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parlosGood Morning Juju10:14
stickupkidparlos, morning10:34
manadartstickupkid: 2.8 into 2.9 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1238711:50
stickupkidwhy update strategy twice?11:50
parlosI've got a strange problem, thats a bit difficult to track down (for me). It seems that when I deploy something with focal as series (ontop of MAAS), the deployment succeeds, but juju fails. Application/Unit ends up in pending, waiting for machine. When deploying the same thing with bionic (--series), the deployment works normally.12:35
parlosIn the example the same charm (cs:mongodb-57), deployed on the same host.12:38
pmatulisparlos, does your maas have focal images imported?16:08
pmatulislemme see what happens when i try16:18
pmatulisparlos, is the maas node you used metal-based or kvm-based?16:20
parlosIts metal based. A bit old, 2.4.2, hope it does not affect the deployment of a charm.16:26
pmatulisparlos, you are running maas 2.4.2 you mean? btw, i responded in the juju web user forum16:52
pmatulisthe maas host is metal-based but the node is also metal-based?16:54
parlospmatulis: yes, both MAAS host and the deployed node is metal.17:35
parlosthanks for the reply, I'll dig into the maas logs tomorrow.17:36
parlosGod night Juju!17:36

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