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nopi'm trying to connect to my xubuntu box from windows using turbovnc to get a 4k display... i can set the geometry and then apparently i have to use xrandr to set it again06:29
nopbut the screen appears scaled. in full-screen it's larger than the monitor and i can pan across it using the mouse.06:30
nopoh. it was a high-dpi setting on the windows side, regarding the client. nevermind.06:33
anarhisthello, i am running xubuntu 18.04 lts. today i have updated my computer after not updating it for a little while. i saw that there were things about adding certificate authorities. now youtube does not work07:04
anarhistwhen i say "does not work" it means that in differnt browsers i have a video loading up, but refusing to play07:05
diogenes_anarhist, in all browsers?07:05
anarhistdiogenes_, yes. diffrent browsers, including starting a new profile. including loading in private mode, etc07:06
anarhistyoutube-dl works, so i do have access to the video stream itself07:07
anarhistok, this is really strange. tor-browser is also not working07:09
pikapikaWayland might spell doom for umanity07:10
pikapikaanarhist, hows your clock?07:10
anarhist10:10 moscow time07:10
anarhistit is correct07:11
pikapikaI mean07:11
pikapikaIs your computers clock right07:11
pikapikaSometimes clock errors cause https and certificat eissues07:11
pikapikaStay safe out there07:11
anarhisti understood you, that is why i have stated my time, so that you would (if something is wrong) be able to tell me something like "it's 30 minutes past the hour now"07:12
anarhisti just last week came back from the largest lgbt festival in russia... safe is not my middle name, it is vladimirovich07:12
anarhistbut i still want my youtube to work07:13
anarhisti have restarted once. perhaps i'll turn the computer off, wait a little bit and turn it back on... just in case i'll restart the router07:13
anarhistbe back later, and report on the situation07:14
anarhistpikapika, restarting everything worked.. now i want to know what has happened. this was honestly weird07:18
anarhistfor fucks sake, it has started again07:19
pikapikaanarhist, can I ask on main ubuntu channel?07:42
anarhistpikapika, yeah, of course. i just thought it was better here07:42
pikapikaanarhist, https://askubuntu.com/questions/420860/problem-with-certificates07:43
pikapikathis says07:43
pikapikasudo apt-get install --reinstall ca-certificates07:43
pikapikaidk if it applies still07:43
pikapikalet me check if such a package is pre installed on my (perfectly normal working) installation07:44
pikapikadpkg -l | grep ca-certificates07:45
pikapikashows me a number of such packages07:45
pikapikamain one and one corresponding to -java and one for -mono07:45
pikapikaanarhist, check the installed status via dpkg -l | grep ca-certificates07:46
pikapikaif it isn't already installed, then you must probably follow the apt-get command above07:47
pikapika sudo apt-get install --reinstall ca-certificates07:47
anarhisti have ca-certificates, ca-certificates-mono and ca-certificates-java07:47
pikapikaprobably just try reinstalling as stated07:48
anarhistdo i need to reboot ( i did reinstall and nothing changed )07:48
anarhistok, i'll reboot just in case07:48
anarhistpikapika, nope, no luck07:51
pikapikaYou ask in #ubuntu then07:52
pikapikaWhat was the error message07:52
pikapikawhen you first got the error07:52
pikapikaabout missing ca or whatever07:52
anarhistpikapika, no error07:52
anarhisti don't think i've said about the error anything, there was none07:53
pikapika>. i saw that there were things about adding certificate authorities.07:53
anarhistyes, there were messages about adding several new ceritifcate authorities07:53
anarhistwhen i did and dist-upgrade07:53
anarhisti'll ask on #ubuntu07:54
pikapikadist-upgrades tend to be flaky07:56
pikapikaI will reinstall next time instead of a dist-upgrade07:56
pikapikaThats why I started to document each change I did from a fresh install07:57
pikapikaSo I can replicate those again07:57
anarhistpikapika, it is solved. the funny part is that it had to do with the sound preferences (profiles) i had surround sound that somehow got selected, but i physically have nothing to play it, once i have changed the profile in the mixer the vide just began playing08:19
anarhisti'm letting you know... in case you are interested08:19
pikapikaanarhist, so normal websites were working08:22
pikapikaIt was only a video related problem08:22
pikapikaRather tha a certificate related08:22
pikapikayou should have guessed when its only happening to yt vids08:23
anarhistyeah, the browser blocked playing the video if it wasn't able to play the audio08:23
anarhistit also happened on vimeo08:23
anarhistonce i saw that i tried loading a local video file and noticed that sound wasn't playing08:23
anarhisti changed th profile and right away all the browser videos started playing08:23
pikapikaSound is a very complex subject08:24
sorinelloxtao, ping10:00
pikapikaxtao, meow10:22
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Rcck2hi, i am using xubuntu and i find something odd, when you select a desktop icon, i can see the margin from the right is more than the left, its not symetric14:02
Rcck2hwo to solve this? is a problem of lxde, a problem of ubuntu, ? i dont know14:02
Rcck2no one got pissed off by this lack of simetry?14:02
gnrpRcck2: Hm, I am not really aware of what you mean. Can you make a screenshot?14:04
Rcck2check the surroundings of "File System" when selected14:06
Rcck2there is a 7px margin to the right and 5px margin to the left14:06
Rcck2so frustrating14:07
Rcck2lack of perfection, and happens on any icon i select,14:07
Rcck2does it happens to you too?14:07
gnrpah, ok, I get what you mean. But to be honest, no clue. I switched desktop icons off a long time ago^14:09
gnrpsorry, cannot help you with that14:09
brainwashRcck2: it looks like the text shadow is being taken into account also14:11
brainwashso the box is pushed to the right and bottom14:11
Rcck2can we disable the shadow to see if thats the case?14:12
Rcck2does it happens to you brainwash ?14:12
brainwashon my system it looks like this https://i.imgur.com/5FExdTw.png14:15
Rcck2asymetric too,14:15
Rcck2yeah and no one notice it to correct it yet? i am shocked14:15
brainwashyeah, but less noticeable14:15
Rcck2you find it less noticeable? i dont know, it fully pop up to me view14:16
brainwash  XfdesktopIconView.view .label {14:19
brainwash    text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px black; }14:19
brainwashthat would be the way to disable the text shadow14:19
brillopadHi all. I deleted my swap partition and since I've done this, boot is delayed by 10-20 secs while the OS looks for it. I'm seeing the message 'Failed to find logical volume "vgxubuntu/swap_1"' in my boot.log. Some sites on the web suggest editing /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume but that file doesn't exist on my system. Any ideas please?14:20
Rcck2i am like 80% noob on linux, where tho change that parameter of the style?14:20
brainwashRcck2: it is explained in that thread14:20
brainwashoh well14:21
brainwashthe file name is not mentioned14:21
brainwashyou have to manually create it14:22
brainwashif you want to test the changes, simply run: "xfdesktop -Q; xfdesktop"14:22
brainwashto restart the app which manages the desktop14:22
brainwashif you want to open a bug report, do it here: https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/-/issues14:23
Rcck2like that?14:25
Rcck2doesnt seems to work,14:25
brainwashyou don't see the mistake?14:26
brainwashtext-shadow: 0px black;14:26
brainwashyou want to disable the shadow14:26
Rcck2oh i though the code you gave me was already modified xD i didn't pay attention14:26
Rcck2i put all to 0px14:27
Rcck2no result14:27
brainwashsame result?14:27
Rcck2the shadow seems disspeared14:27
Rcck2but the margin didn't14:27
brainwashmaybe do the same for "XfdesktopIconView.view:active"14:28
Rcck2nha, not yet14:31
brainwashcould be that it is possible to work around this little glitch via css14:32
brainwashbut maybe one has to check the source code14:32
brainwashso, you would need to create a bug report14:32
Rcck2yeah no problem, thanks for the help,14:33
brainwashnote that I'm not a CSS magician :)14:33
brainwashif you only want a solution, you could also just ask on the Xfce forums14:34
brainwash(solution via css)14:35
Rcck2must be a css problem in your opinion then?14:35
Rcck2can't be anything else?14:35
Rcck2i am surprised there is css inside the OS, i though it was used just for web14:36
brainwashnot sure about that. it could be wrong calculation in the code.14:36
brainwashgtk3 theming is done via css14:36

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