maikdid you leave the pulled in emails on the server of your provider? If so then just set up Thunderbird and you'll get all your emails in the inbox again. If not then you're out of luck i guess.18:24
woozle^ that -- if you're using IMAP18:25
zack31A local client that save mail locally (not a web client using IMAP to store everything on server).18:26
Maikalso works with pop18:26
woozleThunderbird and KMail can store locally and access remotely.18:26
woozleThunderbird can import local folder data from other email clients, though I don't know if KMail is one of them.18:27
woozleThunderbird and KMail are both desktop clients, not webmail.18:27
zack31ok, so true mail client, yu know if thunderbird import kmail database (local folder) ?18:27
woozleI don't know for sure if it can import from KMail specifically, though it does have an import feature.18:28
zack31ok, thank you, will to reapir  kmail couple of days, and will try to switch to thunderbird, if this is the supported mail client of kubuntu team (to have support).18:30
zack31thx you Maik18:32
Maikzack31: thunderbird isn't the default, supported mailclient by kubuntu and it's from Mozilla if you seek support for it18:32
zack31yes it is, it is in release note18:33
zack31"For this release we provide Thunderbird for email support, however the KDE PIM suite (including kontact and kmail) is still available to install from the archive."18:33
Maikok but official support for thunderbird only is still over at mozilla18:34
zack31Discovered that _after_ my 20.04 uodate (quite disapointed).18:35
Maikwhat's to be disappointed about...?18:35
zack31To be left alone with my mail18:36
zack31and few days after, I lost of my mails, and pop 3 connection18:36
Maiki told you there are other places to ask for help18:36
zack31But what kind of support kubuntu is providing ?18:36
Maikit's open source, we are all volunteers who aren't getting paid to do this18:37
zack31You have people in charge of your package, no ?18:37
Maikthey build the packages they aren't developing them18:38
zack31I know, I use linux for 15 years. Kubuntu is my new distro.18:38
Maikfor 15 years? Then you should know your way around by now18:38
Maikno matter what distro you use$18:38
zack31Yes, i never encountered kmail issue before I switched to kubuntu, so...18:39
zack31and oftne we have distro issues, or community of users encounter the same issue a te same time, so we discuss together18:40
Maiki wish i could help you. Been searching for you but couldn't find any proper solution yet.18:40
zack31and then we figure out if this is a distro pb or an upstream pb18:41
zack31ok thank you, I will try on my own18:41
zack31And will go back here if I find something useful for others.18:41
Maikok, good luck :)18:42
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IrcsomeBot<RU5TY_N41L> Is there is any way to optimise battery usage in kubuntu 20.0419:46
ckgambitHey, I was wondering if anyone could help with an extremely slow Kubuntu 20.10 thats only 6 hours old. If I run a speed test I get 750Mbps download and 550Mbps upload, I have 24 GB of internal ram and 10 GB swap and 4 core processor running 8 cores total19:56
ckgambitIm downloading something and only getting maybe 500 - 600 Kbps download speed19:57
lun8288I have Ubuntu 20.04, I would like to get Kubuntu, which is the easiest way to do it?20:06
Maiklun8288: reinstall, mixing DE's isn't always flawless20:11
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Maiklun8288: but if you want to try it: sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop20:13
Maikit's up to you20:14
lun8288I'll reinstall thank you20:15
IrcsomeBot<Max> I had ubuntu mate and installed kubuntu-desktop all right on 2 different machines. Maybe just luck. Always backup.20:15
IrcsomeBot<Max> Plasma is great.20:16
lun8288do you mean that Plasma is better than Kubuntu?20:17
Maiklun8288: Plasma is the Desktop, not a distro20:25
MaikKubuntu uses the Plasma desktop (KDE)20:25
MrokiiHello. I have a hi-fi system connected to my motherboards' audio-output, and upto now, all computer-sounds were played through that. But as of today, after updating to Kubuntu 20.10, all sounds are played via the speakers built into my monitor. The only device available in the audio-settings is hdmi (over which my monitor is connected). Is this a bug? Shouldn't there be an entry for the regular22:13
Mrokiiaudio-output via the motherboard?22:13
cyskusHello.  Today I updated from Kubuntu 20.04 to Kubuntu 20.10.  Nearly everything is working well except for my audio interface (a Tascam US-2x2 connected over USB3).  In the audio configuration dialog I cannot put the device into duplex mode, despite the device having available input and output channels in ALSA.  I have tried reinstalling PulseAudio however this did not resolve the issue.  I have also tried checking the PulseAudio configuration in22:20
cyskus/etc/pulse to see if I can set the device mode or stream mappings manually but did not find any device information.  Are there any further steps that I can take to get duplex mode to work on my audio interface?  Thanks in advance.22:20
Mrokiicyskus: Maybe this is related to my problem, of sounds not being played over my hi-fi system anymore, and it's not displayed in the audio-devices list. I just found a solution by killing pulseaudio (via "pulseaudio -k"). After that, the regular motherboard-output was visible again and the hi-fi-system played the sounds again. Maybe you could try that.22:22
Mrokiicyskus: Here are several solutions for another problem, but nevertheless these might point you in the right direction for yours as well: https://itsfoss.com/how-to-fix-no-sound-through-hdmi-in-external-monitor-in-ubuntu/22:24
cyskusThanks for the suggestion.  I restarted PulseAudio using the specified command but duplex mode is still unavailable.  I have also tried restarting the computer and unplugging/plugging-in the audio interface with the same effect.  One time when I unplugged/re-plugged the audio interface it changed from input-only to output-only, but duplex was still unavailable.22:25
cyskusI'll try pavucontrol, although I'm not sure if that's specified to the setup of Ubuntu with Gnome rather than Ubuntu with KDE Plasma.22:27
cyskusInteresting, pavucontrol worked.  Thanks!  It's odd that the duplex option shows up there but not in the Plasma Settings.22:28
Mrokiicyskus: Looks like a bug to me. But very cool that it worked for you as well. :-)22:34
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markus1980hey ich bin neu hier23:38

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