danielbash_worksi, there's a copy mode in every program if you run it in tmux ;)00:17
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gambl0reis it possible to run apt update on live usb?00:51
Bashing-omgambl0re: Yes - but the change does not persist a re-boot.00:58
Nate_Sturtzwhen is 20.10 getting released?01:00
ExamknowNate_Sturtz: It is already released.01:00
Nate_Sturtzit is01:01
Nate_Sturtzok, I did not know that, i am running a server should I upgrade?01:01
Nate_Sturtzor wait until 20.11?01:01
ExamknowNate_Sturtz: That's up to you01:01
Nate_Sturtzok, thanks, where can I find the change log at?01:02
rfmNate_Sturtz, next release will be 21.04, only two releases a year.  no 20.11.01:02
Nate_Sturtzok, sorry01:02
Nate_Sturtzthank you01:04
sonicwindNate_Sturtz, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/groovy-gorilla-release-notes/1553301:05
Nate_Sturtzok I thouth that it was a lts01:05
Nate_Sturtzso I don't think I will update01:06
Nate_Sturtzthank you eveyone01:06
gambl0rethis is what i get when trying to run apt update on live usb linux mint01:08
Nate_Sturtzmay I ask why you are running apt update on a live usb01:08
Nate_Sturtznot on your system01:08
gambl0recause i'm trying to install something01:09
gambl0reand it requires update01:09
Examknowgambl0re: It seems you have a bad install disc01:11
Bashing-om!mint | gambl0re01:11
ubottugambl0re: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)01:11
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)01:13
ExamknowNate_Sturtz: Is there something we can help you with?01:14
Nate_Sturtzno wrong button01:14
AppXprtanyone familiar with Bacula?01:15
ExamknowAppXprt: We can't help with that here. You might be better off asking in #bacula01:18
HashI am trying to install https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.srb2.SRB2 but I get the following error in /.local/share/flatpak/repo): Permission denied01:26
HashAny idea how to do this please01:26
ExamknowHash: How are you attempting to do this?01:27
HashThe command I use is: flatpak install org.srb2.SRB2.flatpakref01:27
ExamknowHash: Try 'sudo flatpak install org.srb2.SRB2.flatpakref'01:27
Hashsudo shouldn't be writing to anything in my ~/.local01:27
ExamknowWhat is the full error?01:28
HashIt should not require root perms01:28
ExamknowWe can't help you if you don't give us the full error01:28
Hash$  flatpak install org.srb2.SRB2.flatpakref01:28
Hasherror: While opening repository /home/sert/.local/share/flatpak/repo: /home/sert/.local/share/flatpak/repo: opendir(/home/sert/.local/share/flatpak/repo): Permission denied01:28
ExamknowAre you logged on as 'sert'?01:29
HashHang on01:29
ExamknowIf not, there's your problem right there01:29
HashEverything inside ~/.local/share I own it, but flatpak is owned by root01:30
HashThis is very strange01:30
ExamknowYeah just run as sudo01:30
HashIt's my user directory01:30
ExamknowBecause why not?01:30
Hashwhy does root have anything to do with it?01:30
ExamknowI don't know01:30
HashWhat if I'm not in the sudo group01:30
HashI can't have elevated perms.01:30
HashI'm just a lowly user01:31
ExamknowYou or someone else must have used sudo when installing something01:31
javi404so on a new install of desktop version 20.4.1 gparted works fine01:31
ExamknowThe only reason it would be owned by root is if someone created it using sudo01:32
javi404on a patched 20.4.0->20.4.1, error.01:32
javi404uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times01:32
HashSo I changed the owner to me01:32
Hashthen I did flatpak install again01:32
Hashthen it asked me for a root password01:32
HashI guess it's system that does i01:32
HashI dunno this flatpak thing at all01:32
HashInstalling now.01:33
ExamknowHash: Try asking in #flatpak01:33
HashOk thanks01:33
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YWH_1I have windows 10 pro installed on my computer in legacy mode. Does anyone know if there is a way to install ubuntu 20.10 in BIOS legacy mode?02:32
RingtailedFoxdo you mean via WSL2?02:33
RingtailedFoxor in a dual-boot configuration?02:33
YWH_1In a daul boot config02:33
RingtailedFoxbecuase.... BIOS booting is easy. just burn a CD or write to a USB stick, then  check bios to see what your boot order is... you might have to change which device boots first02:33
YWH_1OK when it does that I get a BRUBDOS0.4 screen and I can't load Ubuntu install02:34
ExamknowRubato: Hi. What can we help you with?02:38
whoeverhi all usiing version 20.04 how am  I supose to set the default  sound card  with alsa if F6 dosin't work and asoundconf is missing02:40
whoeverthank you in advance02:40
Rubatoi have a problem with my brandnew laptop02:44
Rubatoi cant boot on battery only02:44
Rubatothen the splashscreen will show but after that i get a blackscreen02:44
Rubatoand i dont get the login screen02:44
Rubatoon power this happens also occasionly but not all the time02:44
Rubatowith battery only this happens all the time02:44
ExamknowRubato: Have you tried reinstalling ubuntu?02:46
Rubatono and also it wont help02:46
whoeverRubato: look for laptop-utils02:46
Rubatoi think its some kind of a splashscreen bug02:47
Rubatowhich is there for a long time02:47
Rubatobut i forgot how to get rid of it02:47
Bashing-omRubato: See: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html - An ACPI issue ?02:47
Rubatoif this black screen occurs and i press the power button02:48
Rubatoit will just do a tidy shutdown and the logo will appear while shutting down02:48
Rubatoso it just ends up to a blackscreen but its still alive02:48
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Rubato02:53
ubottuRubato: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.02:53
Rubatoim on ryzen 503:08
Rubatoah the nomodeset yes that is related i think03:08
Rubatoi think i did something with that in previous ubuntu versions aswell03:08
Rubatoto fix this issue03:08
Rubatobut how was that again03:09
Rubatoah its in grub03:28
Rubatoit looks like this now03:48
RubatoGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"03:48
Rubatoso i do like this right03:49
RubatoGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"03:49
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DarkTrickI guess new bug in ubuntu 20.10: When moving windows with ALT+mouse, the key-release event gets sent to the window. Can someone verify? Which package is this? "Xorg" does not exist.04:08
saurabh009Hi, does anyone know how to configure warmstart trap in snmp in Ubuntu ?04:10
saurabh009Or tell how can I get it enabled ? I can get the coldstart trap but not able to get the warmstart trap in the Ubuntu server04:11
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strywgrusing lubuntu but whenever i plug in my headphones the pulseaudio speaker icons turns grey. It was fine till yesterday.05:44
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freespirit-girlanyone here familiar with virtual box?06:24
DarkTrickfreespirit-girl, just ask your question06:26
freespirit-girlmy display setting are messed up06:26
tatertotsfreespirit-girl: what is your HostOS/GuestOS?06:27
freespirit-girlwindows to Ubuntu06:28
tatertotsfreespirit-girl: did you successfully install guest additions?06:29
freespirit-girlI think I did06:30
freespirit-girlhow can i tell ?06:31
freespirit-girlshit! I should just try reinstalling the damn thing06:36
freespirit-girlthank you.06:36
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freespirit-girlDarkTrick, I installed the guest tools using the command line while in Ubuntu and it did not work08:03
ThinkT510you mount the guest additions iso in the vm and install it in the guestos08:08
freespirit-girlso I install it like I installed the Ubuntu ISO?08:10
chl_where can I find crash logs?09:18
mgedminin /var/crash/09:19
chl_what to do if that folder is empty :D09:19
mgedminbe happy you had no crashes09:20
chl_where would gui freeze/crashes be located? My problem is that sometimes the gui crashes and I can only move the mouse09:21
chl_cant restart gui with M-F2 :/09:21
chl_Tried adding another keybind, but does not work09:22
chl_and I have no idea what caused it :/09:22
mgedminthat sounds like a freeze rather than a crash09:29
mgedminusually this is caused by running out of memory, especially if you have no swap file/partition09:29
mgedminbut it could also be a driver bug of some kind09:30
mgedminat least if the mouse cursor is moving, it's not totally frozen09:30
chl_might be driver related. will try another nvidia driver09:30
chl_thank you for your inputs09:31
clarkkon 18.04, what is the correct way to add a permanent ip route?09:44
lotuspsychjeclarkk: are you on ubuntu server?09:48
clarkklotuspsychje, I didn't realise there was a server version of ubuntu09:48
clarkkI'm just on the standard version, afaij=k09:48
EriC^^clarkk: it's basically the same minus the gui/desktop environment09:49
clarkkah, ok, then I have the GUI environment09:49
clarkkbut I'm happy to use the shell to set it up.  I don't completely trust network manager, after having some problems getting openvpn working reliably with it09:50
clarkkIs netplan the correct way in 18.04?  I added a configuration, but it removes my openvpn ip routes when I apply it09:52
mgedminwhat renderer have you told netplan to use?09:53
clarkkmgedmin, by renderer, do you mean network manager, or gnome?10:02
clarkkbtw, this is my configuration  https://gist.github.com/superclarkk/39563e8dee1cb3f88c55e1f3e3cda58b10:02
mgedminokay, so far so good, and do the openvpn routes come back if you bring the vpn up using network manager?10:03
mgedmin(you can do that on the command line with nmcli con up "name of your openvpn connection")10:03
clarkkmgedmin, I'm hesitant to use network manager, because after a while it totally fails and I need to reboot my system.  It may be because I have an older version of the network manager ovpn package.  I open the openvpn tunnel from the shell, using openvpn myconfig.ovpn, and it's rock solid10:06
clarkka workaround I could use is to have a script that adds the ip route and then runs the openvpn command.  I was just wondering if there is a commonly accepted "best" way10:08
mgedminhave you reported the network manager + openvpn bug?10:09
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mgedminiirc there are scripts that network manager runs after it brings up a connection, you could run the openvpn command-line client from those10:10
mgedminthe fun part is there are like four ways to configure networking on ubuntu (n-m, networkd, ifupdown, netplan), and which one is best depends on ... stuff10:13
clarkkmgedmin, that sounds _really_ fun ;)  Actually, thinking about it more, I think putting it in my script will be the easiest way.  Then all my VPS / VPN config is in one place10:20
mgedminare these normal routes, or vpn routes?  because openvpn can set them up for you too10:21
mgedminI mean, if the routes go over the vpn, I wouldn't add them to the system-wide network configuration10:21
mgedminI would add them to the vpn configuration10:21
clarkkmgedmin, I just added them to the ovpn config, and that worked a treat.  Thank you :)10:27
BluesKajHi all10:42
ufkisn't 20.04.1 the latest ubuntu ? if i changed update from LTS to normal why do-release-upgrade is updating packages? it won't downgrade my system right ?10:48
xtao20.10 is the latest. 20.04.1 is the latest LTS version10:49
ufkright thanks :)10:49
xBfrogi have my camers set to ptp mode i can open the camera flies but when trying to delete any it says i don't have sufficient permissions. How do i change this?10:53
javi404how can i find why gparted works on a new 20.04.1 and not an upgraded 20.04.1 from 20.0411:05
mgedmincan you define 'not works'?11:10
* mgedmin looks into his crystal ball and intones: wayland11:11
javi404mgedmin: issue with wayland11:11
javi404i was able to do some magic i found googling with xhosts11:11
javi404so then to reproduce, i did a fresh install in a virtualbox vm11:12
javi404works no problem.11:12
javi404but my physical workstation, which was a new build of 20.04 originally, still doesn't work.11:12
javi404it asks for password, and then nothing.11:12
mgedminubuntu doesn't use wayland by default11:12
javi404also, the icon doesn't sue.11:12
javi404mgedmin: i don't remember selecting it.11:13
javi404xrander would beg to differ?11:13
mgedminyou can check if your current session is wayland or xorg by doing env|grep WAYLAND11:13
mgedminI remember that gparted used to plain not work in wayland sessions because Xwayland rejected connections from programs running as root11:14
javi404mgedmin: so turns out, on the virtualbox, it is using xorg11:14
javi404so that is why it works11:14
mgedminI don't remember if xhost was a possible workaround11:14
javi404but i don't remember selecting wayland on my workstation11:14
mgedminwhy not use gnome-disks instead of gparted?11:14
javi404how can i switch to x11:14
mgedminyou switch by choosing the session type during login, and it is then remembered11:15
javi404i don't need gparted anymore but would like it to work as to not need to reboot or learn gnome-disks11:15
javi404mgedmin: got it11:15
javi404ill take a look when im back home11:15
mgedminenter your username, press enter, then in the bottom right corner there's a little cog icon that gives you a menu of session types11:15
slimepunder what circumstances would a 20.04 installation be using NetworkManager to manage DNS instead of systemd-resovled? Is it always just the user changing it or could it be a remnant config from upgrading from an older release?11:35
donofriowhat does it mean when nmon says "dm-1       0%    0.0    0.0|>disk busy not available " and how would I review this from dmesg or?11:36
mgedmindonofrio: is /etc/resolv.conf a symlink?  to where?11:37
mgedminon a stock system it's a symlink to ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf11:37
mgedminand afaiu network-manager tells systemd-resolved what DNS server to forward to11:38
donofriobut this is for disks not network?11:38
slimepmgedmin: yes, but I'm seeing a lot of reports from users where NM is actually manaing /etc/resolv.conf. And I'm wondering how did they end up there.11:39
mgedmindonofrio: sorry I meant that for slimep11:39
mgedmindonofrio: your question is very interesting, and I don't know the answer11:44
mgedminand I can't find it on google11:44
mgedminand I can see how _some_ of the disks on my server show the same "disk busy not available", but I can't see why11:45
mgedminloop7 (?!), all of my md-* devices, none of my dm-* devices, and sdc311:45
donofriomgedmin, has me intrested to, server doing just fine as far as I can tell but I still wonder...11:47
mgedmindonofrio: afaict nmon prints that when it sees 0 in the reads and writes columns in /proc/diskstats for that device11:49
mgedminso it means "disk's busyness numbers are not available" rather than some error about the disk being busy and not available11:49
mgedminit could just mean that nothing is currently reading/writing to that device11:50
mgedminand yeah, the devices that show "busy not available" are all old partitions, not currently mounted11:50
donofriomgedmin, ok I'll contiune on with my workflows....tnx11:50
mgedminno, not all of them, md1 is mounted11:51
mgedminmaybe the kernel doesn't track these things for mdraid devices11:51
mgedmininteresting tool nmon, didn't know about it11:52
donofriomgedmin, yah it's an AIX tool that finally made it to desktop11:52
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jakobbgHi. I have a Ubuntu in Azure running standard "Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS" image. I'd like to upgrade to 20.10. Do I have to consider any other issues apart from the regular do-release-upgrade? Any problems which might arise to having begun using the Canonical image? Do I have to change the image instead of a manual upgrade? I assume not, but thought it might be wise to ask first :)12:31
mhcerrihi jakobbg. I don't think there's anything else to worry about. patviafore, any thought? ^12:35
slimepmgedmin: seems like upgrading from 18.04 leaves the installation in a state where /etc/resolv.conf is managed by resolvconf12:37
mgedminwell, consider that you're jumping off an LTS and will have to upgrade to 21.04, then 21.10, then to 22.04 within 3 months of each of those releases12:37
mgedminslimep: was resolvconf once installed by default?12:38
mgedminI had it on one machine, but removed it back in 2017, while running 17.04, due to some unfortunate interaction with systemd-resolved12:40
slimepmgedmin: don't think so.12:40
patviaforejakobbg: unfortunately, it's not a frequently tested workflow, the safer thing is to use a new image. That being said, it will be very dependent on which packages are used and your workflow. It is very likely that it would be fine but I cannot say that with 100% certainty. Is this for a production machine, a personal machine, etc?12:47
jakobbgpatviafore: mainly a home computer, but having to set up a new machine means a lot of configuration on the zfs datasets +++13:07
javi404mgedmin: thanks, ill check it out.13:07
patviaforejakobg: understood. I'm looking through any changes that might affect an upgrade. Do you know what serial you are running? (cat /etc/cloud/build.info)13:29
patviaforejakobbg: ^^13:39
jakobbgpatviafore: build_name: server serial: 2020061013:48
patviaforejakobbg: I don't see anything that stands out as an issue on an upgrade. Upgrading an Azure instance in your case should be similar risk to upgrading a home computer.13:50
jakobbgawesome. sounds like i'll just create a snapshot and see what happens :p13:53
jakobbgthank you patviafore13:53
zambai'm trying to deploy the ova from ubuntu.. but what is the default username/password for this ova?14:05
zambai attempted to set the password through the gui on the esxi host, but it doesn't seem like they are being honored14:05
EriC^^zamba: not sure what ova is but usually in the live usb the login is "ubuntu" with an empty password14:07
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nbusroneAnyone using nemo as Desktop ? how do I adjust icon size fix whenever I create an icon shortcut or new document ?14:43
Maiknbusrone: nemo isn't a desktop, it's a file manager14:45
nbusroneMaik : I replace Nautilus Desktop to Nemo.So nemo icon appear14:46
nbusronebut the size is standard , how do I edit it to a smaller size ?14:49
nbusronewhere does nemo icon size config location ?14:50
lotuspsychjenbusrone: try dconf-editor perhaps14:50
javi404mgedmin: just an FYI, on 20.10 fresh install, Wayland is default.14:52
javi404i see i can change it at login where you suggested, bottom right corner, but just an FYI14:52
nualathinkcentre 720q: 20.04 won't boot up until i add nomodeset. I am not sure this is expected behaviour or some uefi-settings I dont understand is wonky again (Intel SuperSecure ChipsetProtocol Guard or something?) Anyone has experience to share? :S14:54
javi404mgedmin: I take my previous statement back14:55
javi404there is some logic that made my physical workstation default to wayland14:56
javi404and virtual xorg14:56
javi404oh well easy fix14:56
nbusronelotuspsychje : there is no setting for nemo icon size at /org/nemo/desktop.Possible to create a customize config on dconfig ?15:06
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madetiCan anyone help me to change the default log directory of snaps on ubuntu?15:24
madetiby default they log in /var/log and lets say I don't have enough space there and I want to log in /home/madeti/logs15:24
madetihow do I do that?15:24
mgedminmadeti: symlink or bind mount15:25
madeti@mgedmin i used a symlink (`ln -s`) to point /var/log to /home/madeti/logs15:26
madetisyslog and all other services are logging fine15:26
madetibut snap throws a permission error15:26
madetiapparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" info="failed flags match" error=-13 profile="/snap/core/10185/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine" name="/tmp/snap.rootfs_pRGXOp/var/log/" pid=10892 comm="snap-confine" srcname="/home/provakil/logs/" flags="rw, rbind"15:27
Examknowmadeti: Did you run it as root?15:27
mgedminhm, snaps play games with mount namespaces... and also the sandboxing might not allow access to /home/15:27
madetiwhat do I need to run as root? @Examknow15:27
mgedminwhere do snaps log anyway?15:28
madeti@mgedmin yeah. I think sandboxing may have something to do with it. But where do I give it permission to log in /home/15:28
nbusronemay I ask , how do I install ppa update ? example  3.28.0-1ubuntu1.5updates (universe)2020-10-06 ?15:28
madetiI think they log in /var/log only15:28
Examknowsudo would fix that issue15:28
madeti@Examknow what command do I run as sudo?15:29
mgedminmadeti: the best place to find experts in snaps is probably https://forum.snapcraft.io/15:29
Examknowmadeti: The command that returned the error15:30
madetiThe error I pasted was from syslog. I am running `sudo service snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server restart`, which generated the log15:31
madeti@Examknow ^^15:31
rocksteadyhi all i would like to learn about how to make key combinations do certain things i am not sure if i should be looking up keybinds or emacs or something else (example if i want to make pressing composite key open a different menu15:57
whoeverhi all15:58
whoeverunder accessability I have mouse location on. so thaT when you hit ctrl it should pulse an orb around the pointer but nothing is happening  and when I try ~$ gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse locate-pointer true16:00
whoeverI get no such 'locate-pointer ' can someone assist16:00
mgedminhmm this seems to've regressed in 20.10, I remember it working in earlier releases16:02
mgedminwhoever: are you using wayland the default xorg session?16:02
mgedminlol for lt_LT that setting is mistranslated as "locate printer" :D16:03
whoevermegoix: most likly16:04
hoferworks for me under locate pointer16:05
whoeverhofer: i am on 20.0116:06
hoferme too16:06
rocksteadywhois mgedmin16:06
* mgedmin 16:06
hoferuniversal access16:07
mgedminwhoever: I think the setting moved to org.gnome.desktop.interface locate-pointer16:08
mgedminand these days it's gnome-shell itself that's supposed to be doing it16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1875056 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "locate-pointer (w/ ctrl key) not working" [Low,New]16:11
whoevermanopola: thank you that worked , but it there a place to change the colour intensity and the button( it only worcs with left ctrl but  i want to use it with right)16:15
mgedminheyyyyyyy _left_ ctrl?  since when does it use left ctrl?16:15
manopolawhoever, ?16:16
Bill73ssh problem on my ubuntu 20.04  whenever I ssh to a remote machine I get the security warning with a fingerprint and yes/no/[fingerprint] before I get the password prompt. now it was working but subsequent reinstalls and I had a bad key in my known_hosts, prompter to remove it so I did   Now I get the failed to add hosts for any remote system I attempt to ssh to from this setup. suggested fix?16:23
pavlosBill73: are the permissions for .ssh/known_hosts 600 ?16:26
pavlosBill73: and 700 for .ssh/16:26
Bill73pavlos: not sure16:26
Bill73I'm a novice so it'll take me a minute to find out how to check16:27
pavlosBill73: ls -al | grep .ssh should show drwx------16:28
pavlosBill73: ls -al .ssh | grep known should show -rw-------16:29
Bill73this is the dir     drwx------ 2 bill bill 4096 Oct 26 16:44 .ssh/16:32
Bill73this is known_hosts      -rw------- 1 root root 1422 Oct 26 16:42 known_hosts16:32
Bill73so they are good on permissions...16:33
pavlosBill73: ahhh ... see the permissions on the known_hosts, not good. It should be owned by bill, that's why you cannot write in there16:34
mgedminBill73: your known_hosts file is owned by root16:34
dionysus69is it worth trying to fully encrypt hd with existing system on it ?16:34
dionysus69and is there a utility that makes it simpler ?16:34
mgedminthe permissions per se are right, ownership is not -- do a sudo chmod bill:bill ~/.ssh/known_hosts and try not to use 'sudo ssh ...'16:34
Bill73pavlos: ok16:34
mgedmindionysus69: this is a question that interests me a lot too!16:35
pavlosBill73: to fix, sudo chown bill:bill .ssh/known_hosts16:35
dionysus69yea I remember in past ubuntu came with an option to fully encrypt disk at install time, but now its missing16:35
Bill73pavlos: chmod: invalid mode: ‘bill:bill’   Also I dont remember doing a sudo ssh unless it was for the removal of the bad key sith ssh-keygen  arg16:36
mgedmindionysus69: I think it's possible if you use ext4's native encryption feature (fscrypt)16:36
Bill73should that have been chown?16:36
dionysus69mgedmin: will look it up thanks16:37
mgedminBill73: sorry I typed chmod instead of chown aaaaugh why do I always make this mistake16:37
Bill73pavlos: lol i see it16:37
mgedmindionysus69: I'm a bit scared to try tbh16:37
dionysus69yea it's kind of scary you are right16:37
Bill73pavlos: thx  all is working again.16:38
dionysus69mgedmin: especially these kind of warnings on stackoverflow :D :D The API to fscrypt might change in the future, so make sure to back up your important files if you attempt to upgrade your system. (This feature is not widely used on Desktop. Use at your own risk.)16:38
Bill73pavlos: scrolled back through term  there it is... sudo ssh-keygen -R that messed it up lol16:39
PerduraboHello, IRC test - do you see this ?16:47
ThinkT510indeed we do16:47
Perdurabohaha ! Superb !16:47
ThinkT510you can also /join #test for that sort of thing16:47
PerduraboThank you16:48
MaikPerdurabo: if you have a support question just ask, all other non related talk takes place in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss :)16:48
Perduraboi am new to irc16:49
Perdurabogreat thx16:49
Maikno problem, just pointing you the way16:49
mgedminI would like nautilus to start in a certain directory instead of my home when I click the icon in the dock; how can I achieve that?16:51
MaikPerdurabo: no unwanted DM's please. There isn't any conversation going on here so you won't see much. It's a support channel which is at times not that busy.16:54
Maikwith support channel i mean Ubuntu support channel16:55
madeti@mgedmin bind mount worked like a charm16:57
madetithanks for your help16:57
mgedminoh cool, and here I was beginning to think snaps would have problems with bind mounts too16:57
wasutton3what repo can I add so I can download/install libthrift-0.11.0 like its shown here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+source/thrift17:13
vasilakisfilhi I am trying to run sudo loginctl enable-linger $USER on ubuntu 19.10 but I get Could not enable linger: No such file or directory, how can I solve it ?17:13
Maikvasilakisfil: 19.10 is EOL and thus not supported anymore17:14
vasilakisfilyeah I get it but I was wondering if you know a clever fix that could solve this17:15
Maikwe don't support 19.10 anymore, either install 20.04 LTS or the just released 20.1017:16
vasilakisfilok I am upgrading now to 20.04, in theory problem should be solved right ?17:18
lotuspsychjewasutton3: just install gnuradio from the ubuntu repos?17:21
wasutton3lotuspsychje, that is built on libthrift 0.13.0 which breaks my flowgraph17:22
lotuspsychjewasutton3: break on gnuradio from the repos or from the git?17:23
wasutton3lotuspsychje, https://github.com/gnuradio/gnuradio/issues/3673#issuecomment-71636406517:23
lotuspsychje!info gnuradio bionic17:23
ubottugnuradio (source: gnuradio): GNU Radio Software Radio Toolkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.11-10 (bionic), package size 8250 kB, installed size 84938 kB17:23
wasutton3lotuspsychje, this is on focal, not bionic17:24
lotuspsychje!info gnuradio focal17:24
ubottugnuradio (source: gnuradio): GNU Radio Software Radio Toolkit. In component universe, is optional. Version (focal), package size 117600 kB, installed size 397330 kB17:24
wasutton3their ppa is 3.8.217:25
lotuspsychjewasutton3: if its about the git version, file a bug there please17:26
lotuspsychjewasutton3: we can only support ubuntu and its packages from the official repos17:26
wasutton3lotuspsychje, its not. its an issue with using libthrift 0.13.017:26
wasutton3if 0.11.0 could be built for focal, the problem would go away.17:26
lotuspsychjewasutton3: did you test this on the focal version 3.8.1?17:28
wasutton3the advice given was to use the PPA which supposedly had 0.11.0 built in, but they had that for a previous version (bionic iirc)17:29
lotuspsychjewasutton3: can you see if its bug #1742448 please17:29
ubottubug 1742448 in gnuradio (Ubuntu) "Qt flowgraphs crash on ubuntu 18.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174244817:29
wasutton3lotuspsychje, no, that bug is for bionic and doesn't match the error.17:30
lotuspsychjewasutton3: but it also breaks your flowgraph right?17:30
wasutton3let me revert all my changes. FWIW i'm on 20.04. so all errors will be related to that LTS version17:31
wasutton318.04 had different incompatibility issues with ZMQ17:31
lotuspsychjewasutton3: if you can reproduce this on 20.04 with all packages from the repos, we can file a !bug17:31
wasutton3in the process of reverting,17:32
DescriptionedGood evening, i recently reinstalled ubuntu, i was have qbittorent in dark theme, i dont even remember who i did it, but now i cant change theme, i downloaded theme and i choose custom ui theme but nothing..17:32
=== ace_me1 is now known as ace_me
wasutton3lotuspsychje, ok, so i've removed the gnuradio ppa, reinstalled all the local packages, and created a super basic flowgraph.17:36
wasutton3constant source -> throttle -> null sink17:36
wasutton3with a floating CtrlPort Performance Monitor17:36
wasutton3with it disabled, the flowgraph executes as expected17:36
wasutton3with it enabled, I get `python3: ../gnuradio-runtime/lib/controlport/rpcmanager.cc:38: static rpcserver_booter_base* rpcmanager::get(): Assertion `booter_registered || aggregator_registered' failed.`17:37
lotuspsychjewasutton3: i installed it here, tell me what to do to make it break?17:39
wasutton3open gnuradio-companion17:39
wasutton3create this flowgraph https://i.imgur.com/sLerFHL.png17:40
lotuspsychjewasutton3: how do i do that17:41
wasutton3are you staring at a blank screen?17:41
wasutton3there should be a create button in the top left.17:41
wasutton3alt text reads "Create new flow graph"17:42
arch-nemesisIs there a listing somewhere of boot options on ubuntu 20.04 server live CD. I've got it setup to pxe boot and auto-provision servers with cloud-config and this works great. I want another pxe boot option that will load the ISO and just provide a troubleshooting environment. So far the best I can do is boot the installer and hit ctrl-z to get out of subiquiti.17:43
wasutton3on the far right you should see Core, Audio, Boolean Operaters, etc17:43
arch-nemesisHoping there is a boot option for "justalivecd" or something. Otherwise I'll just have to use a different ISO17:44
lotuspsychjewasutton3: i see, then what17:44
wasutton3from Core/Control Port, grab CtrlPort Performance Monitor and drag it to the flow graph17:44
lotuspsychjewasutton3: done17:45
wasutton3repeat for Core/Misc/Null Sink17:45
wasutton3and Core/Waveform Generators/Constant Source17:45
lotuspsychjewasutton3: done, how to connect them?17:46
wasutton3click the blue box on the constant source, and drag it to the left blue box on the throttle17:49
wasutton3repeat for throttle -> null sink17:50
lotuspsychjewasutton3: done17:51
lotuspsychjearch-nemesis: you might wanna check the #ubuntu-server channel17:52
wasutton3go to Run->Execute17:52
lotuspsychjewasutton3: its greyed out17:53
wasutton3fill in the title on the options box. Double click it to enter a value in the fields.17:54
lotuspsychjewasutton3: title:test still greyed out run17:56
mgedminarch-nemesis: there's a shell waiting for you on tty2, iirc17:57
wasutton3lotuspsychje, can you send me a screenshot?17:57
lotuspsychjewasutton3: https://imgur.com/a/Knau7nR17:58
wasutton3lotuspsychje, try changing generate options to No gui17:58
whoevermgedmin: ok, am here , apparently today it does17:59
lotuspsychjewasutton3: no dice17:59
whoeverMaik: just got out of class sorry for the silence18:00
wasutton3lotuspsychje, you might need more packages... try installing these18:00
wasutton3`sudo apt install git cmake g++ libboost-all-dev libgmp-dev swig python3-numpy python3-mako python3-sphinx python3-lxml doxygen libfftw3-dev libsdl1.2-dev libgsl-dev libqwt-qt5-dev libqt5opengl5-dev python3-pyqt5 liblog4cpp5-dev libzmq3-dev python3-yaml python3-click python3-click-plugins python3-zmq python3-scipy thrift-compiler python3-twisted libtool openssl libssl-dev libthrift-dev flex libevent-dev bison18:00
wasutton3liborc-0.4-dev libgnuradio-qtgui libgnuradio-channels`18:00
lotuspsychjewasutton3: it installed all the depends (912mb) on install18:01
wasutton3not in my experience18:01
wasutton3i bet there are a few on that list its missing.18:01
wasutton3probably libgnuradio-qtgui18:02
wasutton3if i had to guess18:02
lotuspsychjewasutton3: thats installed, does ID need to be filled in or something?18:05
wasutton3lotuspsychje, yes it does.18:06
lotuspsychjewasutton3: ok it wants to execute but wants xterm executable18:08
wasutton3lotuspsychje, maybe switch back to qt-gui rather than no-gui18:10
lotuspsychjewasutton3: ok works now; >> Done (return code -6)18:11
wasutton3look at the python log at the bottom of the screen. you should still see the python3 error18:11
lotuspsychjewasutton3: https://dpaste.com/H8LYF4WYX18:12
wasutton3lotuspsychje, huzzah! the bug is reproducable!18:13
lotuspsychjewasutton3: ok please; ubuntu-bug gnuradio and ill affect it for you18:13
wasutton3lotuspsychje, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnuradio/+bug/190174618:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1901746 in gnuradio (Ubuntu) "gnuradio crashes with CtrlPort Performance Monitor Enabled" [Undecided,New]18:23
lotuspsychjewasutton3: thank you for filing the bug, can you apport-collect 1901746 please?18:24
wasutton3lotuspsychje, sent18:26
lotuspsychjewasutton3: affected & confirmed for you, tnx18:26
wasutton3lotuspsychje, awesome. thank you.18:27
lotuspsychjewasutton3: and added a comment18:29
jayjo_I'm looking into packaging a python cli program into a ubuntu/debian package to understand how the system works a bit more. Does creating a debian package make it available for ubuntu automatically? Is is that the tools are the same but the repositories are different?18:36
|subz3r0|jayjo_: can you be a little more precise what you want to achieve? maybe for the others its clear, but i dont get your point18:37
|subz3r0|since ubuntu is debian based, yes you should be able to install a *.deb file via dpkg i the depenecies fit. correct naming scheme etc...18:38
sarnoldjayjo_: if your package is accepted into debian, it'll eventually make its way into ubuntu, yes18:39
Guess59061Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I added a new disk to my VM (a fixed-size disk in VirtualBox), and I used the Disks utility program to format it, wherein I chose ext4 as the disk's filesystem. Now, I edited /etc/fstab, etc. /dev/sdc is the name of this disk. Everything works. What I want to know is why there's nothing in the first 512B (the18:40
Guess59061first sector) of this disk (it's empty, all nulls), because I want to see the partition table. My primary disk, /dev/sda, has a standard MBR in its first 512B. Is this not needed when there's a single "partition" of the disk? How does the OS know where to find the superblock, etc.?18:40
lordcirthGuess59061, sounds like it's formatted GPT18:41
sarnoldGuess59061: it may have been formatted with gpt, instead18:41
|subz3r0|jayjo_: also its not "the same". because every distro follows their own versioning. example: RHEL 6 uses ssh server v5.4. but that does not mean they are not implementing security fixes from more recent versions. so after all versions dont tell you more in comparison to other distro18:41
Guess59061sarnold lordcirth But aren't they backwards compatible and contain MBR anyway?18:42
Guess59061I mean *it, the GPT.18:42
lordcirthGuess59061, GPT leaves the 512b MBR space unused in case GPT-unware software tries to overwrite the MBR.18:42
sarnoldGuess59061: I think I always had the impression an old-style partition table was often included as a convenience, but I don't think that's strictly necessary18:42
lordcirthOr, sometimes it writes a "protective MBR" so that software won't do that18:43
Guess59061Alright, thank you very much.18:44
ash_worksiwhats the deal with "wayland"? Do people use that on top of ubuntu? Are there any benefits to it over X?18:51
mgedminGuess59061: you can find out by doing sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc, look for "Disklabel type: gpt"18:51
* ash_worksi just heard of wayland18:51
lordcirthash_worksi, it is an option on ubuntu, and is planned to eventually replace X18:52
mgedminsome things work better, some things don't work (yet)18:53
Maikash_worksi: Wayland will replace X over time. Fedora uses it as default since a few releases, Ubuntu might give it another shot using it as default in one of the future releases.18:53
mgedminUbuntu gave it a try in one of the lts+1 releases, then switched back to xorg by default in the next lts because wayland wasn't ready18:53
mgedmine.g. currently you cannot use chromium on wayland in 20.10 (but a SRU is in progress to fix that)18:53
mgedminand currently you can't share your desktop over VNC/RDP if you use wayland (but hopefully that'll be fixed in 21.04)18:54
mgedminand I think nvidia has special compatibility problems like nvidia usually does18:54
Maikash_worksi: to some it still feels like a Alpha/Beta after 11 years of development18:55
mgedminthings that work better: HiDPI, fractional scaling, smoother window resizing, you can take screenshots (or lock the screen) while a popup menu is open18:55
sarnolddoes copy and paste work?18:56
sarnoldI heard that was up to each 'window manager' kind of thing, and wondered if clients would be able to use the same protocol if they were using sway or using  .. weston?18:56
mgedminsway and weston are wayland compositors (like gnome-shell), not clients18:58
mgedminand there's a standard protocol for the clipboard on wayland18:58
mgedminI'm less sure about middle-click paste18:58
mgedminit works in gnome, but I don't remember if it uses the same protocol, or some gnome-specific extension18:59
sarnoldwell yeah but I heard one wayland compositor thing supported copy and paste and most didn't .. and didn't know which ones were which18:59
sarnoldhow about shift+insert?18:59
Guess59061mgedmin Hm, I don't see any information there. parted -l tells me it's of type "loop", which means raw and unpartitioned.19:00
mgedminGuess59061: I'm starting to think you formatted your entire disk as ext4 instead of creating a partition table in gnome-disks19:00
Guess59061Yep, that's what I did.19:01
mgedminsudo file -s /dev/hdc can confirm (by saying "Linux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data")19:01
lordcirthTIL about file -s19:03
ash_worksiwow @ Maik , lordcirth19:06
ash_worksiI don't really grok what wayland is, tbh; like, what differentiates wayland from dwm?19:07
mgedminI have a feeling that mkfs'ing an entire /dev/sdc is a bad idea, but I canno't defend that feeling this late at night19:07
mgedminash_worksi: wayland is a protocol, dwm is a window manager19:07
Maikash_worksi: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/19:07
Guess59061mgedmin Where is information about /dev/sdc's file system stored?19:08
mgedminthere are recorded conference talks on youtube explaining wayland nicely19:08
mgedminGuess59061: on /dev/sdc itself19:08
ash_worksioh? is sway a protocol?19:08
ash_worksimgedmin: I watched a ytb vid and it was just a guy saying, "yeah.... I'm impressed" a lot19:09
Maik since it's not support related it might be better to take the wayland conversation over to #ubuntu-discuss19:09
ash_worksinot saying they're aren't better videos, but yeah19:09
mgedminash_worksi: sway is a compositor, I think19:09
ash_worksiso is sway akin to dwm ?19:10
mgedminand yeah, good call on the topic-ness of this conversation19:10
ash_worksiMaik: it's (at least for me) a more abstract conversation, but I'll move if you want19:10
Maikyep, better to do so i guess. This channel is after all for support with Ubuntu :)19:11
Junioron a ubuntu 18.04 i have performed upgrade on packages and did not recognised netplan.io so i have removed it. of course that i have no eth0 and no connection to the internet but i am able to conenct to the console, how can i fix this as i don't have ifup/ifdown. Thanks19:29
sarnoldJunior: the .deb for it may still be in /var/cache/apt/archives -- you can install it with dpkg -i19:30
Junior@sarnothing in var/cache/apt19:31
Juniorcd ..19:31
sarnoldJunior: dang, if you had the old pckage around that would have saved a lot of trouble.19:34
mgedminJunior: what's your network configuration?  standard dhcp?19:34
sarnoldJunior: okay, you can use the 'ip a' and 'ip r' commands to add an IP address and check routing tables, so you can get off the machine19:34
mgedminin times long gone you could run `dhclient eth0` and you'd be up and talking to the network19:36
Juniorno dhcp :)19:36
mgedmin(and then the dhclient you ran would start fighting with the dhclient spawned by the OS and fun times would happen)19:37
Juniorcannot find device eth019:37
mgedminip link will show you what it's called19:37
Juniorens3 ...19:38
mgedmin(is iproute in 18.04 recent enough to support all the colorful goodness of ip -c -br link ?)19:39
mgedminbringing the network up is something like `ip link set ens3 up; ip addr add X.X.X.X/NN dev ens3; ip r add default via Y.Y.Y.Y; echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf`19:40
mgedminI assume you know the right address/netmask/gateway?  if not your netplan config should still exist in /etc/netplan19:40
mgedminassuming you apt removed the package, not purged it19:40
Junioryes, the config was there, one second mgedmin19:41
Juniorthank worked, installed netplan19:42
Juniorreboot should be enough or should i do something else before that?19:42
sarnoldyou may need to re-write your netplan configs, too, depending if you purged the package or just removed the package19:44
Juniorjust removed the package19:44
Juniorbefore removing netplan, i have visited https://netplan.io/ and it looked like a new relic if you know about it19:45
Juniorand i knew that i have installed new relic some time ago19:45
sarnoldJunior: hahaha those logos are pretty similar :)19:45
Juniori have used a paid plan on newrelic for aprox 6 months so when i saw the logo i knew what i had to do19:46
Junioras new relic installs a daemon on server if i recall well19:46
Junioram i the first one that does this ?19:47
mgedminyou should probably do a netplan try?19:47
mgedminI don't know; I haven't actually used netplan ever19:48
Juniorme neither, used to /etc/network/interfaces :)19:48
mgedmin(well, ubuntu installed it for me, but I haven't touched the config)19:48
mgedminI haven't ever brought a network up using ip a also; the last bad time I had with networking was when we still had ifconfig19:49
Juniormgedmin this is the first time for me in 20 years also to bring up using ip a19:50
Juniorthe ip link set ens3 up was the "trick"19:50
* mgedmin cheated and looked it up in the man page19:50
Juniorthat's not cheating:)19:50
mgedmin(but I'd seen it before and recognized what it was when I saw it)19:50
Juniorso thank you all for your time19:50
Juniornew relic... fmm19:51
settermjdHey all. For some reason, the first time I cold boot ubuntu, the grub boot menu doesn’t show on the screen and the laptop doesn’t boot. However, if I leave it for about 60 - 90 seconds, hold the power button for four seconds to turn it off, and then start it up again, the boot menu appears and it boots normally. Any suggestions as to how to debug this?19:58
hansh_why is ubuntu 20.04 fetching updates over http by default?20:17
jpdshansh_: It always has20:17
hansh_maybe that made sense in 2004, but why haven't it been changed to httpS?20:18
jpdshansh_: Because everything is PGP signed20:18
hansh_(for one, httpS would protect your privacy, your ISP will no longer be able to spy on what packages you've installed)20:18
hansh_s/ISP/MITM attacker20:19
jpdshansh_: You could always use Debian, they offer APT updates over Tor20:19
jpdshansh_: And you could always find a mirror that offers HTTPS access20:21
sarnoldhansh_: because there's a lot of country-level mirrors that provide a fair chunk of bandwidth, and those are run by volunteers who perhaps shouldn't have certs for ubuntu20:24
sarnoldhansh_: and terminating tls isn't free, the hardware that canonical runs the archives on isn't up to the task for that many connections20:24
sarnoldhansh_: you're right that once or twice a year someone comes in here with unexplainable hashsum mismatches due to terrible proxies run by their ISP or their VPN, and telling them to switch to https kinda sucks20:25
sarnoldhansh_: hopefully we'll be able to offer tls services some day20:25
hansh_i see, thanks20:27
mgedminhmm, those country mirrors already have subdomains under ubuntu.com, so they could get a domain-validated cert if they wanted to20:31
mgedminubuntu.com isn't publishing a CAA record20:31
jayjo_re: packaging... do debian packages have to be accepted into the distribution itself, either in backports, testing, or edge, and ubuntu packages will have the packages from those debian packages in addition to repositories on launchpad.net, and then you can also install *personal* repos from launchpad.net? And roughly the build procedures for them all are the same? Is that right?20:37
pagioshello, how can i disable the local dns and just keep reading dns config from /etc/resolv.conf ?21:03
Examknowpagios: What do you mean by 'local dns'?21:04
sarnoldprobably systemd-resolved21:04
pagiosi need to point it to
pagiosyea i need to disable that and use an external dns like in the old days21:05
ExamknowTry using 'sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved' and then 'sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved'21:06
pagiosExamknow:  i did but that doesnt do the job, i cant resolve any hosts then21:09
Examknowpagios: Do you have 'dns=default' in '/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf'?21:11
Examknow(goes in main section)21:11
pagiosExamknow: i dont have that file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf21:12
ExamknowThat's strange21:12
pagios-> /etc/NetworkManager/ doesnt exist as a dir21:12
ExamknowI do21:12
ExamknowWhat version are you using?21:12
pagiosDescription:    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS21:13
ExamknowSo am I. Server or desktop?21:13
Examknowpagios: What does 'sudo systemctl status NetworkManager' return?21:14
pagiosUnit NetworkManager.service could not be found.21:15
ExamknowAh so you don't have NetworkManager at all21:15
pagiosi have systemd-resolved i gusess21:15
sarnoldthe server install doesn't install networkmanager21:16
Bashing-ompagios: Server generally uses systemd-networkd, rather then the desktop network-manager.21:16
pagiosok  i need to make that use an external dns in /etc/resolv.conf21:16
pagioslike the old days21:16
Examknowok i'll link you to instructions to install netmanager21:17
Examknowpagios: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Installation and then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Start21:17
pagioswhy do i have to install it21:17
Examknowactually hang on21:18
Examknowyou may not need to21:18
=== acheronuk is now known as RikMills
Examknowpagios: Yeah see this article https://www.tecmint.com/set-permanent-dns-nameservers-in-ubuntu-debian/21:20
sarnoldpagios: please be sure to file a bug against systemd-resolved before you unconfigure it, to describe what usecase it can't support21:20
ExamknowAnd go ahead and revert the changes we made to systemd-resolved21:20
pi0within ubuntu is there a way to see my video card chipset or model number21:20
pi0i did a dual boot mac21:21
pagiosi just removed /etc/resolv.conf and replaced it with a static file , it does the job21:21
pagiosit was using a symlink21:21
Examknowpi0: Settings -> About21:21
sarnoldpi0: lshw -C video  or lspci  (with more -v if desired)21:21
Bashing-ompi0: ^^ Alternately Try : sudo lshw -C display ; lspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d .21:23
pi0thank you21:23
pi0Intel® Iris(R) Pro Graphics P5200 (HSW GT3)21:23
pi0reason for the dual boot is to support opengl21:23
pi0i think mac is moving away from it21:23
pi0and i would like to create a godot engine game21:23
pi0does opengl work out of the box with ubuntu or do i need to tweak it a bit21:24
sarnoldpi0: good question, I did some opengl through java back around 2000 or so... :)21:24
sarnoldpi0: try 'glxgears' and see if you get 60 fps on it or not21:25
Bashing-ompio See the result from terminal command: glxinfo | grep OpenGL21:25
sarnoldpi0: there's also 'glxinfo' which dumps gobs of information, I'm not sure how much of it is useful, but the first few dozen lines are probably most uesful21:25
pi0looks like i need to install mesa-tools21:28
pi0mesa-tools are for opengl?21:28
pi0or just to view the configuration of the system21:28
sarnoldI don't have a mesa-tools package on my system; I can't find anyting in the archive that looks like that..21:29
sarnoldaha, typo :)21:29
sarnold$ dpkg -S `which glxgears`21:29
sarnoldmesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxgears21:29
sarnoldit's mesa-utils, not mesa-tools21:29
pi0you are correct21:31
pi0installed it21:31
pi0glxgears 304 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.699 FPS21:33
pi0300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.994 FPS21:33
pi0decent? i have no idea on video cards21:33
sarnoldiirc glxgears caps at 60fps regardless of hardware, because people were going silly comparing 500fps results with each other, hehe21:35
Bashing-ompi0: Old dual core Athlon system here: " 303 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.538 FPS ; 300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.946 FPS".21:36
sarnoldI don't know intel iris well, but I assume it's probably no real competitor for amd or nvidia cards, but the drivers might be less annoying :)21:36
legreffierit would be irrelevant to take 100 non-textured polygons as a benchmark.21:38
pi0that is true21:38
sarnoldonce upon a time it was very relevant :)21:39
legreffierit was useful 20 years ago when non-accelerated rendering would give you 1FPS, and >100fps with a gpu.21:39
legreffieryour <100$ smartphone is more powerful by any 2000's gaming rig by a long shot.21:40
sarnoldbut I had a 1600x1200 monitor in those days!21:41
sarnold(iirc I played quake at 512x384 @ ~28 fps. and liked it.)21:42
pi0only issue now is scaling21:42
pi0most of my other apps icons are tiny, example gimp inkscape21:42
pi0unless there is a zoom tool for ubuntu21:42
pagioswhen i run ethtool -s ethx autoneg off speed 1000 duplex full will this be preserved after a restart?21:43
pagioshow can i make it survive a restart21:47
geniiThe old way was with a pre-up command specified in  /etc/network/interfaces but with netplan now, I'm not sure21:48
pagios@reboot cron?21:49
geniiIf commands in the file /etc/rc.local  afile are still homoured you could put the command in there21:49
* genii curses his typos21:49
sarnoldpagios: https://netplan.io/faq/#use-pre-up%2C-post-up%2C-etc.-hook-scripts21:50
geniisarnold: Ah, nice21:50
pagiosi have something called smartspeed that i need to disable too21:51
sarnoldgenii: yeah, I'm pleasantly surprised, iirc once upon a time the answer was as you suggested :)21:51
clarkk1On Ubuntu 18.04, I'm connecting to an "anonymous" VPN provider. When a tunnel is established, via a terminal, systemd-resolved has the new DNS configured, but also the existing one for the LAN.  It continues to query both during the connection, meaning that I get a DNS leak.  Is there any way with systemd-resolved to add and remove a DNS from the command line? Also, can it be done when the when an interface comes up or down?21:54
gordonjcpinstalling Ubuntu 20.10, at the end of the install it pops up a dialogue box "Executing 'grub-install /dev/sdb' failed / This is a fatal error."21:56
gordonjcpthat's not a very user-friendly error message because it doesn't tell you what's wrong21:57
gordonjcprunning grub-install /dev/sdb in a terminal just pops up a very generic error message "grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory"21:57
gordonjcpthat leads to lots of very old posts referring to other distros, but nothing terribly specific21:57
sarnoldgordonjcp: that sounds a bit like you've booted using efi but didn't create an efi partition on the drive21:58
gordonjcpsarnold: I simply followed the prompts in the installer, without choosing anything other than the defaults21:58
gordonjcpsarnold: so, the installer is buggy21:58
sarnoldgordonjcp: perhaps; did the installer give you a bug number?21:59
gordonjcpsarnold: no21:59
gordonjcpapport offers to send a bug report for ubiquity22:00
sarnoldgordonjcp: what's your launchpad id?22:00
gordonjcpsarnold: no idea22:00
gordonjcpmaybe gordonjcp, I vaguely recall playing with launchpad when it first came ot22:00
bumblefuzzwhen I leave my computer to sleep for a given period of time, when I come back the audio controller is disabled22:00
bumblefuzzcan someone help me debug how this is happening?22:01
bumblefuzzmoreover, I don't even see the option in sound preferences to renable the device22:01
sarnoldgordonjcp: hmm, i wonder what happened to your bug report :( there's nothing newer than 2016 here https://bugs.launchpad.net/~gordonjcp22:01
bumblefuzzI don't know enough about these from the cli22:01
TJ-bumblefuzz: is that suspend to RAM? Could be an ACPI issue. See https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html22:02
gordonjcpsarnold: I didn't put a launchpad ID in or anything, just told apport to go ahead and report a bug22:02
TJ-gordonjcp: when you say "...running grub-install /dev/sdb in a terminal..." do you mean whilst using the installer's "Try Ubuntu" session and opening a terminal and shell after the installer failed?22:04
gordonjcpTJ-: yes22:04
bumblefuzzTJ-, where in the logs would I look to see how the audio controller became disabled in the first place22:05
TJ-gordonjcp: OK, thought so. A bit of background. In UEFI mode grub looks for /boot/efi/EFI/ being a mount-point for the EFI system partition in order to write its core image there. This won't be present in the 'ive' environment but would be in the installed /target/ - which would need to be accessed via 'chroot' and may need mounting correctly if the installer itself has terminated already22:05
gordonjcpTJ-: makes sense22:06
TJ-bumblefuzz: "journalctl -k -n 250" would show the latest 250 lines of the kernel log22:06
TJ-gordonjcp: so, I'd first check there is actually an EFI-SP on /dev/sdb with "lsblk -f /dev/sdb"22:07
gordonjcpTJ-: so why doesn't the "proper" installer work then22:07
crash0verrideHi, I'm trying to resolve a small but annoying issue I'm having on 20.04 where the mouse cursor is tiny (1/4 size) for certain applications. Most Ubuntu default apps like Files, Settings, Software Updater are affected, but other applications like Firefox and VS Code are fine, same for hovering over an empty desktop. The issue appears to be Wayland specific as when I'm not running Wayland it works as expected. I'm running a22:07
crash0verridelaptop plus a second monitor and the issue is only on the Laptop as it's 4k and running at 200% Scaling, the external monitor running at 100% scaling is fine, no issue with the cursor.22:07
gordonjcpTJ-: there's a vfat partition of some sort22:07
bumblefuzzTJ-, it doesn't show anything about the audio controller22:08
TJ-gordonjcp: if so, then I'd check if the new install is still mounted, or needs to be remounted with "mount | grep target" --- it should be mounted to /target/22:08
gordonjcpTJ-: I'll continue with this in the morning, it's too late to work on it now22:08
gordonjcpTJ-: tbh I'll likely switch back to 20.0422:08
TJ-gordonjcp: you'd expect to see something like "├─nvme0n1p1                vfat        EFI-SP"22:08
gordonjcpTJ-: the new install is mounted on /target/ definitely22:08
gordonjcpTJ-: says vfat FAT32 DBFF-26CF22:09
TJ-gordonjcp: if still mounted then you can do "for n in proc sys dev etc/resolv.conf; do sudo mount --rbind /$n /target/$n; done"22:09
gordonjcpyeah, ftn22:09
gordonjcpno way22:09
TJ-gordonjcp: then you're ready to fix/test it: start with "sudo chroot /target mount -a"22:09
gordonjcpI'm not talking users through that22:09
roothorickIs there a way to give CAP_SYS_NICE to *all* processes under a certain UID, current and future?22:09
crash0verrideThe issue seems to be that when running Ubuntu on Wayland, the Cursor is running at 100% scaling in these apps and everything else is at 200%, it's a weird one and I'm not sure where to even start looking to resolve it22:09
gordonjcpTJ-: this has simply taught me not to stray from the path of LTS22:10
TJ-gordonjcp: this is to discover the issue, not as a workaround. If the issue can be identified it whould be possible to solve it22:10
gordonjcpTJ-: haven't really got time right now, maybe in a month or so22:10
TJ-gordonjcp: it's less than 3 minutes to do and grab logs22:10
gordonjcpTJ-: I'll copy the scrollback for then22:10
gordonjcpTJ-: yes, I don't have time right now22:10
TJ-gordonjcp: "sudo chroot /target grub-install -v /dev/sdb |& tee /tmp/grub-install.log" and then create a bug report and attach /tmp/grub-install.log22:11
bumblefuzzhow do I reenable an audio controller?22:12
gordonjcpTJ-: aha22:13
gordonjcpTJ-: mount shows that /boot/efi is mounting /dev/sda2 which is the install media22:13
gordonjcpTJ-: so, the installer is broken I guess22:14
TJ-gordonjcp: if it is doing that in the chroot then that does look like a regression22:15
clarkk1On Ubuntu 18.04, I'm connecting to an "anonymous" VPN provider. When a tunnel is established, via a terminal, systemd-resolved has the new DNS configured, but also the existing one for the LAN.  It continues to query both during the connection, meaning that I get a DNS leak.  Is there any way with systemd-resolved to add and remove a DNS from the command line? Also, can it be done when the when an interface comes up or down?22:15
gordonjcpTJ-: I'm surprised, it's just an iso, dd'ed to the USB stick, passes all its file system checks on startup22:16
gordonjcpTJ-: following default values for the prompt22:16
gordonjcpTJ-: both the USB stick and SSD wer zeroed out before starting the install, to at least "simulate" installing on brand new box fresh hardware22:16
TJ-clarkk1: systemd-resolved switches between available resolvers when the current resolver doesn't respond promptly. Newer versions have "dns" options in systemd-resolve/resolvectl to alter DNS settings22:17
TJ-gordonjcp: it sounds on the face of it as if the first EFI-SP found is being used BUT I suspect this could be user error - the installer *should* look for the EFI-SP on the device that is set as the Bootloader device in the partitioning stage, and that may well default to /dev/sda and can be missed by users22:18
clarkk1TJ-, I'm afraid I'm stuck on 18.04 at the moment.  What options are available to me?22:19
gordonjcpTJ-: there's no option to set where the bootloader installs22:19
gordonjcpTJ-: as a dumb user I shouldn't have to know that kind of thing22:19
gordonjcpTJ-: I should be able to say "next next next done"22:19
clarkk1TJ-, they may switch between resolvers when the current one doesn't respond promptly, but I'm not noticing any problems if I block communication with the local resolver22:20
TJ-gordonjcp: there is an option, I was just trying to find a screenshot of it, but the one I'm thinking about is in the partitioning "Something Else" option ... I've not run the installer in automatic mode recently22:22
crash0verrideHi, quick easy one. What framework does the default Ubuntu applications use GTK, QT etc? By default applications I mean Files, Settings, Software Updater etc22:23
tomreynGnome application UI are based on the 'graphical toolkit' (GTK)22:24
TJ-clarkk1: you mean you alter /etc/resolv.conf ?22:25
clarkk1TJ-, sorry, I forgot to say, it's using systemd-resolve22:26
TJ-clarkk1: the entry in /etc/resolv.conf (which should be a symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf ) contains the IPv4 address of the systemd-resolved daemon which does local name resolution via the upstream DNS servers, reported by "systemd-resolve --status" I think on 18.04 - you'd need to check the options with "man systemd-resolve"22:27
tomreyn(i think it was actually called 'gnome toolkit' at some point)22:27
gordonjcptomreyn: in the olden days, yes, it was called gnome toolkit22:30
crash0verridetomreyn - Thanks for that, seems like a simple one but with such generic names eg Files it was proving hard to find via Google. Is there any difference in graphical toolkit the default apps I mentioned use vs the default Calculator app in Ubuntu or Firefox uses?22:30
crash0verrideThe issue I'm trying to track down only affects some default Ubuntu apps but not others, so I'm just trying to identify what's different22:31
gordonjcpTJ-: can confirm that a "next next next done" approach works in 20.0422:32
crash0verrideOr even better, is there a way to identify which toolkit an application is using via command line, logs etc?22:32
tomreyncrash0verride: you can inspect package dependencies, this will usually reveal it.22:34
tomreynwhat's the issue you're trying to track down?22:34
sarnoldcrash0verride: try this: for p in `pidof firefox` ; do cat /proc/$p/maps ; done | awk '$2 ~ /r-xp/ {print $6;}' | sort -u22:34
crash0verridetomreyn - Hi, I'm trying to resolve a small but annoying issue I'm having on 20.04 where the mouse cursor is tiny (1/4 size) for certain applications. Most Ubuntu default apps like Files, Settings, Software Updater are affected, but other applications like Firefox and VS Code are fine, same for hovering over an empty desktop. The issue appears to be Wayland specific as when I'm not running Wayland it works as expected. I'm22:35
crash0verriderunning a laptop plus a second monitor and the issue is only on the Laptop as it's 4k and running at 200% Scaling, the external monitor running at 100% scaling is fine, no issue with the cursor.22:35
TJ-gordonjcp: that's a pain then; could be a regression in ubiquity, or possibly the underlying debian-installer/partman component22:37
tomreyni see.so not too big a problem, but still worth a bug report if there's none, yet (but there probably is)22:37
crash0verridetomreyn - Seems to be the cursor isn't respecting the scaling settings in certain applications, but others it's fine.22:38
clarkk1thanks for your help TJ- - I'll go through this in the morning22:38
gordonjcpTJ-: if I get a chance in the next few weeks I'll try and narrow it down22:39
tomreyni agree this is what it sounds like22:39
TJ-gordonjcp: now we know we can likely reproduce it in VMs22:40
crash0verridetomreyn - Not a big problem, just annoying and looks pretty shite. I'm mainly trying to be able to narrow down so I can describe it accurately in a bug report.22:40
TJ-gordonjcp: the installer writes copious logs in the live environment and puts some into the installed /var/log/... somewhere so we should be able to capture info22:40
tomreyncrash0verride: good luck. and keep asking if you need more details, but i'll need to head to bed now.22:41
crash0verridetomreyn - It's just a bit strange it occurs in Files, Settings etc but is totally fine in Calculator22:41
TJ-gordonjcp: I'll do a quick test run tomorrow morning when I get into the office22:41
tomreyncrash0verride: not really, calculator is a snap22:41
TJ-crash0verride: could the difference be in 'snap' applications vs native ?22:41
TJ-crash0verride: Firefox, although native (it is still a .deb isn't it?) ships with its own libraries if I recall correctly, which might explain it being fine22:43
crash0verrideTJ - Yep, I think Firefox was a deb, same for VS Code which also works fine22:44
crash0verrideI'm not seeing Calculator in the list of Snaps (ie snap list), sure it's a snap and not native?22:46
crash0verrideSorry I take that back, gnome-calculator :facepalm:22:46
crash0verrideTJ - Confirmed all of the snap applications I've tried all work as expected22:48
crash0verrideTJ - Who'd be the best to report the issue to and/or resolve it, Ubuntu, Gnome or Wayland?22:51
TJ-crash0verride: Ubuntu bug to begin with and then identify any upstream bugs and link them to it22:55
Sven_vBwhat's a good image viewer for renaming or deleting lots of images while viewing them? Shutter at least has a rename function, but it always pops up centered inside its window, hiding the image. I could make an xdotool script to always move the rename window, but maybe there are better tools?23:02
sarnoldSven_vB: qiv can do deletes super-conveniently23:03
Sven_vBthanks! I totally forgot that one23:04
Sven_vBmaybe it can rename, too23:04
sarnoldSven_vB: ooh it looks like it can -- you'd need to supply a qiv-command program, but then you could use ^ to rename23:05
sarnoldthat's not super-convenient23:05
Sven_vBor maybe a program that easily lets me add some text annotation that I can later parse to mass-rename them?23:12
TJ-Sven_vB: maybe some tool targeted at EXIF data might also do it?23:15
Sven_vBTJ-, thanks for the idea!23:16
crash0verridesarnold - Thanks for the "for p in 'pidof xyz'" snippit earlier, I've just been trying that on applications I'm having trouble with vs ones that work fine23:17
crash0verrideThe issue seems to only affect apps using ... usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/im-wayland.so23:18
Sven_vBwell I guess the easiest approach for now is to use "save as" and then match duplicates by checksum.23:18
sarnoldcrash0verride: sweet! that sounds promising :D23:19
Sven_vB(or press "end" key before typing the new name and then matching by filename prefix. :D)23:19
sarnoldSven_vB: fdupes or jdupes or dozens of other similar tools can do identical-by-checksum things23:21
Sven_vBsarnold, in my case md5sum is good enough. :)23:21
sarnoldSven_vB: ah good :)23:22
sarnoldwhen I used one of thse tools, I had hundreds of dupes, and didn't want to deal with all the cases of symlinks and so on by hand23:22
Newb101Hi, is virtualbox in the ubuntu software store on 20.04 I cant find it?23:39
* Examknow looks23:39
ExamknowNewb101: It is for me23:40
Newb101i did minimal install would that make a difference23:40
ExamknowIf you need to download it, you can do so from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads23:41
sarnoldExamknow: where'd it come from? I don't see it on my focal system, nor do I see it in the snap store23:41
Newb101is that an option I need to enable23:41
sarnoldExamknow: aha!23:43
Newb101how do i get to that23:43
sarnoldNewb101: try: sudo apt-add-repository multiverse23:44
Newb101'multiverse' distribution component is already enabled for all sources.23:44
sarnoldNewb101: hmm, funny. how about: apt policy virtualbox ?23:46
Newb101sudo apt install virtualbox virtualbox-ext-pack23:48
Newb101worked for me23:48
sarnoldcool cool23:48
signofzetasorry to interrupt, but can you run virtualbox and KVM/libvirt on the same system?  i know my old Windows PC would blue-screen with both Hyper-V and virtualbox.23:52
sarnoldsignofzeta: you can't use kvm-accelerated qemu on the same machine at the same time as virtualbox, no; one or the other will fail to load its kernel modules and won't run23:53
signofzetathanks, sarnold!23:53
sarnoldsignofzeta: you may have some luck unloading modules and loading the other modules *HOWEVER* unloading kernel modules is not a generally safe operation, so you may have trouble with this23:53

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