chrisowenI have just a cli on the server but I can do basic nano edits from there00:00
chrisowenno gui on the server00:00
chrisowengui is for newbies00:00
TJ-chrisowen: GUIs aren't needed; waste of bandwidth and space!00:00
chrisowenyeah the real power is in the cli00:00
TJ-but the point is, if as the www-data user you are able to read files that apache reports errors for, then the problem  might lie elsewhere00:01
chrisowenyes IC an see the files in putty and winscp and ftp and filemanager....  but the file transverse thing seems to be applicable00:02
chrisoweni manually have changed the apache to point to the shared mount00:03
chrisowenmanually mounted00:03
chrisowenfound that file-node is not a good command00:03
chrisowenso fixed that error00:03
TJ-chrisowen: I was trying to access your site but the hostname doesn't resolve in DNS00:03
chrisowencreated a manual edit in the credentials file00:04
chrisowenSo I are pretty sure I missed a step00:04
chrisowenI might need to go to godaddy and look at that00:05
chrisowenfail that and its the usg firewall00:06
sarnoldchrisowen: hmm, just skimming through scrollback .. are you trying to make a web server that serves content that is stored on a *second* computer?00:06
chrisowenYES!!!!! have you done that before????00:06
chrisowenI have been googleing and not found much on how to do that most of it I just slapped together00:07
chrisowenthe second is a Freenas server00:07
sarnoldI have not; the usual approach is to copy the content to the webserver itself, to drastically reduce the chances of failure -- now your website depends upon *both* systems being up, functional, etc00:08
chrisowenI think i missed a step somewhere.... I am thinking that t is not common00:08
sarnoldyeah it's pretty rare; simple websites are usually just files served from the one machine, more complicated sites are usually database-backed things with full CMS frameworks coordinating everything00:10
chrisowenyea the server has crashed hard 3 times due to hardware issues and I have had to reinstall each time so I want to use the shadow raid to protect everything that gets saved but not have extra hardware all over00:10
chrisowenBeing a personal server there is not much traffic00:10
sarnoldraid is good for availability, and letting you replace hard drives on your own schedule, but it shouldn't be considered a backup00:10
chrisoweninstall apache creates permissions and users and file locations autmatically00:11
chrisowenSo I think the issue is the permissions00:11
sarnoldI strongly dislike the debian policy (and thus ubuntu policy) of the web server running as user www-data *and* the default data directories being www-data00:11
chrisowenbetter then just a sole drive00:11
chrisowenlast time it crapped was on a SSD00:12
sarnoldthe webservre process should not have write access to anything except its log files, database sockets, and if users are going t obe able to upload things, a directory to store those, too00:12
chrisowenbefore that was a mechanical 4T00:12
chrisowenbefore that was an old small IDE00:12
sarnolddrives do fail, but three drives in one system is suspicious00:12
chrisoweneach time was total loss00:13
chrisowenoh it took them about 3 months on the ssd 6 to 8 on the 4T and 3 years on the old ide00:13
chrisowenI have a bald spot where I have been scratching my head00:14
chrisowenI did change the system between IDE and 4T00:14
chrisowenI have always had a 3000 APC backup00:15
chrisowenall rack mount00:15
chrisowenThe Nas is a supermicro now used to be a Altos server00:15
sarnoldI wonder if you lost some capacitors on the motherboard, or if the power supply is going... I'm accustomed to failures happening either within months, or after a decade..00:16
chrisowenI am looking at a hp 380g7 right now  just not looking at reloading00:16
chrisowenmaybe the new server is the same one just setup for loading the system then hosting from the nas00:17
chrisowenI have windows 2012r2 with hyper that is running 3 virtual servers with each ubuntu server running.  I was using widows 2012r2 and windows variants the last time00:19
chrisowenI was setting up virual server but had not enough ram for it the first go00:19
chrisowennow I have enough.  Everything loads off the gig nic and each virtual ahs its own dedicated server 4 port gig nic00:20
chrisowenI have 6 nics in the system00:20
chrisowenthe nas is dedicated role as a nas with a gig nic and the switch is a gig port all set to full duplex00:21
chrisowenbandwidth internally has not been a issue and as I mentioned it is a personal so not hosting anyhing00:22
chrisowenThe idea is if a Shadow start to fail I can replace it before a loss00:22
chrisowenI like that idea better then the total loss that I have had00:23
chrisowensudo find my_directory -type d -exec chmod 2750 {} \;  So I am thinking this is the start and my_directory is the shared mount???00:25
sarnoldit really depends what you want to do00:26
chrisowenawwwww I am thinking to attach the permissions that I broke that apache probably setups for /srv/www....00:28
chrisowensudo find /media/winshare1/owentechnologysolutions.com -type d -exec chmod 2750 {} \; took a few seconds but no errors...00:28
chrisowensudo find /media/winshare1/owentechnologysolutions.com -type f -exec chmod 0640 {} \;  Now  am running this00:30
sarnoldapache doesn't do anything in /srv/www; the debian config will do things in /var/www -- https://sources.debian.org/src/apache2/2.4.46-1/debian/apache2.postinst/00:30
chrisowenok the default html folder..... LOL00:31
chrisowenand that one looks like it completed no error00:33
chrisowenugh still the same result00:33
WobblyBobcan anyone help me with an ubuntu server 18.04 kvm virt manager setup. im struggling connecting to running vms. do you setup the rdp direct on vm using the windows os00:56
RoyKthat's the usual, yes00:59
WobblyBobok thanks ive bridged the connection the vm has internet access however the connection does not work even when rdp has been setup on vm instance01:00
WobblyBobany ideas?01:00
RoyKrdp isn't related to bridging - that's just the common way to connect the VMs to the local network01:01
WobblyBobok but aslong as it has internet access on the vm the connection should be avaliable?01:01
RoyKrdp is just an application level protocol running over tcp, so if networking works and it has an ip address similar to that of the bridge, it should work01:01
WobblyBobhmmm baffled, which is the best client on ubuntu 20 desktop to connect to a windows 10 rdp01:02
RoyKwhat does 'ipconfig' tell you on the windows side?01:02
WobblyBobi will look now.01:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:02
WobblyBobsorry cant connect currently :/01:23
chrisowenI fell asleep.  So Apache and permissions?  Anyone can lend a tip on the mode for the permissions?  My www folder is on a nas networked computer instead of locally hosted in the /vat/www folder....04:11
chrisowenust added webmin and found the current settings04:11
chrisowenthat is /var/www not vat04:14
chrisowensetting owner to www-data the mode is 755 found the old directory so trying to match that.04:24
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.04:33
chrisowenI am trying to figure what to do to fix apache so it will show a html across a network04:41
chrisowenfile:/// works great but if you try to view across tcp it fails04:41
chrisowenim leaning towards permissions04:42
chrisowenthe thumbnails show as broken links when they are not04:42
chrisowenthe mode is 755??? in permissions04:49
chrisowenSo I am noticing that chown does not work.... chown -R www-data:www-data /html does not change ownership from root:root to the desired owner???05:04
chrisowenSo i run sudo chown -v -R  www-data:www-data /media/winshare1 and this is what I get changed ownership of '/media/winshare1' from root:root to www-data:www-dataroot@apache:/home/apache# ls -l /media/winshare1/owentechnologysolutions.comtotal 21504-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1623 Aug 17  2013  Audio-HTML5.jswhy would the chown be broken???05:27
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