callmepkwugoooood morning01:13
dufluMorning callmepkwu 01:30
callmepkwumorning duflu 01:31
jibelmorning all07:05
didrocksgood morning07:07
jibelsalut didrocks 07:10
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:10
dufluMorning jibel, didrocks, oSoMoN 07:13
jibelsalut duflu oSoMoN 07:14
didrockssalut jibel, oSoMoN, duflu 07:17
oSoMoNgood afternoon duflu07:17
oSoMoNsalut jibel, didrocks 07:17
didrocksearly morning and fighting with buffered channels already :p07:18
didrocks(like: "I gave you a buffer, why, oh why are you blocking? :p)07:19
seb128goood morning desktopers07:36
didrocksbah, it was stupid, a secondary structure declaration that I forgot to remove after debugging07:36
didrockssalut seb128 07:36
seb128lut didrocks, comment ça va ?07:36
oSoMoNsalut seb128 07:36
seb128Trevinho, weekly simmary reminder07:36
seb128jamesh, oh and you!07:36
seb128lut oSoMoN, ça va comment ?07:37
oSoMoNbien, et toi?07:37
seb128nickel, j'ai réussi à dormir jusqu'à 7h30, ça fait du bien !07:37
didrocksseb128: ça va, et toi ?07:38
didrocksseb128: where is your script? Looks like manual ping :p07:38
seb128didrocks, nickel ;-)07:38
seb128didrocks, it gave me the names, I'm fine still manually getting to nag people07:39
didrocksheh, you should write a sentence and just copy/paste :p07:39
dufluMorning seb128 07:43
jibelsalut seb128 07:59
lisgood morning everyone :)08:08
dufluHi lis08:09
marcustomlinsonmorning callmepkwu duflu jibel didrocks oSoMoN seb128 lis08:15
lisduflu, marcustomlinson: good morning :)08:15
dufluHi marcustomlinson 08:16
jibelsalut marcustomlinson 08:22
jameshTrevinho: fyi, I've updated the description of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bug/1897224 with the SRU information08:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1897224 in mutter (Ubuntu Groovy) "Graphical snaps can't run in Gnome 3.38 Wayland sessions (can't open X display)" [High,In progress]08:24
didrockshey marcustomlinson 08:29
oSoMoNgood morning lis, marcustomlinson 08:59
oSoMoNafternoon jamesh 08:59
jameshhi oSoMoN, and everyone else08:59
oSoMoNyo Laney 09:06
dufluHi Laney09:07
dufluImplied hi jamesh :)09:07
seb128hey Laney, marcustomlinson, Fudge 09:11
seb128ups, duflu, can't type this morning!09:11
Laneymoin oSoMoN duflu seb128 09:13
marcustomlinsonhey Laney and jamesh09:26
dufluThanks for upstreaming the plymouth fix seb128 09:39
duflu(it's merged)09:40
seb128duflu, np, ithe distro patch is also merged upstream now09:41
seb128ah, you said that :p09:41
lisseb128, Laney: hey :)09:42
seb128hey lis, how are you?09:42
lisseb128: pretty good.  moving at about 200km/h at the moment :)   how have you been?09:42
* lis sees bad numbers from your part of the world :(09:43
seb128I'm alright, buuusy as usual and missing work trips09:43
* lis didn't go inside a plane in entire 2020. weirdo world!09:43
seb128indeed, same here09:43
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callmepkwuhi marcustomlinson and morning/afternoon jibel didrocks oSoMoN seb128 09:52
seb128hey callmepkwu , how are you?09:52
jibelhi callmepkwu 09:52
callmepkwuseb128 Generally fine, bit busy on midterm exam and CI/CD this week09:53
Laneyhey lis !!!09:57
Laneywhere are you on the way to?09:57
didrockshey callmepkwu 09:58
didrocksgood luck :)09:58
callmepkwudidrocks thanks ;)10:00
Laneytoo many pis10:33
LaneyJust got very angry that I couldn't install the deps for g-i-s when they are definitely on the mirror10:33
LaneyWELL I'd sshed to the wrong one and it's running focal not groovy10:34
seb128Laney, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/1779890 something you could help with? I don't understand the systemd units enough to be clear on what is needed there10:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1779890 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "Nautilus does not use a valid Kerberos ticket when accessing Samba share" [Low,Triaged]10:42
seb128https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gvfs/-/issues/481#note_894063 has a summary10:43
seb128'Ubuntu has vendor preset: enabled for all the user units, so they get launched at logon and they won't get the environment we need them to have. Fedora, on the other hand, has vendor preset: disabled'10:43
seb128jibel, didrocks, ^ mentioning it to you in case that has some AD impact or you see some issues reported due to it10:45
LaneyThe fix they suggest is basically to disable user units by default unless explicitly enabled10:48
jibelseb128, noted, thanks.10:48
seb128Laney, sounds like that's not a fix and should be reopened?10:49
didrockswhen you spend time to write a test properly trying to avoid timeout and see that the stdlib has a time.Sleep() in its test :p10:54
LaneyI'll comment on the bug10:57
seb128Laney, thanks10:57
PaulePanterHi. I tried to upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 20.10, and after running `do-release-upgrade` several times, it is now done.11:10
PaulePanterBut, `/etc/os-release` still shows 20.04 and base-files is 11ubuntu14.11:11
PaulePanterIs that expected?11:11
Laneylaney@nightingale> curl -s http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/base-files/base-files_11ubuntu14_amd64.deb | dpkg --fsys-tarfile - | tar xO- ./usr/lib/os-release | egrep 'VERSION='                                 ~/temp11:27
LaneyVERSION="20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)"11:27
guivercPaulePanter, support is in #ubuntu11:38
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PaulePanterCopying files to a Dell XPS 13 9310 from an USB (SSD) drive connected to a Dell DA300 adapter is noly working with 20 MB/s. :(12:30
PaulePanterJust wanted to note it here.12:31
seb128PaulePanter, it works better on another OS or it's the hardware?12:35
PaulePanterI’ll try it with a Chrome OS device later.12:55
PaulePanterLaney, guiverc: There is `/usr/lib/os-release.oem-release`. :/12:56
ograthat wont tel much about the XPS hardware 12:56
PaulePanterogra: Sorry, that is about the upgrade to 20.10 problem mentioned earlier.12:56
ograPaulePanter, i meant comparing the SSD between a "chrome OS device" and the XPS 12:57
PaulePanterogra: It’s about the copying speed from external USB drive.13:09
* PaulePanter has no idea, what oem-release is doing, as `dpkg -L` only shows doc files.13:10
PaulePanterAnyway, purging the package seems to have unconfused the update-manager.13:12
lisLaney: hannover13:12
lisi come here once a week — every tuesday13:12
lismartinpitt deleted the allisonkarlitskaya:unit-tests-wedge-tracer branch 2 minutes ago 13:17
liser.  wrong place sorry :)13:17
hellsworthgood morning desktopers13:28
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth13:28
marcustomlinsonhellsworth: meeting is in an hour due to dailylight savings just fyi :)13:29
hellsworthok great thanks for telling me :)13:29
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth 13:30
didrocks1hey hellsworth 13:30
hellsworthhi folks!13:30
jibelGoodm orning hellsworth 13:34
hellsworthhiya jibel , luna_ 13:35
seb128today I learnt that git silently ignore empty directories14:01
seb128spent some time debugging why that built fail14:01
seb128turns out that you can do, mkdir dir; git add dir; <hack some other change>; git commit; git status14:02
seb128seems fine, uptodated, etc14:02
seb128but the repo doesnt have the dir14:02
marcustomlinsonha yeah..14:03
seb128git is clearly not vcs for human being :-/14:03
mgedminthe convention is to touch emptydir/.gitignire; git add emptydir, but yeah14:06
seb128mgedmin, right, I know how to workaround it now that I understand the problem, it's just very confusing why it was not there14:07
seb128t's a project converted from bzr to git where build started failing14:07
seb128kenvandine, fyi I moved the thunderbird snap to git now, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/thunderbird/+git/snap14:08
kenvandineseb128: cool14:08
kenvandineseb128: i saw build failures14:09
kenvandinewere those before or after moving it?14:09
seb128kenvandine, those were due to the git & empty dir issue I was just speaking about14:11
seb128we had profiles/extensions in the vcs14:11
seb128and we did a cp -r profiles target14:11
seb128then cp things to extensions14:11
seb128the empty dir was missing due to git14:11
seb128I just fixed that by adding a mkdir instead14:12
WimpressAfternoon desktoppers o/14:29
marcustomlinsonhey Wimpress14:29
oSoMoNhey Wimpress 14:29
didrocks1good afternoon14:29
Wimpress#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-2714:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Oct 27 14:30:15 2020 UTC.  The chair is Wimpress. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.14:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick14:30
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic:
WimpressRoll call:  didrocks, duflu, hellsworth, jamesh, jibel, kenvandine, Laney, marcustomlinson, oSoMoN, seb128 , tkamppeter, Trevinho, robert_ancell, callmepk14:30
Wimpress#topic rls-bb-bugs14:31
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic: rls-bb-bugs
WimpressAll clear ^14:31
WimpressEverything is assigned ^14:32
Wimpress#topic rls-ff-bugs14:32
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic: rls-ff-bugs
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1899206 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Tweaktool Keyboard “Additional Layout Options” not persisting on USB keyboard unplug/reconnect" [Medium,Confirmed]14:32
WimpressTrevinho: Looks like you've been investigating that one.14:34
TrevinhoWimpress: well I imagine the trigger, so I guess I can look yes14:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1873052 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Showing two cursors after login" [Medium,In progress]14:36
WimpressThat is actually assign via xorg14:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1886092 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice doesn't list gpg private key for a digital signature due to apparmor" [Low,Confirmed]14:37
WimpressOK, that is also assigned. Thanks hellsworth 14:38
LaneyThe tags need fixing on these things otherwise they will come back next week14:38
hellsworthyep. the lo one is for the next sru. ok so remove incoming and add tracking?14:39
WimpressYes please.14:40
Laneyyou need to 'target to series'14:40
Laneydo you have that ui hellsworth?14:40
seb128she probably doesn't14:40
seb128that's limited to some group, I don't remember which one now though14:41
hellsworthi do... does that look right now?14:41
seb128ah, I was wrong then14:41
seb128I though it was only for uploaders or something14:41
Laneydrop rls-ff-tracking and yeah (that's probably a noop though)14:41
hellsworthi'm part of the LO group so maybe that's it?14:41
hellsworthoh so no tracking14:41
Laneyno the targetting makes it be tracking14:41
Laneyno need for a tag there14:42
Laneyok carry on!14:42
WimpressWilcom :-)14:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1896073 in tracker (Ubuntu Focal) "SRU the current 2.3.6 stable update " [Low,In progress]14:43
WimpressLooks like Seb is working that one.14:43
seb128why is that listed?14:44
oSoMoNbecause it's targetted to focal14:44
WimpressTargeting Focal perhaps with no assignee?14:44
WimpressI've assigned you Seb.14:44
WimpressI'll skip the Spice bug.14:45
seb128ah, because status was changed from fix commited to in progress14:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1855757 in mutter (Ubuntu Focal) "[nvidia] Background image corrupted after standby or resume from suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:45
oSoMoNthis should probably be assigned to Daniel14:47
WimpressYes, seems so.14:47
WimpressI think that is every from ff-tracking14:49
Wimpress#topic rls-gg-bugs14:49
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic: rls-gg-bugs
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1901548 in gnome-initial-setup (Ubuntu) "gnome-initial-setup SIGSEGV in snapd_snap_get_name()" [High,In progress]14:50
WimpressOK, that is assigned already. Thanks Laney 14:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1900334 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] Mouse pointer theme and scaling not honoured for cursor themes not included in gtk-common-themes" [Medium,Confirmed]14:51
seb128it's a leftover, I failed to untag14:51
seb128and it has been handled also by oSoMoN  and kenvandine (unsure if there is a new snap uploaded yet but at least it's commited)14:52
oSoMoNit is fixed by two separate commits in gtk-common-themes, nothing to do in chromium14:52
kenvandinenot yet14:52
oSoMoNI'll close the chromium bug14:52
WimpressI've dropped the tag and changed the status14:52
kenvandinethe yaru guys asked to hold off until their SRU hits focal14:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1896878 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu) "Doesn't compile for groovy" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:53
Wimpresstseliot: Is that one for you? ^14:54
tseliotWimpress, I'll have a look, thanks14:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1901272 in pi-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Can't connect Bluetooth devices after reboot - Ubuntu 20.10 on Raspberry Pi 4" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:55
WimpressI think waveform is looking into that one ^14:56
WimpressAssigned Dave for now.14:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1900009 in mutter (Ubuntu Groovy) "Window tiled to monitor where most of the window is in instead of where the mouse is." [Undecided,In progress]14:57
WimpressLooks like Daniel is on that one. Assigning to him.14:58
WimpressThat all looks to be hand ^15:00
Wimpress#topic update_excuses_by_team.html#desktop-packages15:00
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic: update_excuses_by_team.html#desktop-packages
seb128I think we can skip that one15:01
seb128new serie isn't open yet so not much we can do atm15:01
seb128things are still moving15:01
Wimpress#topic AOB15:01
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338 | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2020-10-27 | Current topic: AOB
hellsworthwhat is the new series called btw? i haven't seen any HH names...15:01
xnoxLaney:  https://launchpad.net/~cloud-images/+livefs/ubuntu/groovy/cpc hyperv ubuntu desktop preinstalled image fails to build15:02
kenvandinenot sure about the animal yet15:02
xnoxLaney:  from the log, "ubuntu-desktop" package/task is never installled it seems........ yet nothing w.r.t. to that has changed!15:02
hellsworthah ok.. i was going to suggest hardtimes hippo..15:02
oSoMoNhellsworth, there's a discourse thread for this: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-21-04-hh-code-name-suggestions/1562215:03
hellsworthah perfect :)15:03
WimpressAnything else to discuss?15:04
seb128not from me15:04
Wimpresslast chance ;-)15:05
WimpressOK, thanks everyone15:05
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/mxaCZTVc | GNOME 3.38 work claiming / tracking: https://trello.com/b/sdyPskaS/gnome-338
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Oct 27 15:05:43 2020 UTC.  15:05
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2020/ubuntu-desktop.2020-10-27-14.30.moin.txt15:05
hellsworthk thanks15:05
oSoMoNthanks 15:05
kenvandinehellsworth: i'm just going to call it hairy :-D15:05
WimpressAgree ^15:05
hellsworthoh i like it15:05
hellsworthhairy the henderson?15:06
greyltc[m]1hey everyone. I just made a new lightdm greeter15:12
Laneyxnox: would be useful if we did more than one build per cycle of this thing wouldn't it15:12
greyltc[m]1I'd like to hear any feedback!15:12
Laneyxnox: but I don't understand it anyway, that directory it is moaning about is shipped by snapd deb which is installed15:22
xnoxLaney:  i see that snapd is installed in the builder; but not in the chroot/image we are bulding.15:23
xnoxLaney:  i also don't see "ubuntu-desktop" being installed prior to that.15:24
xnoxLaney:  as if somehow, add_task install minimal ubuntu-desktop => did not happen.15:24
Laneyright it's not15:24
Laneyisn't it the in-target snapd that's used for seeding or no?15:24
Laney+ cd chroot/var/lib/snapd/seed15:24
Laney+ SNAPPY_STORE_NO_CDN=1 snap download --cohort= --channel=stable/ubuntu-20.10 gnome-3-34-180415:24
Laneymaybe not15:24
xnoxLaney:  we have use seeding term for two different things =))))) the offline cashing of snaps is done using snapd that is simply available on the builder; whereas first-boot optiminisation and precalculation of firstboot tasks is done using snapd from the chroot.15:25
xnoxi think (hope!) i got that right =)15:26
Laneybut that's Task: ubuntu-desktop-minimal and this task does get installed15:26
Laneyso why no snapd shipping this directory: don't know15:26
Laneywhy no ubuntu-desktop task: don't know15:26
Laneystage 0 of investigating a bug: feel stupid: complete15:26
xnoxubuntu-desktop ubuntu-desktop-minimal => installed in focal build log15:27
xnoxubuntu-desktop ubuntu-desktop-minimal => _do not appear_ in groovy build log15:27
xnoxif one doesn't install ubuntu-desktop-minimal; one will not install snapd; and one will not desktop image today =)15:27
xnoxLaney:  so next step, is to crank up the livebuild debugging? and read the extra incomprehensible build log?15:28
LaneyI mean the metapackage is not, but gnome-shell and half of its stuff is.15:29
Laneyset -x somewhere!15:30
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/master d8aa4ec Iain Lane debian/patches/ (8 files) * Don't cast a GtkLabel into a GisSnapTile * https://deb.li/3UsCs18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/master a50b305 Iain Lane debian/changelog * Update changelog * https://deb.li/it7XU18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/master 1f5cd28 Iain Lane debian/changelog * Finalise changelog * https://deb.li/3Vdn18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal 1cc89c1 Iain Lane * pushed 93 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/32O3718:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal 2043bcf Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * Rebuild with the new gnome-desktop soname * https://deb.li/zMBU18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal 946dcf1 Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to focal * https://deb.li/38ZKF18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal 2a1bdda Sebastien Bacher debian/ changelog patches/0001-Add-Ubuntu-mode-with-special-pages.patch * https://deb.li/HZYi18:18
KGB-2* debian/patches/0001-Add-Ubuntu-mode-with-special-pages.patch:18:18
KGB-2  - don't add non existant sources to the translation template,18:18
KGB-2    should fix the translations import (lp: #1859960)18:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1859960 in Ubuntu Translations "Livepatch polkit rules strings are not translatable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185996018:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal f77071c Sebastien Bacher (33 files in 7 dirs) * Merge remote-tracking branch 'salsa/debian/master' into ubuntu/master * https://deb.li/3SVOh18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/focal bc6659e Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to focal * https://deb.li/NJT218:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy af57512 Iain Lane * pushed 109 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/igMPC18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy 83e4391 Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to Debian * https://deb.li/2c4g18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy 616b8c3 Sebastien Bacher NEWS debian/changelog gnome-initial-setup/pages/keyboard/gis-keyboard-page.c meson.build * Merge branch 'debian/master' into ubuntu/master * https://deb.li/3hMzl18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy 36471bb Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to ubuntu * https://deb.li/8VDx18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy 0b9584a Sebastien Bacher (7 files in 4 dirs) * Merge branch 'debian/master' into ubuntu/master * https://deb.li/3NxsE18:18
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup ubuntu/groovy a4fbd20 Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to ubuntu * https://deb.li/ROj418:19
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup signed tags 9a6feab Iain Lane ubuntu/3.36.2-0ubuntu2 * gnome-initial-setup Debian release 3.36.2-0ubuntu2 * https://deb.li/3zJvD18:19
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup signed tags 1401f08 Iain Lane ubuntu/3.38.1-1ubuntu2_20.10.1 * gnome-initial-setup Debian release 3.38.1-1ubuntu2~20.10.1 * https://deb.li/33ZRj18:19
KGB-2gnome-initial-setup signed tags e14e091 Iain Lane ubuntu/3.38.1-1ubuntu2 * gnome-initial-setup Debian release 3.38.1-1ubuntu2 * https://deb.li/iO8nR18:19
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