nzoueidiHello folks, my username has been expired and I registered it again. Could I have the Ubuntu Cloak? Thanks.14:35
cassandra^ handled in PM15:04
linaporrasHi,  can someone help me to have an Ubuntu cloak, my launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~linaporras18:10
* cassandra takes a look18:13
cassandralinaporras: can you add a note to the top section of that page saying that you're requesting a cloak so that i can confirm it's you?18:14
linaporrascassandra take a look please18:21
linaporrasI have done that :)18:21
cassandrathanks :)18:21
cassandrajess-o-lantern: please assign the cloak ubuntu/member/linaporras to the nickserv account linaporras18:21
jess-o-lanternnp ^^18:24
linaporrasThank u, do I have to do anything else?18:38
cassandraNope, you're all set. It's active now and will activate on future connections when you log in to NickServ.18:42
hggdhlinaporras: just use it and enjoy :-)18:42
linaporrasCool, thank u.18:43
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