jrwrenOct 28 07:59:44 delays kernel: [1198951.317775] Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 31 on CPU 4.12:05
jrwrenOct 28 07:59:44 delays kernel: [1198951.317777] Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?12:06
jrwrenOct 28 07:59:44 delays kernel: [1198951.317778] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue12:06
jrwrenbefore I noticed those were from kernel, I thought I'd been hacked and someone was using write12:06
jrwrenhttps://duckduckgo.com/?q=NMI+received+for+unknown+reason+31&t=osx&ia=web  i guess it is common enough14:49
jrwrengreat messages though, lul14:49
jrwrengreg-g: congrats on ditching gerrit ;)15:38
greg-g:) :)15:38
cmaloneyNever used Gerrit, so don't have opinions on it, but curious what the tool does since I haven't used it.15:42
cmaloneyhttps://www.gerritcodereview.com/ is a good start, but not really seeing the power of it yet.15:42
cmaloneyThough I'm getting the feeling that the major issuw with Gerrit is being a Google product and the benevolent neglect therein.15:43
greg-gwe had a whole huge consultation about it: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/GitLab_consultation15:45
greg-gdiscussion: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:GitLab_consultation15:45
greg-gsummary of that huge talk page: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/GitLab_consultation/Discussion_summary15:45
greg-gtl;drs at the top :)15:45
greg-greally, gerrit is truer to git mechanics than github/gitlab. In fact, pretty much everything in Gerrit is stored in Git (not mysql).15:47
greg-gbut, it's intractable for new users15:48
jrwrenGerrit is not bad... but it just isn't as nice for most things as GH PRs are.15:49
jrwrenI used Gerrit to great success and just fine at spacemonkey.15:49
jrwrenbut yeah, what greg-g said.  not easy for new users... but really any dev, even a junior should be up to speed on it in mere minutes. It is just a tiny learning curve.15:50
jrwrenbut it is never as beautiful.15:50
cmaloneyah, ok16:11
cmaloneykinda like sourcehut and it's "user interface"16:12
jrwrenhahahahaha Hirsute Hippo16:55
jrwrenis there a faster tool to use for splitting files than dd bs=1 skip=<offset> ?20:30
cmaloneymaking floppies? :)20:31
jrwrenactually... kinda almost :)20:32
jrwrenI've got an MSI that is built by appending a CAB. I'd like to split it back out ot have just hte cab.20:32
cmaloneyI haven't looked into the problem long enough to understand if there's a better way20:32
jrwrenthe opposite of cat 1 2 > 3, when I know the offset of 220:32
cmaloneyThe only other command I've used for dd like things is pv and that doesn't seem to have a skip20:33
jrwrenisn't that just a display tool?20:34
cmaloneyin some cases yes20:34
_stink_not sure i follow what you're trying to do - what about split?  i use that to split big tarballs into segments for uploading to cloud storage.20:35
jrwreni couldn't see an option in split to say only split once.20:35
jrwrenbasically, I have a 1.6MB file. I want to throw away the first 300k20:35
jrwrendd works fine, but dd bs=1 is DIRT SLOW. a more specialized tool would be much nicer.20:37
jrwrenhell, i could write one in a few minutes.20:37
jrwrencut -b might work the same.20:37
jrwrenoh, well, still no good solution, but it isnt' concatenated the way I thought anyway.20:43
cmaloneyjrwren: could you bump up the bs?20:55
jrwrenskip skips blocks.21:01
cmaloneyso it needs to be 1 byte blocks21:10
cmaloneywhich is going to be slow with dd21:10
jrwrenit is ok. i've moved on.21:11

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