Montresorrbasak: Happen to see my icecast2 SRU?11:05
MontresorMy == Unit19311:05
rbasakI don't11:05
rbasakWhere is it?11:06
MontresorPerhaps I did not tag it well.11:06
MontresorLP 189984111:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1899841 in icecast2 (Ubuntu) "Leaks memory on client disconnect while using TLS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189984111:06
rbasak(I'm not on SRU rota today but I can try to help things along)11:06
MontresorI was just thinking "now that groovy is out of the way"11:07
rbasakLooks good. Just needs a couple of minor tweaks.11:11
rbasakI trust you've built and tested this on Focal?11:11
MontresorSince the problem isn't focal specific, not exactly (though did build), I technically did the testing on Debian stable with the same version of wolfssl.11:16
rbasakOK that's enough, thanks.11:16
rbasakJust to make sure the upload won't be entirely broken.11:17
MontresorThank you.11:17
rbasakWe'll need to test the actual binary during SRU verification, please, when asked to in the bug.11:17
MontresorYeah that's fine.11:17
rbasakDo you have a link to where the patch came from, please?11:19
MontresorVia email and from the aforementioned Xiph issue.11:20
rbasakAh. Thanks!11:22
Montresor(I'd give you the direct link, but I don't have it handy.  I can dig)11:22
rbasakNo problem, I found it11:25
rbasakOK I made a bunch of changes11:30
rbasakDetails here: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/HnrXm2WjZW/ - are you happy for me to sponsor that in your name?11:30
rbasakDon't worry they're all minor11:30
rbasakAll in metadata and around Ubuntu process, etc. The patch itself is the same.11:30
MontresorMmmm, I went with what's closer to a backport version, right.  I forgot the colon didn't I?  But yeah that's all fine, thanks.11:33
rbasakThe issue with the version is that it always has to go up11:33
rbasakWith the ~ it would have gone down11:33
rbasakAnd no users would pick that up because from apt's perspective it would have been a downgrade11:33
rbasak(also Launchpad would block that from happening)11:34
rbasakIf in doubt you can check with dpkg --compare-versions11:34
MontresorYeah I should be well aware of version increments, I don't know what I was thinking.11:35
rbasakOn the bug reference, you can double check by looking for Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed in the generated changes file if you build the source package for uploads. But you have to be on Ubuntu for the tooling to generate that header.11:35
MontresorOr run with 'DEB_VENDOR=ubuntu' I believe.11:35
rbasak(I think there's some setting to...yeah :)11:36
LaneyIf the uploader uses dput-ng to perform the upload, it should fail if that field is missing for an SRU :-)11:37
MontresorI use dput, it suits my needs better. :311:38
MontresorI should maybe re-check that dput-ng doesn't do what I want though.11:39
rbasakdput-ng breaks with my dput configuration and I never got round to sorting it out. One of these days :)11:39
rbasakOK, uploaded11:39
rbasakThank you for working on this!11:39
rbasakWe'll need to wait for a (different) SRU team member next.11:39
MontresorThanks for looking into this.11:39
Montresor(I also do a lot of uploads to a mini-dinstall repo and some uploads to an aptly repo.)11:40
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