smoserhttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/622 'd be nice if someone took a look.02:58
AscIIOdd_Bloke: Re: PR: 629 - I just don't have the option to allow edits. That checkbox simply does not exist for me06:14
=== cpaelzer__ is now known as cpaelzer
AscIIsmoser: thanks for the review12:56
Odd_BlokeAscII: Oh, interesting; I guess it must be controlled by an organisation setting in that case?  I've landed #629 just now.13:12
Odd_Blokejohnsonshi: Thank you, and thanks for the update!13:12
amansi26blackboxsw: One of my UT is failing because in the UT I am using assert_called which got introduced in python3.6 . I am wondering why is that only job pointing to python3.5 . CI: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/runs/1320196999  PR: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/58413:18
Odd_Blokeamansi26: cloud-init supports Python 3.4+; Python 3.5 is the earliest easy version for us to test, so that's what's in Travis.13:21
amansi26Odd_Bloke: Thanks. as you said python3.5 is there on travis. one doubt is why is only 1 job is pointing to 3.5 rest all to 3.6 ?13:24
Odd_Blokeamansi26: We want to cover more than a single Python version: we really should cover _more_ versions than just 3.5 and 3.6, but that's where we're at ATM.13:29
Odd_BlokeWhen we were first writing the Travis integration, Python 3.6 was the version in the most recent Ubuntu LTS, so I suspect that's why we pinned on that one.13:29
amansi26So we can't use something introduced in python3.6 in our UTs.13:36
AscIIsmoser: is PR #630 now okay from your side?13:40
Odd_Blokeamansi26: Yep, that's correct. :)13:44
meenaAscII: flake8 is still failing14:05
rharperamansi26: for assert_called, we typically use call_count ;  self.assertEqual(1, mock_obj.call_count);    or whatever you need;14:09
dikonoorrharper:Odd_Bloke: On the PR that amansi26 is working on, for which the LP bug was opened by me (we are new to cloudinit community), for acceptance into the community, do  more than one maintainer have to approve it? > https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/58414:12
dikonoorsmoser has been very helpful with the reviews; however want to know if we should be explicitly adding anyone else into this PR for review.14:13
dikonoorrharper:Odd_Bloke: We are waiting for this to be accepted into the community to use this module downstream. So, anyone else from the community should be taking a look at the PR, it will be great if you could let us know.14:15
dikonoorThat would help address the review comments faster(hoping we are almost there with the changes amansi26 has pushed)14:17
rharperdikonoor: one is enough for approval;14:17
dikonoorrharper: ok. Wasn't aware of that. We typically work with OpenStack that needs approval from two cores.14:18
rharperwe're not so big14:20
rharperorganizationally (community)14:20
dikonoorrharper:sure. So I believe as soon as smosers comments are addressed, we should be good.14:24
AscIImeena: weird, mine says everythings good14:29
AscIIah, found it14:31
zambaanyone alive in here?14:35
meenazamba: eh.14:37
dikonoorsmoser: Thanks for your review on https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584. Appreciate all the comments and help you have been providing. We are waiting for the changes to be upstreamed, so that we can pull this downstream and are under bit of a short deadline. Apart from the current open comment (And the UT that amansi26 is fixing), if there is anything else that we should be taking care of, it will be great if you can let us know.14:38
smoserdikonoor: well right now it doesn't pass c-i14:40
smoserso... show stoppers:14:40
smoser a.) doesnt pass c-i14:40
smoser   the easiest thing to do there might be just to drop test_handler_reset_rmc.py entirely, as it doesn't actually test anything.14:41
smoser b.) i woudl suggest you squash and rebase.14:42
dikonoorsmoser:Thanks. anything else?14:42
zambai'm attempting to deploy and customize an ova directly to a standadlone esxi host.. under options i can tweak certain options.. like ssh public keys, default user's password, a unique instance id for this instance and so on14:44
smoserdikonoor: fix that too. (drop print() statements in trests)14:45
zambabut the problem is that it doesn't seem like these options stick when deploying and booting the virtual machine14:45
dikonoorsmoser: Sure. amansi26 is pushing a commit with these changes.Will ping once he is done and the ci goes through14:47
smoseri hope i've not come off to amansi26 as hard to deal with.14:54
amansi26smoser: I am thankful for all the review comments you had. I am learning the way to contribute to the community.14:58
amansi26smoser: On your suggestion to squash and rebase.  Usually I get an option from UI to squash the commit, but in this case I am not seeing the option. Is there any other way to squash and rebase the commits?15:01
amansi26smoser: All the Travis checks are passed now https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/58415:05
amansi26rharper: Thanks for suggesting an alternative way to handle it15:06
smoseramansi26: i hit a buttom 'update branch'... (much of github workflow is new to me).15:15
smoserit i think merged with master, and then made that commit... and then ambe when taht passees i can hit 'squash and merge'15:15
faahello bug tracker launchpad now?15:17
amansi26smoser: I think, when you try to merge, there you will get an option to squash and merge. I don't have the write15:17
amansi26smoser: I think, when you try to merge, there you will get an option to squash and merge. I don't have the write permission.15:18
smoseramansi26: fwiw, 'git rebase -i' is what i use to squash and rebase.15:19
smoserok. 2 other things... i'm really sorry.15:23
smosera.) rite a commit cohesive commit message.  your PR summary is a good start, but you don't need thing slike "there are couple of cloud-init config modules that we have been maintaining downstream." .15:24
smoseradd a '#commit message' section to that with something you think is sane.15:25
smoserb.) Odd_Bloke or blackboxsw or @someone-at-canonical ... do we need to add the  modules to config/cloud.cfg.tmpl15:25
smoser  i think that all other modules are present there.15:26
smoserfor 'a', i gave you a start.15:28
smoseramansi26, dikonoor ^15:32
amansi26smoser: I am trying to rebase with the command you suggested15:34
smoseramansi26: dont worry about rebase now.15:35
smoserwith all your merge back and forth... it is hard to squash.15:35
meenanow with FreeBSD 12.2 released, i should patch up cc_ca_certs to work with https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=certctl !!15:36
smoserthe easiest thing to do really is just something like15:36
smoser git checkout your-branch15:36
smoser git diff --no-prefix $(git merge-base origin/master HEAD) > out.diff15:37
smoser git reset --hard origin/master15:37
smoser patch -p1 < out.diff15:37
smosergit add files/in/your/diff15:37
smoser git commit15:37
smoserthe just p ush force over the top15:37
smoserbut as i said... dont worry about it.15:37
smosergithub seems like it will do that stuff in squash and merge button15:38
smoserdo 'a' and 'b' above.15:38
smoserwell.. i need Odd_Bloke for b. this is really policy decisioin.15:38
smosermy feeling is all config moduels should be present and enabled.15:39
dikonoorsmoser: Does adding these entries into config/cloud.cfg.tmpl mean that these will be automatically added /enabled as part of cloud.cfg. These two new modules work only on PowerVM based VMs.15:41
faahttps://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=218934&action=diff freebsd require small patches, and now a found brocken growfs if trim option enable :(15:41
smoserdikonoor: but they do the right thing. and do nothing.15:41
dikonoorsmoser: so the default cloud.cfg currently has all the modules listed and enabled. I was under the impression that only the common ones are enabled.15:43
smoserfaa: yes, file bugs on launchpad.15:43
smoserdikonoor: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TfY8X5fgVP/15:47
smoserso the only ones not enabled are 'foo' (which is just an exmample) and rh_subscription, which I think is probably just oversite15:49
dikonoorsmoser: ok. Got it15:50
smoserso *I* think it should be present in config_modules section (i'd just add it to the end). but i'm willing to not amke that a sticking point if some other developer says "smoser that is silly".15:52
paridehey Odd_Bloke, this is the packaging for the cloud-utils upload https://github.com/canonical/cloud-utils/pull/2115:58
dikonoorsmoser: I would recommend that cc_refresh_rmc_and_interface.py not be enabled by default as it has a step where the ipv6 interface is explicitly set to nm_controlled=no..which applies only to PowerVM based VMs .15:58
dikonoorWe might not want this change to be applied on any RHEL system that is booting up15:58
paridethe packaging itself it a bit outdated and lintian complains of a few things, I will fix for the new release15:58
parideI mean, after this one :)15:58
smoserdikonoor: but they quietly do nothing when unless they are on that system.16:01
smoser(as indicated by presense of rmcctrl)16:02
dikonoorsmoser: you are right16:02
smoserwe can make that check better... we can also check uname is ppc64el and anything else uyou want to add.16:02
dikonoorthe first few lines have check16:02
dikonoorI missed that16:02
smoser(we probably should add the ppc64 check)16:02
smoserand should probably make the check consistent between the two things.16:03
dikonoorsmoser: The existing check is enough16:03
dikonoorYou are right. It will do nothing16:03
smoserin one case we check for RSCT_PATH and in the other we check for rmcctrl16:03
dikonoor if not subp.which(RMCCTRL):16:03
dikonoor  return16:03
dikonoorsmoser: Agree with you :)16:04
amansi26smoser: I squash and rebase the changes, the checks passed  and updated the PR description you suggested.16:10
amansi26I believe that fixes the point a. Correct me if I am wrong?16:12
dikonoorsmoser: Will the changes get merged into the community automatically or is there anything that needs to be done?16:12
anankeI'm wondering if content of debconf_selections specified in cloud-init get shown in its logs. This is my first time trying that module and the value I specified doesn't seem to be present (and it doesn't show up in the logs either)16:15
anankeI used this syntax in the config file:16:16
anankebut the logs don't seem to show it, and the resulting debconf selections has a default value (not what I was trying to set) https://dpaste.com/2TVS26NCP16:19
smoserdikonoor, amansi26 i put one more review on github. please address those three things.16:24
otuboI think I found a bug on the openstack helper. Everything breaks (stack trace and all) if you specify static or static6 on the network_data.json file. cloudinit/sources/helpers/openstack.py does not handle those subnet type.16:54
otuboI found that because I'm writing support for IPV6_FORCE_ACCEPT_RA and IPV6_AUTOCONF on the sysconfig renderer while using subnet static6, and all of a sudden everything broke :-D17:00
amansi26smoser: Addressed the changes you asked. Added the modules at the end of final section. We wanted the operation to be done at the very end.17:01
amansi26smoser: What should be the next step?17:13
smoserdid you update the commit message ? and i gave feedback on the location of the modules.17:17
dikonooramansi26: this comment needs to be addressed > https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584/files#r51362325217:21
dikonooramansi26: Also it looks like the commit message has not been updated yet.17:27
dikonoorsmoser: Did you mean to say that the "commit message" has to be replaced with a an appropriate title?17:27
amansi26dikonoor: Commit message is updated. https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584/commits/df62d3b2d968ca9fec6bb4af523ee9770d7960ee17:28
dikonooramansi26: IF so, then only the location os the modules need to be fixed17:29
amansi26smoser: dikonoor: committed a new PR for that https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584/files17:30
amansi26smoser: dikonoor: I addressed all the recent comments, squashed and rebase all the recent changes .17:55
smoseroh fudge.18:06
smoseri merged... one thing i didn't realize.18:06
smoseryouhae your name set to man306 <45781773+Aman306@users.noreply.github.com>18:07
smoseri didn't notice that. so you don't get proper credit :-(18:07
smosernor does ibm18:07
amansi26smoser: thanks for merging it. thanks for all your guidance18:10
dikonoorsmoser: Thanks for all your time and help getting https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584/files merged !18:38
meenaAscII: i'm working on it! okay!!? https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Aigalic19:55
meenaoh, and this one's new, https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/190191519:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1901915 in cloud-init "FreeBSD: Add certctl support to cc_ca_certs" [Undecided,New]19:57
meenabut i'll wait until https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/633 lands19:57
AscIII see. We had evaluated if we could add a FreeBSD image to our platform, but kind of got stuck at some point. And we didn't want to add an alternate method via ConfigDrive19:58
AscIIIf you need are developing on our platform, please reach out via ticket, so we can set up some credit for you20:00
meenaAscII: i have been primarily targeting Hetzner (and lately NoCloud on my own laptop)20:06
meenaAscII: i have previously mentioned that in tickets, but no one's thought of crediting me?20:06
meenai don't need credit… but maybe credits :P20:06
AscIIreally... oh well, what a shame20:07
meenai don't do FOSS for fame20:07
meenabut i do love creating tickets based on Tweets and IRC conversations20:08
AscIIif you have an existing ticket ID for me, that works for me, too20:09
meenanah, only https://twitter.com/hirojin/status/1321412377649336322 so far20:10
AscIII am working on it, okay!!? ;-)20:11
meenaAscII: but, yeah, i have a projects where i test my patches against Hetzner, currently my patches are stuck on my lack of Python Testing skills20:13
meenaor, put more bluntly: my lack of Software Engineering Skills20:14
AscIIWell, I got you the 12.2 bootonly ISO ready20:15
meenaAscII: 💜20:16
meenasmoser: added a test case for ds-identify20:48
smosermeena: expect your invitation to the 3l337 h@CK3R group20:49
smosershell unit(or system) testing in python \o/20:50
meenasorry i was so dense; i thought the dict is tested as a hole; not entry by entry20:50
smosermeena: that would make sense21:04
meenasmoser: different people have different measures of what makes sense 🤪️21:13
meenathe amount of shit i need to mock away for testing generate_fallback_config is… flabbergasting21:18
meenaand i can't use generic_networking_cls21:21
smoseryeah, who wroteo this stufff!21:21
smoseri honestly don't know how that 2010 smoser got a job.21:21
meenasmoser: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/588 ← i deleted the tests from tests/unittests/test_net.py and now i need to add them back to cloudinit/distros/tests/test_networking.py and it's just… a mountain of work21:23
meenaOdd_Bloke: first attept at a test, https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/588/commits/92816acdf02e9cb7d5a2200b29c570d49bd2b16a (it's failing) and i need sleep21:41
Odd_Blokemeena: Same (I am failing and I need sleep ;).21:43
Odd_BlokeI'll take a look tomorrow!21:43
blackboxswmeena:   m_find_fallback_nic.side_effect = 'eth0'     ->   m_find_fallback_nic.return_value = 'eth0' thugh there are more errors afterward21:44
blackboxswside_effect is more for callables/functions/Exceptions etc.21:44
blackboxswreturn_value mocks the return of the function in this case21:45
otubo(I see you guys online so I'll just poke)21:45
otubosmoser: Odd_Bloke  blackboxsw just filed this cute PR https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/634 if you would like to take a look, that would be really awesome.21:46
meenablackboxsw: aye, the netcfg i'm using is wrong… i should revert those changesets21:47
otuboThis is on the same time pressure package of the PowerVM stuff smoser was helping earlier today. Scott I'll pay you a beverage of your choice next time we meet if you take a look at that :-D21:48
otuboAlso, it's almost 23h and I need some sleep. I'll check the messages tomorrow. Thanks guys! :)21:49
meenablackboxsw: okay, thanks for your help… i think that got the ball rolling. I'll try to replace the tests i deleted over the following days21:52
meenabut somebody needs to help me fix that myserty failing test.21:52
meenatests/unittests/test_datasource/test_azure.py::TestAzureDataSource::test_imds_network_config FAILED ← this one. in https://travis-ci.com/github/canonical/cloud-init/jobs/41691947821:56

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