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BikerMikeHi. Is there a way to install Xubuntu in Win10 like how WUBI did for Ubuntu some time back? The BIOS key on the keyboard doesn't work so I can't boot off USB :(13:51
brainwashBikerMike: try this https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enter-uefi-bios-windows-10-pcs13:59
BikerMikethanks brainwash, will do14:02
hansh_why is xubuntu 20.04 fetching updates over http by default?19:54
hansh_with package signing, the security offered by httpS is largely redundant and http use less cpu? :p19:54
hansh_or what's the justification?19:54
hansh_(just installed a fresh Xubuntu 20.04 from the official iso, and to my surprise it fetches updates over http)19:55
brainwashhansh_: you couldn't find an answer for that?20:00
hansh_brainwash, i haven't found an answer to that yet, why?20:00
hansh_is it trivial to google the answer or something?20:00
hansh_brainwash, at least the first 9 results didn't seem to contain the answer, https://i.imgur.com/fGv3l3n.png20:02
brainwashoh hmm20:02
brainwashwhydoesaptnotusehttps.com was hijacked/sold :(20:03
brainwashapparently you can manually switch to https and it still should work20:06
brainwashby adjusting the sources.list20:06
brainwashin any case, it's not something specific to Xubuntu20:07
hansh_and why is http the default?20:09
hansh_for one, HTTPS would protect your privacy. with http, any MITM attacker can see what packages you install.20:09
hansh_HTTPS might even protect the whole fact that you're using Xubuntu (probably doesn't, but it could be set up that way if it was behind a generic CDN and TLS1.3)20:11
hansh_(that's part of the reason why The Great Firewall of China blocks TLS1.3...)20:11
brainwashI'm not here to discuss that20:11
hansh_kk, but can someone give me an answer? why Xubuntu's apt configured to use HTTP by default?20:11
brainwashthe answer is: because Ubuntu is configured this way20:12
hansh_i see, thanks20:12
brainwashXubuntu is built on top of the Ubuntu base20:12
brainwashthat is why this channel is not the right place to discuss this matter20:13
hansh_yeah after you told me "the answer is: because Ubuntu is configured this way", i decided to take the question to #Ubuntu20:14
brainwashalright :)20:14
hansh_(there's a chance the answer is "because Debian is configured that way", in which case, eventually i may take the question to #Debian, who knows)20:14
hansh_(in case any1's curious, here's the reason Ubuntu is configured that way: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1168866 )20:26
syb0rghi guys. Any way to prevent xfce from screwing up my window placement when I turn my monitors off and back on?23:52

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