jayjodo I need to import code to launchpad in order to host a .deb in a PPA? I'm looking at the import code request form, which seems to require a project21:57
isapgswellhi everyone22:00
isapgswellany news from nvidia prime profile on demand with external monitors???22:00
isapgswellnouveau drivers still bad performance on external monitors22:01
rbasakjayjo: you do not. You can upload source packages directly to PPAs. In that case there will be no version control system (except that packages published in PPAs must have version numbers that in general can only go up)22:12
rbasakjayjo: however Launchpad permits only source package uploads. You can't build a .deb elsewhere and host it in Launchpad.22:13
rbasak(IIRC there are also rules about the licence, but that's from memory and I may be wrong)22:14
rbasakAh yes: https://help.launchpad.net/Legal#Personal_Package_Archive_eligibility22:14
mpharoahHello. I'm trying to register a Launchpad account, but it fails with a 500 error on the openid callback23:02
mpharoah(Error ID: OOPS-c2bdfe9824cdb3dd3279bbc391be2c53)23:04

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