guivercI just tried to explain the Ubuntu *year.month* format (easy, 20.04) with point release (additional .9 where the 9 represents the update status of a system (eg. currently 20.04.1 is the status).  The 9 makes sense to me; it's a PIC 9(1) value... but what would people use instead of my "9"02:48
* guiverc ponders that no-one here may understand my PIC 9 ref, or if they do, won't admit it :)02:49
daftykinsdrawing a blank here! also don't quite get the 9 at all :>02:49
daftykinsunless we're saying that's the max value for a sub release of an LTS02:49
guivercPIC 9 being shorthand for "PICTURE IS 9."  ... defining a value in COBOL02:50
guivercI was a mainframe programmer long ago.. sometimes my mind returns & gets stuck there.. how would you describe the year.month.9 bit.. year.month.upgrade-level maybe02:51
lotuspsychjegood morning03:01
guiverclotuspsychje, I suggest these edits on your discouse post https://pad.ubuntu.com/BlcFJrbAaU   (I'm assuming you can access pad; it allows for my changes to show colored).  suggestions only  (doesn't mean it's better)04:00
lotuspsychjeguiverc: says openID requiered04:01
guivercyeah, then it takes me to login to my Ubuntu SSO, which I can access b/c of locoteams, ubuntu-etherpad, ubuntu-members..  do you not have access?04:03
lotuspsychjegot a launchpad, but doesnt let me in so it seems04:05
guiverc:(  hold on04:06
guiverctry https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTagT2HFjYUU8uYWKYGZH7jhxU38oCXoiO4IGpNrRt92hY38ADGjvHQjBdx2XPj6_s5lsKwIgR-Rjmy/pub   (in gdoc.. missing the color of changes, will add)04:11
lotuspsychjeguiverc: want me to copy paste this in my original thread to show colours, is that it?04:13
guivercno the color was there only with the intention of seeing my suggested changes04:15
lotuspsychjeguiverc: changes? i dont see what you mean mate04:17
guivercaddition of a few \n's (line breaks) .. s/as much bugs/as many bugs/  (i changed 'much' to 'many') so 'any' will be green; at least my intention04:18
lotuspsychjeoh, you perfectionized it, i must be blind lol04:19
guivercit was done in pad.ubuntu.com; colors show edits.. I've tried to replicate them in gdoc copy..   they are suggestions only04:21
lotuspsychjeguiverc: arghh, in discourse; sorry, new users can only post 2 urls in a thread :p04:21
lotuspsychjeim too discourse noob lol04:22
guivercyou only have 2 URLS , you don't need to change any urls.. it was minor text edits only i suggested (unless I made errors)04:23
guivercI feel like a discourse newbie still... and I shouldn't !04:23
lotuspsychjeguiverc: copy pasting your pad, makes it forward all links to pad also hence why04:24
guivercCan't you just edit the few changes you agree with?04:24
lotuspsychjei could yeah04:26
guiverc(I'd don't have mod powers so can't edit for you on that discourse)04:26
lotuspsychjeguiverc: well it would be easier if you hand me a straight text i can copy paste ofc04:29
guiverctry https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gntyn5kFzF/04:30
lotuspsychjeguiverc: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/the-ubuntu-pre-debug-team/1913204:31
guivercthanks :) looks good04:31
lotuspsychjegreat, and thank you!04:31
lotuspsychjeyou can spread that on UWN too if that fits04:32
guivercit was working on UWN that made me do the (suggested) edits..04:33
lotuspsychjegreat guiverc, editing the post brought it back up the recent threads hehe04:34
ducassegood morning07:04
Maikap4lmtree: Mint is based on Ubuntu so almost the same11:36
Maikthere are other Ubuntu flavors you can choose from11:36
Maikif you don't like Gnome that is11:36
Maikap4lmtree: https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours11:37
Maikap4lmtree: so you can choose from LXQt, Xfce, KDE, Budgie and MATE11:40
Maikas DE11:40
ap4lmtreei can choose debian, ubuntu, mint, gentoo11:40
ap4lmtreei guess i have to do ubuntu with some de11:40
ap4lmtreethe default de for ubuntu is gnome?11:41
Maikyes as i told you already11:41
ap4lmtreewhat do you think about gentoo11:41
Maikif you're new then i would pick one distro, stick to it and learn the basics first11:42
Maikgentoo is not for noobs11:42
ap4lmtreei have been around since early 90s11:42
ap4lmtreei use windows a host, i use differnet linux as in vm or as a second desktop. i am simply doing my main desktop os change and not windows host anymore11:42
Deano59ap4lmtree: gentoo is hard for first time linux users. just stick with xubuntu or lubuntu.11:43
Maikthen what's your problem, choose what you want on go for it.11:43
ap4lmtreeearly 90s means i edit text file for slackware linux11:43
ap4lmtreeand i use obsd , fbsd, and nbsd11:43
Deano59lol we're going in circles.11:43
ap4lmtreei mean edit text file to compile slackware kernel11:43
Maikhave fun, need to go. Bbl11:43
ap4lmtreei had this yellow book, it said stuff like how to edit kernel file, then you mess with it off and on until you get kernel right11:44
ap4lmtreepre 2000 i think, linux did not have out of box gui  xorg or server or so11:44
ap4lmtreeit would start from just cli   and then you do lots of work to make it graphical11:45
ap4lmtreenow it is just you installl and you get click click stuff11:45
ap4lmtreeso, i am not asking if it hard. i am asking in what is most for future and stuff11:45
ap4lmtreei am thinking about what is competitive with macos stuff11:45
ap4lmtreebc that is more future than windows, which is why i am quiting windows11:45
ap4lmtreeearly 90s, redhat was not a corporation and private and stuff. it was major competitor of slackware11:46
ap4lmtreei remember redhat ipo coming out11:47
ap4lmtreeback then, you wouldn't download linux. you would get it from slckware linux book or you would order some linux via mail order cheapbytes  in northern california11:57
lotuspsychje!who | ap4lmtree11:58
ubot5ap4lmtree: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:58
ap4lmtreei talked about how you would have to mail order linux after someone tells me some linux is "hard"11:59
ap4lmtreethen someone tells schools me on how to use irc11:59
ap4lmtreei really really need to learn how to use irc11:59
lotuspsychjeap4lmtree: lets avoid long monolgues and try to have a real discussion when someone wants to reply with you12:00
lapionI finally found out what the reason was for having to reinstall ubuntu up to 10 times until I decided to manually fix the unbootable system by using a second partition to recreate the initrd and grub.16:38
lapionThe reason the system would not boot on first try each time was /usr merge..16:39
tomreynif you read releas enotes, you could blame them for not mentioning the /usr merge, and file a documentation bug about it.16:46
tomreyni think this was most likely missed16:46
tomreynwhy did this make you need to reinstall, though - just out of interest? i mean, what's the very paart where this broke something for you?16:48
daftykinssurely you'd change something after the 5th try too ;)16:49
lapiontomreyn each time the system started up to a non workable system16:57
lapiondue to some installation quirk the initrd was not correctly configured and so at the first boot the system ended up with a system without binaries..16:58
mgedminif you want a separate /usr partition, you need to make sure the initrd mounts it16:59
mgedminI somehow thought ubuntu's update-initramfs made sure of that?17:00
mgedmineh, linux gives you the freedom to break anything you want17:00
lapionThat's just the thing I wasn't using a separate partition however druing the install something went wrong with the initrd so the system could not boot17:08
lapionwould only boot to a rescue shell untill the initrd got reinstalled by chroot-method17:09
tomreyni haven't heard of anyone else reporting this, which makes me assume that you must have used some kind of customization. or maybe your installer was corrupt.17:15
tomreyn"something went wrong with the initrd so the system could not boot" is not too specific, though (i know it's not so easy to debug this)17:18

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