davido_Seems so.... https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PjWr38PfT2/00:00
davido_Let me check the dpkg verify00:00
mgedminI had a thougt that those file changes might have been _caused_ by dkms trying to build the acpi-call module00:00
davido_Yes. dpkg --verify shos the same list as well.00:00
mgedminI think it's time to ubuntu-bug acpi-call-dkms00:01
davido_The joy of being an early adopter of a stable release.00:01
mgedminyeah, I'm currently forwarding the X11 abstract socket to the real X11 socket via socat so that snapified chromium will work00:02
davido_It's a lesson I keep re-learning. Even for LTS releases, it seems to pay to wait a few months.00:02
davido_(which is a bit of an indictment on the concept of a stable release)00:03
mgedminexcept if everyone waits, who will be the ones to discover the problems and report them?00:03
davido_Nothing like testing in production.00:03
davido_hmm, shouldn't ubuntu-bug get past the "Extra debug information will be added to the bug report automatically" page eventually?00:04
mgedminwhat is a non-LTS release even doing in production?00:04
davido_By "production" I mean released on the world.00:05
mgedminthe launchpad bug process always takes annoyingly long00:05
davido_My laptop isn't critical path to anything in particular.00:05
TJ-I don't see anything in acpi-call-dkms to cause those files to be written00:05
davido_My $work laptop (same identical hardware) is on LTS.00:06
* mgedmin uhh has 20.10 on his work laptop because shiny00:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1901452 in acpi-call (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to 20.10 error. acpi-call-dkms : ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid." [Undecided,New]00:09
davido_hopefully that addresses it sufficiently.00:09
davido_for my own edification, what is the severity of this on my system?00:10
mgedminwell, apt/dpkg will try to rebuild the dkms module on every apt operation, unless you apt remove it00:12
mgedminand you can't make use of whatever hacks you used with /proc/acpi/call00:12
mgedminother than that everything should be fine00:12
davido_That's reasonable for now. I can live with that.00:13
mgedminI would probably apt install --reinstall linux-headers-$(uname -r) after removing acpi-call-dkms, just for peace of mind00:13
davido_I actually did try removing it. something pulls it back in.00:13
mgedminthat's ... unpossible?00:15
mgedmin(well, very surprising)00:16
davido_I don't suppose you're wrong. Which means my attempt to uninstall it must have been ineffective. I'll try again and see what's up.00:16
TJ-not necessarily. If apt has been configured to also install Suggests: then tlp would cause it to be installed00:17
TJ-davido_: "sudo apt purge acpi-call-dkms"00:17
davido_Right. That much is ok. Now let me do a fresh sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade......00:18
davido_I seem to be clean now.00:19
davido_So thanks! :)00:19
davido_(until I remember why I needed acpi-call-dkms at some point)00:19
TJ-it can be used by TLP to do a few power-related operations00:20
designbybeckMy new keyboard doesn't have Media controls. I was able to set my F9 key to mute/unmute with: amixer -q -D pulse sset Master toggle    Is there something similar for toggle play/pause? I haven't found commands like that without installing other software00:28
davido_designbybeck Usually the media controls like play/pause emit a key sequence. Do you have access to a keyboard that you could use to make note of the sequence?00:38
designbybeckhmmm yes00:38
davido_You could do a key binding to produce that sequence.00:38
designbybeckthe other one was wireless00:38
designbybeckhow would I capture that davido_00:39
Ascavasaionhow do I get to Ubuntu CLI?  I no longer see the grub menu on boot-up... It goes straight from BIOS flash screen to the ubuntu loading splashscreen.  My keyboard and mouse are not working after I tried to install Nvidia drivers.  So I need to get to CLI before the ubuntu GUI login screen.00:54
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rud0lfAscavasaion: as far as i know, you hold "Shift" key upon boot00:58
Ascavasaionrud0lf: Aaaah, let me try that.00:58
rud0lfAscavasaion: confirmed, "With BIOS, quickly press and hold the Shift key, which will bring up the GNU GRUB menu."00:58
Bashing-omAscavasaion: EFI system then it is the escape key that grub looks for, spam the wxape to to catch that window of oportunity.00:59
davido_Actually you probably don't even need to do that designbybeck. Just open Settings|Keyboard Shortcuts and set a shortcut for pause/play.01:01
designbybeckAh! I totally over looked those presets! Thank you davido_01:02
designbybeck...."well that was easy!"01:03
Ascavasaionrud0lf: shift never worked... sigh01:06
rud0lfAscavasaion: see what Bashing-om said, it is "Escape" on EFI systems01:07
AscavasaionExcllent, Esc got me to the grub menu... but I see there is no safe boot/or similar as there used to be.  There is a boot to CLI, but that does not allow me to log in... it just gives me a > prompt without gaining access to my folders and changing settings in my xorg.conf file, etc.01:12
rud0lfi suggest pendrive or cd boot for ubuntu preview installation01:14
Bashing-omAscavasaion: "advanced oprions" >> recoverry concole.01:14
rud0lfoh or that :)01:14
AscavasaionBashing-om: Perfect, thank you!01:16
Bashing-omAscavasaion: Then next you will want to take the kernel out of read-only mode. easiest is to activate "networking".01:18
AscavasaionBashing-om: That networking to get read/write again is brilliant.  Thank you01:24
Bashing-omAscavasaion: Give yourself some time - there is no substitute for experience :P01:25
Ascavasaionhehe, thank you.01:26
AscavasaionI am trying this... https://askubuntu.com/questions/1236770/20-04-gnome-keyboard-mouse-detected-but-not-working-in-xorg to see if it sorts things out.01:26
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john23495345dfgHello, is there any way to get chromium with vaapi on ubuntu 20.10?? I've tried snap version from candidate/vaapi channel and it does not work now but it worked about a month or so ago. gpu: intel hd 62001:48
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Chuckfuquestion folks , I'm install an application that has different permission on different folders, by root folder off of /var/www/application what should the application folder gave for permissions the owner should  be www-data02:53
maplambdaI install my HP printer with CUPS and enabled sharing so I can now print on any device in my house. CUPS is installed on my laptop. is my laptop actually acting as a server right now? im curious abut the mechanism by which im able to discover the printer from other devices that arent my laptop02:53
maplambdai didnt even have to do anything on my cell phone and i can see the printer02:54
maplambdait just discovered it somehow02:54
Chuckfuout of 1166 people no one is offering help03:02
Chuckfuwow what a waste, why are these people here or showing here if they are not helping03:07
maplambdaChuckfu, i think theyd rather just look knowledgeable at the right time than actually make a guess and look bad or somehow not knowledgeable03:08
Chuckfumaplambda shame, why have a channel that offers help if none is given03:09
TJ-maplambda: it uses multicast DNS via avahi package tools03:10
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TJ-maplambda: "avahi-browse -art" will show you discovered records03:11
maplambdaTJ-, ty ill look into how this works. so my laptop is actually a server then? if it goes down nobody will be able to print?03:13
leftyfbmaplambda: is your printer networkable or only connected through usb to your computer03:13
TJ-maplambda: indeed, that's what "sharing" does03:14
TJ-most devices are now networked and advertise themselves on the network03:14
maplambdaleftyfb, it was USB but then I changed to networkable (I ran hplib on my laptop which I think configured the ip of my printer ? and then I went into CUPS and had to add the printer and selected share with other devices)03:15
maplambdainteresting its been years since I had to set up a network or anything remotely like this. think its changed a lot from what I remember03:15
leftyfbmaplambda: what model printer is it?03:16
maplambdaan HP deskjet 363003:16
leftyfbmaplambda: that printer has it's own wifi connection. You do not need to setup any printer sharing with your computer at all03:17
leftyfbmaplambda: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04715461   <~~~ the manual for your printer on how to setup networking and eprint03:18
maplambdaok thanks03:19
leftyfbmaplambda: also, you might not want to start off by disrespecting the people you're asking for help from03:19
leftyfbmaplambda: it's 11:20PM on the East cost of the U.S. Most are AFK for the night03:20
maplambdatrue sorry03:20
dyeplexerI am trying to install wine from the wine ppa on my recently upbraded to 20.04 from 18.04 system. However trying to install it shows a lot of conflicts and remove a lot of packages from my system: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SYXTX4TYXp/ What should I do?05:40
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ducassedyeplexer: we don't support ppas, if you want help with the wine ppa talk to the maintainers07:10
TJ-!mainline | DarkTrick07:44
ubottuDarkTrick: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds07:44
DarkTrickTJ-, That says "if one is using select proprietary or out-of-tree modules, you will need to uninstall the module first": The worst case is the new kernel will not work, but my current one will continue working, is that correct? (I'm using VirtualBox)08:01
TJ-DarkTrick: if you're using DKMS managed out-of-tree modules then it should have a fair chance of working UNLESS a kernel interface changed the ABI08:02
TJ-DarkTrick: it's worth trying even if only to see if the SDHCI is readable, before removing it and returning to the distro kernel08:03
javi404EriC^^: thanks, will keep that for future reference, issue is something between gparted and new wayland default.  I'll have to check when back in the office in a few hours. Just now I can't fucking log in at all.08:51
javi404i mean i log in, but it bounces back, didn't have time to diagnose on a Sunday evening, rather spend time with the GF, so I guess it's today's problem now.08:51
javi404mgedmin: will it do everything gparted does? haven't used gnome disks before, about to test it out.09:27
DarkTrickTJ-, I was just wondering, couldn't I just `insmod` the module with the fixes?09:27
Maikjavi404: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Disks   https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/disk.html09:34
javi404Maik: thanks09:34
DarkTrickQ: I'd like to move my linux root partition on my harddisk like this: https://pastebin.com/bE3Spzsu09:36
DarkTrickIs that possible? How risky is this?09:36
DarkTrickSolved: I give gparted its chance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/MovingPartition09:53
ace_me1Hi all. I am trying to setup a bind server to allow my domain work with my own dns server. I was following https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-an-authoritative-only-dns-server-on-ubuntu-14-04 and added ansible receipt to configure it. The problem si that I have ubuntu 20 and runnign from my laptop: nslookup server xx.xx..... and querying for mydomain.com is saying  server can't find MYDOMAIN>COM SERVFAI10:23
ace_me1any help or a better tutorial please ?10:24
BrandanoGood morning. Is there a way to reinstall the release theme? I had an issue with the Nvidia legacy drivers, managed to fix it via SSH, but now I have 20.10 with the 20.04 theme10:25
BrandanoRepositories seem to be the correct ones10:25
ace_me1my named.conf include named.conf.local where I did added a master zone for my domain. Is it ok like this ?10:37
* Brandano always had trouble with networking stuff10:38
BrandanoI'd check in #openwrt. Maybe not exactly on topic, but they are likely to know10:39
BrandanoAnd naturally I did fix my "issue". Everything was updated, just had to select the background image in gnome-tweaks10:40
tux_has anyone ever had luck with using shim to load systemd-boot?10:40
Brandanoace_me1: actually, ignore that. Most of openwrt stuff will be relative to dnsmasq10:42
ace_me1I was expecting to see some ips and configured subdomains of mydomain.com Brandano ?10:43
ace_me1my vps provider went down 18 hrs ago without notice. I am afraid of the bad :) COVID and total "close"10:45
ace_me1and I try now to setup something to come back online again10:45
Brandanoace_me1: well, on a desktop machine most of the domain stuff will be handled by the router or dhcp server. what you'll find in the BIND is just the localhost stuff10:46
BrandanoHmm, on a server machine it's different10:46
BrandanoBut even there, I think the dns stuff for your domain is handled by the VPS provider's router10:46
BrandanoI mean, you probably have a static IP and a managiing interface somewhere else10:47
BrandanoIf it's meant to be a web server10:48
ace_me1I have a domain provider where i am trying to set my own NS1.... and NS2... which I did configured on an VPS provider10:48
ace_me1I did follow the https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-an-authoritative-only-dns-server-on-ubuntu-14-0410:49
BrandanoPretty sure 14.4 is out of LTS10:49
ace_me1I just adjusted the /etc/default/bind to OPTIONS="-u bind -c /etc/bind/named.conf"10:50
ace_me1but systemctl status bind9.service shows at first10:51
ace_me1Oct 26 12:41:20 ns1 named[16055]: network unreachable resolving './DNSKEY/IN': 2001:500:2::c#5310:51
BrandanoI am way too old to understand IPv610:51
Brandano#53 tells me that would be a dns server?10:52
ace_me1yes :) i am old too but not so sharp:)10:53
ace_me1I am trying to allow internet to see my web server so I am setting up BIND services on a rented server10:53
Brandanoyep, it's the IANA root server10:54
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Brandanoand apparently your machine can't contact it?10:55
ace_me1maybe I should disable ipv6 ?10:55
ace_me1in bind ?10:55
Brandanoif you have a static ipv4 it might be simpler, but it's a temporary patch10:56
Brandanoeventually everything will be ipv6 only10:56
ace_me1maybe I should ignore this for the moment10:57
Brandanosounds like this? https://serverfault.com/questions/639061/network-unreachable-error-in-my-server-logs/63906510:58
DescriptionedWhy i cant boot from windows usb? i tried burn windows 10 iso on a usb  but it wont load, i get an error for any windows iso from etcher "missing partition table" when i open gparted it gives an error on that usb also, i've tried alot usb's and different windows iso's..11:05
ace_me1server can't find mydomain.com: SERVFAIL Brandano11:06
mgedminlol firefox won't start for me on groovy11:10
Brandanoace_me1: I am sorry, I don't really know a lot, and might be misleading you11:19
ace_me1np... I understand11:19
Brandano"SERVFAIL messages show that the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that has been looked up does exist, that the root name servers have information on the domain but that the authoritative name servers are not answering queries for this domain."11:21
Brandanomydomain.com probably does not exist, I thought it was a placeholder?11:22
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lotuspsychje_mgedmin: FF fixed?11:36
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BrandanoWorks on my machine11:39
mgedmingood to know; I suspect it's my socat X11 socket forwarding hack that's needed to make chromium work11:39
Brandanomaybe start it in safe mode, or force a reinstall11:39
BrandanoI am on Nouveau now11:40
Brandanowas on Nvidia-440, messed up my upgrade11:40
Brandanocouldn't even get a lower runlevel to fix things. Luckily network and services were running. Fixed it via SSH11:41
mgedminmore groovy fun: the dock sometimes fails to autohide11:44
lotuspsychjemgedmin: let me check that11:46
mgedminhaven't been able to figure out steps to reproduce yet11:48
mgedminbut it's happened twice in the last 24 hours11:48
mgedminluckily it hides when I go back and interact with it for a bit11:49
lotuspsychjemgedmin: could it be it dodges the open windows now?11:49
lotuspsychjethats what happens for me11:49
mgedminwell, I always have a browser window maximized11:50
lotuspsychjelets see11:50
lotuspsychjeFF maximized it hides, and mouse hover shows dock11:52
BrandanoI think the upgrade process from 20.04 to 20.10 should detect if Nvidia Legacy drivers are in use and prompt the user to switch to noveau or a newer driver11:55
DarkTrickQ: I moved my root partitions (successfully). Now the boot takes more time. It hangs about 5 seconds after detecting my keyboard. Isn't there a "journalctl -???" command to analyze this further?11:55
BrandanoThe way it fails during the upgrade can be very nasty11:55
lotuspsychjeBrandano: there's no magic red button concerning nvidia drivers, updating can always result into a bug11:56
lotuspsychjeBrandano: there was a known nvidia bug that delayed the 20.10 release too11:57
Brandanolotuspsychje: the 440 drivers won't compile on the latest kernel11:58
Brandanobecause Nvidia dropped its support11:58
lotuspsychjeBrandano: latest as in groovy's kernel?11:58
BrandanoSo, if those are in use, upgrade fails, leaving the GDM unusable11:58
lotuspsychjeBrandano: so ubuntu-drivers list doesnt show 440 for your card anymore?11:59
Brandanoor better, the upgrade succeeds, but the gDM won't start11:59
Brandanono, it does not11:59
lotuspsychjeBrandano: yeah thats not good news indeed11:59
BrandanoMy card is a GTX260, it's very old12:00
mgedminDarkTrick: there's systemd-analyze {blame,critical-chain,plot}12:01
mgedminsounds like something that should at least be added to the release notes12:01
ubottuUbuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) will be the 33rd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release October 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GroovyGorilla/ReleaseSchedule ). Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.12:01
lotuspsychjefactoids need editing12:02
mgedminthey do mention something about nvidia: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/groovy-gorilla-release-notes/1553312:02
mgedminbut not the fact that you'll lose all graphics if you upgrade today12:02
BrandanoI got a "newer" card on order. The nouveau drivers work with the old card, I assume with less optimization12:03
Brandanothat's why I think it should be at least mentioned in the upgrade procedure that it might be safer to switch to nouveau before the upgrade.12:04
Brandanofor older hardware12:04
linux_daemonhello everyone, does anyone know of a screen recorder that can record from microphone and from a chrome (i have google meeting open) ? i am using ubuntu 20.0412:04
BrandanoI think OBD?12:07
lotuspsychjeBrandano: of course, going from lts to non-lts can also get you into unwanted behavior as you go from stable towards later/latest packages12:08
Brandanoerr, OBS12:08
Brandanolotuspsychje: I am not complaining for myself. I can tinker and fix stuff. But most day to day users don't ever see the terminal window12:09
lotuspsychjeBrandano: agree its not handy GUI12:10
DarkTrickmgedmin, thank you for the idea. Solved.12:22
DarkTrickInterstingly I couldn't see "Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device" through any logs or systemd-analyze12:22
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: try out these; sudo apt install preload haveged stacer12:23
lotuspsychjespeed up tweaks your system a bit12:23
DarkTricklotuspsychje, sorry, I already solved it. Thank you for the help though!12:24
mgedminDarkTrick: /var/log/boot.log?12:24
DarkTrickAfter moving partitions around I forgot to update the UUID for hibernation resume12:25
DarkTrickmgedmin, interestingly there is no /var/log/boot.log12:25
DarkTrickI wonder where that went12:25
DarkTrickI guess this will trouble me some other time. As for now the system is running again (comparably flawless); I can have a good night sleep :)12:27
BluesKajHi folks12:37
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mgedminhuh, my /var/log/boot.log is empty, but /var/log/boot.log.1 has all the boot text (and is gzipped despite having no .gz suffix, grr)12:43
mgedminand I see repeated failures from sssd.service12:43
zen-coderHow can I start a graphical application after start I logged into the system?12:53
zen-coderI mean automatically12:53
ducassezen-coder: gnome?12:54
zen-coderubuntu 20.0412:57
BrandanoI think it's a bit in gnome-tweaks13:00
Brandanozen-coder: search "startup applications" in your applications menu13:02
ducassezen-coder: https://askubuntu.com/questions/37957/how-do-i-manage-applications-on-startup-in-gnome-313:03
mgedminit's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sssd/+bug/1900642 and there's no cause for worry13:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1900642 in sssd (Ubuntu) "sssd won't start" [High,Triaged]13:23
Deano59mgedmin: newb question, what's sssd?13:28
mgedmin!info sssd13:29
* Deano59 should probably use Google :D13:29
ubottusssd (source: sssd): System Security Services Daemon -- metapackage. In component main, is extra. Version 2.2.3-3 (focal), package size 4 kB, installed size 28 kB13:29
SlissI'm using  apt.postgresql.org and do-release-upgrade is blocked with the following main.log: DEBUG postgresql-13-postgis3 is marked for removal but it's in de removal blacklist13:29
mgedminit's a thing about which I learned literally fifteen minutes ago13:29
Deano59nice lol13:29
Slisshow to solve this without removing the db?13:29
Slissor is there an alternative to upgrade the system?13:30
SlissI do not mind reinstalling postgis though13:32
asdfghi have bought an usb wifi adapter with antenna13:35
asdfghi can see it doing lsusb13:35
asdfghbut there is not adapter under settings/wifi13:35
asdfghwhat can i do?13:35
asdfghBus 001 Device 007: ID 0bda:b812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. USB3.0 802.11ac 1200M Adapter13:35
Deano59asdfgh: tried restarting your network-manager?13:40
Deano59or *even* reboot your pc...13:40
asdfghDeano59, i tried to reboot13:42
asdfgh2-3 times13:42
asdfghDeano59, do i have to install any "special" driver? :D13:45
leftyfbasdfgh: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/rtl88x2bu-wifi-usb-adapter-0bda-b812/10692013:47
Deano59leftyfb: ? that's for an arm64 device. I'm *guessing* asdfgh is using x86...13:51
asdfghi am try13:52
Deano59yeah leftyfb so that link is useless.13:52
asdfghno no13:53
asdfghit works!!!13:53
asdfghi can see networks!13:53
Deano59nice lol13:53
asdfghDeano59, where do you see arm?13:54
Deano59rtl88x2bu, 5.3.1, 4.9.140-tegra, aarch64: installed13:55
Deano59"Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS"13:55
asdfghno wait13:55
Deano59but you have it working so all is good.13:55
asdfghsomething strange13:55
asdfghok it works correctly13:55
asdfghbut if i do dmks status i see13:56
asdfghi see it correctly13:56
leftyfbDeano59: the driver is built for the arch you're running. The link I posted was just for basic instructions on getting it installed13:56
leftyfbasdfgh: yes, that's fine13:56
Deano59congrats asdfgh :)13:57
leftyfbasdfgh: there is a newer version if you like as well https://github.com/cilynx/rtl88x2bu13:57
nzoueidiis there anyone here from the Ubuntu Board Membership folks?13:59
asdfghleftyfb, can i follow the same procedure?14:00
asdfghi mean should i remove it or it basically ovveride the older one?14:00
asdfghwait i see14:01
asdfghas folder name14:01
asdfgh5.3.1 so i think i have the latest14:02
asdfghrtl88x2bu, 5.3.1, 5.4.0-52-generic, x86_64: installedv14:02
asdfghrtl88x2bu, 5.3.1, 5.4.0-52-generic, x86_64: installed14:02
spirii installed ubuntu and selected french swiss keyboard. then i created a password which is not working anymore14:30
spirithis happened for the second time now14:30
spirii create a password on install, and it's not working anymore to log in to the display manager14:30
spiriwhat happened with ubuntu?14:31
tribaalspiri: normally the login screen should display the currently-seleected keyboard. Can you check that it's indeed Swiss-French?14:32
tribaalfor the record I did install a Swiss-French machine recently (focal though) and it worked for me (I'm in Switzerland as well)14:33
spiritribaal, i'm about to reinstall ubuntu and I checked keyboard layout is not the one i selected for password creation14:34
asdfghleftyfb, still there?14:34
asdfghi suppose that my version is the latest right=14:35
tribaalspiri: ah, then that does sound like a bug in the installer yes. Maybe try to set a simple ASCII password temporarly, enough to get you into a running, installed system, then upgrade it to something better once you're sure the keyboard config is the one you want?14:36
tribaalit's obviously not a fix, but it will give you a running system at least14:36
spiritribaal, i do this now14:36
spirihowever this needs a bug report14:36
spirii can't believe i'm installing this for the second time now14:37
tribaalthis is frustrating, I understand.14:38
=== Woet_ is now known as Woet
spirithis bug already has been reported14:44
spiriwhat are they waiting for14:44
tribaalwho's "they"?14:44
spiriwon't they change this as quickly as needed?14:44
spirithe ubuntu maintainers14:44
tribaaldo you happen to have a bug number handy?14:45
lotuspsychjenzoueidi: ask your question, whats it about?14:45
nzoueidiI am sorry lotuspsychje?14:46
lotuspsychjenzoueidi: you had a question about ubuntu membership?14:47
spiritribaal, this is fatal to guys who are new to ubuntu and are using norwegian or french keyboard layout14:47
spiriit will just not work14:47
spiriand you will loose those newbies14:47
spirileaving behind a bad image to ubuntu14:47
lotuspsychjespiri: this is not a complaints channel, please focus on support issues14:48
tribaalI think there is no shortage of people ready to agree here, but what there is a shortage of, it seems, is people actually willing to contribute a fix :)14:48
nzoueidilotuspsychje, I am asking about the Ubuntu board membership team, but I already found the answer14:49
nzoueidiit is not about the Ubuntu membership14:49
lotuspsychjenzoueidi: ok14:49
Deano59forums.ubuntu.com -- you're welcome. I just joined, too.14:50
nzoueidiby the way, is there anyone who are facing a problem with his alias @ubuntu.com?14:50
spirithis is unbelievable. i just wanted to install ubuntu just as a newbie and i failed on first instance14:55
spiriso it's obviousely born to reboot14:55
spirinot better than windows then14:55
jpdstribaal: !14:56
tribaaljpds: ohai :)14:56
asdfghfunny thing with my prnter.... i see it under settings/printers but when i open the browser to see cups server administration14:58
asdfghthere is no printer :D14:58
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dustinstall urban terror and run it... it will totally destroy ur desktop view15:13
Deano59no thanks.15:14
jeffrey_fJust a few years ago I remember having a localhost mailbox.  It generally took in alerts from the system and I think I was able to send mail from one host to another on my network.  What managed this mail server of sorts?15:25
Jackneilli upgraded from 20-04 to 20.10. the colors in the terminal seems to be different, and i have screen tearing15:28
Jackneillalmost constanstly15:28
Deano59nvidia by any-chance?15:28
Jackneillno gpu15:28
Jackneillintel laptop (asus vivobook)15:28
Deano59should've done a fresh install.15:28
Jackneillshould have proper upgrade mechanisms.. :)15:29
Deano59fresh install here, no problems. intel i5 2nd gen. *no* tearing etc. :)15:30
=== vlm- is now known as vlm
jeffrey_fI just did the upgrade in the last week and have no issues except for a thunderbird addon not available yet.15:31
Jackneillany idea how to begin solving a random/constant screen tearing issue on intel i5u cpu/graphics? (asus vivobook)15:43
Deano59 Jackneill what gpu drivers?15:43
Jackneilli dont remember. how do i check?15:44
Jackneilllsmod | grep intel?15:45
Deano59Jackneill: "Run lshw -c video, and look for the line with "configuration". The loaded driver is prefixed with "driver=". Example output:"15:50
Deano59then google the driver to see if anyone else has issues. probably have, though. 20.10 has messed up so many drivers, including nvidia. :D15:51
* Deano59 just my opinion :D15:51
dustzpool status -v no pools available ... but how can i access the bpool and temp_rpool which is there on a disk created with 20.0415:57
* omero waves at dust15:59
spiriwhen i have a raspberry pi with ubuntu installed in my network as a central server, do i need to configure a static ip address for accessing this server?16:09
spirior does ubuntu has NetBIOS compatibility?16:09
spiriit would be nice to just ping it like ping rpi16:09
spiribecause every router is working with dhcp as default without a range for static ip addresses16:11
spirii'm trying to not change my router config for a central rpi server16:11
jeffrey_fJust a few years ago I remember having a localhost mailbox folder.  It generally took in alerts from the system and I think I was able to send mail from one host to another on my network.  What managed this mail server of sorts?16:13
Deano59anyone know why I get no Internet when loading this? #chromium --use-gl=osmesa --disable-gl-drawing-for-tests --proxy-server="socks5://"16:14
leftyfbDeano59: so you have a proxy server running on port 3128 on that ip? Can you confirm/test it otherwise?16:15
Deano59leftyfb: nvm. :)16:16
Deano59leftyfb: I needed to use http instead of socks5. this works: chromium --use-gl=osmesa --disable-gl-drawing-for-tests --proxy-server=
Deano59working fine, thanks! :)16:20
Jackneillmy problem is solved my i915.enable_psr=0 if anyone is curious.16:27
Deano59nice Jackneill :)16:29
Jackneillhey. may i ask if anyone encountered a problem where eg. after an upgrade( 20-04->20.10) terminal colors look different? eg. tmux's yellow selection color goes to orange etc.?16:29
Deano59last question, I've setup a shortcut to open "sakura" but it's never in full-screen mode, it's always minimized. can I stop that?16:30
Deano59like ctrl, alt and t opens it. but it opens it minimized. I want it the same size as my screen.16:31
Deano59surely it can be done? :D16:31
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Jackneillhey.  i upgraded to ubuntu 20.10 and now i cant see icons like redshift and discord in tray anĂ­ idea?16:41
Deano59Jackneill: so many issues. this is *why* I always do a clean install. :(16:43
Jackneillgarbage distro.16:43
Jackneilli miss arch16:43
MaikJackneill: try sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-appindicator16:43
JackneillMaik, thank you16:43
Deano59Jackneill: use arch then. /shrug16:44
MaikJackneill: and try to be nice please16:44
BustinHey there, on a fresh install of 20.10, but graphic performance on my hybrid card, with external monitors (2) is VERY slow and poor. Seems there is no acceleration, and if I disable the laptop monitor as a display, and use the 2 external monitors, the system is basically unusable (very laggy, almost unresponsive).16:51
listen_erswhich card is it16:52
BustinNvidia RTX 2070 max-q16:52
listen_ershave you use nvidia drivers before?16:53
Bustinyea, prior to this release, everything worked fine.16:53
listen_erswas it with nouveau or nvidia drivers?16:54
listen_ersthere is a binary blob you could run if you want to stay with the closed source drivers i guess16:55
Bustinsorry listen_ers, seems wifi stops replying too! becomes unresponsive, have to turn off, then re enable to get 5 minutes of activity.17:02
listen_ersoh hmm yea i think dealt with that before a long time ago17:02
puxavidaI upgraded to 20.10 last week. All upgraded fine except the 20.10 kernel is not in the grub menu.  I have zfs bpool/rpool on the system.  How do I get the new kernel to show up in grub so I can boot from it?17:02
Bustincould it be a kernel bug? none of this happened in the LTS release.17:02
listen_erswell to be sure you find your wifi device drivers and recompile it with the current standing kernel to be absolute sure in usual case but with a package manager you are suppose to look for it in the specific repositories17:03
listen_ersyea its something with a kernel module possibly17:04
listen_ersor you could check running services disabling network running services to see if those could make it better17:05
puxavidaWhen I list the kernels - dpkg --list|grep linux-image|grep ii I see 5.4.0-40.44 which I'm booting from and also 5.8.0-2517:05
listen_ersthen goign through steps to get wifi back up before looking into the kernel stuff17:05
Maikpuxavida: update grub: sudo update-grub17:06
listen_ersbut you have the information17:06
puxavidaMaik, when I do that at the end it says: Device-mapper: reload ioctl on osprober-linux-sda4 failed: device busy and same message for sdb4 since I have it in raid1.  But I thought it would be using sda1.17:13
puxavidaWhen I reboot, it just has 5.4.39 and 5.4.40 kernels.  No 5.8.17:22
Deano59you're not on 20.10 then.17:23
puxavidaIt must not like my zsys setup.17:23
puxavidaWhen I check the system info, it says 20.10 in kde and plasmashell -v says 5.19.5 where on 20.04 it was 5.18.5.  lsb_realease -a also says 20.10.17:27
mgedminpuxavida: do you have the ubuntu-desktop metapackage installed?  linux-image-generic?18:06
mgedminpuxavida: if you do an apt update, does it show any upgradeable packages?  any held packages?18:12
mgedminpuxavida: if you ls /boot, what kernel versions do you see there?18:12
mgedminpuxavida: if you look in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, what kernel versions do you see there?18:13
dustwhere does the snap version of thunderbird save its profile?18:31
mgedminsomewhere in ~/snap/, I'm sure18:31
leftyfbdust: it should be ~/.thunderbird like the apt package18:42
SlaSerX!ask ssh18:47
SlaSerX!ask bash18:47
leftyfbSlaSerX: what do you need help with?18:48
Descriptionedis anyone knows why i cant burn a usb with windows on it? i get error on etcher "missing partition table" ??19:13
MaikDescriptioned: you can't flash a windows iso to usb on Ubuntu with Etcher afaik19:16
Maikyou need WoeUSB19:17
leftyfbDescriptioned: what are you trying to accomplish exactly?19:17
lordcirth__Maik, The Etcher website claims to support Windows ISOs, albeit in broken English...19:18
Descriptionedleftyfb: i try to burn windows 10 iso on usb stick, well i've tried rufus but that damn thing dont find any device and i reinstalled also my ubuntu bah.. really weird19:18
leftyfbDescriptioned: you need woeusb as Maik pointed out19:18
DescriptionedMaik: WoeUSB should work i will give a try thanks19:18
lordcirth__Descriptioned, looking at the site, it looks like Etcher has a separate option for Windows.19:18
MaikDescriptioned: https://github.com/WoeUSB19:18
Descriptionedfrom ubuntu software i got error ( unable to install woe-usb: snap "woe-usb" has "install-snap" change in progress19:20
Descriptionedil go on github19:20
leftyfbDescriptioned: https://www.balena.io/etcher/19:21
leftyfbthere's a repo for it19:21
Descriptionedleftyfb: balena dont work :/19:21
leftyfboh sorry, right :)19:21
leftyfbDescriptioned: snap install --edge woe-usb19:22
Descriptionederror: snap "woe-usb" has "install-snap" change in progress19:25
ograsnap changes ...19:25
Descriptionedanyway i installed it thanks19:25
ogra(tells you about wht snapd is doing)19:25
ThinkT510first time i've tried the graphical release upgrade utility. went from 18.04 to 20.04 just fine. even picked up a config file that was edited and asked if i wanted to keep the changes i made or overwrite with the new file.19:42
puxavidamgedmin, I have linux-image-generic and the hwe-20.04 versions of
puxavidano there are no upgradable packages19:46
puxavida5.8 is in /boot19:46
puxavidaI see 5.8 and 5.4 in grub.cfg19:48
jonecirTrying to upgrade Ubuntu from 18.04 LTS to 20.04, but always getting the following error: "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading."19:48
phasetwo_hey is anyone familiar with installation of ubuntu on usb? trying to help friend diagnose https://sqwok.im/p/SAKPu92fOGFKmQ19:51
phasetwo_"I keep getting "fsck/gparted/sudo not found""19:51
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Descriptionedphasetwo_: what command are you using ?19:57
puxavidajonecir, have you done all updates?  On the command line: sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade19:57
Descriptionedmaybe you should check you syntax..19:57
jonecirpuxavida, yes, have done all updates dozens of times19:57
Descriptionedphasetwo_: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1004955/running-fsck-manually19:58
jonecirpuxavida, are you brazilian?19:58
phasetwo_Descriptioned: thank you! relaying that to my friend on sqwok19:59
puxavidano.  Had a friend that spoke Portugeuse and they always played a song:  puxa vida, aqui entrar de novo..... something like that.20:00
malwar3hun73ri have an ubuntu vm with a secondary drive that is reporting errors and putting me into emergency mode20:01
jonecirpuxavida, ok great! I'm from Brazil.20:01
malwar3hun73rjournalctl -xb is reporting buffer I/O errors - any idea how to fix this?20:02
jonecirpuxavida, so do you have any other idea on what I could check to be able to upgrade my ubuntu?20:02
puxavidaI heard that song in the mid 70's :)20:02
malwar3hun73rthe mount command is reporting wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock20:02
leftyfbmalwar3hun73r: that's a bad drive. Time to get a new one and restore from backup20:03
Maikjonecir: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and then sudo apt dist-upgrade20:03
Maikjust to make sure20:03
malwar3hun73rit's a virtual drive on a physical drive with numerous other things on it that are reporting no errors leftyfb20:03
malwar3hun73rstill confident in a bad drive?20:04
jonecirMaik, I have done these commands and still get the same error20:04
leftyfbmalwar3hun73r: I/O errors are usually bad hardware. Maybe it could just be a filesystem. Try running an fsck on it20:04
malwar3hun73rleftyfb, same IO buffer errors20:04
malwar3hun73rwhat's odd is that the drive was working great until i installed updates and rebooted20:05
puxavidajonecir, are you upgrading from the gui or the command line.  I  started the upgrade on command line with first with apt install update-manager-core20:05
leftyfbmalwar3hun73r: I would look into running diagnostics on this physical drive20:05
leftyfbmalwar3hun73r: updates won't cause this sort of issue20:05
puxavidathen do-release-upgrade20:05
jonecirpuxavida, I tried both ways: GUI and command line20:06
puxavidaand you have rebooted?20:06
jonecirpuxavida, yes every time I tried to upgrade I rebooted my system20:07
puxavidaMaybe an autoupdater installed something and you need to reboot20:07
Maikpuxavida: sudo do-release-upgrade -d according to the guide20:07
jonecirpuxavida, yes I tried that too. However, now there's the 20.04.01 release, so no need to -d20:08
malwar3hun73rleftyfb, i would agree, but the drive was working perfectly prior to rebooting20:09
Maikjonecir: one of the reasons i never upgrade, too much of a hassle20:09
leftyfbmalwar3hun73r: that's what we call anecdotal evidence20:09
jonecirMaik, well soon or later you'll have to upgrade20:10
malwar3hun73runderstood, but it is also what happened and is an odd coincidence20:10
puxavidajonecir, try: apt-get upgrade -y20:11
jonecirpuxavida, I tried that too. Always  get the same error message20:12
Maikjonecir: no you don't, clean install is another option and way faster20:12
jonecirMaik, yes a clean install is an option, but I guess it will kill all you have on your PC, right?20:14
amazoniantoadI'm using the command grep -rnw / -e "string" to find files which contain a string. But how do I just list the files/paths and not the string inside of the file?20:14
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Maikjonecir: so?20:14
leftyfbamazoniantoad: the man page for "grep" would tell you to use -l20:14
amazoniantoadleftyfb, thanks20:15
Maikjonecir: backup of important data on a external drive, other apps and stuff is installed and configured in a breeze20:15
puxavidajonecir, you get the error when running "apt upgrade"?20:16
jonecirMaik: yes, if I cannot upgrade, I will then try a clean install20:16
puxavidathe same error when trying to do do-release-upgrade?20:16
jonecirpuxavida: yes. sudo do-release-upgradeChecking for a new Ubuntu releasePlease install all available updates for your release before upgrading.20:17
puxavidaYou get the same error when running "apt upgrade"20:18
puxavidaDo you get any "kept back" messages when running "apt upgrade"20:20
jonecirsudo apt upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back:   libavcodec-extra 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.20:20
whoeverhi all20:20
jonecirpuxavida: sudo apt upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back:   libavcodec-extra 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.20:21
puxavidaAh - kept back message - you need to remove the kept back packages20:21
ducassejonecir: are you using full-upgrade?20:21
whoeverI am tring to switch sound cards and cannot find asoundconf, is there  a different package?20:21
puxavidaapt remove libavcodec-extra20:21
jonecirpuxavida: ok I removed that package20:23
jonecirducasse: what you mean by "using full-upgrade"?20:23
puxavidanow try do-release-upgrade20:23
jonecirpuxavida: ok will try that20:23
ducassejonecir: 'apt full-upgrade' - it would handle packages that are kept back20:24
jonecirducasse: no, I was using "sudo do-release-upgrade"20:25
ducassejonecir: yes, but you need to do a package upgrade first20:25
ash_worksiwhat's the key-combo for bringing up that little RUN dialogue?20:28
jonecirducasse: yes, but I followed several tutorials, including this one: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/upgrade-ubuntu-18-04-to-20-04-lts-using-command-line/20:28
lordcirth__ash_worksi, holding Win/Super will show shortcuts IIRC20:29
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puxavidaWell, I fixed my problem.  I did dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sda1  to clone /boot/efi from disk2 to disk1.  The upgrade had installed the updated info in disk220:29
Maikash_worksi: ALT+F220:30
ash_worksiMaik: thanks20:30
Maiklordcirth: no it doesn't, it's not Unity20:30
lordcirthAh ok20:30
MaikUbuntu uses Gnome 3 since 17.1020:31
lordcirthYeah. I've only used K/Xubuntu since 16.0420:31
Maiki see20:31
whoeverI just installed ubuntu and my second monitor isn't seen at all20:34
whoeverdo i need to install somethng20:34
jonecirpuxavida: now the upgrade is running20:41
jonecirpuxavida: so you're right about that package. Thanks a lot20:41
puxavidajonecir, Tudo bem - boa sorte20:44
jonecirpuxavida: one more thing: the installer is asking what to-do with sshd_config file?20:45
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Maikjonecir: great that the upgrade is running. :)20:45
jonecirpuxavida: should I keep the local version currently installed ?20:46
jonecirMaik: thank you20:46
Maikeven i learned something from it to keep in mind for the next time20:46
puxavidaIf you made manual changes, you could keep it, or just let it use its own version, if it doesnt' matter20:46
jonecirpuxavida: ok, muito obrigado.20:47
whoeverhi all I am on 20.04 and when I type displays from the activity widow  I do not get an option for my second monitor. can someone assist20:49
whoeverit was working during the live install20:51
lordcirthNate_Sturtz, hi21:17
Nate_Sturtzhello, how are you lordcirth21:18
lordcirthNate_Sturtz, good. This is the Ubuntu support channel, did you have a support question?21:18
Nate_SturtzNo, just here to offer help21:19
Nate_Sturtzif that is ok21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> how to import from 20.04 thunderbird snap into 20.10 thunderbird normal install? console.warn: Lightning: {"result":11,"message":"database disk image is malformed","ERROR":1,"INTERNAL":2,"PERM":3,"ABORT":4,"BUSY":5,"LOCKED":6,"NOMEM":7,"READONLY":8,"INTERRUPT":9,"IOERR":10,"CORRUPT":11,"FULL":13,"CANTOPEN":14,"EMPTY":16,"SCHEMA":17,"TOOBIG":18,"CONSTRAINT":19,"MISMATCH":20,"MISUSE":21,"NOLFS":22,"AUTH":23,"FORMAT":24,"RANGE":25,"NOTADB":26}21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> console.warn: Lightning: {"result":11,"message":"database disk image is malformed","ERROR":1,"INTERNAL":2,"PERM":3,"ABORT":4,"BUSY":5,"LOCKED":6,"NOMEM":7,"READONLY":8,"INTERRUPT":9,"IOERR":10,"CORRUPT":11,"FULL":13,"CANTOPEN":14,"EMPTY":16,"SCHEMA":17,"TOOBIG":18,"CONSTRAINT":19,"MISMATCH":20,"MISUSE":21,"NOLFS":22,"AUTH":23,"FORMAT":24,"RANGE":25,"NOTADB":26}21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> JavaScript error: resource:///modules/CalStorageCalendar.jsm, line 311: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: error executing async statement21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> JavaScript error: resource:///modules/CalStorageCalendar.jsm, line 311: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: error executing async statement21:19
lordcirth!paste | dust21:19
ubottudust: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> JavaScript error: resource:///modules/CalStorageCalendar.jsm, line 311: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: error executing async statement21:19
dust[22:00:54] <dust> JavaScript error: resource:///modules/CalStorageCalendar.jsm, line 311: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: error executing async statement21:19
lordcirthNate_Sturtz, that's great, if you wait around I'm sure someone will be wanting help21:20
whoeverhi al I am having issues with xranr detecting my monitor and has no clue that I have a second one. it worked durring set up21:21
whoevercan someone assist21:21
Nate_Sturtzwhoever: what ubuntu version are you using21:21
whoeverNate_Sturtz: 20.0421:22
whoeverNate_Sturtz: for what its worth the monitors are the same make and modle21:25
whoeverand it is vga dvi21:25
Nate_SturtzI am looking for resources to help you whoever21:26
wasutton3I'm working with gnuradio 3.8 on focal, and one of the issues it has is with the libthrift-0.13.0 package. Gnuradio 3.8 is built against 0.11.0. I see that thrift 0.11.0-6 was successfully built for focal on 8-26-2019. Is there any way to specify that version? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thrift/0.11.0-621:26
Nate_Sturtzwhoever: have you looked on askubuntu?21:29
whoeveryes , but nothing seems to be helping to I went back to googling21:30
Nate_Sturtzwhoever: ok21:30
Nate_Sturtzdid you post there asking your issue?21:30
whoeverNate_Sturtz: no because I nedd it in a very short time21:36
Nate_Sturtzwhoever: have you checked if you monater is pluged in21:38
Nate_Sturtzwhoever: is it not showing up, just black or dose it show going into power saving mode21:38
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whoeverNate_Sturtz: it it black no backlight but it is turned on21:43
whoeveralso i do not have the viual representation of displays that i can drag around under settings > displays21:44
Nate_Sturtzok take a flashlight and hold it up to the screen do you see anything21:44
whoeverand the monitor neer leaves the power save monde unless I turrn it off and back on21:45
whoeverHallcyon: no image21:45
Nate_Sturtztry to remove your other monater and plug in the other one21:46
Nate_Sturtzwhat happens21:46
ash_worksiis there command to show ssh host aliases?21:51
whoeverNate_Sturtz: with my box live?21:51
ash_worksi(ie the Hostname for a particular Host in .ssh/config)21:51
whoeverneunon: yes ..21:53
AppXprtwhere is the official apt / apt-get channel?21:58
AppXprtSo maybe instead of apt-get install --reinstall it would finally be time to create an apt-get reinstall method?22:00
AppXprtit's a lot shorter to type...?22:01
dusthow to import from 20.04 thunderbird snap into 20.10 thunderbird normal install? i get calendar errors and thunderbird dosnt start then anymore22:05
ThinkT510AppXprt: you could make an alias22:09
ash_worksiis there command to show ssh host aliases?22:11
ash_worksi(ie the Hostname for a particular Host in .ssh/config)22:12
tomreynless .ssh/config22:13
MrokiiHello. I'm using Kubuntu, but maybe that is something general to Ubuntu... I have a hi-fi system connected to my motherboards' audio-output, and upto now all sounds were played through that. But as of today, after upgrading to Kubuntu 20.10, all sounds are played through my monitors' speakers. The only device available in the audio-settings is hdmi (over which my monitor is connected). Any thoughts22:17
Mrokiianyonw what the problem could be?22:17
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MrokiiI found a solution (as always, just after asking the question). I had to kill pulseaudio and then everything worked as it should again.22:23
Bashing-omMrokii: \o/22:24
MrokiiWeird problem though.22:25
ash_worksitomreyn: I mean't in a convenient report-y fashion22:25
ash_worksi(preferrably one that doesn't care about a filepath22:25
ash_worksiI thought maybe there might be an ssh command for this?22:25
tomreynash_worksi: i'm not aware of one (but may have missed it).22:31
tomreynyou can always write a script, i guess22:32
tomreynash_worksi: ssh -G somehost | awk '/^hostname/ {print $2}'22:36
ash_worksior just grep hostname22:37
ash_worksibut -G is great22:37
tomreynjust "grep hostname" would output more, e.g. there's the canonicalizehostname option22:38
ash_worksitomreyn: indeed22:39
tomreynnote that if there's no matching Host configured, it will return what you looked for22:39
tomreynso "somehost" in this example22:40
ash_worksitomreyn: thanks22:46
leagrisHello, Is there a place I can check the GPG public key imprints of Ubuntu team members posting into security@ubuntu.com, so I can verify the GPG keys used to sign messages are actually from them?22:55
tomreynleagris: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Contacts22:58
tomreynthere's also #ubuntu-hardened22:58
tomreyn(but technical information on vulnerabilities should indeed be transmitted via encrypted email only)22:59
leagrisAnd why som members are allowed to post on security without signing their message with GPG, like: Benjamin Romer, Mike Salvatore,23:00
leagrisSuper, thank-you tomreyn23:01
ash_worksitomreyn: just killin it today23:01
tomreynleagris: i don't know the policies for posting to security@ubuntu.com, if those aren't documented on the wiki, best ask in -hardened23:02
malwar3hun73rtrying to mount a vmfs6 drive  and am getting a floating point error? anyone seen that?\23:05
leagrisSteve Beattie <steve@nxnw.org> signed Message-ID: <20201020005818.GI7555@nxnw.org> on List-Id: Ubuntu Security Announcements date Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 17:58:18 -0700, but the GPG key used to sign is expired since 05/06/202023:05
leagrisWhere should I notify the security team of the issue?23:06
leftyfbleagris: didn't you just post the email address for contact the individual responsible for their own GPG key?23:07
ash_worksiI installed tmux from Application Software; but I don't see it when I search for it in that overlay that comes up with the the Super button23:07
leftyfbash_worksi: tmux is a command-line tool. Not gui23:08
leftyfbash_worksi: grep doesn't show up either :)23:08
leagriswell make sense23:09
ash_worksileftyfb: well, when I "launch" it from Application Software, I get a terminal with a green bar across the bottom; if I just launch the terminal using Super, then I don't get that bar, so I am kinda getting the impression that tmux is not affecting the standard terminal when I run it that way23:09
leftyfbash_worksi: you run tmux once you open a terminal23:09
ash_worksi"run it that way" = using the Super key23:09
leftyfbash_worksi: same with screen, same with byobu23:10
ash_worksiwhat does bu mean in that?23:10
ash_worksiso.... perhaps then I do not have tmux?23:11
tomreynleagris: if your local copy of someones' public gpg key has expired, this doesn't mean its expiry hasn't been extended by the owner.23:11
ash_worksi(considering that `tmux` does not work in the terminal)23:11
leftyfbash_worksi: what happens when you type tmux ?23:11
ash_worksiI get the "you don't have this, try apt..." message23:12
leftyfbash_worksi: ok, so install it23:12
tomreynleagris: particularly, if you retrieve the public key from the url provided on the wiki, and import it to your local gpg, then run --list-key against it, you'll note it hasn't expired.23:12
ash_worksibut what is this thing I have then?23:12
leftyfbash_worksi: no idea, you have yet to define "this thing". You also haven't explained what it is exactly you're trying to accomplish.23:13
ash_worksileftyfb: right now, my objective is to understand my system a bit better23:13
leagrisLC_ALL=C gpg --list-key steve.beattie@canonical.com23:13
leagrispub   rsa4096 2010-06-08 [SC] [expired: 2020-06-05]23:13
leagris      A6063BB5602309A43C8EBBD42F099E8D005E81F423:13
leagrisuid           [ expired] Steve Beattie <steve@nxnw.org>23:13
leagrisuid           [ expired] Steve Beattie <beattie@gmail.com>23:13
leagrisuid           [ expired] Steve Beattie (Ubuntu) <sbeattie@ubuntu.com>23:13
leagrisuid           [ expired] Steve Beattie (Canonical Ltd.) <steve.beattie@canonical.com>23:13
leftyfb!paste | leagris23:14
ubottuleagris: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:14
ash_worksiwhen I launce "Ubuntu Software" I can search for tmux; I wish there were a link or some unique identifier to the one currently listed as "installed" but I don't see such a thing23:14
leftyfbash_worksi: apt list --installed |grep tmux23:14
ash_worksino output23:14
leftyfbash_worksi: then you do not have tmux installed. Feel free to install it using : sudo apt install tmux23:15
leagrisI am stupid sorry gpg --refresh-keys23:16
ash_worksileftyfb: again, my objective is to be able to discern what stuff is; isn't there some way for me to communicate to you what I have apparently installed through the "Ubuntu Software" app?23:16
leftyfbash_worksi: looks like you might have "tmux-non-dead" snap installed23:16
leftyfbash_worksi: snap list |grep tmux23:16
ash_worksithe only distinguishing thing I can see is 'Developer:  ghwomb'23:16
leftyfbyup, that's tmux-non-dead23:16
leftyfbash_worksi: Source: snap store23:16
ash_worksiI see23:17
leftyfbash_worksi: it's better to just use the command line23:17
ash_worksiwhere should I go to get more info on tmux-non-dead?23:17
leftyfbash_worksi: snap info tmux-non-dead23:19
leftyfbash_worksi: following the links brings you to https://github.com/Samuel-Berger/snap-tmux23:20
ash_worksithanks leftyfb23:24
ash_worksiis using screen or tmux the best way to rid myself of using the mouse when just doing typical cli stuff (in this case I was looking for a codesandbox link in my logs and was going to copy it to a browser)23:25
ash_worksiI know I was able to accomplish vim-like searching in screen23:26
tomreynif you're wondering how to search through the output to the default virtual terminal, you can just press ctrl-shift-f in gnome-terminal23:29
ash_worksitomreyn: but then I don't have copy-mode available23:30
ash_worksialso I do kind of want to be able to jump up and down arbitrarily like irssi or vim ^D/^U23:30
tomreynctrl-a esc enters copy mode in screen23:32
tomreynctrl-b-[ in tmux23:34
tomreynas almost always, such things are documented in man pages23:34
leftyfbash_worksi: just use history?23:35
ash_worksileftyfb: elaborate?23:36
leftyfbash_worksi: type: history23:36
ash_worksileftyfb: I don't see how that applies23:36
leftyfbash_worksi: then pipe it to grep to search for commands you've typed23:36
ash_worksithat's _ok_ for somethings, but I might just be catting a file or something23:37
ash_worksiI find that a big use of my mouse is scrolling up in my terminal; maybe there are other ways around this -- do you not find that useful leftyfb23:38
ash_worksilike, I often scroll up in this chat23:38
leftyfbash_worksi: not for me personally, no23:38
leftyfbI have scripts for that23:38
ash_worksiin the last example, I wanted a lot of context for the urls23:39
ash_worksithat consumed more than 1 screen worth of data23:39
ash_worksi(I was using ag)23:39
ash_worksiI could pipe to less I suppose23:39
leftyfbpipe to grep23:40
ash_worksiI told you I already used ag23:40
ash_worksis/ag/grep/ and I'm in the same position23:41
ash_worksithe amount of context I desired (to facilitate my memory of the link) was more than 1 screen (plus there being multiple results of course)23:42
ash_worksithere are many grep operations that would take up more than 1 screen23:42
ash_worksi`| less` isn't a bad idea23:42
ash_worksiI am sure there's an alias I can configure for less that keeps color23:42
ash_worksi(yes, `ag --color ... | less -R`)23:44
BustinHey there, on the latest release of Ubuntu 20.10, fresh install, but am noticing some graphics performance issues. I have a laptop, using hybrid graphics, the discrete gpu is the nvidia rtx 2070 max-q. Animations are not "smooth", any help would be appreciated.23:44
leftyfbash_worksi: I don't understand the purpose of using less. IF you23:45
leftyfbIf you're using less to search, that is what grep is for23:45
ash_worksileftyfb: in this case I searched for codesandbox; there are many grep results; in order to understand what each codesandbox is talking about I need to read through the conxtext; this was enough to make the output more than 1 screen23:46
leftyfbash_worksi: I'm not sure what "codesandbox" is23:46
ash_worksiit's a fiddle site23:47
ash_worksibut not important, the point is there's a lot of them; there'd probably be a lot of whatever ubuntus pastebin is for this channel23:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:48
ash_worksiso if I grep paste.ubuntu.com; I'll probably get a lot of results23:48
ash_worksiand the output will be bigger with -B5 or however much context23:48
tomreynBustin: if i'd acquire graphics hardware which depends on proprietary drivers to perform properly, i'd probably stick to LTS releases even more than i usually do.23:51
BustinYea, there was no issues using the LTS, ran very smooth.23:51
BustinCan I upgrade the LTS to use gnome 3.38?23:52
tomreynwhy would you need to?23:53
Bustintrying to change the refresh rate on my second external monitor to the 75hz it supports, renders the monitor off, says "no display connected" - argh. Also, because I like some of the new features 3.38 has, folder management, reordering applications, etc.23:54
tomreynyou could sell your nvidia card, buy an amd, use ubuntu 20.10.23:55
BustinI mean, would be an option, IF this wasn't a laptop.23:56
Bustincough, eGPU? Lol.23:56
tomreyni heard they also sell laptops without nvidia graphics.23:57
Bustinprobably true, lol.23:57
ash_worksiI wonder, is there a copy mode in less?23:59

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