craigbass76Hey all, quick question. What's the best app for pairing audio along with video? I'll have one audio track (captured with a condenser mic) that I need to marry with video I'll be shooting at the same time.02:40
rghcraigbass76: I successfully did this with kdenlive.02:51
rghThat's was quite some time ago, and quite unstable. Things might have improved since than though02:52
craigbass76rgh, I can deal with unstable, just need to know that once I capture the live video and audio, I'll be able to mix them at some point. I'm recording in about 8 hours (I know, Captain Procrastination strikes again)03:00
craigbass76In my defense, I didn't know this was happening so soon. I thought I'd have a couple months to get my ducks in a row.03:01
craigbass76Offtopic (and someone can yell if they want -- I'll shut up) but a vendor is giving us free material in exchange for their logo being in the video. I told a customer, and wasn't ready for him to find a home for the material so quick (1x6 pine paneling replacing a 6-foot wide door)03:02
rghcraigbass76: you can even use ffmpeg from the command line if you want.03:07
rghBut in practice, for me it's faster to install kdenlive, import audio and video, sync them up in the timeline, use some fancy effects and to export the video then to figure out the exact ffmpeg command to use.03:10
craigbass76I actually just cut a quick one withe just the phone. It might be good enough to begin with, but I do hear a lot of what sounds like tape hiss (but it's just background high frequency noise), so I may want to somehow separate audio from video in the mp4 my phone created. What'll split that so I can run a noise filter on the audio?03:11
craigbass76The less equipment I have to bring along, the happier I'll be. So if I can "polish a turd," I'm good to go.03:12
rgh"you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitters"03:13
rghBut you can do the above too in kdenlive.03:13
craigbass76Oh, the split?03:14
rghMaybe the turd thing too. Haven't tried.03:19
rghMaybe audacity can import the video to process the audio. Audacity has quite good noise removal.03:21
rghOtherwise extracting the audio is trivial.03:21
rghffmpeg -i video.mp4 video.wav03:22
craigbass76Ohhh, tricky.03:22
rghThe video.wav is the output file. You can name it whatever you like.03:22
rghAlso the extension defines what audio format it will have.03:23
craigbass76I think I'm golden. Once I figure out which output to point Audacity at, I'll be good to go.03:27
craigbass76And I think I've borked something, so I'm rebooting...03:28
craigbass76Thanks though.03:28
chris_uk[m]Greetings. I need a program for writing down song lyrics with the ability to add guitar chord diagrams above the relevant words. Can anyone recommend anything? Tuxguitar looks promising. Would I mess up Ubuntu Studio by installing it via Synaptic?15:13
Eickmeyer[m]chris_uk: If you're on 20.10, Muon is already installed and is the KDE/Qt equivalent of Synaptic. If you're on 20.04, no problem with Synaptic or Muon.15:14
Eickmeyer[m]I'd say Tuxguitar or MuseScore are what you're looking for.15:14
Eickmeyer[m]And are both pre-installed.15:14
chris_uk[m]Thank you. The synaptic options include a 'tuxguitar-jack' plugin for 'playback using jackd.' Should I select that or not?15:26
Eickmeyer[m]If you use JACK, then yes.15:26
chris_uk[m]Great. Thanks.15:27
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