ComputerTechk got it working00:09
wolfzratawesome dude00:15
jimklogreetings using ubuntu 18.04, i'm trying to figure out how to do smb mounts for fuse mounts, and running into all kinds of issues wondering if there is a right way to do this?00:21
jimklothis is roughly what I've tried https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SqJ3t2m7xF/00:23
davido_How can I troubleshoot issues with a Wacom tablet on Ubuntu 20.04? The behavior is that the Wacom Tablet settings in the Gnome Settings tool have no effect on the tablet: absolute vs relative, map to monitor, letterbox, etc. No effect.00:25
wolfzrat@davido_: hi perhaps this link can guide you from here on00:36
davido_i'll review, thanks00:37
davido_I've got a centos 7 box on an older kernel that doesn't flinch but my Ubuntu 20.10 system is unhappy with it.00:38
davido_(sorry for previouisly mentioning 20.04)00:38
davido_Figured it out. This is a bug.01:00
davido_If I use xsetwacom set $id MapToOutput $display, and use the pad ID, it doesn't work. If I use the stylus ID, it works.01:01
davido_The gnome settings tool is mapping the pad ID. The setting needs the stylus ID to be mapped to a display.01:01
davido_That's backwards from every bit of online documentation I find.01:02
davido_However, I'm not quite sure how to describe that bug, nor do I have any idea who to submit it to. But I can work around it with a script at least.01:02
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k_szeFor servers, what are compelling reasons to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04?02:46
sarnoldnewer zfs, newer qemu, newer libvirt, newer openstack packages, newer dpdk, newer python3, newer ceph..02:50
sarnoldalso check the release notes for the previous three releases, there might be stuff on them too02:50
deus6doubt regarding Gnome(version 3.36.3) in Ubuntu (20.04.1 LTS). Whenever you hover over any app icon, it shows an option: "Launch using dedicated Graphics Card" . How can I make this action default?03:12
sarnoldyou might be able to configure the onboard to not run at all? I'm not sure, I've never been brave enough to buy such a system :)03:13
deus6ok will see03:14
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b247_eugood moring everyone, need some help to install ungoogle-chromium on ubuntu 20.10, please help07:08
rk4what have you tried07:32
ducasseb247_eu: that's not really supported here, as it's not supplied by ubuntu07:35
anarhistHello. At this moment all of the browsers on my machine fail to play youtube videos. youtube-dl works, and when i go to the page for the video, i can see that it loads fine. but then i get the message "If playback doesn't begin, try restarting" I have rebooted the machine and restarted browser, i have gone into private mode and tried a new profile. i have noticed that before this has started i did a dist-upgrade and there were messages about adding cer07:57
anarhisttificates, so i have reinstalled all the ceritificates (apt-get install --reinstall ca-certificates) i have then rebooted but still the problem remains07:57
anarhistthe problem went away for 30 seconds one time after i have shut down the machine and all routers, i have then waited a little bit and started everything back up again. but then very quickly it stopped working after playing one adert on a video07:59
anarhisti am on xubuntu 18.0407:59
guivercanarhist, I can't imagine what would cause that; do you have the same issue if you use *live* media (eg. Xubuntu on thumb-drive and using Try Xubuntu)08:09
anarhistguiverc, wow, i didn't quite go that far yet. i guess that i can wait for the problem to magically go away, if it doesn't i'll try playing around with that. for now i guess i can try another computer, i do have it handy, and maybe load up something on a smartphone... to see if it is an issue with youtube in my house or my setup08:12
anarhistok, i think the problem is completely different. vimeo also doesn't work, and local videos play with no sound08:14
guiverclive media is usually a good idea, it uses the same hardware, but being a different OS/system (even if just uninstalled version, it'll still have a somewhat different config)  if it works there, but not your installed system, it's likely a config issue (creating a new user would be my next test after live)08:15
anarhistaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! it was a problem with the wrong sound profile being selected08:15
guiverc:)  easily fixed then08:15
anarhistyeah, just about an hour an a half08:16
anarhistand asking on #seamonkey (my browser), #xubuntu, and here... getting whole bunch of people helping me... and rebooting a whole bunch of times08:16
anarhisteasy fix!08:17
anarhistif somebody wants to know, it was the fact that surround sound was selected as a profile, but i have no surround sound08:17
anarhistit probably couldn't connect some audio stream or something08:18
guivercanarhist, I suspect the audio (with surround signal encoded) was sent to your speakers wasn't understood so they remained silent, but that's just a guess08:23
anarhistand the browser refused to play the video at all, until the sound was fixed08:24
anarhistthat was the strange part08:24
anarhistbut now i know08:24
guivercokay, that sounds more like it was in the OS (not speakers)08:24
anarhisti guess it is something similar to how youtube videos stop playing when i get a skype call08:25
anarhistthere is some detection mechanism somewhere08:25
pikapikaSound is a very subtle and complex subject08:29
b0ulderHey :)08:35
b0ulderanyone experience using usb-c docking stations with laptops running ubuntu? I08:35
b0ulderI am wondering if I need to get a vendor specific station (eg. lenovo) one or if there is a acceptable solution for most vendors, which works with linux08:36
pikapikaI have heard docking stations are quite expensive08:37
b0ulderthat is not my biggest concern actually08:45
zaggynlhowdy, I work with laptops/docks at work, I could give this a test08:47
rk4b0ulder: sure, w/ a new thinkpad w/ doc. works fine for charging and as a usb hub, sound/video didnt work when i tried08:52
b0ulder@rk4 well, I would consider video the most important feature using a dock :D08:54
b0ulder@zaggynl have you tried startech models or vendor speccific ones?08:55
rk4b0ulder: oh, and the doc eth works fine, comes up as a second nic which is neat08:56
tatertotsb0ulder: since there are different "modes" of USB-C supported by each chipset/card you'll have no concrete way of knowing what a docking station will support until you actually physically own one09:07
tatertotsb0ulder: your computer may or may not support video over USB-C09:08
b0ulderso I'll choose a docking station with my preferred peripherals and then search for compatibility issues09:08
b0ulderbut those may also depend on the linux-client as well I suppose...09:09
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maxupphey folks, i'm having a bit of a weird one. I'm on a fresh kubuntu install, and no matter which mirror i chose, apt update always runs into some errors11:23
maxuppand pretty much all attempts to install packages via apt result in no installation candidate11:24
maxuppi have even set the mirror list to the example one from the docs, same result11:24
maxuppletting the software-sources app chose a mirror let's it pick an ftp one, which isn't supported by default, whole different issue11:25
maxuppany ideas what's going on here?11:25
maxuppi guess the apt mirrors are jsut broken again at the moment11:28
maxupplinux really isn't what it oncec was11:29
Deano59maxupp: mirrors are fine here. do you *have* a working Internet connection?11:29
Deano59can you ping?11:30
maxuppjust pinged
BluesKajHi all11:30
Deano59can you ping the apt source? the http one?11:30
maxupparchive.ubuntu.com is pingable11:32
maxuppapt update works for the most part, it's just some essential ones that fail11:33
Deano59maxupp: you probably have an outdated/broken repo. try and remove the one's that *don't* work.11:34
Deano59so it IS working: "apt update works for the most part,"11:34
maxupplike i said, runs into some errors11:35
Deano59maxupp: what "errors" ?11:35
maxuppHash Sum  mismatches11:35
maxuppfor essentials like focal/main11:35
Deano59our crystal ball isn't working today.11:35
maxuppi can't exactly remove the main repos, can I11:36
Deano59good luck.11:36
maxupplike i wrote, i'm gettin hash mismatches no matter what mirror i pick11:37
Deano59our crystal ball isn't working today.11:37
maxuppand noone asked what errors, in fact noone said anything at all until i started spuoting bullshit11:38
Deano59are you lost, maxupp? are you okay?11:38
Deano59again, we need exact "errors"11:39
Deano59our crystal ball isn't working today.11:39
maxuppit's the internet... quickest way to get the right answer is posting the wrong one11:39
maxuppof course apt repos are fine11:40
maxuppbut it made you pipe up, didn't it11:40
Maikmind stop fooling around guys? Thanks in advance11:40
Deano59Maik: ?11:40
Deano59whatcha on about, Willis.11:40
Maikseeing too much irrelevant nonsense11:41
maxupplol, thx grandpa11:41
Deano59Maik: maxupp is trolling....11:41
imihi. is there a top-like command which displays hdd bandwidth utilization instead of cpu utilization?11:42
EoflaOEimi: Does iotop suit you?11:42
maxuppiotop works as well11:42
rk4yee ol and already installed vmstat 1 has a blocks in/out field too11:43
imiEoflaOE: it does. thank you.11:43
EoflaOEYou're welcome imi. Have a nice day!11:44
xtaowhen you have something that constantly crashes every time you boot the PC and you get the "a problem has been detected, do you want to report it?" is it better to only click on yes once and then click on cancel every other time, or just click on yes every time. wondering if that annoys anyone if you're constantly reporting the same crash11:51
maxuppnoone looks at these anyway, don't bother11:52
xtaoheh. well yes that's one way of looking at it11:52
guivercxtao, if the crash gets uploaded, a .uploaded gets added to the /var/crash directory indicating it's been uploaded & you'll not get prompted again.  the repeated prompt means it couldn't upload, or upload failed.11:52
xtaoahh. yes there's no .uploaded, only .crash11:53
guivercI disagree maxupp, they are monitored mainly by the system which records how many users hit the issue, thus the 'heat' of particular bugs.. uploading is important & valuable11:53
xtaoso if it changes to .uploaded and then another crash of the same pricess happens, it *won't* prompt to upload the new crash because it already has the .uploaded ?11:54
maxuppnot that anyone cares, but the hash mismatch issue stemmed from Hyper V being running on the VM Host11:56
guivercYou can refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for more details, if `ubuntu-bug /var/crash/[filename].crash` fails, I often re-try with `sudo ubuntu-bug..` (which I don't believe should be necessary, but I've had it work on rare occasion where it fails without sudo)  then `rm` the crash file if it's still annoying me..11:59
guivercxtao, ^11:59
DescriptionedHello, my wireless mouse it takes to long to respond after ubuntu 20.04 lts starts up..... And if anyone knows any player/program that will allow me to cast from my laptop to my TV movies, ive see few programs have it as a built in option like "Popcorn-time" i dont see why its so difficult to find a way without the need to spent money to buy something.12:03
Descriptionedanyone alive?12:14
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Maik!patience | Descriptioned12:17
ubottuDescriptioned: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/12:17
ducasseDescriptioned: vlc can cast to a chromecast12:19
Rojolahow can I get an IP address from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh for a moment?12:22
Rojolaany free VPN / Proxy options out there?12:22
Rojolathere is a website that is unwilling to serve me from abroad12:23
ducasseRojola: that's not an ubuntu question, find an appropriate channel with !alis12:23
Rojoladucasse, well, it should work on Ubuntu12:25
Rojolaa windows app won't help me12:25
ducassefirst of all, free vpn/proxy has nothing to do with ubuntu, second we don't support bypassing site restrictions12:26
semighostIf I, in theory, had a RISC-V computer, could I install ubuntu on it, and run a browser and office suite?12:38
Descriptionedducasse: so i need to buy chromecast ??12:43
BluesKajDescriptioned, or use a wired connection like hdmi12:46
DescriptionedBluesKaj: i have hdmi cable but need to buy a longer one and its more comfortable if you have the laptop near you..12:48
DescriptionedBluesKaj: how is possible Popcorn-Time have it built in to cast the video on tv via WIFI ...12:49
BluesKajDescriptioned, you probly need something like a TV that can receive wifi or as ducasse suggested, something like a chromecast12:52
DescriptionedBluesKaj: i have smart tv, laptop and tv are connected on same wifi network,12:56
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ducasseDescriptioned: many smart tvs have chromecast support built in. you need some kind of hardware to receive the cast. another option is dlna if your tv supports it13:03
Descriptionedducasse: my tv dont have chromecast build in13:03
ducassecheck if it supports dlna13:03
ducasse(can also be labelled upnp)13:04
ograsemighost, you could ... though i doubt yu will find Risc-V systems with proper graphics chips yet ...13:05
ducasseDescriptioned: popcorn time uses either chromecast or dlna, so same thing there13:05
semighostgood point ogra13:07
Descriptionedducasse: i can't find dlna , my tv model is Samsung UE55NU717013:08
Descriptionedducasse: it have dlna built in.13:09
ducasseDescriptioned: if you select "Apps" in the menu on your tv, you don't see "media player" or "dlna"?13:10
Descriptionedducasse: no nothing13:12
Descriptionedonly dplay/apple music and e-manual13:12
ducasseDescriptioned: do you have a bluray player? many of them support dlna13:13
Descriptionedducasse: no, but the tv have dlna built in13:13
ducasseDescriptioned: that is what i was asking13:14
ducasseDescriptioned: then set up a dlna server with your media library, and use that13:14
ducasseDescriptioned: try minidlna13:15
Descriptionedducasse: how ?13:15
Descriptionedok thanks man13:15
ducasseDescriptioned: https://askubuntu.com/questions/817500/how-to-set-up-a-dlna-server-on-ubuntu-14-0413:16
Descriptionedducasse: thanks! <313:16
ducassei've got to go in a minute, but will be back in 20 minutes or so if you run into issues13:16
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regedithello, trying to block a spambot pummeling our site, i added the IP address to ufw but apache access logs still filling up fast with that IP address attempt...13:52
regeditis order important in ufw? i see [1] OpenSSH ALLOW then [2] Apache Full ALLOW then [3] Anywhere DENY <IP ADDRESS>13:52
jpdsregedit: Yes, order is very importand in a firewall13:55
bubbleroops sry13:55
regeditjpds: so uh, in this case does it mean everyone is allowed to access apache, and the DENY comes up too late?13:55
regedithow do i make it the right order13:56
jpdsregedit: Yes13:56
jpdsregedit: You'll have to make a rule before the apache full allow to deny their IP13:56
regediti basically just googled a command of how to add a deny for ip address, is there a command for shifting the order around?13:57
regeditor specifying what order the deny should be place at?13:57
jpdsregedit: Read the ufw manpage13:57
qwertuttyty20.10 U-Mate. 2 HDD MBR. Start the installer with ubiquity -b then install grub manually using a chroot. https://ibb.co/KNtDjH2 https://ibb.co/Vp8FGV5 https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J6tdwPw8ZJ/ What was done wrong or was everything done right?14:00
qwertuttytyStart the installer with ubiquity -b then install grub manually using a chroot - ok14:00
qwertuttytyStart the installer with ubiquity -b then install grub manually using a chroot. Installation done - ok14:02
qwertuttytyVB start as efi14:03
EriC^^1 sec14:05
EriC^^qwertuttyty: ok, which partition is the root fs filesystem?14:07
qwertuttytyext4 boot14:12
qwertuttytybtrfs /14:12
qwertuttytyWhat are the thoughts on this?14:27
qwertuttytyI think it will also be on a real PC.14:30
qwertuttytytwo HDD created as MBR14:34
Sven_vBI'm trying to run a Win32 program in wine on an Ubuntu focal 64bit and it seems to have random failures at interprocess communication. could this be because its process ID (as seen by ps, i.e. from outside wine) exceeds 2^32?14:40
Descriptionedducasse: minidlna to share my videos and screen to the smart tv is a mess cant make it work.. its any other program ?14:43
SergeHi there, I am trying to use some of the APIs provided by the latest linux kernel in Ubuntu (specifically the fanotify api). I have installed the new kernel (5.9) and the headers. However, when I go to recompile my program in gcc, I the new headers are not "visible" to gcc.14:43
ducasseDescriptioned: you might find kodi easier, but use the one in the team-xbmc ppa, *not* the one in the repos14:43
SergeI am not very familiar with how gcc, the kernel headers, and glibc all fit together14:44
ducasseDescriptioned: we don't really support it, but the one in the repos is broken by debian14:44
SergeBut I have verified that there are new header files on my machine (located in /usr/src/linux-headers.../include). However, my /usr/include/x86.../sys/fanotify.h is still the old version. How can I update that so that I can use the new APIs provided by the kernel?14:45
Descriptionedim really disapointed from this, and that no so much issues or "missing things" was years back from ubuntu lol :14:46
SergeI have tried changing my program to include linux/fanotify.h instead of sys/fanotify.h but this results in a never-ending web of new dependencies that i have to pull in, so i think i'm doing something wrong.14:46
ducasseDescriptioned: i think there is some dlna support in gnome, but i've never tried it14:47
EriC^^qwertuttyty: what about sda? im confused why sdb and sda and why were you trying to install grub to sda?14:49
ograDescriptioned, https://snapcraft.io/upnp-server ... (sudo snap install upnp-server)14:54
qwertuttytyAnd what can't be installed on the sda grub? sdb mbr with windows. I need Windows to start without grub.14:54
qwertuttytysdb first partiion primary with Windows14:57
EriC^^qwertuttyty: but sdb has the ext4 and btrfs?14:57
EriC^^where is the primary partition of sdb? can you pastebin 'sudo parted -ls' qwertuttyty14:58
qwertuttytysdb first partiion primary with Windows next secondary ext4 partiton  and btrfs partiton - my PC real HDD15:00
peterbuldgeI have an encrypted luks partition on the same hdd as my main Kubuntu partition, Can I do a fresh install of kubuntu and still be to able decrypt the luks partion afterwards? Or there steps I need to take first? Meaning, is the LUKS encryption independent of the host OS? I am able to decrypt the partition from within a gparted livecd, and I know that sd cards and usb dries I've encrypted with LUKS in the past seem to work15:01
peterbuldgefine no matter what (linux) system I try them on.Would a full LUKS partition work the same way?15:01
qwertuttytysdb first partiion primary with Windows next secondary btrfs partiton  and ext4 partiton - my PC real HDD15:01
ducassepeterbuldge: all you need is the passphrase15:01
ducasseor key, if you use that15:02
peterbuldgeokay that's what i wanted to make\ sure of. thanks15:08
ducassepeterbuldge: to confirm, boot a live image and unluck the encrypted container15:09
peterbuldgeqwertuttyty:Yeah I've done that a couple times already with a gparted live disc15:14
peterbuldgeI'l try again through the Kubuntu live disc before I install anything15:15
EriC^^qwertuttyty: there's no windows on sdb15:25
qwertuttytyand no do as i on vb and see you cannot instaled u-mate 20.04 and 20.10 VB with efi15:27
qwertuttytyand no, do as i on vb and see you cannot installed u-mate 20.04 and 20.10 VB with efi15:27
qwertuttytyi chek and on real pc15:28
qwertuttytyI checked and on real PC15:29
qwertuttyty I checked and on real PC next i checked on VB15:30
qwertuttytyhumor. I'm writing with Windows. Trust me that the first section on sdb is Windows. it doesn't matter that on sdb in guest there is no first section primary with windows15:36
ztanehello, covid means lots of telecommuting.. I am envious of all my colleagues who have some kind of background censoring to their cameras and am trying to get the same for myself, hence fakecam, but snap fakecam just seem not to work at all... except for it runs, I've got loop camera device etc, and all I get is black on black on black :D16:29
ztaneanyone had success with it?16:31
YogaRolfHi. I am having trouble with Ubuntu. My screen is flickering. Is there anyone who would be so kind as to help me please?:)16:41
ThinkT510YogaRolf: what graphics card and drivers are you using?16:43
YogaRolfhi. I am not sure. Sorry16:43
YogaRolfhow  can i check that ?16:43
ThinkT510YogaRolf: lspci will list your pci devices. your graphics will be the line with VGA on it16:44
YogaRolf00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Stoney [Radeon R2/R3/R4/R5 Graphics] (rev e2)16:45
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YogaRolfthe flickering seems to have stopped for now hmm16:46
YogaRolfdunno why nuy16:46
ThinkT510YogaRolf: yup, that's your graphics card. if you open restricted drivers app that will show you wether there are any other drivers you can use16:46
YogaRolfhow do i open that?16:47
MaikYogaRolf: Additional Drivers16:48
ThinkT510if you are running standard ubuntu that would be gnome3. so you can open the applications in the top left and start typing16:48
YogaRolfok what do i type16:48
ThinkT510Maik: thanks for the clarification16:49
MaikYogaRolf: as i said16:49
MaikAdditional Drivers16:49
ThinkT510YogaRolf: as Maik said, the app is called additional drivers16:49
YogaRolfok thx16:49
YogaRolfi do not think he said that but ok16:49
Maik<YogaRolf> how do i open that?16:50
Maik<Maik> YogaRolf: Additional Drivers16:50
YogaRolfpress windows buttton first?16:50
YogaRolfit does not appear16:51
YogaRolfonly something quake16:51
Maikpretty sure it does, or you're not running Ubuntu16:52
YogaRolftriggerrallyogra and quakespasm appears when i type that16:52
MaikSoftware & Updates --> Additional Drivers16:52
YogaRolffound it!!16:53
Maikgreat :)16:54
ena3hi everyone, I can't seem to make my printer work since I changed ISP this morning. I configured it years ago with an ethernet connection but I can't seem to find how to connect to its web interface. Could anyone lend some help? The printer is a Samsung ML1630W17:19
ena3i tried connecting directyl the printer to my computer and running the "ip a" command, but it seems the printer has no IP assigned. I tried adding a manual address with the ubuntu network manager but it doesn't let me save the configuration17:23
leftyfbena3: your issue is a printer issue, nothing to do with ubuntu. You'll need to find out from your router or from the printer itself which ip it has. Also, plugging in the printers ethernet directly to your computer will not help you discover which ip it's getting from the network when plugged into the network17:31
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ena3@leftyfb oh, ok. I figured I might ask here as I didn't manage to give it an address with the ubuntu network manager. I'm completely out of options and I didn't know where to ask. Do you have an idea where I might get help with this?17:41
leftyfbena3: you did not gave an ip address to your printer using network manager on your computer. You gave your computer an ip address on the port that you plugged into the printer directly.17:42
leftyfbena3: it's best if you read the documentation on your printer to learn how to manager it's network settings17:42
zero4Hello! Why whenever I use "-j ufw-user-input" in ufw rules (e.g. after.rules), ufw crashes on reload with "ERROR: Could not load logging rules" and the only fix is to "iptables -F && iptables -X"? I also tried "-j ufw-before-input" and while stuff seemingly works, restarting the machine yields no internet access until I disable ufw.17:43
zero4 Here's a super simple noop example that causes the above errors: https://hastebin.com/ebacolesoj.rb17:44
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ena3@leftyfb I managed to access my printer's interface thanks to your advice. I apologize for disturbing this channel, and thank you again for your time18:07
zero4How come I can't reference "ufw-user-input" from "after.rules"? I get "no such file or directory" even though "user.rules" which defines the chain runs before mine19:08
arif-aliHey all, is there a way to find out why a package may have not been published in focal, but has been in bionic, groovy and now hirsute based om rmadison?20:01
arif-alimore specifically, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/arm64/salt-minion20:01
sarnoldarif-ali: the publishing history page on the source package has the notes https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/salt/+publishinghistory20:08
sarnold"remove salt, left in focal-proposed after release"  and "removed from testing (Debian bug #930178), blocks python-augeas by autopkgtest regression" are the reasons20:08
ubottuDebian bug 930178 in systemd "salt-master: install fails if salt-minion was installed first" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/93017820:08
sarnoldhmm, that debian bug claims to be fixed in january.. I'm not sure20:09
arif-alisarnold: thanks for that :)20:09
arif-alisarnold: yeah that was version 2018.3.4, but there isn't an explanation for newer releases, other than the most recent one saying "remove salt, left in focal-proposed after release"20:13
sarnoldyeah :( you could ask doko about it, but it's not in -release, for whatever reason..20:14
arif-alicool, I'll ping him, when he's online20:19
Aavar_I am running out of space on / (i have a separate /home). How can I diagnose and remove something?20:19
sarnoldAavar_: ncdu -x /   is very handy20:20
Aavar_sarnold: Tnx, i'll try that20:22
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dbuggerHello everyone20:32
dbuggerI have an issue, when trying to pair my bluetooth keyboard (Logitech MX Keys) through a bluetooth dongle. The "Enter PIN" dialogue menu comes, but no matter how many times I try to input my PIN, the dialogue does not go away. It never pais. Does anyone know why?20:33
sarnolddbugger: I wonder, is there a cancel button? what happens if you just hit that?20:37
dbuggersarnold, pressing the cancel button does not close the dialogue20:38
dbuggerALT+F4 does, though20:38
sarnoldoh weird20:38
dbuggerI posted my question here, btw20:38
dbuggerYou can find more details about the problem20:38
dbuggerI even put a bounty on the question, since i was getting no answers20:38
sarnoldtwo months :( ouch20:39
sarnoldis there a numpad on this keyboard?20:39
sarnoldtry toggling numpad switch?20:39
_Sym_maybe try building a newer kernel20:40
codecutterI thought I had cron set up to handle auto renewal for letsencrypt ssl but I am now getting expiration notice email to renew ssl20:44
mgedmincodecutter: check /var/log/letsencrypt to see if renewals failed20:45
mgedmincodecutter: also if you change the set of domain names covered by a cert, you get these misleading expiration notices20:45
codecutteri did not change anything20:45
mgedminor you could run certbot renew manually to see how it fails20:46
dbuggersarnold, i tried both... nothing20:46
donofriowhat is the ubuntu management tool for enterprise called, not spacewalk?20:46
codecutteri have so many files in directory20:47
mgedmindonofrio: landscape?20:47
codecuttermgedmin which file?20:47
donofriodid it come from spacewalk? or another open source project?20:48
mgedmincodecutter: every certbot invocation creates a new /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log; old logs get rodated and get numerical suffixes20:48
mgedmincodecutter: I usually do sudo ls -lrt /var/log/letsencrypt, find the last large log file, read that one20:49
mgedmin(small log files are from certbot renew running and noticing it has nothing to renew)20:49
Maikdonofrio: no20:50
Maikhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landscape_(software)  https://landscape.canonical.com/20:50
codecuttermgedmin https://pastebin.com/FAXu7vbs (example.com = myhost.com)20:52
mgedminspacewalk seems very redhat-oriented20:53
mgedmincodecutter: our guess was right: the renewals are failing20:54
mgedminif you want to see _why_, you'll have to read the entire log, not just the last 13 lines20:55
mgedminit's a damn shame #letsencrypt was shuttered down20:55
mgedminthe support is now on https://community.letsencrypt.org/20:56
Maikmgedmin: it is and came out a year after Landscape: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacewalk_(software)20:56
mgedminanyway, the http-01 authorization failure shows that your web server is incorrectly configured20:56
mgedmincodecutter: what authorization plugin are you using?  if you don't know, you can look it up in /etc/letsencryt/renewals/*.conf20:58
mgedmincodecutter: also, what web server are you running?  apache?  nginx?  something else?20:58
codecutteras reverse proxy20:58
mgedminand the auth plugin ... ?20:58
mgedmingrep authenticator /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/*.conf20:59
codecutterauthenticator = nginx20:59
mgedminthat sounds right, and since I primarily use apache, I don't think I can help you21:00
mgedmintry asking on https://community.letsencrypt.org/21:01
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fradif I upgrade to 20.10 and I pause it while it downloads new packages or turn off the computer, do I have to start from scratchor will the system just keep downloading from the last package?21:36
tomreynfrad: you shoudn't try to pause or interrupt the release upgrade.21:39
Bashing-omfrad: If release upgrading and you turn off the computer while in that process - you are likely to face a clean fresh install. The file system for 20.10 might then be very inconsistent :(21:39
OtterCoderHello! Is there a way to set a $PATH for a .desktop file? I've got a binary set correctly in the $PATH in .bashrc, and while it works when I use bash, it's not reading when I open Sublime Text via icon.21:41
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tomreynOtterCoder: maybe something along these lines would work:   Exec=env PATH="$PATH:my extra path" someprogram21:47
dbuggerI have a weird issue in 20.04. I am doing "sudo apt install v4l2loopback", but I am getting an "Unable to locate package" message. Does anyone know how to solve this?21:47
tomreynOtterCoder: or, if expanding $PATH won't work like this, you can try this instead: Exec=sh -c "env PATH=\"$PATH:my extra path\" someprogram"21:49
mgedminOtterCoder: if you set your custom path in ~/.profile rather than ~/.bashrc, it should be loaded by your GUI session21:55
OtterCoderThat last one did the trick. Thank you!21:57
fradafter upgrading, must I reboot asap or can i do it later?22:41
Bashing-omfrad: depends on what you had running and want restarted with the new configurations.22:43
fraddon't understand. The whole system was running22:43
Bashing-omfructose: If there is nothing that you need to restart at this time - then one can reboot at some later time.23:05
mgedminit's a good idea to reboot sooner rather than later23:07
mgedmine.g. screen locking doesn't work until you reboot23:07
fradis xsysinfo like sysinfo but for x environments?23:10
Pr070calhi guys i never came back to let you know how i did with 20.10 and overlayroot23:34
Pr070calright if you want an os partition structure like android read only os /system and rw /data so if you wipe the device you upgrade your device system is updated but data is not wiped so all your apps are still there but os is wiped and updated23:36
Pr070calyou need overlayroot edit /etc/overlay.conf23:36
Pr070calput that line at the bottom of the conf23:37
Pr070caland make 2 dirs overlay and overlay-workdir23:37
Pr070calon the partition in the conf23:37
Pr070caland it works after reboot and mounts for you23:38
Pr070calthats it23:38
Pr070calall changes to root are stored in overlay23:39
TJ-Pr070cal: are you assuming /home/ is on another file-system? how about /boot/ and /var/ ?23:39
Pr070calno /home /var and /boot are on /23:40
Pr070calis now readonly and changes are written to /dev/sdb1/overlay23:40
Pr070calif i wipe /dev/sda1 and install new os i then reinstall overlayroot edit the conf and all my programs and changes to / are reloaded after reboot23:42
Pr070calso i install os install overlayroot conf reboot install snort install iptables and everything is there if you wipe / and reinstall overlayroot23:43
TJ-Pr070cal: for that use-case I'm unclear of the benefit? if you're using overlayfs to maintain a pristine OS install and writing changes only to a separate backing device, then why would you need to wipe the *pristine* OS install and reinstall it?23:45
Pr070calto install a new os23:46
Pr070caland restore all your programs23:46
Pr070calwhen you reboot all your programs are installed23:46
TJ-Pr070cal: but *what* new OS? if you're using overlayroot then from the point you configure it any newly installed packages are in the backing store, but they are tightly integrated and depend on what is in the underlying read-only OS install. So if you change the underlying OS (which implies many many shared library dependencies will be broken) and then reinstate the loverlay, many applications in23:49
TJ-the overlay may fail to work correctly, and that may also affect programs in the new OS install too23:49
Pr070calok 20.04 wipe it install 20.1023:50
Pr070calok you might be right but how about snort ids takes ages to configure23:50
Pr070caland everytime you have to read everything23:51
Pr070calalso you have everything backedup no need to copy23:51
Pr070calplus os might stop working and you have to reinstall everything23:51
Pr070calall programs run from terminal and that all you need is the bin and the confs23:52
Pr070calthen a new version is a bin and confs23:52
Pr070calno system stuff that need to comply to the os23:52
Pr070calprogram version is independant to os23:53
TJ-Pr070cal: I'd do something more fine-grained - have separate (LVM) LVs for rootfs, /home/ /var/ /boot/ and /etc/ --- then I'd allow /etc/ to be an overlayfs and possibly /var/ (although that could also cause issues) and with /home/ being on a separate file-system it won't be affected by a replacement OS23:54
Pr070calworks on rpi too23:54
Pr070caland you can backup to cloud23:54
Pr070calalthough i havnt tried kubernetes on 20.10 yet23:54
TJ-Pr070cal: most executable binaries are dynamically linked to shared object libraries and they declare the exact version of the shared library they require. One of the main things that changes on a new OS release is the shared library versions increase as new functionality is added and older functionality removed23:55
Pr070caloh your right dependencies23:56
Pr070calbut then run upgrade23:56
Pr070calanyone used kubernetes23:57
TJ-so then your writable backing store is overwritten with files from the new OS ... but that might not work if core executables are already broken - seen that many times when core library versioning is broken23:57

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