MauroGaspari[m][Eickmeyer](https://matrix.to/#/@eickmeyer:matrix.org) do you know if there is something like shuffler (we have this in ubuntu budgie) in the Plasma world that we can add to ubuntu studio?00:21
MauroGaspari[m]I got used of the functionality and I think it would be awesome to have it.00:21
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: I've only ever played around with Budgie. What's shuffler?15:01
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: Tiling control app. https://ubuntubudgie.org/2020/09/development-update-on-window-shuffler/15:12
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: hi. once new Qt etc has landed, so you think we should have a chat about what kde/plasma priorities/wants/issues/etc studio may have? e.g. we currently have kubuntu specify changes/patches in some things, which we might want to do differently now we have 2 flavours using a KDE/plasma desktop and apps15:18
RikMills*do you 15:19
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Yeah, that sounds reasonable.15:20
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: There are actually KDE scripts that can be downloaded from within the system settings that should do that very thing.15:21
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: There are a few things I've noticed where it seems as though some KDE apps are hardcoded to refer to Kubuntu, such as Akregator and one other that escapes me off the top of my head. It would be nice if instead of hardcoding there could be config files that do the things that are done.15:23
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, Konversation.15:23
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: The only way I could override, in the case of Akregator (didn't try Konversation until it was too late) was to use /etc/skel (ew).15:32
RikMillsew indeed15:32
RikMillsI will have a think what might be done15:33
RikMillsmaybe patch for less default feeds, but have the kubuntu AND studio news ones and leave it at that15:35
* RikMills ponders15:35
OvenWerksRikMills: one thing I have noticed (with all DEs actually) is that log out does not actually kill the logind session.15:43
OvenWerksRikMills: for any of the reboot, shutdown options The DEs make a dbus call to systemd to do that but not for logout.15:44
OvenWerksRikMills: the correct call would be: systemctl --user start systemd-exit.service15:45
OvenWerksThe difference is that this is a user domain call instead of a system call.15:46
OvenWerksRikMills: the problem this causes is that an audio device may be locked by the never ended session and not accessable by the new login15:47
OvenWerksRikMills: I understand that this one is not obvious as very few people actually logout as one user and in as another.15:48
OvenWerksRikMills: also note that the dbus calls for reboot/shutdown are done as su root calls. A new dbus call in this context would not work as the call must be done as the user.15:50
OvenWerksI have briefly, looked at the code for xfce (I may have for plasma too) just enough to see that adding a dbus call along with the other dbus calls for reboot/logout would not work and would in fact need to be added to another file which I have not had time to trace down.15:55
OvenWerksin Studio we have added a hack where we have a systemd user service that when one of our indicators shuts down it calls systemctl --user start systemd-exit.service directly.15:57
OvenWerksthis is not optimal but it does work around the problem without having to fix every DE out there.15:59
OvenWerks(the gnome team seems to be espessially hard to tell anything... their menu config has been wrong sinse the start of XDG it seems)16:00

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