xu-irc55whello, everyone.  May I trouble you with a very particular question?  It's a small detail, but I haven't been able to figure it out elsewhere.17:32
xu-irc55wI'd like folders and files to be listed separately when I go to open a file in some application.17:32
xu-irc55wIn my normal file system (thunar 1.1.14), files and folders are already listed separately.17:33
xu-irc55wBut in the "Open File" interface, they are not.17:34
diogenes_xu-irc55w, sudo apt install dconf-editor17:36
diogenes_org > gtk > settings > sort-directories-first17:37
xu-irc55worg > gtk > settings > file-chooser > sort-directories-first17:39
xu-irc55wIncredible!  Thank you diogenes_!!!17:39
diogenes_xu-irc55w, did it work?17:40
diogenes_wonderful :)17:40

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