jrwrenTIL of the existance of Trisquel14:06
jrwrenan ubuntu derivative with a mate desktop14:07
cmaloneyYou must not have renewd your FSF membership lately.14:07
cmaloneythey're all about the Trisquel14:07
jrwrenoh really?!? so it is also a GNU variant?14:08
jrwrenno non-free by default eh?14:08
cmaloneyYeah, since 200814:10
jrwrenha!  oh wow.14:11
jrwrenUbuntu-purge: a set of scripts that clean up the main upstream repositories, removing non-free packages and branding.14:11
jrwrenyeah, really interesting. started off as a Galican language distro and evolved.14:12
cmaloneytfw your newly-written tests pass and you change it to fail just to ensure that they're working14:15

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