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blah24Hi, I was trying to find the 32 bit iso for Lubuntu 20.04.112:34
blah24But couldn't find it on the downloads page of lubuntu.me12:34
tomreynblah24: that's because there is none12:34
tomreynif you mean x8612:34
blah24yes x86 :)12:35
tomreyn*buntu 18.04 LTS is the last release supporting 32-bit on x8612:35
blah24Ah, thanks :)12:35
blah24Is there a reason only x64 is supported now?12:36
JohnDoe_71Rusmany distr drop x8612:36
blah24So no upstream support etc.?12:37
tomreynseveral. i think the main reasons are that kernel support (upstream) is diminishing, and such hardware hasn't been produced for a while12:37
blah24ah, makes sense12:37
blah24well thanks for giving my old laptop a new lease of life :)12:37
blah24much appreciated!12:37
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lubot<oonid> hello :) … thank you for the great LXQt on Lubuntu. … does anyone has reference about how to minimal (desktop) install, without any office and optional packages?14:57
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> Arch Linux and than LXQt15:01
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lubot<kc2bez> I wouldn't recommend arch, that brings a whole host of other issues. We don't currently have a minimal install option but you can remove them after installation.15:04
lubot<oonid> @kc2bez [I wouldn't recommend arch, that brings a whole host of other issues. We don't cu …], thank you. that what i'm doing right know. … looking for package that I don't use, then uninstall it one by one.15:05
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> I have EndeavourOs with LXQt … and Lubuntu with LXQt in the same computer … but on an separate drive  … EndeavourOs finds my microphone … but Lubuntu doesn't15:06
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