randomHello, I would need some help regarding setup of ardour 6 with jack on ubuntu studio, I have no playback (focusrite scralett)10:47
randomThanks in advance10:47
rghrandom how do you setup/start jack ?11:25
randomThanks for your answer :)11:26
randomI went through studio controls11:27
randomShould I use Qjackctl instead?11:27
randomWeird thing is that normally when jack is running I shouldn't be able to have playback from other apps like a browser.11:28
randomBut I have playback from youtube but no other website, and no playback within ardour11:28
randomI guess it means the issue doesn't come from my externar sound card setup11:29
randomJack Master device : USB Jack Master  /  USB device that should be Master : USB,0,0  /  Sample Rate : 48000  /  Buffer : 1024  /  Backend : alsa11:47
Karanhi could someone help me to know how to fix Ubuntu Studio OS problem, i have installed 20.10 but not able to use it is not showing proper graphic12:49
QuintaJoseAlguien que hable espaƱol15:32
QuintaJosei need help with a new installation...15:35
OvenWerkshmm nobody reads the title I would guess.16:05
OvenWerksrgh: maybe mention to people that more help is available daytime utc -0700 (PST) ...16:06
OvenWerksThe title does say 1500-0300 UTC is the most active time.16:07
Maikno one ever reads the topic when they enter a channel16:11
OvenWerksMaik: yup I agree... not many other options though16:14
OvenWerksmaybe have a bot look for joins and send a message to that user... could get anoying pretty quick though16:15
OvenWerksbesides, who reads bot messages...16:15
Maiknot a lot either i guess :)16:16
MauroGaspari[m]I am usually around when you guys sleep, but today was too busy16:17
OvenWerksMauroGaspari[m]: no problem.16:21
OvenWerkslast night seems to have been the most people I have seen asking questions in a while16:21
Maikit's not your fault, users should be more patient too and not leave after 2 to 3 minutes16:22
OvenWerksThe first of these people went to #ardour and got probably wrong info  :)  It looks like all they needed to do was hit the start/restart jack button16:23
corrinado[m]<Maik "it's not your fault, users shoul"> So much truth.16:28
rgh<corrinado[m] "So much truth."> I think new users don't understand how irc works.17:50
corrinado[m]You are right about that. No argument from me18:01
Eickmeyer[m]<rgh "I think new users don't understa"> This is why the links point to the Matrix rooms now. Lower barrier to entry.18:02
krytarikIsn't the main issue here the response time though?  Then how does it even matter what chat platform is used?18:08
Eickmeyer[m]krytarik: Fair point.18:18
sakrecoer[b]<krytarik "Isn't the main issue here the re"> a matrix user is more likely to station their session in the channel, hence giving other users a chance to answer a couple of hours later.23:39
sakrecoer[b]well.. i guess, we can always answer a couole hours later. but if the support seeker is gone after 68 seconds it's not reall6 worth it.23:41
sakrecoer[b]but it's not ideal either. it's equally easy to forget about that new matrix tab in the browser.23:44
* sakrecoer[b] is still holding high hopes for COI.23:44
sakrecoer[b]because email is simply the best23:45
* sakrecoer[b] sang the above in Tina Turner voice23:45

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