stickupkidmanadart, lambda support https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1219608:14
dirtwashhi, im trying to setup a manual cloud and I m asked to enter ssh string for controller so I enter in my example root@, but I always get "permission denied", but the key is in there, I can login via ssh just fine from that machine. Possible bug?09:44
dirtwashand its the only key available in .ssh ...09:44
dirtwashas can be seen here https://pastebin.com/raw/u5QGJDqg09:51
dirtwashubuntu 20.04 and installed via snap, so should be latest version09:54
dirtwashthis must be some obvious issue, given this is the first step and its already failing...09:58
dirtwashthis is a bug indeed10:06
dirtwashlol the discourse forum is buggy too10:12
dirtwashbug confirmed11:24
dirtwashjuju cant handle ed25519 ssh keys11:24
dirtwashgreat software indeed lol11:25

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