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benganI have some issues with wineasio. it isn't part of ubuntustudio as a package so normaly I have to install that through kxstudio. now that 20.10 is out I've got problems with it. is it supposed to work or do I wait for an update? I tried to compile it myself but ran into some problems.08:43
Maikkxstudio isn't supported by Ubuntu Studio afaik09:14
benganyes. I understand that and do know that I'm sort of on my own. the problem is that every now and then it's refered to here. it's not unknown of. and to be clear. I don't other packages in kxstudio. just wineasio.09:50
rghbengan: just ask falkTX in #freenode_#lad:matrix.org or in kx.studio.chat10:24
rghHe's a nice and helpful person.10:25
benganrgh: thanks I'll do that. I've seen him around here also but I'll go there.14:58
Eickmeyer[m]!wineasio | bengan15:08
ubottubengan: wineasio is an ASIO driver for !wine. Due to licensing restrictions regarding the ASIO source, wineasio cannot be distributed as a binary. Any distribution of wineasio as a binary is illegal in most countries. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/wineasio15:08
benganI think the discussion is OT here, as I understood last time I had a problem.15:11
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