OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: re, installing man pages... It seems we install studio-controls.1 in man1/ but if I look at the installed file it is studio-controls.1.gz04:56
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]:  so how did it get from one to the other? There is mention of a mandb command, is that what happens? or is there something else?04:58
OvenWerksI guess for that matter, if the text is still the same the .gz doesn't matter. Does the man command do the actual formatting?04:59
OvenWerksI guess it doesn't matter05:00
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: I think I have answered my own question05:00
OvenWerks if I just install the raw text the system may at some later time gz it. So I just have to make sure the uninstall command removes studio-controls.*05:02
OvenWerksOK, so mandb does not seem to compress the file does some other debtool do that?05:07
RikMillsFYI, Qt 5.15 is probably going to starting landing in proposed later today14:06
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Yeah, debhelper does the compression automatically for any manpages it finds.14:17
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Good news!14:17
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: in controls, the lib dir has gone... err well moved to usr/lib16:10
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Sounds good, should be an easy packaging change once we get to it.16:10
OvenWerksmake install will put everything in /usr/local by default but the usual parameters will put it in /usr... but for deb that is probably not needed because everything is in a tree already16:11
Eickmeyer[m]Only thing is that if dh sees a makefile it'll try using it.16:12
OvenWerksa makefile saves me having to deal with command line parameters16:13
Eickmeyer[m]Honestly, it shouldn't matter so long as everything ends up where it's supposed to. In the case of dh, it should throw the build into debian/studio-controls, which should get picked-up easily.16:15
Eickmeyer[m]TL;DR: I don't think it'll be a factor16:15
Eickmeyer[m]In fact, it might even eliminate the need for d/studio-controls.install16:16
OvenWerksIt does try to create links where needed16:17
Eickmeyer[m]Which eliminates the need for d/studio-controls.links (if we even have it).16:17

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