jrwrendoes desktop sharing in 20.04 work for anyone?19:05
jrwreni click enable in settings and nothing happens.19:05
jrwrennothing listens on port 5900 as I'd expect.19:05
jrwreni have to start /usr/lib/vino/vino-server manually from cmdline to get desktop sharing, which is a fine work around, but it would be nice if it auto started on boot/login19:05
Scary_GuyIt'd be nicer if it started on just boot so you could login remotely, but I suppose you could do SSH into it, login, and then start it.19:20
Scary_GuyI'm not sure but that might be a thing.  Also Remmina is my favorite client.19:20
Scary_GuyI really need to figure out a way to get barrier KVM working though on login.  I can't mention how much I love that enough.19:22
jrwrenwhat is it?19:27
Scary_GuyWell you know what Synergy is?  They went to a pay model and Barrier is a continuation of when they were open source.19:27
Scary_GuyIt's software KVM, so you connect two computers on a network and use one keyboard/mouse.  You mouse to the edge of one screen and onto the other machine.19:28
jrwrenah! cool.19:28
Scary_GuyIt's more of a KM than a KVM I guess19:28
Scary_GuyBut everyone just calls it KVM19:28
jrwrenyes, i used to use synergy, and before that x2vnc and x2x19:29

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