zambacan cloud-init help deploy ubuntu .ovas to standalone esxi servers?08:29
otubosmoser: thanks for the review. Just requested some input from blackboxsw and Odd_Bloke on the matter of merging the commits separately. If github allows to handle that I think we're good to merge?10:00
meenaotubo: github can't really do that10:48
otubomeh :(10:51
otuboI'm gonna change the commit message, smoser you can squash it all together if you want.11:05
Odd_Blokeotubo: Our process requires single commits to master for changelog generation etc.; the only way of ensuring that is to squash-and-merge in GitHub, so we can only land one commit per PR.13:44
Odd_Bloke(We've talked about ways of changing that, but none of them are imminent, unfortunately.)13:44
smoserthe 'update branch' button... is that fallout of "squash-and-merge only" ? its annoying that i have to hit 'update branch', and then wait until it succeeds. i'm pretty sure you dont' always have to do that.13:56
smoserit makes sense , but that is new to me. and i have to push the button, and then remember to pay attention, because if i've forgotten, then another commit may have gone into master13:57
smoserand i have to push the button again.13:57
powersjsmoser, in our branch settings we have enabled a setting to ensure branches are up to date before merging13:57
smoserits just human intensive13:58
smoseri machine can certainly do that.13:59
falcojrthat's a good point...we *could* relax that somewhat14:00
falcojrI think by default github allows a merge as long as it merges cleanly, not that the branch has to always be up to date14:01
powersjright, I believe the original reason we enabled this requirement was after tests were broken between merges14:02
smoserits kind of surprising though.. github is really , *really* good.14:04
smoserwhy is there no "land this if tests pass"14:04
smoserwith a serial queue of buttom presses14:04
falcojrthere's a github app for that14:06
smoseri think thats apple's ad campaign, not github.14:06
otuboOdd_Bloke: I understand, will plan better for the next one.14:07
otubosmoser: thanks for merging so quick14:07
Odd_BlokeYeah, the issue is that Travis doesn't re-run tests without new commits being added to the PR: so we can easily break master if there is some non-textual conflict between what is now in master and what was in master when the tests last ran.14:10
smoseri'm in the mood to complain (which isn't anything new).14:10
smoserhirsute is way to close to hisuite, which is Huawei's phone manager application.14:11
smoserhaving known the name 'hisuite', hirsute is really hard to type14:11
Odd_BlokeWe've talked about using https://bors.tech/ which would solve this for us (because it _does_ rerun tests before landing), but we haven't had the opportunity to dig into it yet.14:11
Odd_Blokesmoser: I hope hisuite is implemented in (JVM language) Groovy.14:11
Odd_Bloke(I've definitely had at least one friend jokingly complain that we've wrecked their searches for their Groovy work. :p)14:12
AscIIsmoser: I hope PR# 630 is now okay for you ;-)14:14
smoserAscII: since you're here. i just comented there.14:22
smoserif you weren't here, i'd have landed it.14:22
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blackboxswotubo: will talk about this review today, was bogged down in interviewing yesterday.15:04
otuboblackboxsw: you mean, about having separate commits on the same PR? Or about the review itself? Because it's already merged :)15:15
otuboblackboxsw: but something I'd like to ask is if there's any plan for a new release anytime soon. Wanted to do a new rebase for Fedora and would be to have the most recent version.16:22
meenaotubo: last i heard, an SRU was *imminent*16:27
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meenai cannot seem to be able to mock __enter__18:40
jms1are beginner-level questions welcome here?18:41
meenajms1: we cater to the full spectrum.18:41
jms1i'm not clear on how `merge_how` is supposed to work … https://pastebin.com/cqMDKNDv is part of what i'm doing, the machine is created with the epel repo but without the docker-ce repo18:45
jms1the entire file is actually concatenated from multiple input files by terraform. i've already verified that the `/var/lib/cloud/instances/xxx/user-data.txt` file contains what i intended it to, the pastebin is copied from that file18:47
meenaOdd_Bloke: updated: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/635 and added extremely failing tests to https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/637 i'll need some help with that.19:01
meenajms1: so, what's the problem?19:02
jms1the machine is created with the "cloudinit-epel" repo, but not the "cloudinit-docker-ce" repo19:07
jms1it's like the first `yum_repos` hash is being totally overwritten by the second one, instead of the two being merged together19:09
meenaaaah, yeah, that is true and makes sense.19:13
jms1that's why i added the `merge_how` hash up top, to make it "merge" dictionaries rather than the second instance totally overwriting the first one. the documentation about the `no_replace` option could be clearer, i'm just trying to make sure i understand how it's _supposed_ to work.19:18
meenajms1: that documentation ( https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/merging.html )really needs to have an example that's not just a list.19:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1532234 in cloud-init "Merging with data in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg does not work as expected" [High,Confirmed]19:27
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jms1not what i was hoping for, but at least it's a _known_ issue. i guess i'll move all of the repos into the first "common" file, and all machine types will have all the yum repos, whether they need docker or not. thanks.20:41
blackboxswotubo: thanks for the question earlier.  I was under the impression we were trying to get another release in before end of year. I'll touch base tomorrow to confirm and we can send a mail to the mailinglist21:04
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