nolan___without having to get into some heavy log sharting and posting and serious effort with troubleshooting the system or anything, i was just looking for a general type basic answer if somebody didn't mind ....00:42
nolan___my "startx" ... xinit xorg whatever... broke...00:42
nolan___I can't get it to start now... when I turn on my kubuntu... and type startx00:42
nolan___Has anyone got any ENTRY basic troubleshooting ideas / tips for me?00:42
nolan___somewhere to point me to , i guess better term would be00:43
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IrcsomeBot<Dr_wert> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/htlPnFEm/file_39401.jpg Does it  have solutions?02:38
Roeyhow do I find out the process that is using my webcam/making it turn red, indicating that it is recording?02:52
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IrcsomeBot<Superjedi> Does anyone manage to get kde plasma wayland to work on external monitors of ryzen 4800h renoir laptop ?04:59
IrcsomeBot<๐Ÿ’Ž Hugh> we're telling you you're missing an S06:31
doggohello there06:39
lordievaderGood morning07:23
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> (Photo, 1280x258) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/0YSCuqJX/file_39405.jpg I installed kubuntu in VMware and it's showing these types of graphical errors..the icons are stuttering.. did an upgrade but same error..can somebody pls help me?08:26
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/oqxDqD65/file_39406.jpg08:26
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/dJAx06mr/file_39407.jpg08:28
lordievaderbinarymatter: do you have the option of changing the emulated graphics card in vmware?08:51
user|36692Hi I have a lot of problems with the last Kubuntu. I am using a laptop with multiple screen attached on a dock via Thunderbolt. And the laptop screen gets deleted. Sometime, my computer freezes out of the blue. The only solution is a hard reset. Any idea where I shoudl start from?10:09
user|29563how do I update graphics drivers please?10:11
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> @lordievader, No10:30
lordievaderWhat is the output of `sudo lspci -k`?10:30
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> @lordievader, ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…so late ... i removed kubunutu from disk10:36
IrcsomeBot<binarymatter> @lordievader, Thanks for the reply10:36
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IrcsomeBot<Kristian> I'm using Kubuntu 20.04 LTS. When I open Dolphin and click on network  โ€”> SMB my NAS wouldn't appear. Connection with the mount command works perfect. Why doesn't find Dolphin the network shares?11:02
^AuGiE^hello got a prob...12:49
^AuGiE^this is gonna be long so bare with me...12:49
user|19311when i try to boot latest kubunt from usb flash drive it askes me fo r user live session password12:50
user|19311is there a solution for that or what should i do12:51
BluesKajHi folks12:52
user|19311can someone help?12:53
^AuGiE^i had my system duel booted for lubuntu and windows.wanted to try out kubuntu so installed it. no other operating systems showed up. so i logged into kubuntu and installed grub custom. everything showed up there (lubuntu, kubuntu, and win) so i think im goot right? no, im not. so now kubuntu and win boot fine but when i try lubuntu the login screen showes up for a sec then goes black for ever lol. im thinking its the mount points12:56
^AuGiE^but i am fairly new to linux , im getting there but noob is the word lol.12:56
eeos^AuGiE^: how did yu intall kubuntu? Did you install it on top of lubuntu, or did you set a separate partition?12:59
^AuGiE^u used mount piont /12:59
^AuGiE^and when i did lubuntu same /13:00
^AuGiE^is it conficting?13:00
eeoswell, the last setting was kubuntu so it is unlikely to start lubuntu again .... it should give you choice at login, but the WM may be different?13:01
^AuGiE^let me ope13:01
^AuGiE^like i said the lubuntu login screen pops up a sec then black13:01
^AuGiE^kubuntu and win boot fine13:02
eeosI think lubuntu uses awesome as window manager (WM)13:02
eeoswhilst kubuntu usues SDM13:02
eeos^AuGiE^: so the system was rconfigured to sue SDM.13:02
^AuGiE^ok yes i get that13:02
^AuGiE^i think i understand13:02
^AuGiE^now the fix lol13:02
^AuGiE^but wait...13:03
^AuGiE^if its different OSes on different parts y should that matter its booting in different parts13:04
eeos^AuGiE^: try dpkg-reconfigure sddm13:05
^AuGiE^in kubuntu13:05
^AuGiE^well oviously ... i cant boot in lubuntu13:05
eeos^AuGiE^: sorry, you would like to be able to start lubuntu or kubuntu?13:06
^AuGiE^3 boot system13:06
^AuGiE^lubuntu, kubuntu and win13:07
^AuGiE^i think i might be explaining this wrong i am sorry13:07
^AuGiE^noob city lol13:07
eeos^AuGiE^: that is going to be difficult .... did you see https://askubuntu.com/questions/753808/how-to-triple-boot-windows-and-two-linux-distros?13:08
^AuGiE^no lol13:08
^AuGiE^so my lubuntu is lost13:09
^AuGiE^because i installed kubuntu, like i said it boots up but only stayes on lubuntu log in a sec then goes black13:09
eeos^AuGiE^: try to look at that link .... I am sorry, I need to go back to work! I will be back later in the evening.13:10
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IrcsomeBot<jvier_x> Hi, how can I updrade kubuntu 20.04 to 20.10? I have tryed a clean instalation but  I got a grub fail every time14:34
IrcsomeBot<Kristian> @jvier_x try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GroovyUpgrades/Kubuntu14:38
nunwithgunisnt this place got x/w services?14:40
nunwithgunuh uh14:40
IrcsomeBot<jvier_x> @Kristian, Omg I feel like an idiot lol. thank you14:46
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flavio__anybody from Italy?20:41
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi ยซ /join #ubuntu-it ยป senza virgolette)21:27

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