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rbalinttwom hi, how can i leave a review? i'm stuck in https://code.launchpad.net/~daxtens/ubuntu/+source/gce-compute-image-packages/+git/gce-compute-image-packages/+merge/357118 and i can't modify it nor leave it14:46
tomwardillI'm not sure you can, one sec, I'll check14:53
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tomwardillrbalint: this can be done via the API, if you load the review using `lp.load` (in lp-shell), find your vote in `.votes` and then use `.lp_delete()` on the vote.15:02
rbalinttomwardill, thanks15:22
tomwardillnp, I didn't know that was possible15:22
* tomwardill detaches himself from a bunch of reviews15:23
rbalinttomwardill, i secretly hoped that there were a web-based way of doing that, most likely i'm not the only one being stuck in reviews15:23
cjwatsonUnfortunately not15:26
cjwatson(I'm not sure there's a good reason particularly)15:26
tomwardillyeah, feels like a 'withdraw' link or something wouldn't be a bad thing15:29

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