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MoeMothank you04:00
lubotVPMK was added by: VPMK04:23
lubot<VPMK> Is it possible to install Lubuntu and keep all the applications/files/settings I have currently set up with Ubuntu?04:24
lubot<VPMK> So basically have a seemless switch to Ubuntu without re installing and configuring my whole setup04:24
guiverc@VMPK, you didn't specify a release, but using Manual Partitioning, selecting your existing partitions, no format, will cause packages to be noted, system direcotries wiped, new system installed, then for most releases your prior packages installed (post-install) will be re-added if available for new release.  User directory isn't touched (unless you format).04:45
guivercNote: Ubuntu is GTK+ so some packages you may have added may not be the best choice for a LXQt (Qt5) based Lubuntu, but it'll achieve what you're asking for (even if not always the best option)04:46
guiverc^ @VPMK04:47
lubot<VPMK> This would be 20.04.1 > 20.04.1 and I am trying to keep both Ubuntu and Lubuntu, is it still possible?04:55
lubot<VPMK> I want to set up a tri-boot basically04:55
lubot<VPMK> Currently I have dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu04:55
guiverc@VPMK, You can have multiple desktops installed (my own system started as a Ubuntu install long ago; it has lubuntu-desktop & xubuntu-desktop added to it).  I select at login which DE I want to use (ie. Ubuntu (GNOME), Lubuntu (LXQt) or Xubuntu (XFCE)), or you can have dual boot with two GNU/linuxes & windows.. pro's & con's to both.. Myself I like the multiple-desktop installs, but it adds complexity & bloat & menus can be more complex (a lot06:12
guivercmore choices..)06:12
lubot<VPMK> Hmm ok thanks for the info06:33
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wabi41My xsession crashes almost everyday18:54
wabi41I got this from the log:18:54
wabi41Oct 28 13:56:55 rastiazul-pc kernel: [680386.017061] traps: Core[16724] general protection fault ip:7f8680742b76 sp:7f8673df9a30 error:0 in libc-2.30.so[7f868071e000+178000]Oct 28 13:56:55 rastiazul-pc com.deepin.dde.Notification[912]: 2020-10-28, 13:56:55.688 [Warning] [ 0] The X11 connection broke (error 1). Did the X11 server die?The18:54
lubot<kc2bez> This channel is for Lubuntu support. It looks like you need Ubuntu DDE support.18:55
lubot<teward001> looks more like you need Deepin Linux support18:56
lubot<teward001> *points at `com.deepin`*18:57
wabi41I dont have DDE18:57
lubot<teward001> according to that error you do.  but either way you don't have Lubuntu I don't think.18:58
wabi41I do have Lubuntu18:58
wabi41I dont know why it says dde there, I had to look it up just now to find out what that meant18:59
lubot<kc2bez> What version of Lubuntu do you have?19:00
lubot<teward001> and where did you get it from (when you installed it)19:00
wabi41I originally installed 19.10 from the main website I think. Now I might have a newer one19:01
lubot<kc2bez> I hope so. 19.10 is EOL.19:01
lubot<kc2bez> https://lubuntu.me/lubuntu-19-10-end-of-life-and-current-support-statuses/19:02
lubot<N0um3n0> @wabi41 [<wabi41> Oct 28 13:56:55 rastiazul-pc kernel: [680386.017061] traps: Core[16724] …], Is notification package from dde19:02
wabi41thats probably why Im getting that error19:03
lubot<teward001> which is what we said19:03
lubot<N0um3n0> https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/18.04/ubuntu-universe-amd64/deepin-notifications_3.1.2-1_amd64.deb.html19:03
lubot<teward001> but dde is Deepin Desktop Environment, so unless you explicitly installed it yourself, that's not an Lubuntu package19:03
lubot<N0um3n0> Is in Ubuntu universe repo19:04
wabi41Im trying to upgrade but I dont have enough space. Can I use the space on a pen drive for the upgrade?19:25
wabi41thank you20:31
nerdhow do i set themes in lxqt21:45
nerdi mean how do i get new themes21:46
nerdi installed some new ones and put them in the .themes directory but i cant see them as a choice in the qt theme selector21:46
lubot<N0um3n0> @nerd [<nerd> i installed some new ones and put them in the .themes directory but i can …], copy folders to /usr/share/lxqt/ themes/ or ~/.local/share/lxqt/themes directory.21:48
nerdoh ok21:49

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