BluesKajHi all11:30
sheytanHi! Just fresh installed 20.10 and can't satify dependencies for Google Chrome, why is that guys?!18:20
sheytannever before have i had this :D18:20
krytarikI'd guess they haven't updated it for 20.10 yet.18:21
sheytanOk, force installing it and it works18:24
RikMillsinstalls fine here on 20.1018:24
sheytanany news about plasma 5.20 in backports for groovy?20:14
santa_that would need a backport of qt 5.15 and that's complicated, so no, no news20:29
santa_RikMills: FYI I plan to create the hirsute branches and update the metadata20:29
santa_because I would like to move my build server to hirsute and it would be convenient to have that in advance20:30
RikMillssheytan: the required Qt 5.15 is only just starting to land in proposed for hirsute, so it will be a little while. and then, normal backports is unlikely20:30
RikMillssanta_: fine by me20:30
RikMillssanta_: I think plasma is done for that though20:31
santa_I think I will update the remaining things, let me check what we have...20:32
santa_I'm pushing kubuntu_hirsute_archive for frameworks on top of kubuntu_groovy_archive (that's fw 5.74)20:36
RikMillsfyi, at least kxmlgui will have been rebuilt for new Qt20:38
santa_sure, I will need to sync some packages in git, even if no-change rebuilds20:41
santa_frameworks seems fine20:49
santa_plasma seems fine, but we are lacking plasma-disks20:49
santa_and plasma-nano (we should probably ship it) and plasma-phone-components (I don't know if we should package this or not)20:50
santa_RikMills: what about applications? do you mind if I create the remaining hirsute branches? only a few packages seem to have it20:51
RikMillssanta_: do it. I had started to sync/merge apps that showed on merge-o-matic, but then the Qt transition started, so I just bailed20:53
RikMillssanta_: yes, plasma-discs needs doing 20:54
RikMillsoh ffs! lol20:55
santa_pushing the apps branches, I will update the metadata once it's done20:56
santa_from there I should be able to continue to update my tritemio instance on groomlake and start the test rebuilds which would detect things out-of-sync20:57
santa_metadata update21:14
santa_everything should be in place (or almost in place)21:14
santa_now we have a starting point21:15

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