rk4b 400:01
sarnoldyou sunk my battleship!00:01
rk4...disregard, shitty chromebook WM doesn't let me use alt-N to switch weechat windows00:02
rk4[used to, but they added some hotkey 'features' recently]00:02
Pr070calanyone try what i said with overlayroot would love to hear from you00:11
Pr070calanyone got psvr working on 20.10 ?00:11
Pr070calTJ-:  how about you exclude lib folder00:19
Pr070calTJ-: /var/lib00:20
Pr070calTJ-: actually theres no libs in mine00:21
CoCo_Kid594well since cups channel seems dead I came here..00:25
fradhow do I have to install youtube-dl to update it with -U?00:36
sarnoldfrad: probably that won't work any more, now that the github repo has been yanked00:39
fradcrap, it was so easy. What s the recommended way to install and upload it now?00:39
sarnoldgood question :(00:41
jayjoI'm trying to test a personal ppa on launchpad.net with a python package. Do I just need to dput my built .deb package, however I come to build that deb package? I would like to automate the build, but I'm trying to get it done manually first01:10
guivercjayjo, I'm no expert on PPAs, but I've always built locally to firstly test, source code (or changes) are uploaded to launchpad & the PPA package is built by lp itself  (email follows saying package failed, or built as I recall)01:16
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courrierHey! I'd like to access a 20.04 VM from VNC. I'm configure TightVNC server to start at boot.02:37
courrierWhen I connect to some display, say :1, it displays a pointer on a grey background02:37
courrierI feel like I should start the regular login system now but I'm unsure of the procedure02:38
sarnoldI'm not entirely sure how it's all supposed to work02:39
sarnoldbut if you can run something like DISPLAY=:1 fvwm2  you'll get the finest windowmanager from 1994 to run on that display :)02:40
courrierit's now installed but it looks present in the repos because it's proposed to be installed :D02:41
courrierlightdm is more recent02:41
courrierhow is named the new thing?02:42
courriergdm I guess02:43
sarnoldyeah I think gdm is the new old thing, or the old new thing :) heh02:44
courrierare you sure it's old? I can read "Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome desktop uses GDM3 as the default display manager."02:47
sarnoldit's pretty old .. here's a commit from 2001 :) https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gdm/commit/ee8de912c84d9df4180965fe49108051f563ce1102:49
mason<-- still using xdm02:50
courrierah you mean it's not new, but it's now the default again in 20.0402:50
sarnoldcourrier: yeah02:51
sarnoldmason: me too! :D02:51
courrier"DISPLAY=:1 gdm3" does not pop anything in my VNC screen :(02:51
courrierBut I can start gedit02:51
sarnoldif you can get gedit to go then you 'just' need the window manager etc02:51
courrierso you agree with me than starting gdm3 on that display should work?02:53
sarnoldI'm thinking it might be more productive to just run whateer it is you'd run after logging in anyway02:54
masonI'm betting it's some logind/seats thing that needs to decide to run a display manager on another display.02:58
courrierI currently get user ubuntu connected on pts/0 (that's my ssh terminal) and user gdm on tty03:01
courrierBut I don't know when this gdm started03:01
courriernor its display03:02
sarnoldmaybe systemd brought it up as part of reaching the graphical target?03:05
TheRedRipperhello. im trying to figure out if theres a way to put 2 passwords on my user acc, and how would i do that? also, can i encrypt my HDD without wiping it?03:06
rk4TheRedRipper: PAM is pretty flexible re the first one, and yeah re the second, but i wouldn't call either thing new user friendly03:07
courrier<sarnold>: ah true, but I stopped service display-manager.service already03:07
TheRedRipperim not necessarily new user, ive had ubuntu since round 2018, is there a link somewhere that outlines what i can do>03:09
TheRedRipperi wasnt able to find any documentation on either thing myself, so i figured this was the best place to go lel03:10
sarnoldwhat's the goal of having two passwords? you probably *can* get pam to do it, but I'm not sure what exactly I'd suggest to do to get there03:10
DarxusI just used ubuntu's startup disk creator.  It flashes something about isolinux, then boots my already installed linux partition.  How do I get it to boot off the usb drive I just wrote that boot image to?03:12
sarnoldDarxus: it depends on the system, try f12 or del or enter when booting, you may be able to get to a menu to select a bootable device that way03:13
rk4TheRedRipper: do you know how device-mapper works, that's a good starting point, though not an answer in itself as to how to achieve your end goal03:13
Darxussarnold: I did.  In my bios, I selected this usb drive to boot from.03:14
lotuspsychjeDarxus: wich iso did you try to burn on your usb stick?03:14
DarxusAlso, it's... partially working, because I don't think it normally flickers "isolinux" when booting my main partition.03:14
Darxuslotuspsychje: ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso03:14
sarnoldTheRedRipper: fwiw I don't think I'd bother trying the 'encrypt a drive without wiping it' thing -- I haven't got a clue how I'd approach that. at least the two passwords things can probably be done by sufficient application of pam_unix(8) :) heh03:15
lotuspsychjeDarxus: should work03:15
DarxusYes :P03:15
TheRedRipperrk4:never heard of that. sarnold: thanks03:15
lotuspsychjeDarxus: check in your bios settings, doublecheck secureboot/fastboot settings, or try boot override usb boot03:16
DarxusI just completely built this computer from parts, no secureboot.03:16
sarnoldTheRedRipper: depending upon what you're trying to achieve, libpam-yubico libpam-duo libpam-google-authenticator libpam-u2f may all be better choices03:17
sarnold(and our memory sticks should absolutely work with secureboot enabled)03:17
lotuspsychjeDarxus: if its a classical bios, should work even better03:17
TheRedRippersarnold: just a second password, like, idk if i put first one in, i still have a second one to do before i can login03:18
sarnoldTheRedRipper: why not just double the length of your password? :) then you can type half, get a drink, and type the second half? :)03:19
sarnoldTheRedRipper: seriously thogh, are you trying to require two people to agree to log in? or is htis a backup password in case the first is forgotten?03:19
TheRedRippermainly security. if first password is guessed then 2nd password as 2nd wall03:20
rk4password to what?03:23
rk4local login? ssh login?03:23
TheRedRipperlocal, sorry.03:23
rk4if you have FDE then that serves as the first password, but your local login is generally not all that secure, as an attacker by definition has local access to the computer03:24
rk4it's fairly trivial to reset a forgotten local login03:25
TheRedRipperwell, that goes to my 2nd question.. how can i encrypt my HDD without wiping it, and what do i do since this is a partitioned drive03:25
sarnoldcopy the data you want to save to a different filesystem, re-do the install with FDE, copy the data back, and then take whatever steps are necessary to cleanse the temproary storage location03:27
rk4yeah...find a way to backup your files. don't bother doing it inplace, aside from actually achieving it you'll then have to make sure the result is bootable.03:28
rk4if you do it inplace without a backup then be prepared to lose all your files, and if you don't mind losing all your files...then just lose all your files and let the installer overwrite them :>03:28
DarxusI just recorded 60fps video of my attempts to boot off this usb thing.  It says "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt".  With both the ubuntu 20.04, and 20.10 isos, written by ubuntus startup disk creator.03:32
sarnoldit's possible the memory stick is corrupted; cheap flash memory is iffy03:33
rk4you could read the image back off the usb and check the cksum03:33
rk4you could also binary diff it, that might be a tad easier03:34
Darxusdd the iso to the device (not a partition), them cmp the file to the device?03:35
rk4was thinking more either read the drive like a file, or do it in two stages and dd the drive to a file03:38
DarxusWhat I said would be reading the drive like a file?03:39
rk4yeah, sure03:41
Darxus# cmp ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso /dev/sdg03:42
Darxusubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso /dev/sdg differ: byte 1, line 103:42
DarxusYou know what, I think this sd is... done.  I just dug out an old one.  And forgot... when they get full they just start failing silently.  Which is amazingly dumb.03:43
DarxusYeah yeah.  SD cards should give some kind of error when you try to write to them and they don't successfully take the data.03:57
DarxusWoo, I finally got something to work.  Different cable, and different usb port, and my ancient CF reader successfully wrote an ubuntu iso, booted, and verified its contents.04:33
DarxusI was just setting this up as an emergency backup since with this build I stopped having an optical drive to boot from.  Progress is weird.04:33
DarxusSince the channel is slow at the moment, this is the computer I just built:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3cW54QGhrM04:34
subfjDarxus sweet hair yo04:35
lotuspsychje!ot | Darxus04:35
ubottuDarxus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:35
lotuspsychjenot here plz04:35
subfjDarxus use case?04:36
lotuspsychjesubfj: only ubuntu support questions here plz04:37
Darxuslotuspsychje: Nobody else had said anything here in like an hour.04:37
lotuspsychjeDarxus: no reason the use this channel for that reason, we have nice seperate channels for several topics see !discuss04:38
subfjI get the topic is the topic but when there is radio silence a bit of chit chat aint hurt no one. All good though04:42
DarxusI guess it's worth $9 to have a dedicated SD card with a boot image on it.04:47
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alekksanderhello. is there any obvious reason why etc/sysctl.config vm.swappiness= value is ignored?07:18
viaSanctusi would ignore "swappiness" too07:18
viaSanctusyou cant take such a variable serious07:19
alekksandereasy to say if You don't have a bug, which freezes whole system on full ram07:21
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TheRedRipperi have dual boot win 7 and ubuntu. laptop boots right to win7 and shows no boot list. why?07:23
alekksanderTheRedRipper: bios settings set to boot linux disk?07:33
TheRedRipperno such thing07:44
TheRedRipperi dont see that at least07:45
amosbirdhello, how can I enable presentation view in wps when there is only one screen?08:25
WereCatfIs Mutter still not compiled with remote-desktop enabled on Groovy? I took a quick look in settings when using Wayland and at least there the screen-sharing option is completely missing.08:39
ThinkT510I was under the impression that wayland doesn't work well with remote desktop which is part of the reason why it hasn't fully displaced xorg yet08:42
WereCatfWell, it doesn't work, if the feature isn't even compiled in08:43
ducasseWereCatf: screen sharing under wayland is not supported since the protocol makes that difficult08:43
WereCatfSuch a nuisance. Oh well, not much I can do about it other than wait.08:46
WereCatfJust wanted to check, if I just was missing something.08:46
stdedosHello there! I deal with mounting (manually, from terminal) from time to time, and I wonder: Is there some way I can leverage the existing mechanism of mounting e.g. for USB drives (mounting with the correct options, permissions, in a unique directory under /media, appearing in Nautilus' list drive list, etc) to mount something else?09:49
stdedosIt's always: I have to use sudo (I am not complaining much about this one), or figure out the correct permissions, the correct mount options, manually create/delete directories under `/media/$USER` (which does *not* belong to me ?!?!) etc09:51
Deano59Hi! I've forgotten my login password/ssh password but can still access /root & /home & /mnt via samba. can I change the password by browsing /root?09:53
nikolamHi, is there also an ' groovy-security' repo for 20.10, like there were 'focal-security' for 20.04 , or is it because 20.04 were LTS and regular non-LTS release doesn't have release-security repo? I see it were not migrated during the update from 20.04 to 20.1009:54
nikolamBtw. in hexchat seems like not displaying Mnospace/9 font right, like small "g" gets cut-off in the channel window when displaying messages. (were ther lately also on 20.04, now on 20.10)09:58
EriC^stdedos: typically the filesystems mounted by the filemanager in /media/$USER should have permissions for your user, unless it's something with permanent permissions like ext4 fs, otherwise with ntfs/fat etc it would use fake permissions that allow your user to read/write10:03
stdedosI know that10:03
stdedosI mean, my specific case right now goes very far away from traditional "mount a USB device" (I'm doing an `rclone mount`)10:04
Deano59anyone? :D10:05
stdedosI am just wondering if there is, in general, a middle ground between full terminal mount and full filemanager mount / /etc/fstab10:05
Deano59Hi! I've forgotten my login password/ssh password but can still access /root & /home & /mnt via samba. can I change the password by browsing /root?10:06
stdedosDeano59 I am mostly certain that you cannot do that. Just reboot to safe mode and recover https://itsfoss.com/how-to-hack-ubuntu-password/10:07
EriC^stdedos: try the 'disks' program, it allows you to add filesystems with certain predetermined permissions/options, by editing fstab for you10:07
stdedosOkay, it sounds more acceptable :-D10:08
stdedosThank you; I'll do it next time "it fits"10:08
Deano59stdedos: can't use recovery :(10:09
stdedosIf you have physical access, you can10:10
Deano59again, can't use recovery.10:10
stdedosIf you don't, ask some other sudo user to do it for you10:10
stdedosIf there is none ... trash the system10:10
stdedosI really don't see alternatives10:10
StevenRDeano59: You should be able to boot from a rescue USB, and remove the password/change it10:12
stdedosoh yeah, that too - but you don't say _why_ you cannot use recovery10:12
Deano59I'm on a rpi4 -- can't *use* recovery!!!!!!10:36
nikolamNew default theme on Thunderbird 78 on Ubuntu 20.10 is crap , ugly and I can't use it like this.. ;(10:36
nikolamDeano59, you got to boot it form llive media/USb and access system, mount it and change password, all that is probably Pri4-specific, so see for booting on it's community10:38
StevenRDeano59: Do you have another system you can put the SD card in?10:38
groundnutyHey, I'm tryint to switch to ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS - I'm having trouble with 'tc' (traffic shaping) command in that release. It states that RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported and I have failed to find any usefull help on the internet regarding that error.10:43
mgedmingroundnuty: what's the tc command you're running?10:45
lotuspsychjenikolam: this isnt the complaints channel, try #ubuntu-discuss for theme discussions10:46
mgedmingroundnuty: I wonder if https://askubuntu.com/questions/1112446/mqprio-qdisc-not-working could be relevant?10:46
groundnutymgedmin:  just plain: tc qdisc show dev ens310:47
nikolamlotuspsychje, I see it as a bug. Thanks anyway.10:47
lotuspsychjenikolam: did you file a bug?10:47
nikolamlotuspsychje, on Thunderbird uglyness? Hmm, I just wonder who's bug it is, Thunderbird or of distribution.10:48
groundnutymgedmin: I saw that post, I have 3 ubuntus runnung on the same openstack (same config), 16, 18, 20.04.1 - only the last one is problematic10:48
groundnutyso I concluded it's not a problem of a netowrk adapter since all systems have the same type of virtual adapter10:48
lotuspsychjenikolam: are you on the snap or apt package?10:48
nikolamlotuspsychje, I hope snap dies horrible death with it's mountpoints, so .deb it is10:49
groundnutymgedmin: and /sys/class/net/<adapter name>/queues looks the same in all 3 systems10:50
lotuspsychje!info thunderbird groovy10:50
ubottuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter. In component main, is optional. Version 1:68.9.0+build1-0ubuntu1 (groovy), package size 41730 kB, installed size 174307 kB10:50
lotuspsychjenikolam: you installed the deb from their website?10:51
nikolamlotuspsychje, no it is already installed in ubuntu i think, I just upgraded form 20.04 to 20.1010:52
nikolamWhen I think of it, it's TB fault but distro can make it better..10:52
lotuspsychjenikolam: if its default TB version you can file a wishlist bug10:53
nikolamlotuspsychje, yes, sure and wait for the next ubuntu release. Thanks, I should.10:54
lotuspsychjenikolam: if nobody files bugs, nothing will ever change, so the non-lts releases are perfect for wishlists..think about you are part of the community too10:55
mgedmingroundnuty: hm, I'm not sure what's going on there; tc qdisc show works for me in 20.10 on real hardware10:57
mgedminand on a 20.04 vps I have from OVH10:58
nikolamlotuspsychje, it is true. And it is a nice note for one to feel like amember of the community. Except Ubuntu community were always company-centric with also appointed people per-LoCos, so it always felt like controlled community, in that sense.10:58
mgedmingroundnuty: do you see any interesting errors in dmesg or journalctl around the time when you ran tc qdisc show?10:58
ap4lmtreei have used different os and stuff before, but for my main desktop rather than second or through a virtualbox vm,  i have been using windows as a main host. i am going to migrate from windows 10 to a linux.   I am trying to decide which linux.  i usually use debian. However, ubuntu has more popularity and support. I am trying to understnd this.  is ubuntu dxe somewhat like macos ?11:21
ap4lmtreeone of the reason why i am going to distance myself from windows is because of macos raise .  so i am wondering if you think ubuntu and macos have similar dxe  .11:22
ap4lmtreei nver use macos, but i tink that has a click and click tray similar11:23
groundnutymgedmin: both logs are silent ;-( I'm kinda out of ideas, hence my question here. I was hoping I11:23
groundnutyI'm missing some module that tc needs11:23
groundnutymy last idea Is that the image I have is somehow too 'minimalistic'...11:24
Maikap4lmtree: what's dxe?11:26
mgedmingroundnuty: what does uname -r say for you?11:28
ap4lmtreedxe is a mispelling of desktop environment11:29
jonnjAnyone know anything about DNS problems? Local resolver is systemd - Using dig <name> has no result, cat /etc/resolv.conf shows "search fritz.box" but "dig fritz.box" also has no result. I "service systemd-resolved restart" but the problem persists.11:30
mgedminap4lmtree: ubuntu is basically debian with more frequent releases, so the software is not all outdated11:30
Maikap4lmtree: Ubuntu uses Gnome as Desktop environment, the dock is called Ubuntu Dock which is a fork of the Dash To Dock extension. Download a ISO, write it to a usb stick and try it out through a live session.11:32
ap4lmtreeyes, i really like debian,  but it doesnt seem like that is a great idea for me to pick as a main os11:33
ap4lmtreebut i really dont like ubuntu desktop environemnt   , but i guess i can either learn it more  ... or i can try mint... that is a nice os too?11:33
jonnjNevermind - "service network-manager restart" seems to have fixed it.11:33
Maikap4lmtree: Ubuntu is a bit more user friendly. We don't discuss other OS's in this channel, for that join #ubuntu-discuss please or #ubuntu-offtopic. Your questions aren't really Ubuntu support related.11:35
Deano59ap4lmtree: if you don't like ubuntu's DE, there's others like lubunty, xubuntu etc.11:36
MaikDeano59: already took the discussion to -discuss and told them about it11:38
BluesKajHi folks11:40
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vimartHow can I move the results from apt list --installed12:24
vimartto the file?12:24
vimartthe list to long and at same point I can't get to the top to select it all12:25
mgedminapt list --installed > installed.txt12:25
vimartthanks mgedmin12:27
tomreynvimart: or, if you just want to read it, you can also pipe the output into a text viewer, such as 'less': apt list --installed | less12:27
tomreyn(quit it by pressing q)12:27
vimartok tomreyn thanks12:31
lotuspsychjemgedmin: is this bug #1881941 what you experienced on 20.10?12:39
ubottubug 1881941 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu dock behaves crazy when hidden at the bottom of the screen" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188194112:39
mgedminno, my dock is on the left, which is default12:40
mgedminall I did was enable autohiding12:40
mgedmindidn't see it bouncing quckly, just it failed to autohide a couple of times when I expected it to12:41
mgedminmoving the mouse over the dock and then away made it autohide12:41
mgedminso not a terribly annoying bug12:41
mgedminand I'll be sure to report it once I figure out how to reproduce12:41
lotuspsychjemgedmin: im browsing through bugs, cause im also looking for another possible bug, when adding an icon on the dock it only adds in between 2 other icons and not on the free space of the dock tested on 20.04 and 20.1012:43
howlymowlyshort question: my computer has a very slow boot time. I have encrypted LUKS + LVDS and uefi SEcureboot enabled. The delay in startup time happens BEFORE I input the password for disk encryption. also doing systemd-analyze doesn't give me any noticable delays so I am not sure how to debug this ....12:47
howlymowlymaybe anyone could give me a hint on where to start12:47
lotuspsychjemgedmin: could you try that please, dock at bottom doesnt allow me to add new icons on free space, but dock left and right allows it to add on the free space12:55
etronikhi all, anybody here using Scribus  Desktop Publishing appplication ?? I might be having Ubuntu specific problems preventing me exporting to PDF X/313:29
lotuspsychjeetronik: ask your question into the channel, so volunteers can think along and try to help you13:34
etroniklotuspsychje, sure tks13:35
etronikScribus 1.4.6 application has an option to export to PDF X/3, but not shown as available under my Ubuntu 18.04 - pre-requisite "colour management" is enabled in the application. TIA13:37
lotuspsychjeetronik: solved in #scribus ?13:46
etroniklotuspsychje, yeah :-) was trying there  but not getting much help... so tried here BUT I've figured it out actually over there... :-) Thanks tho13:48
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)13:48
lotuspsychjemgedmin: created bug #190236713:48
ubottubug 1902367 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "Dock at bottom does not allow icons drag on free space" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190236713:48
mkayhi-im having recurring issues with the pc freezing-task at the time varies but have been watching htop and dmesg in realtime, any pointers on how to find the cause re use of filters with for dmesg | grep "?"14:06
mkayty for any suggestions14:06
mkay[  535.557931] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: gr: GPC0/TPC0/MP trap: global 00000004 [MULTIPLE_WARP_ERRORS] warp 10001 [STACK_ERROR]14:08
mkayseems to be a recurring theme14:09
mkay[    0.395950] ACPI Error: AE_NOT_FOUND, While resolving a named reference package element - LNKA (20200528/dspkginit-438)14:09
sabastiaanHi there, I have a basic pathing problem14:52
sabastiaanI just installed clang 11 and a bunch of other llvm projects. These are all installed with a prefix -1114:53
sabastiaanis there a way to update my path such that I don't need to add the postfix anymore?14:53
sabastiaani.e that clang-11 because just regular clang14:53
tomreynsabastiaan: $PATH is usually set (or rather, extended/updated( in ~/.profile, which is a script, so you can use variables there, too.14:56
tomreyndon't miss the notes on top of the file, though.14:57
sabastiaanthe problem is that the projects are postfixed14:59
sabastiaanso I don't know how adding something to the path itself would let x resolve to x-11 for instance14:59
tomreynx=11; PATH="$PATH:something-$x"15:02
sabastiaanow wow15:03
tomreynor maybe what you're looking for is the update-alternatives mechanism, or just shell aliases15:03
sabastiaanI was thinking about shell aliases15:04
sabastiaanbut I was afraid I might miss some15:04
tomreynyour needs aren't exactly clear, so giving the most matching recommendation isn't easy.15:05
sabastiaanahh sure sorry my bad15:06
sabastiaanhad a long day15:06
tomreynthat's fine ;)15:06
sabastiaanso I'm trying to get started with llvm development, got my self a nice fresh install of the latest ubuntu lts15:07
sabastiaantypically I would compile stuff from source, but opted not to because apparently that wasn't needed15:07
sabastiaanso I followed this https://apt.llvm.org/15:07
Jackneilli've noticed that after upgrdaeing to 20.10 to 20.04 video playback under firefox is started to lag (deterministically a lag every ~2s). (intel integrated gpu, intel i5, asus vivobook laptop)15:08
sabastiaanbut this installed a long list of llvm applications on my system, where I don't know exactly which it did and did not install15:08
Jackneillany idea?15:08
tomreynsabastiaan: /var/log/apt/ contains logs. history.log lists requested actions (which may have been cancelled, or can have failed), term.log lists actual output.15:09
sabastiaanthey installed it all under app-11, but now I want to alias these (unknown list of applications) to my system such that I don't need to post fix them15:09
sabastiaan@Jackneill, didn't they start experiment some with GPU accelerated playback lately?15:10
Jackneilli have no idea15:10
tomreynJackneill: quit firefox, run   jorunalctl -f   in a terminal window and keep it running, start firefox, pleay video that's laggy, see whether anything related is logged to the temrinal.15:11
tomreynsabastiaan: dpkg -L    lists the files provided by a debian package (.deb, usually installed through apt)15:12
Jackneilltomreyn, i see no error related to that.15:13
Jackneillonly apparmor audits15:13
sabastiaanwait, apparently they also distrubte a zip where it contains bin/include/lib/libexec/share folders15:14
sabastiaancan I just copy these to /usr/ to install them systemwide?15:14
tomreynsabastiaan: if there already is "someexecutablefile" provided by the system, you should not overlay this (e.g. by shell aliases) by "someexecutable-otherversion", at least not system wide, since there can be automations expecting "someexecutable" to behave in a specific way. e.g. python is used by apt, so you wouldn't want to replace/overlay the pythoin version system wide.15:14
tomreynsabastiaan: you shouldn't just place files in /usr (it can be ok in /usr/local, but this may not be the best approach)15:16
sabastiaanall my /usr/local/ dirs are empty15:16
tomreynsabastiaan: read up on update-alternatives15:16
sabastiaanas long as it won't conflict with pre-installed packages15:16
tomreynand consider shell aliases, too.15:16
sabastiaanthen I could safely copy into this right?15:16
tomreynubuntu packages won't normally install anything to /usr/local, so that should be safe.15:17
tomreynideally, you'll prefer to only have packaged software installed, though15:17
tomreyni.e. there should be some form of tracking of which files, installed by what, are placed where. dpkg does this for debian packages.15:18
tomreynbut /usr/local is a compromise between building your own debian packages and copying files into locations where they can get in the way.15:19
tomreynstill, there *can* be better solutions15:19
fabbowhy does groovy have less debug packages than fossa? https://packages.ubuntu.com/groovy/debug/ 497 packages, https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/debug/ 531 packages15:19
fabbolibgstreamer1.0-0-dbg missing especially hurts15:20
ioriafabbo,  might be now libgstreamer1.0-0-dbgsym15:23
tomreynJackneill: do you have i965-va-driver installed?15:24
tomreyn!ddeb | fabbo15:24
tomreyn!ddebs | fabbo15:25
ubottufabbo: Debugging symbol packages (ending in '-dbgsym') are available in a separate !APT repository at ddebs.ubuntu.com - more info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages15:25
Jackneilltomreyn, no, i have xserver-xorg-video-intel insteallled only15:25
tomreynJackneill: try installing it, rebot, and see whether things get faster.15:26
tomreynhttps://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1619523 (resolved, fixed; shippe din firefox 80) for details15:28
ubottuMozilla bug 1619523 in Audio/Video: Playback "[X11] Implement ffmpeg/VAAPI video playback" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:28
tomreynJackneill: you *may* need to play with firefox settings (thogh apparently no longer since firefox 81): https://9to5linux.com/firefox-81-enters-beta-gpu-acceleration-now-enabled-by-default-on-linux15:32
Jackneillthan you15:33
tomreynyou're welcome15:33
lapionWhose bright idea was it to convert all root bin and lib folders to symbolic links to their counterparts in the /usr folder ?15:36
lapionThis entirely counterproductive towards systems with their usr folder on a different partition, device or even online.15:37
ioriahttps://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/TheCaseForTheUsrMerge/   lapion15:39
lapionThank you loria but that is a big mistake..15:40
tomreynanother day, another strong lapion opinion.15:40
tomreynlet's #ubuntu-discuss if you'd like to15:40
catbeardjust thought i'd report that the ubuntu live cd installer crashes (20.04) if HDD bus option is set to RAID instead of AHCI, and i had to run a dmraid -E command against the target install drive to get the installer to not crash/show up16:17
mgedminis that 20.04 or 20.04.1?16:21
* mgedmin is trying to remember if ubiquity had any fixes since 20.0416:21
mgedminworth a bug report imho16:23
catbeardi don't have the machine nor the drive or bios menu, it was someone elses computer i installed ubuntu on the other day16:24
mgedminthat makes it harder16:25
catbeardmakes sense that it's an HP16:27
catbeardwas a seagate barracuda 1.5TB SATA, windows 7 upgraded to win10, AMD FX series CPU with 10GB DDR3 RAM16:27
catbeardbout all i can remember16:27
catbeardIIRC i think it had a recovery subpartition, not exactly sure what it was raided to, but RAID was enabled for the HDD in the BIOS when i checked, turning it to AHCI didn't i had to run a dmraid command to finally get the installer to proceed and make the drive selectable, in fact it didn't even present me with the dropdown it just gave me the erase16:29
catbeardwhole disk or dual boot selection16:29
tram98hello everyone, I just installed Ubuntu Server 20.04 in a VM on a Proxmox Node. I would like to assign a static public IP to that VM, which resides in a different Subnet than the gateway. Is that possible?16:32
tomreyntram98: is this ip address routed to it, though?16:36
tram98tomreyn, you mean on the proxmox host?16:37
tomreynand everywhere else on the way to the border gateway, yes.16:37
tomreynif so, you could set this up with a pointopoint configuration on the ubuntu system.16:38
tomreynnote that proxmox uses its own kernels, and thus any ubuntu system installed there is ubuntu in user space, but the kernel differs, and we can't really consider it a proper ubuntu installation.16:39
tram98I have other VMs on that Proxmox Node, but they use the /etc/networking/interfaces config for that exact purpose.16:39
tram98This is because they use Debian 916:39
tomreynhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/netplan/+bug/1767607 seems to describe a working netplan configuration16:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1767607 in netplan.io (Ubuntu) "missing point-to-point option in netplan configuration" [High,Triaged]16:40
tomreynother than that, /etc/networking/interfaces is considered legacy, but should still work on 20.04 LTS.16:41
tram98i'll try that config, thank you tomreyn16:41
tomreynsee also this documentation by an isp which uses this method of configuration for passing additional ipv4 to dedicated servers they host https://docs.hetzner.com/cloud/servers/static-configuration/16:43
tram98tomreyn, that is basically exactly what i am trying to achieve. The host is now up and working. Thanks for showing me that config.16:45
tram98It is all working now. (been stuck 4 hours on this issue, i'm no expert lol)16:46
tomreynyou're welcome :)16:46
davido_Since upgrading to 20.10, coming out of screen lock mode can take up to two minutes. Any idea where I can look for clues as to what is causing the lack of responsiveness? The symptom is I see the unlock screen "Click or press a key", but the password box doesn't present itself for up to a couple of minutes.17:14
davido_This isn't full suspend; just unlocking after my predetermined screen / lock timeout.17:15
threebarubuntu 20.04 broke my NVIDIA driver (binary from nvidia.com) by segfaulting on something called glvnd_check. anyone run into this?17:17
tomreynmore likely it's the other way around17:19
tomreyndavido_: see the records near the end of your system log when you regain access:   journalctl -eb17:20
davido_I was a little late; they've scrolled off.  I'll look into that next time.17:31
lotuspsychjethreebar: install the nvidia drivers from the ubuntu repos?17:32
lotuspsychjethreebar: you chosen to install ubuntu, nvidia drivers come with it now, you can use them?17:40
threebarso, the official drivers aren't going to work from now on17:40
Konthreebar: Ubuntu includes the official Nvidia drivers17:41
threebarNo, Ubuntu includes the re-packaged version of the drivers that Ubuntu tests. Not every release and beta is in the Ubuntu repo17:42
KonIt is better and easier for you to install from the Ubuntu software repository instead of trying to install generic packages you download from the internet17:42
lotuspsychjethreebar: its the users choice, its your system to use what you want17:42
Konthreebar: There are ways to easily get bleeding edge Nvidia releases through apt. Like the Proprietary Graphics PPA17:42
lotuspsychje+1 Kon17:43
threebarRight. I'm pointin out that I was using 19/10 just fine and upgrading to 2.04 broke things17:43
lotuspsychjethreebar: 19.10 is eol by now, things can break when upgrading from eol versions17:43
threebarreinstalling th driver doesn't fix things17:44
davido_Well, to be fair things can break anytime.17:44
lotuspsychjethreebar: ubuntu-drivers list17:45
threebardamn, the linux community really is dead... instead of "here's how to figure out what's wrong" I'm getting "install this other shit" like it's Windows or sme thing...17:46
lotuspsychjethreebar: lets not use this channel for complaints or profanity17:47
davido_That's a little impatient. There's not a guarantee that someone with subject matter expertise you need will be waiting at the keyboard on #ubuntu. There are other forums such as askubuntu.com which are less ephimeral, more likely to be seen by an SME who can give more specific, and more precise advice.17:48
threebarwell, since you clowns managed to neuter Linus himself, I'm not surprised that I'm getting the same garbage. I'm switching to OpenBSD that doesn't even support nvidia drivers but I can at least complain when shit sucks instead of being told "let's not cuss or complain guys" when things are broken.17:50
tomreynthreebar: hey, no need for insults. please let's play it nicely.17:51
threebardavido_, fine. I said why I wasn't happy with the provided solution and the answer was more of the same. So I explained what I'm looking for, and I'm being told not to complain. If you really don't see what's wrong with that, then you're part of the problem.17:52
davido_You're blaming people who voluntarily happen to be sitting here at noon (MDT) on a Saturday for not knowing how to fix something in a non-LTS release. You're abusing the people who would like to help, but may not have SME knowledge specific to your need. Askubuntu.com reaches a larger audience, though of course with longer lead times and less of the enjoyment you might get out of flinging insults17:53
davido_at people who are present at the moment to read them.17:53
lotuspsychjethreebar: 3 methods are described here, but we strongle reccomend to use the nvidia drivers from the ubuntu repos; https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux17:56
threebardavido_, I've been on IRC helping people with Linux since 1997 and I don't think I've ever complained about not being paid or it being noon on a Saturday or 3AM on a Wednesday. And calling complaints about the community "abuse" is a stretch. It's abusive to shut down anyone that complains about how bad things are because you don't want to hear their criticisms over your sanctimonious self.17:56
lotuspsychjethreebar: davido is away, take discussions into #ubuntu-discuss if you like17:57
threebarlotuspsychje, trying now17:57
threebarI can't see the chat window refresh so I didn't se that he left17:58
threebarI literallly have to wait for someone to talk so it refereshes and I am typing blindly hence the typos17:59
threebarhence my graphics driver problem17:59
ypielHello, I have got two PC : first with ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, and a second with 19.10. I would want to use my first by the second thanks to a remote desktop. What would be the better way ? thanks18:06
tomreyn!19,10 | ypiel18:07
tomreyn!19.10 | ypiel18:07
ubottuypiel: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html18:07
tomreynaside form the unsupported / end of life release on one of them: if they both run the default gnome-shell/mutter desktop environment, and you want a graphical remote desktop, your best option is probably vino server on the target, and vinagre on the client. all of which can be setup enabled through the GUI.18:09
tomreynlook at settings -> sharing18:09
ypielOk So I will upgrade it, so what would be the official/best way to ahve a remote desktop between two ubuntu 20.04.1 ?18:10
ypielthanks you tomreyn :) I'll test it18:11
tomreynthe preferred approach is usually a vnc server on the system sharing the desktop, and a vnc client on the system accessing that. vino and vinagre are a vnc server and client.18:11
ducassethreebar: the driver package directly from nvidia is unsupported here, only the ubuntu packaged drivers are. why not just use them?18:12
tomreynypiel: in case you'll not be happy with vnc (which is actually the rfb protocol), there are alternatives, such as ssh with x forwarding (works only for single applications, not the full desktop), x2go (uses the NX protocol, which supports hardware video acceleration), spice (targetting primarily virtual environments), rdp (mostly for windows compatibility, this is really a modified rfb protocol). there are also proprietary options, should you18:19
tomreynwant more.18:19
SicnusJust upgraded from 19.10 -> 20.04 then 20.04 -> 20.10  Now it seems my wifi isn't working?  (It was working when I was upgrading heh)  nmcli d shows wireless device as unavailabe18:58
jatttry wicd19:00
Sicnusso nmcli no longer works with 20.10 ?19:00
Sicnusno wicd installed19:00
legreffierwicd is an awful idea on a modern ubuntu desktop19:02
legreffiercan you see the wifi connection within the menu ?19:02
Sicnuswhen I do: lshw -C network it shows that * -network: 0 DISABLED (descriptioin: wireless interface)19:03
Sicnuscrazy, as I JUST upgraded TWICE (lmao) from 19.10 to 20.10 :/ and the wireless was working19:04
jeremy31Sicnus: Does it show power management: on in iwconfig19:04
Sicnuslemme check19:04
Sicnuslet me pastebin it.  sec19:05
jeremy31Sicnus: also check rfkill list19:05
legreffieryour laptop must have a switch or a Fn+?? shortcut turning radio on/off19:06
SicnusI'm going through vpn and several hosts to get to my work laptop that's like an hour away lol.  So it's taking some hoops to get the text here.19:07
Sicnusrfkill list syas no blocked on all but bluetooth soft blocked19:08
jeremy31Sicnus: in terminal>  sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf && systemctl restart network-manager.service19:09
Sicnuslegreffier: again, I _JUST_ upgraded the system (twice) and wireless was working before getting to 20.10 :/  so I doubt something physical happened.  Could be, but...19:09
legreffierSicnus: kernel upgrade can mean firmware upgrade too... so it could reset this kind of settings19:10
Sicnusjeremy31: yeah it's got the 3 in there.19:10
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legreffierI see more often shortcut bein activated with just blunt fingers errors..  than drivers being deleted from kernel.19:10
=== texas is now known as SpookyTexas
legreffierso i'd rather start with checking the printer is on :)19:11
Sicnusjeremy31: hmmm that sytemctl restart network-manager.service isn't working19:11
jeremy31Sicnus: might have to reboot,  power management can crash some wifi modules19:12
Sicnusyeah it's fine...19:12
=== sphalerite is now known as spookyscarysphal
Sicnusworse comes to worse I have to go onsite... but trying to avoid that lmao.  ;)19:13
Sicnusrebooting now.  (nothing like rebooting something remotely lol)19:13
Sicnusshutdown -h now right?19:14
mgedmin no19:14
jeremy31shutdown -r now19:14
mgedminshutdown -r, or just reboot19:14
legreffierif wifi chip is being weird you should actually turn it off and on19:15
legreffiernot reboot it.19:15
SicnusI remember back in the olden days of #Linux96 on efnet...  someone needed help with their sound...  some dude is like:  oh just do:  dd if=/path/to/mp3 of=/dev/hda1 and your all set...  (next thing you know he disconnects from IRC). those were some bad days  (and good days too)19:15
Sicnuslet's see if it's back up yet19:16
Sicnustaking forever for the shutdown -r to go thorugh :/. did this before too19:16
Deano59hm :D19:16
legreffier24 year, yet you paste such a command on a public, new user oriented channel. awesome.19:16
Sicnus(shutdown -r now) I mean19:16
Sicnuslegreffier: yeah it was bad back then man.19:17
mgedminI've had reboots take over ~90 seconds on occasion when snapd fails to shut down cleanly because it's doing something very important like downloading a chromium update19:17
mgedmin(systemd gives up and SIGKILLs it after 90 seconds exactly, so at least the reboot finishes)19:17
Sicnusyeah it'll go through eventually.19:18
legreffierstill is.19:18
Sicnusmgedmin: ohai from #ansible ;)19:18
* mgedmin waves19:18
Sicnusyeah I think this was my pip issue... whatcha think?19:18
mgedminnothing scarier than rebooting a remote machine and waiting hoping it will come back up19:18
Sicnusit's still pinging... :/. just hasn't rebooted yet.  (but connection refused to which is fun lmao)19:19
* mgedmin wrote https://github.com/mgedmin/multiping partially to see how long it takes for a machine to come back19:19
* Sicnus looks19:19
mgedminit's just a silly ping wrapper with an ncurses ui19:19
Sicnuspretty dope man19:20
Sicnussorry, my daughter says the kids now say "hard".  mgedmin that goes hard man.19:20
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Sicnusweeee thanks guys!19:20
Sicnusjeremy31: ++19:21
jeremy31Sicnus: what wifi?  Intel?19:21
Sicnusnmcli d shows interface is up19:21
Sicnuslet me see vcenter just died ugh... (session got to log back in)19:21
=== dTal is now known as SpookyScarySkele
Sicnusjeremy31: yeah intel19:22
PraecepsDoes anyone know what Pulse enviroment variables are required for a systemd service to connect properly?19:22
PraecepsI've got Environment="PULSE_SINK=unix:/run/user/1000/pulse/native"19:22
PraecepsI remember this is as what I did but it isn't working19:23
jayjowhen trying to import a Git project to launchpad, it requests a 'Name', and says 'This will be used in the branch or repository URL to identify the import. Examples: main, trunk.' - Can someone expand on this a bit? Is this just for reference, or is the HEAD of my VCS, in my case 'master'?19:23
Sicnusjeremy31: thanks again mate19:24
jeremy31Sicnus: No problem19:24
AlexPortableI have high CPU load from gnome-shell. `strace -c -p` shows there are 4656 recvmsg calls, and 3971 errors. Does this have something to do with it?19:39
TJ-jayjo: I think that language is a left-over from when LP was still focused on Bazaar, before Canonical abandoned it and moved to preferring git19:52
DarxusTJ-: The launchpad recipe instructions should encourage use of git then.  I spent a while trying to decide which one to use for my latest ppa.19:54
N3GLVneed tips on wifi drivers19:56
TJ-Darxus: indeed19:56
TJ-Darxus: these things are a symptom of how Canonical has blown hot and cold on various internal projects and then let them whither and bit-rot - technical debt in other words19:57
compdocAlexPortable, do you have an nvidia gpu?19:57
TJ-N3GLV: tips? use devices that have mainline kernel drivers and don't rely on firmware blobs :)19:58
N3GLVit's supported as a rtl20:01
N3GLVthe internal might be using the same driver20:03
TJ-N3GLV: for internal PCIe devices, "lspci -nnk -d ::0280" should list the device ID and driver(s)20:05
TJ-N3GLV: to list all network drivers: " ls -l /sys/class/net/*/device/driver "20:06
nedbati have a digitalocean droplet. I can ssh into with my keypair. Then I unpack my dotfiles in the droplet, and i can't ssh any more. I get: "Permission denied (publickey)".  My dot files create some files in ~/.ssh, but even once I get rid of those so the directory is the same as before the unpacking, the login doesn't work any more.20:07
nedbatWhat might be in my dotfiles that could prevent ssh logins?20:07
TJ-nedbat: sounds like you've deleted the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys20:07
nedbatTJ-: no, that file is still there, with the proper public key20:08
N3GLVlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Oct 31 15:45 /sys/class/net/wlp4s0/device/driver -> ../../../../bus/pci/drivers/iwlwifi20:08
pavlosnedbat: maybe permission on .ssh/ and files inside?20:08
TJ-nedbat: ^^20:08
N3GLVbut if it's seeing two with the same driver?20:08
nedbatpavlos: oh: the permissions are the same, but the owner has changed!20:08
N3GLVis there something that can set a priority?20:09
TJ-N3GLV: how do you mean?20:09
N3GLVI looked at rfkill20:09
TJ-N3GLV: a driver can maange as many devices as are found; each gets a separate block of memoet20:09
N3GLVif the internal card is also rtl_something20:09
TJ-memory too!20:10
nedbatpavlos: thanks: I had to set the owner:group back for both ~ and ~/.ssh, and now it works.  thanks!20:10
pavlosnedbat: yw20:10
TJ-nedbat: you can tell tar not to apply ownership20:10
N3GLVhow to tell what is being mapped to wlpXXX20:10
nedbatTJ-: yeah, i was about to look into that. how?20:10
N3GLVbte I _HATE_ the udev or whatever that mess with device naming20:11
TJ-nedbat: did you operate as 'root' user when extracting the tar archive?20:12
nedbatTJ-: yes20:12
jayjoTJ-: do you mean then the 'name' field is just not really relevant? I tried leaving it blank, it's required20:12
N3GLVshould be doing that as sudo20:12
TJ-nedbat: aha, that's why. if you'd done it as the target user it would have used that $USER's umask and UID20:12
nedbatTJ-: ok, i wondered why this hasn't been an issue before.20:13
TJ-nedbat: see "man tar"  "--no-same-owner" and "--no-same-permissions"20:13
nedbatTJ-: thanks.20:14
ash_worksiis it possible to list/edit the different settings presented in the gnome-control-center through just the cli?20:39
ioriawith gsettings maybe20:39
ash_worksithanks ioria20:40
RandomGuyOnIrcI have an ubuntu 18.04 mate laptop. Can I reinstall the OS, but leave /home alone?20:42
akemRandomGuyOnIrc, Backup your /home, format and reinstall then copy back your home folder.20:44
RandomGuyOnIrcok thanks20:45
akemIf you have several users your need to recreate them before copying back the folders.20:45
_Sym_RandomGuyOnIrc, you probably don't want to copy all your old cache and config settings back20:49
RandomGuyOnIrcyour probably right20:51
RandomGuyOnIrcthey are pretty small compared to the the 60 gig of stuff though20:51
_Sym_if its just data you care about, you can pretty much ignore the hidden directories20:52
akemYou don't care for the cache however all other .* & .config are important.20:52
akemYou may move it to .config_old or something, but if you wanna keep the things the way they were its good to have it.20:53
shinobiwhat is the preferred cd ripping application these days?21:24
_Sym_what is a cd?21:25
Toadisattvapeople still rip cd's?21:25
Toadisattvaubuntu has some default application that works wonderfully I'm sure21:26
Toadisattvasound juicer?21:26
shinobiWell I could talk about how digital media was the death of music and how virutal assets are not assets at all, but that would starting a topic that is not in scope with this channel. I here you though. I may be a dinosaur.21:26
shinobiI'll check out the sound juicer .21:27
Toadisattvahere is some info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping21:28
jayjodo I need to import code to launchpad in order to host a .deb in a PPA?21:37
tomreynjoin #launchpad21:38
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Sicnusjeremy31: after all that... I ended up having to go into the office.  Apparently ubuntu decided it needed to turn on suspending my laptop after a certain time.  *sigh*. Went down there and figured out how to disable all that.  lol22:39
dustunable to install eclipse: snap "eclipse" requires classic confinement23:35
jesusrmxhi, is there a way to make gitg to forget previously introduced credentials and show the credentials dialog again?, it's trying to push for long time while git push in terminal succeed23:42
pavlosjesusrmx: git config --system --unset credential.helper23:59

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