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bthomasMo-yawning all09:08
gnuoyMorning all, I just had to write a fairly sizeable patch for an interface written in the ops framework. The operator framework testing harness is awesome and saved me hours, thank you!11:22
facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!11:23
facubatistagnuoy, it's glad to hear that you find it useful!11:23
* bthomas -> lunch13:30
* bthomas -> back13:45
justinclarkhello o/14:18
facubatistahola justinclark14:18
* facubatista -> errands14:30
* facubatista is back15:02
* facubatista -> lunch15:21
* facubatista is back15:56
dstathisIs it considered good practice to leave breakpoints in production charm code?16:58
facubatistadstathis, if you use self.frameworks.breakpoint() the code will be interrupted ONLY if you're in a juju debug session20:35
facubatistadstathis, so it's "safe" (don't know if a good practice, though... note that you can always jump into "pdb mode" inspecting Python code for any event callback, no need to leave explicit breakpoints for that)20:36
* facubatista eods21:34

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