fathidevopshello all00:30
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lubot<matkoniecz> Why Firefox autoupdates on its own? I though that it is controlled by `apt`. … But, at worst possible time, it stops allowing me to open new tabs.06:24
guiverc@matkoniecz, are you using the default Firefox (maintained by Ubuntu Firefox team) or snap (maintained by Mozilla themselves)06:55
guivercNote: I've not noticed firefox update itself ; but it does report it should update itself automatically https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-release06:57
guivercthough that page implies for Linux it'll update with the package repository06:58
lubot<matkoniecz> @guiverc [<guiverc> @matkoniecz, are you using the default Firefox (maintained by Ubuntu F …], Whatever is installed by `apt-get` (`sudo apt-get install firefox` confirms that it is installed this way, probably from default OS config)06:59
guivercmine is that too (default system install; 82.0), I don't have any helpful ideas though, i don't really notice mine upgrading..07:03
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Guest83706hi, i have finished installation of lubuntu on my old laptop (Compaq) but after first restart lubuntu does not boot (no calid boot disk). any ideas?13:33
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lubot<matkoniecz> @Guest83706 [<Guest83706> hi, i have finished installation of lubuntu on my old laptop (Compa …], What is the exact full error message if one appeared?15:13
lubot<matkoniecz> Usually screenshot is good, in that case photo of a screen also would be ok15:14
jimgaltana houi a ta sounta ta kerasounta18:06
jimgalta na mania ta afrikania18:07
krytarik@matkoniecz, guiverc: I only get that out of nowhere since I got unattended-upgrade enabled - but I thought on Ubuntu it wasn't by default..20:40
wxlactually this is by design apparently https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/9s78fh/sick_of_getting_restart_required/20:50
lubot<matkoniecz> @wxl [<wxl> actually this is by design apparently https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/com …], "You can either configure your system's package manager to update manually, and then only do those updates when you're in a position to restart Firefox (or while Firefox is not actively running), or you can install the Firefox package directl22:09
luboty from mozilla.org and use that rather than the distro-provided package." … I did this with apt (I think...)22:09
wxlunlikely. how did you do it?22:10
lubot<matkoniecz> Yeah, … Start menu | Preferences | Software sources | Updates | Automatic updates … was configured to automatically apply security updates. I now disabled this.22:11
wxlthat doesn't necessarily do anything either22:11
wxlyou could get an update not related to security22:11
wxland honestly, i wouldn't turn off your security updates22:11
wxlthe one way to ensure it never does this is to remove the firefox package and install it from mozilla.org22:12
lubot<matkoniecz> Other updates were already not configured to install on their own. … And I install updates quite often.22:12
wxlfirefox is the one example of this problem22:12
guivercwhat starts up ibus?  (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1287820/japanese-input-doesnt-work-on-20-04)  it doesn't look like I'd have issues on my primary box (hirsute) but a focal box I booted is as OP describes23:40
wxlwe don't ship ibus23:44
wxlwe use fcitx23:47
wxlibus is an input method, as is fcitx23:48
wxlhaving multiple input methods is a recipe for disaster23:48
guivercthanks wxl, I've responded with something using LXQt so I'll wait for a response23:48
guivercI'll look some more into fcitx & an alternative..23:49
wxlthey want mozc i see, which the fcitx-mozc package provides23:49
wxlnot installed by default23:50
wxli could totally imagine what happened: they didn't have the input methods they wanted, searched for the answer, which suggested ibus, etc.23:50
lubot<N0um3n0> https://phab.lubuntu.me/T11323:51
wxlright right23:51
lubot<N0um3n0> How to install japanese with fcitx23:52
wxlspeaking of that, fcitx-anthy is another input method for japanese23:54
wxlas is fcitx-kkc23:54
wxlso i mean really i don't think we can possibly make it easy to install someone's input method23:54
wxleven if you can figure out their language, there's still the question of how they prefer to input it23:55

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