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PaulePanterHi. Where can I find the sources for 5.6.0-1022-oem from Dell?16:12
PaulePanter*from Ubuntu 20.04.1 pre-installed on a Dell XPS 13 9310?16:12
tjaaltonPaulePanter: apt-get source?16:15
tjaaltonor git://git.launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux-oem/+git/focal16:15
PaulePantertjaalton: Thank you.16:17
PaulePanterLooks like in the groovy repository ubuntu/master-next has commit 522eb42fd9be99b1361baac915487ddb36c52efa, but it always get’s rebased and changed apparently.16:31
PaulePanterThe author date is from 2010, but it has PINCTRL_TIGERLAKE=m, which didn’t exist back then.16:32
tjaaltonthat's the initial packaging commit, based on 5.7.0-8.9 as mentioned on the commit16:40
apwPaulePanter, v5.10-rc1 got rebuilt17:42
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