lubot<N0um3n0> there is already one pre-installed by default, perhaps in the manual it would be a good place to indicate it00:01
lubot<N0um3n0> And how to proceed with the languages00:03
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lubot<FedeBosio> HI! I have a question. … When I'm typing something on the keyboard, sometimes the system hangs one or more keys and I can unlock it and keep using the keyboard, but the touchpad doesn't respond anymore, so I'm forced to run … ```sudo modprobe -r psmouse … sudo modprobe psmouse … ```Is this a Lubuntu issue, a Debian one, or a Linux o16:57
lubotne? I lived with this bug several years, in such a way that I actually made a script with those two lines and I keep it in my home `bin` folder, so I can run it when necessary.16:57
lubot<teward001> sounds like a Linux Kernel problem, or a hardware problem, not necessarily an Lubuntu or Debian issue.  Bit, you'd have to test the other OSes out there to see if it's really an Lubuntu problem or not16:58
lubot<FedeBosio> Wow that was fast16:58
lubot<teward001> (this said, touchpad issues are VERY hard to debug)16:58
lubot<teward001> (and it could be an issue with the hardware not just the system)16:58
lubot<teward001> i'm on Telegram for multiple reasons right now, so I saw your msg as it came in LOL16:58
lubot<teward001> normally i'm not alive here on a regular basis16:58
lubot<teward001> because work obligations16:58
lubot<FedeBosio> I see16:58
lubot<FedeBosio> @teward001 [(this said, touchpad issues are VERY hard to debug)], Very hard indeed!16:59
lubot<FedeBosio> I cannot reproduce the bug myself16:59
lubot<FedeBosio> @teward001 [sounds like a Linux Kernel problem, or a hardware problem, not necessarily an Lu …], I had Ubuntu and I remember that something similar happened... but it was several years ago17:00
lubot<FedeBosio> Well, I should keep looking for the solution then. Thanks!17:00
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