bbblowjobHi, does anyone know what was the unofficial deb making tool that allowed you to create debian packages while compiling from source ? I think it contained the words deb build and check00:10
Examknowbbblowjob: Was it for any language specifically?00:12
sarnoldbbblowjob: that sounds a bit like checkinstall00:13
ExamknowI was thinking https://github.com/nylas/make-deb00:13
bbblowjobExamknow, no it was a one size fit all type of software00:13
bbblowjobsarnold : this actually rings a bell man, lemme check it out00:13
bbblowjobsarnold, It is , actually !!! thanks a lot !00:14
sarnoldyay! :)00:14
sarnoldbbblowjob: the next choice is something a little different, give it a look too https://fpm.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro.html00:15
bbblowjobthanks sarnold I'll give it a try00:17
systemEHi, after a while, logs stop showing e.g. journalctl -u mysql shows nothing, until i reboot the server. and systemctl status mysql, or systemctl status systemd-journald, both show the message "Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable." --- What do I do00:17
bbblowjobsarnold, how is this any better than checkinstall ?00:32
sarnoldbbblowjob: iirc checkinstall does some ptrace / debugging kinds of things to try to spot what's been written, where, and that kinda worries me for reliability reasons; iirc the fpm tool is more like traditional declarative packaging, just much less frustrating00:33
bbblowjobthanks sarnold, I tried both on a folder rn and I prefer checkinstall tbh, more accurate descriptions and the package actually contains everything I need00:34
sarnoldbbblowjob: cool cool, that's good enough :) I just wanted to make sure you knew there were options00:34
bbblowjobsarnold, yes thanks man :)00:35
DarkTrickIs there a persistent way of disabling services ( specifically tracker* services )?01:11
DarkTrickWhen I set the services to "tracker*.service.disabled" they get replaced when I release-upgrade01:12
sarnoldDarkTrick: you could mask them, that's like disabling them, but a bit more stern :)01:16
DarkTricksarnold, what does "mask" mean, specifically?01:16
DarkTrickoverwrite the service file with an empty file?01:17
sarnoldDarkTrick: these days there's a systemctl mask subcommand01:17
sarnoldDarkTrick: once upon a time you had to make the symlinks to /dev/null yourself01:17
DarkTricksarnold, man says "option to only mask temporarily until the next reboot"01:19
sarnoldDarkTrick: yes, if you use the --runtime option01:21
DarkTrickIf I get it right, it would just create a link with the name of the service file, that's redirected to /dev/null01:21
DarkTricksarnold, thank you!01:22
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pi0is wacom supported right out of the box for ubuntu 20.0401:25
DarkTricksarnold, essentially systemctl creates a link in /run/systemd/system. Is my assumption correct, that files in /run/systemd/system "overwrite"/"mask" files in /usr/lib/systemd/user ?01:26
pi0i notice it is not smooth01:26
DarkTrickpi0 I have a tablet here, it works fine so far01:26
DarkTrickpi0, Though, I don't use the buttons01:26
pi0i do not use the buttons and its is fully charged01:26
pi0and its lagging when i draw01:26
pi0ubuntu with gnonme01:27
DarkTrickpi0, Hm, never experienced that. How about if you're using the cord?01:27
DarkTrickpi0 With wacom you should also have the option to connect is via USB01:29
sarnoldDarkTrick: here's a table of where the unit files can be located and the default order in which they override each other: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.unit.html#Unit%20File%20Load%20Path01:30
sarnoldDarkTrick: I expect the order on ubuntu is the same, but I haven't checked myself01:31
pi0wow what a major difference with usb01:32
pi0i did not consider that01:32
pi0is there a tweak tool for it01:32
pi0to configure buttons and such01:32
DarkTrickpi0, I'm glad that it works with USB. However, it SHOULD work properly with bluetooth. Maybe it's worth filing a report? As reference: In case you use Xorg, I also experience regular problems with non-std I/O devices.01:37
DarkTrickpi0, I don't know of any tool, but maybe some else does01:37
DarkTricksarnold, thank you for the list! Very helpful!01:39
DarkTrickAn interesting lot of paths, though... especially the run/etc/usr-differences are... too much imo... but well...01:39
systemEQuestion: in unattended-upgrades, does "${distro_id}ESMApps:${distro_codename}-apps-security"; or "${distro_id}ESM:${distro_codename}-infra-security"; auto install kernel updates as part of security updates?01:44
sarnoldDarkTrick: yeah, I can understand -- however, eg the apparmor system defined paths back around 2000 or so, and just used /etc same as everything else did at the time01:44
sarnoldDarkTrick: and imho it's been a PITA ever since -- it'd be so much nicer to have a well-defined override mechanism, or an add-in mechanism, like systemd's designed. systemd's design feels super-complicated at first but it solves a *lot* of problems and does so with a simple consistency01:45
DarkTricksarnold, I'm relieved I'm not the only one. Btw, what is a "PITA"?01:47
DarkTrickI guess it's no "is a family of yeast-leavened round flatbreads baked from wheat flour" :D01:48
systemEfrom "apt list --installed" some say "installed,automatic" what does this mean?01:48
sarnoldsystemE: esm-infra-security has some kernel updates in it, yes01:48
sarnoldDarkTrick: PITA == Pain In The Ass :)01:48
DarkTrick:D thank you01:49
DarkTrickI imagined something like "a change request" :D01:49
sarnoldsystemE: apt keeps track of which packages were explicitly installed by the user and which ones were dragged in as dependencies, so when you remove packages later, it can say "these packages were auto-installed, should we remove them?"01:49
systemEsarnold: so installed,automatic does not mean it was automatically installed by unattended-upgradees-- totally different?01:51
sarnoldsystemE: yeah I think the 'automatic' means it was installed as a dependency of something else01:51
systemEsarnold: Ok, thank you. So I have this issue at work, our journald logs for our services stops working, e.g. journalctl -u mysql shows and systemctl status mysql, or systemctl status systemd-journald, both show the message "Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable."01:53
systemELogs return when the server is rebooted01:53
systemE(until it happens again)01:53
systemEafter reading https://community.centminmod.com/threads/error-journal-has-been-rotated-since-unit-was-started.16664/ it appears that maybe the kernel is auto updating and breaking the logger?01:54
systemEuname -a shows Linux db1 4.15.0-112-generic #113-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 9 23:41:39 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:54
systemEls -al /vmlinuz shows lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 31 Oct 14 14:45 /vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-121-generic01:55
sarnoldsystemE: I think that question about kernel updates in that thread is misguided01:55
systemECould I be onto something?01:55
sarnoldsystemE: it is important to reboot into kernel updates periodically, yes, but it shouldn't be related to the usual journald log rotations01:55
systemEany ideas?01:55
sarnoldsystemE: honestly it's probably juts a matter of making sure there's loads of storage space avalable for the /var/log/journal filesystm, to reduce the frequency / time / etc of journal rotations01:59
pi001:49 < DarkTrick> I imagined something like "a change request" :D01:59
DarkTrickpi0, sorry that sentence was about "PITA", not addressed to your issue02:00
systemEsarnold: 8.2G free space, there's only one file in /var/log/journal02:05
systemEthe file in in journal is 1.4 G02:05
systemEjournalctl -u systemd-journald shows, -- Logs begin at Thu 2020-10-01 10:49:50 CDT, end at Tue 2020-10-27 21:06:46 CDT. -- Oct 01 10:49:50 db1 systemd-journald[510]: System journal (/var/log/journal/612892249edc4cf7b40cdfd1534feded) is 1.4G, max 1.4G, 18.0M free.02:08
systemEsarnold:  Could this be the problem ^ ?02:08
sarnoldsystemE: hmm, I would have expected that to be closer to 4g if it's rotating already .. check journald.conf(5) for the full set of things you can tweak02:08
sarnoldsystemE: yeah that's itexactly! :)02:09
systemEmy boss is gonna be happy02:09
systemEthanx sarnold . Any ideas how to resolve this?02:09
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sarnoldsystemE: the journald.conf settings SystemMaxUse= and SystemKeepFree= are my first guesses02:11
sarnoldsystemE: I don't know how to dump the current settings :(02:12
systemEsarnold: so according to arch wiki, "If the journal is persistent (non-volatile), its size limit is set to a default value of 10% of the size of the underlying file system but capped at 4 GiB." Now our /var/log/journal is on a 15G disk, so 1.4G is the max the journal can be, confirming the wiki.02:29
systemEsarnold: I'm surprised the journal just "stops working" when it maxes out its size? Why doesn't it rotate and archive or something, do you know?02:30
sarnoldsystemE: it does02:33
sarnoldsystemE: because it throws away old contents it shows you the warning about incomplete output02:33
systemEbut it "stops working" e.g. currently typing systemctl status mysql shows NOTHING02:36
systemE"SystemMaxUse= and RuntimeMaxUse= control how much disk space the journal may use up at most." "...defaults to 10%...of the respective file system, but each value is capped to 4G."02:43
sarnoldsystemE: perhaps mysql just hasn't emitted anything recently?02:50
sarnoldsystemE: can you cause mysql to emit messages on demand to test?02:50
systemEseems unlikely considering we have tons of stuff like mattermost,redmine and dozens of drupal/civicrm websites utilizing this service02:55
sarnoldI don't actually know mysql, what kinds of things would it print to the journal once it's started and running?02:57
sarnoldI'd sort of expect it to emit a bunch of tihngs like limits, configs, listenings ports, etc at startup, and then I'd expect it to be silent until something goes wrong02:58
blahboybazDo we still need to install something to watch netflix on ubuntu (18.04)? Or has that changed?03:26
blahboybazsystemE: Is that intende for me or someone else?03:33
systemEblahboybaz: nope, you04:27
systemEThat's what I always did anyways, netflix, amazon prime, etc, google-chrome04:27
jmspeexmgedmin: FYI, my two-line patch worked. My battery indicator hw is still misbehaving, but at least it no longer shuts down my machine. Thanks for the tips.05:22
jmspeexDo you know if it's worth trying to upstream my fix (or something similar)? And if so, where?05:22
lotuspsychjejmspeex: do you have a current bug filed in ubuntu about it?05:38
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IndustrialHi. If something says "Requires: Java 1.8_92+", what package of java do I use to run it?07:13
ducasseIndustrial: if this software is from the ubuntu repos, the dependencies will sort that out07:21
Industrialducasse: no it's not. It's https://minion.mmoui.com/?download07:22
IndustrialSo a jar file07:22
IndustrialI tried the latest openjdk but it's giving me errors, quite possibly a too new version of java07:22
IndustrialError: Could not find or load main class gg.minion.Minion07:23
IndustrialCaused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application07:23
IndustrialThat's what I get07:23
ducassein that case we don't support it, so you should ask whoever provides the software which java version(s) it works with07:23
Industrialit says so .. Java 1.8_92+ ..07:25
ducasseif it says 1.8.92+ i would guess it works with any version higher than that, which is obviously not the case07:26
IndustrialSo whats the difference between openjdk 8 vs openjdk 14 vs "java 1.8" ?07:26
ducasseaccording to this it needs java 8 - https://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/fg37dp/minion_305_java_wont_start_in_linux/07:30
ducassenothing later07:30
ducasseIndustrial: ^^07:32
Industrialducasse: thanks07:46
renn0xtk9I make an nfs share from 1 ubuntu to another07:54
tatertotsare you sure you created the nfs share successfully?07:55
TJ-do we have a video viewer/editor capable of single frame scrub forward/backwards AND ability to zoom/pan around a UHD (4K) frame to look at detail? VLC, Parole and Openshot-qt don't07:56
TJ-Industrial: you need to set the classpath07:56
renn0xtk9the folder on the server belongs to userid 1001 . on client that user is uid=1000 . On server in etc/exports:   /home/foobar 192.168.X.Y  *(all_squash,rw,anonuid=1001,anongid=1001)07:56
renn0xtk9but when I mount on client, I only get a readonly file system07:56
renn0xtk9I guess I am missing a step with user mapping ?07:57
Industrialducasse: I have done something wrong, but I'm not sure how to fix it. https://gist.github.com/Industrial/45287c7cebde0ab3db3f8fb6348d2c9d07:57
IndustrialTJ-: I'm not sure how to do that07:57
lotuspsychjeTJ-: maybe https://shotcut.org/features/ ?07:59
IndustrialTJ-: -classpath . or $PWD ? doesnt seem to work :-)07:59
ducasseIndustrial: that pretty much tells you what to do08:01
TJ-Industrial: classpath is not a /search/ path - you may need to put multiple directory paths on it08:03
renn0xtk9tatertots: do you have an idea what is going wrong with my mount options?08:03
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tatertotsrenn0xtk9: do you have access to the nfs server right now to try different options?08:09
renn0xtk9tatertots: yes08:11
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: and your subnet mask is most likely /2408:11
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: x.x.x.x/2408:12
renn0xtk9yes it is I thought it was optional08:12
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: try with the following syntax08:13
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: /home/foobar  x.x.x.x/24(rw,sync,no_root_squash)08:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you'll need to exportfs -ra afterward08:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: if you do exactly as above without deviation it's expected to be read/write08:16
renn0xtk9tatertots: hmm no  it says touch: cannot touch '/mnt/dell/a': Read-only file system08:17
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: then you're probably making some mistake client side08:18
tWqaqHi. I moved /var/lib/snapd to another place and create a soft link to the var/lib/. After reboot I found that all snapd apps cannot lanuched via 'snap run'. And all mounts were lost in the report of 'df -h'. Now I'm using 'mount --bind new_path /var/lib/snapd' to mount the new path to the old one. I found that reinstall a snap app can make it work work again. I wonder that if there any easier way to repair all snap apps?08:18
renn0xtk9If think the fact that users on client is ID=1000 and that the folder on server belongs to UserID=1001 a problem no ?08:18
lasrachGood morning. My ethernet stopped working 2 days ago (ubuntu 20.04, I217-V). Tries to connect for a couple seconds then notifies "Activation of network connection failed". Hardware is fine (works in Live Distro and Windows). Manual configuration fails, manually compiling current and older versions of the e1000e module failed. Any pointers what else08:18
lasrachI could try?08:18
eugenio_hi all, I can ask about apache installed in a ubuntu VM?08:19
renn0xtk9tatertots: client side I mount like that sudo mount -t nfs -o rw,nolock,udp /mnt/dell/08:19
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /proc/fs/nfs/exports|nc termbin.com 999908:20
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: share url/link here08:21
renn0xtk9tatertots: https://termbin.com/kt9t <- it is still ro in there . weird :S08:23
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: that's why it's read only08:24
renn0xtk9hmm but where does it come from08:24
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: your configuration08:24
renn0xtk9hmm but I do write rw in /etc/exports08:25
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: the current config is read only and contradict or opposite  of the advice i give you for r/w "NO" root squash08:26
jmspeexlotuspsychje: I don't. Was just trying to scratch my own itch. Mostly, I'm not sure if it would be considered a bug of a feature. As background, the problem is that a hw glitch makes it impossible to read the BAT0 status, which makes upowerd conclude that the battery is at 0%, triggering an immediate shutdown.08:27
renn0xtk9tatertots: I have rw sync no_root_squash in there..08:27
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /etc/exports|nc termbin.com 999908:27
lotuspsychjejmspeex: well if something doesnt work by default on ubuntu, i would consider that as bug, would that be your case?08:28
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportf -ra08:29
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -ra08:29
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: completed?08:30
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl restart nfs-server08:32
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /proc/fs/nfs/exports|nc termbin.com 999908:33
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -ra08:35
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /proc/fs/nfs/exports|nc termbin.com 999908:35
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl status nfs-server|nc termbin.com 999908:36
ace_meIf you start an ubuntu 20 desktop version without monitor and arrive at login screen you shold press alt+tab to be able to click on your user and input the password... IT SHOULD BE available with ESCAPE or ENTER better08:39
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tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   stat /home/mhaselbauer|nc termbin.com 999908:42
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you can't do that08:44
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: do this08:45
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo mkdir /var/test08:46
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo chmod 777 /var/test08:48
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: completed?08:48
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: /var/test  x.x.x.x/24(rw,sync,no_root_squash)08:50
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you know where that should go right?08:50
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: save changes08:51
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -ra08:51
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl restart nfs-server08:52
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl status nfs-server|nc termbin.com 999908:53
ace_meDo you agree with "if you start ubuntu 20 desktop version without monitor and arrive at login screen you shold press alt+tab to be able to click on your user and input the password... IT SHOULD BE available with ESCAPE or ENTER better"08:53
ace_memonitor can be unplugged for example or maybe a failure graphics card of first monitor08:53
ace_methere should be an easy click to "know" you can type the password08:54
renn0xtk9tatertots: https://termbin.com/uic008:54
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /etc/exports|nc termbin.com 999908:55
renn0xtk9tatertots: I will be unavailable for ~30 min08:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: wrong08:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you didn't enter the correct syntax i gave you08:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: do NOT deviate08:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: human error08:58
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: there's nothing technically wrong besides the fact that you insist on injecting incorrect syntax08:58
renn0xtk9hmm ok sorry08:59
renn0xtk9where is incorrect?08:59
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: no where did i ever use "*"...you insist on using it and i demand that you stop08:59
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: /var/test  x.x.x.x/24(rw,sync,no_root_squash)08:59
tatertotsno where in that does "*" appear...it comes from YOUR brain...and shouldn't exist09:00
renn0xtk9Ah sorry I :((09:00
tatertotsno should there be any "white space"09:00
tatertotsnor should there be any "white space"09:00
renn0xtk9I will remove and retest afterwarsd09:00
renn0xtk9I am busy now09:00
tatertotsno "white space"09:00
renn0xtk9thanks a lot for your help !09:00
renn0xtk9I always thought the * was to restrict incomming username (and * would mean no restriction basically)09:02
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: /var/test,sync,no_root_squash)09:03
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: don't think...simply create that exact line and save it09:04
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: completed?09:08
renn0xtk9Then I restart nfs-sever and exportfs -ra right?09:12
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -ra09:13
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl restart nfs-server09:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl status nfs-server|nc termbin.com 999909:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   cat /proc/fs/nfs/exports|nc termbin.com 999909:18
renn0xtk9is there a difference beteween nfs-server and nfs-kernel-server?09:21
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server09:24
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -rav|nc termbin.com 999909:24
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tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   rpcinfo -p localhost|nc termbin.com 999909:27
StyXmanone question about fan networking https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FanNetworking where do these names come from? fan-250-0-12709:29
StyXmanand how to they relate to examples09:29
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo cat /proc/fs/nfs/exports|nc termbin.com 999909:29
StyXmanrenn0xtk9: that link is broken, but easily fixable09:30
TJ-StyXman: they're in-addr.arpa (reverse order) so 250-0-127 would be
StyXmanTJ-: so they are not related to the previous examples at all, right?09:30
space1? i have a ubuntu 20.04 lts running in virtualbox09:32
space1i changed the networking from NAT to a Bridged connector09:32
space1now i cannot update with `apt update' i get a lot of hash sum mismatches09:32
StyXmanthat sounds more a vbox bug than *buntu's09:33
space1OK but i got archlinux working the same way09:33
StyXmanspace1: can you restart the networking service? sudp systemctl restart networking09:33
StyXmansudo*, or use NM if you have a desktop09:33
renn0xtk9tatertots: https://termbin.com/6ltam09:34
space1StyXman: i get failed to restart networking.service not found09:34
TJ-StyXman: not sure but that article infers that for LXD there's a fan bridge using or similar09:34
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   rpcinfo -p localhost|nc termbin.com 999909:35
TJ-space1: is the VM using Ubuntu desktop with GUI, or ubuntu server?09:35
StyXmanTJ-: yeah, that's what confusing me09:35
TJ-StyXman: me too!09:35
space1TJ-: it is using the default GUI09:35
space1i haven't changed anything09:35
TJ-space1: ok, so you'd do "systemctl restart NetworkManager"09:36
TJ-space1: desktop uses NetworkManager not ifupdown (networking.service)09:36
space1TJ-: OK good to know09:36
space1i am not used to debian based distros yet09:36
TJ-StyXman: may be some clues here; there's mention of fan and defaults https://lxd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/networks/09:37
StyXmanTJ-: I didn't know the service was not installed, I use ubuntu at work and debian at home and never noticed the fdifference09:37
StyXmanTJ-: yeah, thanks, I wanted to start at the bottom, but yes, I'm aiming for LXD config09:39
space1maybe there are clashing mac addresses?09:39
renn0xtk9tatertots: https://termbin.com/yyx109:40
TJ-StyXman: also, this is generally informative as to how to do fans, though I don't see that specific subnet mentioned http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/fanatic.8.html#use%20with%20lxc/lxd09:40
space1StyXman: TJ-: your advice didn't help i think there might be a MAC address clash somewhere09:40
TJ-space1: check the log: "journalctl -b 0 -u NetworkManager -n 100" to review that last 100 messages - NM is very verbose and helpful in logs09:41
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: now mount the nfs share on the client using ONLY "mount -t nfs x.x.x.x:/var/test /client/mount/point"....do NOT deviate09:41
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: now mount the nfs share on the client using ONLY "mount -t nfs x.x.x.x:/var/test /mnt/dell"....do NOT deviate09:43
renn0xtk9tatertots: I have to use sudo otherwise it says mount: only root can use "--types" option09:43
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: yes use sudo..that's acceptable09:44
renn0xtk9than it works09:44
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: did you mount on client already?09:45
renn0xtk9tatertots: yes09:46
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>        mount|grep nfs|nc termbin.com 999909:46
hanshi have a package named "smartgit", why doesn't this command match smartgit? > apt purge "*smartgit*"09:47
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       touch /mnt/dell/test09:48
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       ls -lh /mnt/dell/test|nc termbin.com 999909:48
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       ls -lh /mnt/dell/|nc termbin.com 999909:49
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: this nfs share is r/w09:50
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: agree?09:50
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you cannot use https://termbin.com/5n4em09:51
lotuspsychjehansh: i dont see smartgit in the repos, did you download it via external ppa's?09:51
renn0xtk9tatertots: however when I go on server the /var/test/test has the userid of another user so I cannot write into it with my user09:52
TJ-renn0xtk9: you have to configure id mapping09:52
hanshlotuspsychje, no i downloaded it via a web url, https://www.syntevo.com/downloads/smartgit/smartgit-20_1_5.deb09:52
renn0xtk9tatertots: I though it would be possible to use https://termbin.com/5n4em using id mapping09:52
renn0xtk9Tj yes that is what I want09:52
space1i found the solution guys https://askubuntu.com/a/124273909:52
EriC^^hansh: perhaps there's something in the dir, try '    echo "*smartgit*"    ' to see how bash is expanding it09:53
hanshEriC^^, i tried that, so i wrote "sma" and tried tab-autocomplete, tab had nothing to suggest09:53
mgedminI don't remember if apt purge uses glob patterns, regexes, or what09:53
hansh(implying that there was nothing starting with the name "sma" )09:53
mgedmintry apt list|grep smartgit, to see if it's even installed?09:53
lotuspsychjehansh: https://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/download/#installation-instructions09:53
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: sudo unmount /mnt/dell09:54
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: sudo umount /mnt/dell09:54
hanshlotuspsychje, i know how to install it. i've been using bleeding-edge beta versions, now i want to go back to the stable versions, so i uninstalled it an re-installed it09:54
renn0xtk9tatertots: done09:54
EriC^^hansh: what does 'dpkg -l | grep smart' give?09:54
hanshEriC^^, https://paste.debian.net/plain/116890909:55
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>     sudo chown nobody:nogroup /var/test09:56
StyXmanhansh: suround it by quotes '*smartgit*'09:56
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>     stat /var/test|nc termbin.com 999909:56
StyXmanotherwise bash might be expanding that to some file names09:56
StyXmanalso, please report the rror message too09:57
renn0xtk9tatertots: http://termbin/com/s0ei09:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: typo09:57
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: double check your link09:58
EriC^^hansh: try 'sudo apt-get purge smartgit'09:58
renn0xtk9tatertots: http://termbin.com/s0ei09:58
hanshahm https://paste.debian.net/plain/116891009:58
StyXmanhansh: tabcompletting 'sma' won't work if there is a file whose name *contains* smartgit, but doesn't *start* with it09:58
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo exportfs -rav09:59
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal>   sudo systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server09:59
EriC^^StyXman: really it should though, it's completing the packages name not files in dir09:59
hanshEriC^^, yes that works. i'm just surprised because "*smartgit*" didn't work09:59
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: mount on client09:59
hanshthe folder has nothing to do with it, i think; https://paste.debian.net/plain/116891110:00
renn0xtk9tatertots: done10:00
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       touch /mnt/dell/test10:01
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       ls -lh /mnt/dell/|nc termbin.com 999910:01
EriC^^hansh: yup, odd behavior on apt's part10:02
renn0xtk9tatertots: https://termbin.com/5xln10:02
EriC^^hansh: for me it seems to work if i do apt remove "*package*"10:03
mgedminooh good catch!10:03
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: in terminal on client>       id|nc termbin.com 999910:03
mgedminI didn't even think the glob could accidentally match something in $PWD10:04
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you CAN write/edit/modify test10:05
renn0xtk9tatertots: on client yes on server no10:06
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: you can on server also10:06
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: administrators can write all/any10:07
renn0xtk9but on sever I have id=1001 and filec created from client have id=100010:08
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: and NFS "clients" are the consumers of NFS server shares10:08
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: administrators are not prevented from access10:09
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: the test nfs share is r/w, use what you learned when attempting to create shares in the future10:12
dexterfooI have a file:  /var/lib/gdm3/core  can i delete this file? it's huge10:12
renn0xtk9The issue is about usermapping tatertots10:12
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: ok then map users10:12
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: or sync users10:12
renn0xtk9file created by user "foo" on Machine A mut be seen as created by user "bar" on machine B10:13
ThinkT510dexterfoo: find out what it is for10:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: since you don't have a centralized directory like LDAP or Active Directory, it'll be a by hand manual process which aren't forgiving to typographical errors and or syntax10:14
ThinkT510dexterfoo: deleting random files purely based on size is a fine way to completely break the system10:14
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: consider some form of directory for auto mapping/sync of user id10:15
hanshwhat version of apt is 20.04 supposed to be running on?10:16
ThinkT510!info apt focal10:16
ubottuapt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 2.0.2ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1259 kB, installed size 4182 kB10:16
=== OERIAS is now known as CristobalColon
hanshthanks; don't suppose there's any easy-ish way to upgrade to >=2.0.3?10:18
hansh> Recent versions of apt changed the way patterns are specified, and apt no longer supports regular expressions directly or wildcards, other than * for which support was restored in 2.1.0 and backported to
lotuspsychjehansh: use package versions meant for your ubuntu release10:20
lotuspsychje!mix | hansh10:20
ubottuhansh: it is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported10:20
lotuspsychjehansh: if you want, there is version 2.1.1 on ubuntu 20.1010:21
tatertotsrenn0xtk9: do you have access to any directory services on your network ?10:24
hanshwhat is the 20.04 equivalent of 18.04 & 20.10's apt purge "*package*"10:24
hansh(eg how do i write >>apt purge "*mysql*"<< in 20.04? that command should work fine in 18.04 and 20.10)10:27
Maiksudo apt purge packagename10:28
Maiksame as always10:28
Maikhansh: why do you think it's different in 20.04?10:29
ThinkT510Maik: I think he wants an alternative to using * because it apparantly doesn't work in 2.0.210:29
Maikah, right... not fully awake yet. My bad10:30
hansh(yes ThinkT510 is correct)10:30
Maikyou can leave out the ()10:31
lotuspsychjehansh: do you even use ubuntu right now?10:31
hanshlotuspsychje, actually no, i'm using Xubuntu (20.04), i'll check if it's Xubuntu specific, have a Ubuntu 20.04 nearby as well10:32
Maikhansh: doesn't matter, it's still ubuntu only with the Xfce desktop. Hence the X10:33
Maikso it works the same10:34
hanshMaik, (actually with Xubuntu it's slightly more than that, at least if you install from the official Xubuntu cd, rather than the Ubuntu netinst cd)10:34
ThinkT510hansh: apt is the same in both10:34
hanshtoo much lisp, sorry10:34
Maikwhy you type with ()? it's annoying10:35
hanshMaik, Lisp programming, https://i.imgur.com/XkBSx01.png10:35
Maikand hansh, after more than 13 years i know what Ubuntu and all of it's flavors are.10:35
hanshanyway i just tested, it's exactly the same behaviour in Ubuntu 20.04, >>apt purge "*mysql*"<< does not match mysql-client10:36
Maikwhat i was trying to say is that the base is still ubuntu and work the same10:36
hanshkindof unfortunate to break this in a LTS release imo (only to quickly fix it again in the next minor release)10:37
mgedminI want to see a pastebin of apt purge "*mysql*" not working to believe it10:38
EriC^^hansh: is it only apt? or apt-get too?10:38
lotuspsychjehansh: and lsb_release -a && uname -a too :p10:39
hanshmgedmin, https://paste.debian.net/plain/116891110:39
EriC^^on 16.04 here it works perfectly10:39
hanshEriC^^, haha it's only apt, apt-get is not affected10:39
mgedminooh wow10:40
hanshanyway, guess i'll just use apt-get instead of apt until 22.04 xD10:40
lotuspsychjehansh: just admit you're on debian and you trying to troll a bit on ubuntu10:40
Maikwhat? lol10:41
ufki had ubuntu 20.4.1 and my computer would crash several times a day... the gnome ui just froze and the mouse did not move. now i moved to ubuntu 20.10 and my deskop restarts several times a day.10:42
ufkis there some kind of log to see why the heck it restarted ?10:42
hanshlotuspsychje, i am on Xubuntu 20.04. https://i.imgur.com/45YnZ0F.png10:42
EriC^^ufk: /var/log/syslog10:42
hansh(i don't remember if it's a Ubuntu netinst install, or if it's an actual Xubuntu installation cd, though)10:43
EriC^^"Ubuntu 20.04 introduced Apt 2.0 ommands accepting package names now accept aptitude-style patterns. The syntax of patterns is mostly a subset of aptitude, see apt-patterns(7) for more details The apt(8) command no longer accepts regular expressions or wildcards as package arguments, use patterns (see New Features)."10:44
EriC^^hansh: ^10:44
hanshEriC^^, yeah for 20.01 specifically. the wildcard support was added back in apt 2.1.0 (used in the 20.10 release)10:45
hanshEriC^^, seems to me like a "found a bug too late to fix it, slap a feature sign around it" kinda thing ^^10:46
EriC^^you're on 20.04 though, im confused10:47
EriC^^!info apt focal10:47
ubottuapt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 2.0.2ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1259 kB, installed size 4182 kB10:47
hanshEriC^^, yeah well this post explained how it was broken in 2.0.0 and fixed in 2.0.3 (but 20.04 is using 2.0.2), https://askubuntu.com/a/1218821/46241310:48
EriC^^it's not really broken, they decided to use different style patterns, didn't fly with many then decided to only bring back the asterix back10:49
hanshso how do you use wildcards in the 20.04 style?10:49
EriC^^how is it a bug to remove a feature and add a different style glob? it's pretty intentional10:50
mgedminbut what rotten timing, in a lts release!10:50
hanshor, is wildcards even supported in the 20.04 style? maybe it isn't?10:50
mgedminhansh: the askubuntu gives you an answer -- apt purge '?name(*mysql*)'10:50
mgedminwelp! '?name(.*mysql.*)'10:50
EriC^^hansh: type "man 7 apt-patterns"10:51
hanshohhh so it's .* in 20.0410:51
mgedminafaiu that works on every apt release ever10:51
EriC^^hansh: no10:51
mgedminyeah this uses regular expressions instead of glob patterns10:51
EriC^^yeah what mgedmin said10:51
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dionysus69so the full disk encryption installer doesnt encrypt the /boot partition, what are some security implications?12:31
BluesKajHi all12:41
ogradionysus69, the implication is that you use secureboot which will make sure only properly signed kernels are used...12:41
dionysus69so not encrypting /boot partition is more secure because it uses UEFI secureboot?12:42
dionysus69If I understood you correctly12:42
ograit isnt "more secure", secureboot will simply verify the kernel and initrd when loading them, disk encryption would just add a useless extra layer here12:43
ogra(if you'd add a modified kernel or initrd, the system would simply not boot ... while an encrypted /boot would prevent you from changing the files, the result would be the same in both cases)12:44
dionysus69but without secureboot AND without encrypted /boot partition, you encrypted main partition is still safe, whether you boot it with or without modified kernel ogra, isnt that right?12:50
ograwell, if you use full disk encryption without securing also the kernel bits there is indeed always a risk12:53
ograit really only makes sense if you use both together12:53
ograi.e. not using scureboot you could easily craft an initrd that does a dd backup of the encrypted partitions to usb stick ... then carry that usb stick away and use some encryption cracker tool on a powerful machine to unencrypt the data12:55
ograso the only actual secure way is to combine both ...12:55
jpdsGRUB technically supports unlocking cryptsetup devices, but you'd have to build your own thing to do that with ubuntu12:58
Deyaa How to add js package to jsdelivr.com??13:29
ducasseDeyaa: how does that relate to ubuntu?13:35
Bill73is there a certain port on ufw to open for transmission 3.0?14:13
clarkkhow can I delete this UFW rule programmatically, without using the rule number?   ufw deny out to port 5314:13
AlexPortableHow do I figure out what's using high cpu usage for gnome-shell ? https://pastebin.com/SrEWtmZ914:14
akemAlexPortable, What did you use to trace the syscalls?14:16
AlexPortable`sudo strace -c -p 317293 (pid of gnome-shell)`14:17
akemHa ok.14:18
akemAlexPortable, Did you disable all Gnome extensions?14:19
akemBecause in most case it's a problem with an extension, you should try #gnome for more details about tracking down your issue.14:21
AlexPortableHere with all extensions disabled: https://pastebin.com/xpQ95aJW14:21
Deyaaducasse: I'm sure that jsdelivr uses Linux on the backend14:30
ducasseDeyaa: yeah, that doesn't really make this an ubuntu question. try !alis to find a more appropriate channel14:31
Deyaaducasse: okay can I ask you another question?14:32
Maik!ask | Deyaa14:40
ubottuDeyaa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:40
Maikif it is ubuntu support related14:40
iffraffHi, I have a script that is trying to get input from the console.  It looks like this https://gist.github.com/reharik/9b5a9f3ec7fcf00483359345dbdafaa0  but basically is doing read -p "text" -r num14:41
AlexPortableiffraff: try #bash14:41
iffraffwhen I enter a number on the command line and hit enter I just get ^M  I can't enter14:41
iffraffoh sorry14:41
Bill73having problems getting traffic to transmission 3.0  i allowed ufw 51413/tcp and udp. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1020695/transmission-cant-download-due-to-ufw   refers to a superuser post about rc.local and adding a couple lines but rc.local is not there ubuntu 20.0414:49
=== vulpine is now known as foxtober
MaikBill73: after allowing, did you reload the firewall?14:51
Maiki've been struggling myself to set it up14:52
Bill73Maik: no   lemmee look up how to do it14:52
tatertotsBill73: what port do you have configured in transmission?14:54
MaikBill73: sudo ufw reload14:54
Bill73Maik: yeah   says it was not enabled?14:55
Bill73but I had to allow ssh from a local terminal before i could remote access14:56
Maiksudo ufw enable14:56
Maikif ufw wasn't enabled then transmisson should work iirc14:56
Maikunless a firewall in your modem is blocking it?14:57
Bill73thats what I would believe  I have the port open on router and transmission 3.0 is working from a headless Pi with rasp pi os on it14:58
Bill73i did a status and it shows the ports open14:59
Bill73i should mention that up until a couple days ago I was running ubuntu 18.04, and the previous default transmission through same router/modem as well with no issues so I'm pretty sure its not the modem/router and since the headless Pi is able to dl torrents I'm certain its something with my setup on ubuntu 20.04 PC   Iam going to remove it and start over15:18
Guess59061Why is copying a file from my disk to a tmpfs twice as fast as copying the same file from one tmpfs to another?15:28
Guess59061I did use a VM, however, but both of the tmpfss should reside in RAM (250MB each).15:31
liviubaHi, I have a lenovo ThinkBook laptop, running Ubuntu with kernel 5.9.0-050900rc1-generic. Immediately after booting the bluetooth works (the icon is present in the sidebar and I can connect my headphones) but after I close the laptop lid and re-open it, the bluetooth icon dissapears and if I run `blueman-manager` I get `blueman-manager 17.39.08 ERROR    Manager:122 on_dbus_name_appeared: No adapter(s) found, exiting` any help15:39
leftyfbliviuba: try booting to the supported 5.815:43
hydrianEllo all15:50
hydrianI'm have an issue with clamd. After I start it, clamd starts to load the the virus databases and then clamd crashes.15:51
liviubaleftyfb, I had to update the kernel to get the trackpad to work, back when I was initially setting up the system15:51
hydrianI'm running 18.04 (fully updated)15:51
hydriangoogle isn't showing anything useful at the moement15:54
Bill73so I completely removed and purged transmission ppa.  reinstalled transmission-gtk.15:57
Bill73open transmission and first thenig I check is port, testing it says closed now. from terminal sud ufw status shows 51413 ALLOW on both udp/tcp15:58
Bill73I KNOW its not the router/modem blocking it for the simple fact that I have a Pi running Rasp Pi OS and transmission 3.0 and it can download and seed16:00
Bill73ok si set the networking to used a random port everytime its opened added a know good torrent that I used on the Pi and its actually getting peers now and 2 trackers are listing peers16:10
Bill73its acutally working now16:11
rfmBill73, I just checked my transmission and it says 51413 is "closed" yet I have many, many connections to 51413.  Not sure if transmission's port open/closed detection is real reliable...16:13
Bill73rfm: understand   random port seems to be working.16:17
Bill73so transmission-gtk is a standalone client? what exactly is transmission-daemon because thats what I've always used. is it a "daemon" that will be started on boot?  this has me confused too16:18
rfmBill73, I believe transmission-gtk is just a gui app that controls transmission-daemon.  (There's a CLI too.)  I don't know much about either, I use the web interface since transmission-daemon is running on the server out in the garage not on the machine in front of me16:21
Bill73rfm: have you used the android app Transmission Remote because thats what I am using on my Pi and what I WAS using on my ubuntu 18.04 and transmission-daemon setup.  its extremely odd that I am having so much trouble on 20.04 with 3.016:23
rfmBill73,  hmm looking at it transmission-gtk may not run a separate daemon.16:23
rfmBill73,  no android anything here. I'm running fine with 20.04 and transmission 2.94 (which is what is in the repos.)16:26
Bill73rfm: the android is just an interface ona tablet.   I added the 3.0 ppa from transmissionbt.16:27
systemEsystemd-journald question. At work our database server seems to stop logging mysql every time the journals are rotated. systemctl status myslq and journalctl -u systemd-journald both contain, "Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable." the latter command additionally "Oct 01 10:49:50 db1 systemd-journald[510]: System journal (/var/log/journal/612892249edc4cf7b40cdfd153416:28
systemE1.4G, max 1.4G, 18.0M free." Why could this be happening, is there a way to resolve it?16:28
systemEIt can't be out of space and just unable to log, shouldn't it be auto vacuuming itself and rotating and keep on logging?16:29
rfmBill73, can't help with transmission 3.0, but I did just verify (via netcat from a VPS system) that I can connect in to port 51413 even though transmission says the port is closed.16:36
Bill73rfm: weird   it would not let me dl/seed the exact same torrent I did on the Pi last night.   So annoying. oh well the random port everytime it starts is working16:37
DeyaaI'm using Linux I want to use mitmproxy with tor16:40
DeyaaTor browser16:40
Bill73rfm: guy in #transmission says the port checker is "old" and unreliable lol16:41
ducasseDeyaa: which release are you on?16:48
blahboybazThis strange file is suddenly in my home directory..  has my system been compromised?16:50
mgedminmore likely you ran some 'npm install ...' command without specifying -g16:51
blahboybazmgedmin: could it be from updating composer?16:52
blahboybazphp's composer?16:52
blahboybazbut what does js have to do with php?16:52
mgedminexactly, because package-lock.json is an npm thing16:52
=== banisterfiend_ is now known as banisterfiend
blahboybazmgedmin: People can use js for malicious purposes as well as any other programming language.. The contend of the file is nothing maliciaous? Nothing to be alarmed about?16:53
blahboybazI mean the deatials of what is doing16:53
blahboybaz^ does resolve in a browser16:55
ceed^I upgraded from 20.04 to 20.10. All went well but now I can't upgrade firmware in Ubuntu Software. I get an error saying:  "Unable to update "System Firmware": missing signed bootloader for secure boot: /usr/libexec/fwupd/efi/-fwupdx64.efi.signed can not be found" What can I do about that?16:58
TJ-ceed^: the "-" in that path looks suspect, and unexpected17:00
ceed^TJ-: I had to type the error message so the "-" may just be line break indication.17:06
qwertuttytyI correctly understood that in efi mode, the drive partition with EFI (100Mb) must be on the GPT partition not on the MBR partition?17:20
TJ-!info fwupd-signed | ceed^  check if this package is installed with "apt list fwupd-signed"17:26
TJ-qwertuttyty: can be in both. UEFI spec mandates supporting both GPT and MBR17:26
TJ-qwertuttyty: I assume you're referring to a hybrid MBR generated from a GPT, that needs to include the EFI-SP ?17:26
ubottuceed^ check if this package is installed with "apt list fwupd-signed": fwupd-signed (source: fwupd-signed (1.27.1ubuntu2)): Linux Firmware Updater EFI signed binary. In component main, is optional. Version 1.27.1ubuntu2+1.3.11-1~focal1 (focal), package size 25 kB, installed size 77 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; armhf; arm64)17:26
DescriptionedHello, im on 20.04 LTS, on computer startup bluetooth mouse it takes like 2 minutes to work...17:28
Descriptionedany solution?17:29
ceed^ubottu: Got fwupd-signed/groovy 1.30+1.4.5-1 amd6417:29
ubottuceed^: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:29
Deyaaducasse: Debian17:31
Deyaajoin #tor17:34
leftyfb!debian | Deyaa17:35
ubottuDeyaa: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!17:35
leftyfbDeyaa: please join #debian for support17:36
TJ-ceed^: so not installed, it'd be followed by "[installed,automatic]" or similar17:36
qwertuttytyI dont know. Gparted: HDD -> MBR -> EFI FAT16 (100Mb) FAT16 ok or need only FAT32?17:36
TJ-ceed^: so simply "sudo apt install fwupd-signed"17:36
TJ-qwertuttyty: UEFI spec says FAT12/16/32 are all accepted17:37
TJ-qwertuttyty: for smaller devices FAT12 makes sense but some firmwares don't implement the spec. and only accept FAT3217:37
ceed^I installed fwupd-signed.17:38
ceed^And that did the trick! Why wasn't that installed during the upgrade from 20.04 to 20.10? I could do firmware upgrade without problems on 20.0417:39
TJ-ceed^: not sure17:40
ceed^I have to reboot to see that it actually worked.17:40
TJ-ceed^: can you show us "pastebinit <( apt-cache rdepends fwupd-signed )"17:42
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systemEquestion is this normal? journalctl -t mysqld shows frequent messages from the mysqld process, e.g. "Oct 28 12:08:30 kv1 mysqld[23163]: 2020-10-28T17:08:30.104954Z 121885 [Note] Got an error reading communication packets" ### MEANWHILE meanwhile journalctl -u mysql shows "-- No entries --"18:01
systemEWhy doesn't journalctl -u show any entries but journalctl -t does ?18:01
TJ-systemE: because -t is the syslog identifier, whereas -u is the unit file name18:02
systemEso its normal? I just dont get why the unit file isn't sending stuff to the journal18:04
mgedminsystemE: are you sure you spelled the unit name right?18:05
micheledoes unattended-upgrades also takes care of restarting daemons affected by the unattended upgrade? e.g. nginx18:06
systemEmgedmin: yes.18:06
jpdsmichele: Yep, or rather the packaging postinst script does18:07
TJ-systemE: what package is installed that provides mysql?18:07
mgedminmichele: usually yes, but it depends on what the package's own postinst script does18:07
mgedminmichele: I once had elasticsearch installed from uptream's own repo and _their_ packages didn't restart services after an apt upgrade18:08
mgedmin(which is how a CVE I thought I'd fixed remained unfixed and somebody broke in)18:08
mgedminmichele: check out the 'needrestart' package for discovering daemons that should've been restarted but haven't been18:09
mgedmin(there's also 'checkrestart' in the debian-goodies package that does the same thing)18:09
mgedmintbh I'd be extremely surprised to find a package from the official repos not restart its daemons during an upgrade18:13
mgedminit's probably even mandated by the debian policy18:13
qwertuttyty20.04, 20.10 I have: can not installed grub. Failed to execute the command: "grub-install dev/sda." The installation is interrupted. Both HDD MBRs. GRUB per sda. Checked with VB in EFI mode the same. I didn't check through cdrom. Need to check. USB flash trought UNetbootim. https://ibb.co/FWh0jH7 https://ibb.co/ZT6PZXw https://ibb.co/znXPsc5 https://ibb.co/Rzsr10B u-m also wrote/18:17
qwertuttytyiso - ok  check sha18:23
mgedminqwertuttyty: I'm pretty sure the ESP needs to be a primary partition?18:25
systemETJ-: the package installed is mysql, oracle mysql18:25
qwertuttytysdb have primary partition with Windows18:30
mgedminbut you can't install grub into a Windows partition18:30
qwertuttytyI need a separate download of Windows ( mbr ) without grub.18:36
qwertuttyty I need a separate loading of Windows ( mbr ) without grub.18:37
qwertuttytyFrom what I see I don't understand what the problem is. I can assume18:41
EriC^^qwertuttyty: start the installer with ubiquity -b   then install grub manually using a chroot18:49
EriC^^(-b lets it not try to install grub during the installation)18:49
g3poandlslI'm trying to remove the SSS PAM profile non-interactively with `pam-auth-update --remove sss --force`, but running the command actually enables the profile even if it was previously disabled19:10
murthyHello everyone19:16
murthyI am getting this error on my aws ubuntu server instance 'load pubkey "foobar.pem": invalid format'19:16
murthyUbuntu version is Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS19:17
murthybut I am able to login with that key with ssh19:17
murthyThis is happening only recently19:18
Apachezhow come canonical approved this as a trusted CA in ubuntu?    Certificate added: C=HK, S=Hong Kong, L=Hong Kong, O=Hongkong Post, CN=Hongkong Post Root CA 319:18
sarnoldApachez: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=153275319:20
ubottuMozilla bug 1532753 in CA Certificates Code "Add Hongkong Post Root CA 3 root certificate to NSS" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:21
sarnoldmurthy: debian code search returns rspamd as a possible source of that error message https://sources.debian.org/src/rspamd/2.5-3/src/libserver/maps/map.c/?hl=695#L69519:22
sarnoldmurthy: so check your rspamd logs and configuratoin?19:22
murthyok let me check19:22
srn_prgmrCan anyone answer how the cloud images for 12.10 groovy are built, and if any of the source config files are available? All the documentation I can find seems to be out of date.19:23
sarnoldsrn_prgmr: try asking in #ubuntu-server, that's more likely to have someone around who knows19:25
srn_prgmrsarnold, thanks, will do19:25
murthysarnold: I don't see any rspamd log in /var/log. do you know where that log is?19:26
sarnoldmurthy: maybe journalctl?19:27
ash_worksiwhats the shortcut key to bring up the run prompt?19:28
Maikash_worksi: didn't you ask that yesterday too19:29
Maikash_worksi: ALT+F219:30
ash_worksiMaik: maybe, I found it just now since I remembered roughly the context in which I saw it (which was to reload settings without logging out) and that was Alt+F219:30
ash_worksithanks Maik19:30
Maikno problem, you're welcome19:31
murthysarnold: I am not able to find any error message. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for the support19:31
sarnoldmurthy: good luck :)19:31
c-nisterhello in here19:48
c-nisterhi , anyone in here ?19:56
Apachezsarnold: still doesnt tell why that is inserted with this update Processing triggers for ca-certificates (20201027ubuntu0.20.04.1) ...19:56
sarnoldApachez: we periodically pull updates for our trust store from mozilla19:57
Bill73how do I check the users of a group?19:57
sarnoldc-nister: yeah, you've just got to stick around long enough to see responses :)19:57
Apachezsarnold: lame excuse IMHO because the update is ubuntu signed: 20201027ubuntu0.20.04.119:58
sarnoldBill73: getent group <groupname> ?19:58
Bill73sarnold: that works thanks20:00
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TJ-bug #1900727 Apachez20:02
ubottubug 1900727 in ca-certificates (Ubuntu) "Update ca-certificates with latest NSS roots" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190072720:02
c-nistersarnold, any experience with lvm inside luks ?20:04
leftyfb!ask | c-nister20:04
ubottuc-nister: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:04
c-nisterdoes anybody know how to fix my problem which is: boot from encrypted drive (inside is a lvm) drops me into initramfs-shell saying "volume group XYZ could not be found"...20:06
Guess59061I have an initramfs image in /boot with busybox; why doesn't modifying /etc/grub.d/40_custom with menuentry "bbpls" {set root=(hd0,1) linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro quiet splashinitrd /initramfs.img} give me an additional menu entry? I think I'm missing something basic, but I'm very new to this.20:07
TJ-c-nister: I wrote the book on it :)20:09
c-nisterTJ-, you again :-)20:09
TJ-Guess59061: I take it /boot/ is a separate file-system20:09
Guess59061TJ- No it's the /boot directory.20:10
Guess59061I see some other images are there, so I figured I should put mine there as well?20:11
c-nisterTJ-, i did all You said, i still cannot boot without interfering in initramfs shell20:11
TJ-Guess59061: /boot/ is a directory in the root file-system, not the mountpoint for a separate file-system containing the kernel and initrd? in which case your paths should be /boot/vmlinuz and /boot/initramfs.img20:12
TJ-c-nister: just to ensure I'm clear; you DO NOT have encrypted GRUB, this is just for the root file-system that is inside an LVM which is inside the LUKS container?20:12
Guess59061OK lemme try.20:12
c-nisterTJ-, yes, boot is not encrypted.20:13
TJ-Guess59061: those paths should be relative to GRUB's 'root' variable20:13
c-nisterTJ-, i can dpaste some outputs if you are interested20:14
TJ-c-nister: OK, so first I need you to capture and pastebin the output of update-initramfs, specifically: "sudo update-initramfs -vu -k $(uname -r) |& tee /tmp/initrd.log" then "pastebinit /tmp/initrd.log"20:14
c-nisterTJ-, slowly20:15
c-nisterone step after the first20:15
TJ-c-nister: just copy/paste the commands contained inside the "..." I put into your shell20:15
c-nisterTJ-, almost there20:16
TJ-c-nister: tip: in these cases install "dropbear-initramfs" which is a small ssh server so you can access the initramfs over the network :)20:17
c-nisterTJ-, wgetpase makes nonsense, damn20:21
Guess59061TJ- OK so, I realized /dev/sda5 is mounted on /, so then I should use (hd0,5) and root=/dev/sda5, and /boot/img... /boot/vmlin..., right? I did that, but that doesn't work either.20:30
Bill73need a lil guidance on some permissions issues. I have tranmission-daemon and transmission-gtk 3.0 for both on ubuntu 20.04. gtk can properly write torrents. saemon fails with error permission denied.  ls of folders w/perms   https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kryVv8YmMT/     getent group debian-transmission     debian-transmission:x:134:bill20:30
TJ-Guess59061: are you *sure* that /boot/vmlinuz is in the sda5 and not sda1 as you mentioned earlier ?20:31
TJ-Guess59061: what does "findmnt /boot/" report ?20:32
Guess59061TJ- Nothing20:33
Guess59061It's there, yes. I used df -T, and there sda5 is shown on /, while sda1 is on /boot/efi or something like that.20:35
TJ-Guess59061: OK, so /boot/ is part of the root file-system20:35
Guess59061Yes, correct.20:35
TJ-Guess59061: when you're editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom you *ARE* doing "sudo update-grub" afterwards, before rebooting?20:36
TJ-Guess59061: and are you checking /boot/grub/grub.cfg to ensure your entry was added?20:36
Guess59061TJ- The update-grub command would list it in its output, right? It doesn't.20:37
TJ-Guess59061: no, it would not. Can you show me "pastebinit /etc/grub.d/40_custom"20:38
TJ-Guess59061: update-grub generates a new /boot/grub/grub.cfg, so you need to check that. if your entry isn't added then there's a problem with your 40_custom20:38
Guess59061I'll try to first check the cfg file.20:38
TJ-Guess59061: try " grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg "20:39
Guess59061TJ- Yeah, it's in there. menuentry "bbpls" { set root=(hd0,5)     linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda5 ro quiet splash    initrd /boot/initramfs.img }20:43
TJ-Guess59061: is it in a sub-menu or on the first level?20:46
Guess59061TJ- first level20:47
TJ-Guess59061: my guess is you've got another instance of GRUB on that PC and the one you're now editing isn't it, so you change this one, but the GRUB that starts is reading another grub.cfg. show me what "pastebinit <( efibootmgr -v )" reports20:48
Guess59061That command returns just "EFI variables are not supported on this system.".20:49
TJ-Guess59061: so it booted in BIOS mode; you mentioned an EFI-SP in sda1 earlier so I assumed it is doing an UEFI boot20:50
TJ-Guess59061: I suspect you've a syntax error in your 40_custom20:51
Guess59061There are no spaces at the end of lines, and I used 4 spaces to indent, not sure if that matters.20:52
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EriC^^Guess59061: did you update-grub?20:56
EriC^^Guess59061: can you run 'cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 9999'20:57
EriC^^sorry, just read the scrollback21:00
EriC^^Guess59061: can you run 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999'21:00
petesterhello, im having trouble with a fresh ubuntu installation.  after an update/upgrade the computer wouldnt boot.  so I booted the older kernel, purged the new one, updated grub, but now i cant get into the old kernel either21:02
petesteri am booted on a thumb drive, can someone point me down the path to fixing this21:02
Guess59061EriC^^  https://termbin.com/xj2h21:03
EriC^^Guess59061: what's on /dev/sdb? another os?21:04
Guess59061No, there's nothing there I think.21:04
EriC^^petester: what happens when you try to boot the old kernel?21:05
EriC^^Guess59061: ok, type "sudo grub-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sda"21:06
petesterthe same thing it did with the new kernel, the screen just goes black and it hangs21:06
TJ-Guess59061: " set root=(hd0,5) " should be " set root='hd0,5' "21:06
petesteri'm not sure if this matters, but i am attempting to use disk encryption and I don't get to the point that i can enter a decrypt password.21:06
TJ-Guess59061: in fact, it realy ought to be " set root='hd0,msdo5' "21:06
Sven_vBon Ubuntu focal, unattended apt install for chromium got stuck until I manually stopped it. turns out it tried stubbornly to reach the snap store. is this a chromium problem or could it happen for other packages as well?21:07
Guess59061TJ- Okay that... seems to be working...21:07
EriC^^Guest47767: when you reboot, make sure to select /dev/sda as the boot device first in the boot order21:08
TJ-petester: is that a UEFI system/install ?21:09
petesteri think it probably i21:10
petesterprobably is21:10
petesterthere are two partitions, one fat32 and another linux, each about a half a gig21:10
TJ-petester: OK, you're running a 'try ubuntu' session right now?21:10
TJ-petester: and does it have Internet connectivity ?21:10
Guess59061TJ- Nope, still doesn't work.21:10
petesteryup.  im talking to you on it now.21:11
EriC^^Guess59061: you booted /dev/sda and still no custom menu?21:11
Guess59061Sorry, it's frustrating, the restart did something weird, but no new screens appeared.21:11
Guess59061EriC^^ One sec.21:11
TJ-petester: great. so we can collect some useful info. start with "pastebinit <( uname -a; sudo lsblk -f; sudo blkid; cat /etc/fstab /etc/crypttab; ) "21:12
petesternot sure if this matters either, but its configured for raid21:14
Guess59061EriC^^ There are no custom menus whatsoever. I can press f12 and I can choose one of the 3 hdds but that's it.21:15
EriC^^Guess59061: odd21:17
EriC^^Guess59061: oh, were you booted earlier in the actual os, or a live try ubuntu session?21:19
TJ-petester: ok, we need to mount the broken root file-system: "sudo -i" to be 'root' then "mkdir /target; cryptsetup open /dev/mapper/isw_baghcicjjh_Volume3p3 crypto_root; mount /dev/mapper/crypto_root /target; ls /target/" and you should see the expected directories of a root file-system (bin, etc, usr, home, and so on)21:19
EriC^^nevermind, you gave df output so i guess actual os21:19
Guess59061EriC^^ It's a VM, but an actual OS, ya.21:19
TJ-petester: you'll be prompted for the LUKS pass-phrase21:20
EriC^^Guess59061: try to boot into again, we could install grub also to sdb if you're certain there's no OS there that is using its mbr, just in case it's booting using that mbr21:20
petesterTJ- that second command returned errors, i will post it21:21
Guess59061I'll come here tomorrow, sorry. Thank you a lot for trying, TJ as well.21:21
petesterim guessing i have to do the mkdir after the encryption21:22
TJ-petester: oh my fault; forgot there's an LVM in there21:22
TJ-petester: no, you're fine21:22
TJ-petester: show me "pastebinit <( ls /dev/mapper/ )"21:23
TJ-petester: OK, let's do it correctly this time :) "mount /dev/mapper/vgubuntu-root /target" then you can do "ls /target/" to check you see the root file-system directories21:24
petesterit looks like they are all existing21:26
TJ-petester: then do "for n in proc sys dev etc/resolv.conf; do mount --rbind /$n /target/$n; done"  -- this puts the kernel file-systems into the target so we can attempt to fix it.  Then ensure all file-systems are mounted by doing "chroot /target mount -a"21:26
petesteri didnt see any output for those commands, so i am assuming it worked21:27
TJ-petester: good. I suspect the problem here is the RAID devices; and grub-install possibly unable to write to the RAID device itself21:29
TJ-petester: we can see there's an EFI system partition at /dev/mapper/isw_baghcicjjh_Volume3p1  but I don't recall if GRUB knows how to assemble that kind of RAID device (isw)21:29
petesterok, I can reconfigure to not use raid if that will make everything play nicely21:30
petesterthank you so much for the help, i need to just hang out in here and learn a couple of things at some point21:31
TJ-petester: let's try this: "chroot /target grub-install -v /dev/mapper/isw_baghcicjjh_Volume3 |& tee /tmp/grub-install.log" then show me the log with "pastebinit /tmp/grub-install.log"21:32
TJ-petester: if I disappear --- battery died!21:33
petesterI'll keep my fingers crossed21:34
TJ-petester: that failed because it seems that GRUB is installed to use BIOS mode but there's an EFI system partition. show me "pastebinit /target/etc/fstab"21:36
TJ-petester: this may be due to the PC's boot mode not being correct21:36
petesterSo I should reboot and verify that I am in UEFI mode?21:36
TJ-petester: OK, fstab confirms it is/was an EFI install but for some reason now, it has the BIOS version of GRUB installed (grub-pc package, not grub-efi-amd64)21:37
TJ-petester: what does "pastebinit <( chroot /target apt list --installed 'grub*' )" report ?21:38
TJ-battery = 12%21:38
petesterI hope we make it before you run out TJ- :)21:39
TJ-petester: OK, that looks good , the EFI packages are installed. You need to reboot the 'try ubuntu' as an UEFI session rather than BIOS so grub in the chroot can operate in EFI mode21:39
TJ-petester: but it is possible it might boot correctly without us touching it ...21:40
petesterok i will try to be fast21:40
TJ-petester: ... it may just be the system was booting in BIOS/legacy mode not UEFI21:40
petesterim back21:45
TJ-petester: on AC charging now :)21:45
petesteri noticed that my bios was set to legacy only, so i think my problem might be that simple21:45
TJ-petester: YES!21:45
petesterit is on uefi only now21:45
petesterok I will reboot one more time and try to get into the actual installation instead of the usb21:46
TJ-petester: great; let's check with "pastebinit <( efibootmgr -v )"21:46
petesterah ok i will do that21:46
TJ-petester: we may as well check it looks sane before another reboot21:46
TJ-petester: looks like Ubuntu is the default boot OS, and is installed to work in SecureBoot mode (shimx64.efi)21:47
TJ-petester: so I think it's worth just doing a reboot without the USB in :)21:48
petesterok i hope i am back soon21:48
petesterit did not work21:53
TJ-petester: OK, let's try to fix it then!21:53
petesteri was able to get into a recovery session21:53
petesterso i am no longer on USB21:53
TJ-petester: oh, so it did boot Linux/Ubuntu then!21:53
petesterYes, sorry :)21:53
TJ-petester: so the problem is it doesn't appear to start the default boot entry, to a desktop?21:54
petesterbut i am very low resolution and I was unable to get into the non-safe-mode side21:54
petesterMy computer will boot to GRUB, but the default boot mode fails.  I had to select advanced, and then select the recovery mode21:54
TJ-petester: OK, let's try to collect some more info: "pastebinit <( journalctl --list-boots )"21:55
petesterok one sec21:55
TJ-petester: it could be this is a video driver issue. What are the symptoms when it tries to boot to the default entry? black screen? spinner that never goes away? something else?21:56
petesterpastebinit <( journalctl --list-boots )21:56
* TJ- pushes the command to the terminal21:56
xBfrogi tired installing woeusb but it wont open and terminal doesnt see it, is there another way to creat a win boot usb?21:56
petesteri see an error pop up for a split second, i have to video it to see what it says21:56
petesterand then it all goes blank and just hangs21:57
TJ-petester: OK, lets hope the log helps us figure it out21:57
Bashing-om!rufus | xBfrog21:57
xBfrogBashing-om: ok i'll check again21:58
Bashing-omxBfrog: From Windows I often see: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows <- rufus recommended.21:59
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petestera lot of output just got spat out, am i supposed to be doing something?22:01
petesteri dont know how to scroll irssi and my resolution is bad22:01
xBfrogrufus seems only to support windows, i dont have a windows system22:01
TJ-petester: we should be getting it in a pastebin; let me check it is going to stdout so it can be captured22:01
TJ-petester: this command should give you a pastebin URL with the captured output in:  "pastebinit <( journalctl --list-boots )"22:02
petesterpastebinit <( journalctl --list-boots )22:03
TJ-petester: looks like it's pasting the command into IRSSI rather than a shell22:03
petesteri was clicking the middle wheel expecting it to paste the link22:03
petesteri have to remember to right click -> paste22:03
Bashing-omxBfrog: Sorry I misread . show me again the error of my ways and i try to correct my giudance.22:04
petesterare you able to see the paste for the correct command?22:04
TJ-petester: :) ...  that list seems to suggest the failed regular boot just before this recovery mode boot wasn't captured in logs22:04
TJ-petester: so let's work on the assumption this could be a video issue and check what hardware is installed. "pastebinit <( lspci -nnk )"22:05
xBfrogBashing-om: i'm looking for a way to create a boot flash drive for windows 10 using Ubuntu22:05
Bashing-omxBfrog: Thanks for the update - but that one is not in my range of experience - thankfully .22:07
xBfrogBashing-om: ok thanks, i'll keep trying22:07
TJ-petester: that confirms what I suspected; that system has 2 GPUs, integrated Intel + Nvidia discrete. both look to be set to use open-source drivers. right now neither have drivers loaded which is why you've got a low-res VGA fallback display22:09
ash_mobileTo the vim amd/or tmux users in here, do you use xterm or default gnome terminal?22:09
TJ-petester: actually, you have THREE GPUs - there's an AMD Radeon R9 too22:09
Bashing-omxBfrog: Patience - others will see that " I do not know" and perhaps have some options for you.22:09
TJ-petester: I suspect this is your problem - those are all different and the system doesn't know how to handle them. They might be fighting for priority. Let's look at the kernel log from this boot: "pastebinit <( journalctl -k )"22:10
xBfrogBashing-om: just in case you run across it again UNetbootin installs fine from this page: https://unetbootin.github.io/linux_download.html22:13
petesterTJ- i am getting pulled away to figure out what is wrong with the water heater22:14
petesterAnd yes there is an AMD with two GPUs on the same PCB/PCI slot and an NVIDIA22:14
petesterI'll unplug the AMD and maybe see if I can trade it for a water heater22:14
petesterhang on here is your command22:14
TJ-petester: OK, I'll read that and leave comments here, but I need to drive to the office shortly so will be AWOL. There are others that focus more on these GPU/driver related issues than I do22:15
Bashing-omxBfrog: \o/22:15
jeremy31petester: please join #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss the water heater22:15
petesterThank you TJ-22:18
TJ-petester: the kernel log just confirms 'nomodeset' is active in recovery mode and therefore no GPU drivers are loaded; you'll need to boot without 'nomodeset' - but my guess is the 3 GPUs is the stumbling block so do try removing one of the discrete GPUs and see how it goes (I'd remove the nvidia 1st :)22:19
petesterTJ- is there a reason to remove nvidia first?  Or is that just personal preference?22:20
TJ-petester: some bias based on experience :)22:29
TJ-petester: but I'd do a systematic test of removing both, 1 at a time, and seeing the difference22:30
petesterhaha roger that.  where did you learn all the boot stuff? I would like to learn some assembly and write programs that dont use an os but uefi looked like the most confusing thing on the planet22:30
TJ-petester: https://iam.tj/prototype/guides/boot/22:32
petestercool ty22:32
petesterTJ youre the best22:35
petester"I'm ashamed to say I had to deploy some simple JavaScript on this page "22:36
javi404how do I completely remove an app and all of it's remnents, and by remnents, I mean what shows up in the app launcher also.22:45
Bashing-omjavi404: 'sudo apt purge <package> ' .22:49
javi404Bashing-om: thanks22:50
javi404purging gparted22:50
javi404i thought my issues had to do with wayland22:50
javi404then realized, hard to see because of screen overscan issue, i am using X not Wayland.22:50
javi404so no idea why gparted not workin22:50
javi404removed again22:51
javi404lets see on reinstall if it works22:51
Bashing-omjavi404: Yhere is a reason that gparted is not installed by default - but rather kept on the installer.22:52
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petesterhow can i change from the NVIDIA proprietary graphics drivers to the open source ones without using the gui?23:36
petesterEvery time i try to switch in the gui my computer freezes, so now im in one of those alt-fkey terminals23:37
sarnoldpetester: ubuntu-drivers --free-only may help23:39
sarnoldI don't know what it *does*, it might just print out information for you to do something with, but it's a start :)23:40
petesterdo i just apt-get that?23:40
=== isolier1 is now known as isolier
petesterah i am going to try autoinstalling the free only23:41
petesterwell i can list the drivers and then remove some of them with apt23:44
petesterokay I removed anything to do with nvidia from my machine23:47
petesteris 'mesa' what I would want to replace it with?23:48
sarnoldprobably mesa is an important part but just part -- I can't spell french words, but it has n, e, a, u, v, u, a, e, etc in it :)23:49
petesterhaha ok thanks23:49
petesteralright time to test this23:51
petesterok the gui shows that it switched over, thanks for the help.23:51
petesterhopefully now i can boot into non-protected mode23:52

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