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mfohello ubuntu-installer folks :) now that groovy is out, i was looking for reviewers to bug #1895351 and bug #1898129 (both for ubiquity.)12:37
ubottubug 1895351 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "prepare plugin does not run in automatic mode" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189535112:37
ubottubug 1898129 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Cannot configure 'cryptsetup luksFormat' at install time" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189812912:37
mfocould someone please take a look, or let me know whom would be appropriate reviewers to add in the MRs?  thanks!12:38
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rbasaksrc:python-certbot is on 0.40.0-1 in Focal in the release pocket. 1.1.0-1 was published in the proposed pocket but never migrated before release and subsequently deleted. Will Launchpad allow me to publish 0.40.0-1ubuntu0.1 in focal-updates?14:29
rbasakFirst I'd be needing to publish that in focal-proposed I suppose14:29
rbasakSo the version would go backwards - hence my question.14:29
mdeslaurI'm pretty sure that won't be an issue14:31
rbasakGreat - thanks14:31
greyltc[m]1Hi all. I'm thinking about writing a lightdm greeter. Is this the right place to chat about that?16:48
parideLaney, hi! http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/statistics is broken at the moment. Is it a thing you can look into?16:54
parideI use data from it to fill some post-release autopkgtest success rate statistics16:56
parideLaney, thanks!16:57
LaneyIt's basically the slowest webpage on the entire internet17:02
Laneyparide: worksn ow17:02
Laneyyou might enjoy downloading the database and querying it directly a bit more than using that page?17:02
Laneythat would let you filter to certain packages for example17:02
parideI didn't remember it being so slow, but I basically access it once per cycle, so maybe I just forgot :)17:04
Laneyyeah it always was17:04
parideLaney, well yes the DB could be useful/interesting17:04
Laneythe URL to that is linked from the front page17:04
LaneyI think it's /static/autopkgtest.db17:05
parideLaney, that works, thanks again17:06
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