ltorvalds024I tried reinstalling php by remove all the packages and systemd service, but now if I install it again, systemd service cannot be found07:09
ltorvalds024can someone please tell me how can I install it from scratch again?07:09
tewardsdeziel: rbasak: one of the ways we can 'debug' these local conf problems in nginx like we're seeing is extend the apport hook to include the complete set of configurations - `nginx -T` - that's in place in an install, the only *hazards* of this is that it may have identifiable information in the configuration (IPs, hostnames, etc.) in them.  But a full config dump does help to ID issues like the latest bug that was filed.  Thoughts?13:57
sdezielteward: I find the existing apport collected stuff to be enough to quickly ID a problem.  That is mostly because the nginx.service has a "nginx -t" call which provides useful logging13:58
tewardbut usually when debugging these in #nginx I end up having to ask the user to provide their whole config13:59
sdezielteward: I personally have no problem with the existing method and would have concerns to collect people's configs automatically13:59
tewardyeah that's one of the concerns I have too13:59
sdezielteward: true, I don't deal with as many as you do13:59
tewardjust thinking ;)13:59
tewardwow 30s between the message here and it pinging my phone, geez.  I think irccloud is having a Bad Day xD14:00
sdezielyeah, the idea is nice but the automatic part of it might causes privacy issues14:00
tewardtrue.  we can always just ask users to attach the output of `nginx -T` if we really need it, then let them sanitize it14:01
teward... someone send me coffee, its cold and hot hot coffee would be appreciated today14:01
sdezielhehe, I didn't knew there was a "-T" variant, thx!14:01
sdezielin this bug report case, since it was on Groovy, I ended up starting a lxd container to make sure it was not a new issue but even with that extra step, I only spent 2-3 minutes so I'm satisfied with the overall bug triage experience we already have. Thanks for thinking about ways to improve it anyway14:04
tewardwell they upgraded focal -> groovy14:14
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tewardwhich unless you did THAT in a container too, might be a factor14:14
tewardshouldn't be but could be14:14
sdezielIIRC, they started at 18.1014:16
sdezielno way I'm going to do that ;)14:16
teward> Occurred when upgrading from Focal to Groovy14:17
tewardbut you're right they started at 18.1014:17
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arch-nemesisHello, all. Are there boot options on the ubuntu 20.04.1 iso image other than "autoinstall"? I have a configuration in which servers are booted from pxe and installed with subiquiti "autoinstall" and cloud-config. This works well. But I want to add an additional menu to just boot into a live environment for troubleshooting purposes. Without any boot options, subiquit is launched16:31
arch-nemesisautomatically. I know I can just hit ctrl-z to get out of it, but other people might not be informed of this when they need to troubleshoot.16:31
arch-nemesisI can't seem to find a list of boot parameters aside from the guide for setting up auto-installation. Poking around in the casper directory has been pretty fruitless also, and I am just not sure where to look.16:32
rbasakarch-nemesis: I'm not sure but I don't think there's any supported boot option to give you a shell instead of subquity. You might be able to hack something together, but I don't know how.16:43
rbasakYou could file a feature request against subquity to add that.16:44
arch-nemesisokay, thanks, rbasak!16:48
rbasakarch-nemesis: also see https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/server-installer-plans-for-20-04-lts/13631 - you might want to add a post there16:55
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sdezielpowersj: big thanks for https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-ldap really valuable doc!19:10
powersjsdeziel, thanks, glad the server guide is getting used :) although I think ahasenack deserves the praise for the most recent updates19:12
sdezielahasenack: thanks!19:13
sdezielI've never really touched LDAP but I need to do an OpenLDAP migration. Let's say the detailed explanations in the docs are going to make my life so much easier19:14
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