Dean_GussI saw this in journalctl: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/e44f4705/00:54
Dean_GussIs this spam expected behavior??00:54
Dean_Guss#embarrassing if so00:55
JanCare you talking about the MoTD stuff?01:11
JanCor something else?01:11
Dean_GussJanC yep the content of the motd01:15
JanCMotD is sort of designed for that sort of stuff, I guess; and if you don't like it it shouldn't be hard to remove it...01:15
JanCprobably remove motd-news-config01:15
Dean_GussDesigned to display somebody's advertisement?01:15
Dean_GussIt's quite clearly spam01:16
Dean_Gussdisguised as "news"01:16
mybalzitchthen go back to debian01:17
Dean_GussI probably will01:17
Dean_Gussbecause that's pretty outrageous01:17
JanCIIRC Debian also has some MotD thing that can spam about certain software  :)01:17
Dean_Gussdamn, really JanC?  I haven't run debian in forever01:18
JanCobviously they will only promote packages that are in Debian01:18
JanCanyway, remove the package I mentioned above, and it should go away01:19
Dean_GussI will.. but seriously, whose idea was it to include such spam?  And where else is spam hidden on my system?01:20
Dean_GussI prefer to be kosher and halal both!01:20
JanCyou really shouldn't be surprised that Canonical news includes Canonical products01:21
Dean_GussI guess you're right01:22
Dean_GussI haven't run ubuntu in years either before this... the blatant spam just shocked the conscious I guess01:23
JanCand it seems to be open source too01:23
Dean_GussI didn't realize it was a canonical product, at least that is better01:23
Dean_Gussbut still pretty shocking01:24
Dean_GussWhen you install an FOSS server OS you don't really expect to be spammed with commercial services01:25
Dean_Gussbut I guess I learned my lesson01:25
JanCit's not even a commercial service per se01:25
JanCmore like an optional feature that's available for free?01:27
Dean_GussInteresting ... well that feels better.  Still, strange that they're pushing it in my motd01:28
Dean_Gusslol when I try to remove the package it says:01:30
Dean_GussThe following packages will be REMOVED:01:30
Dean_Guss  motd-news-config ubuntu-server01:30
Dean_GussI guess I can't remove it01:30
JanCyou can probably just disable it also01:30
Dean_Gussyeah, I disabled the service01:30
JanCbut removing a meta-package like ubuntu-server isn't going to destroy your server  :)01:30
Dean_Gussoh good. here goes01:31
Dean_Gussty JanC01:31
JanCit might get re-installed on system-upgrades01:32
JanCIIRC it's implemented using a PAM module, so I assume that's also the level where to disable it01:35
rfmI believe the "canonical" way of disabling it is changing to  "ENABLED=0" in /etc/default/motd-news01:45
TJ-or deleting /etc/default/motd-news means it won't be replaced on package upgrades01:51
TJ-you can also selectively take away the 'x' mode bit from scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/ to stop them doing anything01:51
JanCright, the /etc/default/ stuff likely is the best way02:43
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Bebefteward: So if I have used Livepatch three times. I obviously only get a token three times and that's it? Or will records for servers that don't exist any more expired after some time and then I can generate a new token?06:34
TJ-why does the subiquity installer have such a poor user experience? surely by now it should be ready for prime time07:26
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coreycbjamespage: are you ok with the RelWithDebInfo change going back to bionic?12:47
coreycbjamespage: ok I c an work on that unless you have something in flight12:47
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tewardBebef: I don't have an answer for you; Livepatch and how that stuff works is all Canonical's stuff and I don't have knowledge into the inner workings / tracking on that13:40
tewardTJ-: define 'poor user experience' - usually most of the problems I see reported about subiquity involve user error :P13:47
teward(and most users are 'lazy' and don't like 'change' to how installation stuff works)13:47
teward(at least, that's what I've seen)13:47
TJ-teward: try being visually impaired or blind for example, with a screen reader or other assistive technology14:01
tewardTJ-: and this somehow *wasn't* a problem for the d-i install method that we used to have?14:02
tewardif the answer to that question is "it was a problem there too" then you've got a bigger problem14:02
tewardbecause that means *all* the server installers have suffered that problem14:03
TJ-teward: d-i was pretty good14:03
TJ-being able to return to the menu and choose which step you wanted to access for example; whereas with subiquity all there is is "Done" or "Back"14:04
tewardthat wasn't my question14:05
TJ-the fact there is no obvious way to get the partitioner to rescan (as opposed to d-is partman doing it endlessly14:05
tewardTJ-: sounds like this needs a thread on the ML or such, or bug reports for new features on subiquity.  just my 2 cents14:05
TJ-yeah; i've posted 4 bug reports this morning14:06
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