strywgrusing lubuntu but whenever i plug in my headphones the pulseaudio speaker icons turns grey. It was fine till yesterday.05:44
matt__people alive in here?07:41
lubot<FedeBosio> @strywgr [<strywgr> using lubuntu but whenever i plug in my headphones the pulseaudio spea …], Speakers and headphones volume are independant from each other. Maybe your speakers volume is up, but your headphones are muted. Did you try to turn the headphones up, when they are connected?10:31
antoi need support14:48
lubot<teward001> you have to start by stating what your problem is14:49
lubot<teward001> not just saying "i need help"14:49
Maik@teward001 already left14:53
lubot<teward001> bleh14:56
lubot<HMollerCl> @teward001 [bleh], you are to slow15:32
lubot<HMollerCl> 1 minute is to much.15:32
lubot<teward001> *drops @HMollerCl into /dev/urandom*15:36
lubotnamesurname1 was added by: namesurname116:43
lubot<namesurname1> Hi16:43
lubot<namesurname1> Am i the only one who's having problem with lubuntu 20.10 installation disk? … I used startup disk creator, etcher electron, balena etcher, rufus and uui … And i still have a blinking little line after selecting to boot lubuntu (in safe graphic mode too)16:49
lubot<teward001> did you verify the ISO sums first?16:51
lubot<namesurname1> I downloaded the iso from lubuntu.me which redirects to cdimage.ubuntu.com ofc16:51
lubot<namesurname1> @teward001 [did you verify the ISO sums first?], How can i do that?16:51
lubot<namesurname1> Btw i downloaded it more times16:51
lubot<kc2bez> @namesurname1 [How can i do that?], https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes17:20
lubot<namesurname1> Oh thanks17:22
lubot<teward001> sorry i got pulled off to work stuff17:22
lubot<teward001> but yes that link will give you instructions on how to verify the hash17:22
lubot<teward001> if the hash doesn't match then you're getting a bad copy of the ISO on your system.  then you should write with etcher or rufus.  if it has a 'blinking line' you may need to wait while data loads off the disk/USBstick17:23
lubot<teward001> since that isn't going to be blazing fast17:23
lubot<teward001> how long after it gave a 'blinking line' did you wait for?17:23
lubot<namesurname1> Now everything is ok … I waited like 20 minutes and now it's booting17:26
lubot<namesurname1> But the fact is that my pc isn't that bad17:27
lubot<teward001> doesn't matter if your computer is 'bad' or not17:27
lubot<teward001> the USB stick has a lot to do with it, USB 2.x vs. USB 3, USB 2 port instead of USB 3 port, etc.17:27
lubot<teward001> USBs are inherently slow to load17:27
lubot<teward001> not as slow as a CD/DVD mind you, but still slow to load17:27
lubot<teward001> (they don't have the I/O throughput to make it faster)17:28
lubot<namesurname1> Oh well i plugged a 3.1 stick in a 2.0 port17:28
lubot<namesurname1> @namesurname1 [Oh well i plugged a 3.1 stick in a 2.0 port], It should be that17:28
lubot<teward001> yep that is probably one of your problems there17:30
lubot<teward001> 2.0 is slowww17:30
lubot<teward001> compared to 3.x17:30
lubot<namesurname1> Yeah17:30
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