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luna_The translation site for Hirsute does not work for me? but maybe it has not opened yet as the cycle is still closed14:45
tomwardillluna_: translations are in the process of being opened14:45
tomwardillneeds some co-ordinations from multiple teams14:45
luna_tomwardill: ah alright :) will help when they are open can one guess they open when the cycle starts on Thursday ?14:46
tomwardillwe're waiting for the first batch of initial imports to go through, which can take a few days. It might be by Thursday, it might not, we can't give a precise date unfortunately :(14:47
luna_ah its all alright :)14:47
luna_i will sit calm in the boat and wait14:47
cjwatsonluna_: Next week is probably more realistic than Thursday (I'm not sure where this idea of the cycle starting on Thursday comes from ...)16:23
luna_cjwatson: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/hirsute-hanimal-release-schedule/18539 the Toolchain Upload date but maybe i missunderstood16:26
luna_but thanks16:26
cjwatsonluna_: OK, that's not the start of cycle, that's just an estimate of one early development step16:27
cjwatsonluna_: Technically the cycle starts as soon as the previous release happens, but it often takes some time to get various things in place16:28
cjwatsontoolchain upload is *end* of week 1, but as I say, very much an estimate :)16:28
cjwatson(in practice, toolchain upload is "as soon as possible, so that other things can start")16:29
luna_ah alright16:30
arunpyasiHello everyone, Is it possible to set a preference Pin priority in Launchpad?20:23
arunpyasicjwatson, are you around?20:26
pappacenaHey, arunpyasi . cjwatson is probably not available. But I didn't get what you mean by "set a preference pin priority". Where exactly?20:34
arunpyasipappacena, I wanted to override the version from Ubuntu repository and use packages from my repository.20:35
arunpyasiSomething like we do inside /etc/apt/preferences.d/20:36
pappacenaHum. cjwatson can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we have this option at Launchpad. What is possible is adding other PPA dependencies to your PPA, so you can upload newer versions of the packages you need...20:41
cjwatsonYes, as you say20:43
arunpyasiOk, so if I need to have an old dependency in the PPA so that I can build my other packages inside LP, then I need to like just use higher version in changelong?20:48
arunpyasiIs there any other solution to use old dependency than faking the version?20:49
cjwatsonYou must use a higher version (well, or change the package name, but that's likely more effort)20:51
arunpyasiOK cjwatson Thanks for your help! :)21:08
juliankI just realized that if Packages etc were like zstd compressed with a fixed dictionary, you'd probably get an rsyncable format that compresses well, allowing you to do zsync like stuff for the repo22:10
juliankI need to test that at some point22:11
juliank(because generally the problem is that this stuff does not compress well if we compress in blocks, because we get all those duplicates in key names and package names we want to dedup)22:12
juliank(not sure how well it works like that)22:12

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