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^AuGiE^hi guys13:30
^AuGiE^an gals :)13:30
^AuGiE^i had my system duel booted for lubuntu and windows.wanted to try out kubuntu so installed it. no other operating systems showed up. so i logged into kubuntu and installed grub custom. everything showed up there (lubuntu, kubuntu, and win) so i think im goot right? no, im not. so now kubuntu and win boot fine but when i try lubuntu the login screen showes up for a sec then goes black for ever lol. im thinking its the mount points13:32
^AuGiE^now some1 gave me a link... https://askubuntu.com/questions/753808/how-to-triple-boot-windows-and-two-linux-distros i think i should of used existing grub13:32
kc2bez^AuGiE^: When you installed Kubuntu, how did you install it? Also, which version of Lubuntu did you have installed?14:01
^AuGiE^lubuntu 20.04 and i installed kubuntu like i was duel booting14:03
kc2bezSo you created a separate partition and installed it there?14:04
^AuGiE^like i sais lununtu login showes up but then goes blank after a sec14:05
kc2bezAre you able to get to another virtual terminal using ctrl+alt+f3 ?14:07
^AuGiE^here in kubuntu or when lubuntu goes blank14:08
^AuGiE^im a noob sorry :)14:08
kc2bezWhen Lubuntu goes blank.14:08
^AuGiE^i didnt try14:08
^AuGiE^sda2 windows sda5 kubuntu sda6 lubuntu14:09
^AuGiE^u know whats weired the dev/sda litonit14:10
kc2bezI would try that, It will only be a terminal, no gui but that might give some insight as to the issue. It would be necessary to look at some logs beyond that. If something got corrupted during the partition resizing it might be necessary to re-install.14:11
^AuGiE^my lubuntu is hooked up14:11
^AuGiE^thats a bummer14:11
kc2bezI would try to see if you can isolate the issue then.14:11
^AuGiE^now if i do have to reinstall both linuxes when i install the 2nd use no bootloader right14:12
^AuGiE^what if i go in vir term in lubuntu and reinstall grub?14:14
^AuGiE^if it lets me go in vir term that is14:14
kc2bezI don't think grub is the issue if you can boot to Lubuntu14:14
^AuGiE^yes but goes blank after a sec14:14
^AuGiE^im a noob so if im making no sence sorry :)14:15
kc2bezIf the greeter shows then grub has done its job.14:15
^AuGiE^ok get it14:15
^AuGiE^u cant start WM from vir term14:15
^AuGiE^if it lets me go in vir term that is14:16
kc2bezIt is possible to start a graphical environment from a virtual terminal14:16
^AuGiE^what would be the cmd14:17
kc2bezstart x14:17
^AuGiE^use to be lol was just typing that14:17
^AuGiE^ok cool14:17
^AuGiE^im gonna go give it a whirl14:17
^AuGiE^ty for the help kc2bez14:17
^AuGiE^nope no vir term14:25
^AuGiE^it wont even let me ctrl alt del to reboot i have to hard sd14:26
^AuGiE^kc2bez, im lookin at reinstall huh?14:26
^AuGiE^its there thou14:26
^AuGiE^thats what i dont get14:27
kc2bezIt sounds corrupt though14:27
^AuGiE^u know how different WM use the different things to load (i forget what they are called it right now) would that matter14:29
kc2bezIf you can't get to a virtual terminal then something is truly amiss.14:30
^AuGiE^i should of used virbox to try out kubuntu14:30
^AuGiE^im a idiot14:30
kc2bezNah, I don't think that.14:31
kc2bezIt is part of the learning process.14:31
^AuGiE^so now i can leave kubuntu there and reinstall lubuntu ... cause lubuntu is goot it looks for OS installed and works around them, if kubuntu did that i think i would of been good14:32
kc2bezIf you choose to re-install you should be able to use the Lubuntu installer and choose replace partition option. It will only re-install on top of that partition14:32
kc2bezJust make sure you select the Lubuntu partition14:33
^AuGiE^u answered my ? as i was typing it , u good14:33
kc2bezI try14:33
^AuGiE^well if it finds both win an kubuntu that is14:34
^AuGiE^it should thou im thinking14:34
kc2bezIt should see all three partitions.14:34
^AuGiE^damn my damn my LXqt was popin too14:35
^AuGiE^i had made my own conky scripts an all14:36
kc2bezBackups are important :P14:36
^AuGiE^maybe i can go in there and copy my scripts14:36
^AuGiE^ill open the pc up an put it in a sata to usb adapter i got14:37
kc2bezYou might be able to mount the partition in Kubuntu and copy them over as long as they are not corrupted14:37
^AuGiE^im lookin now14:38
kc2bezSeriously though backups are a good idea when messing around with partitioning14:38
^AuGiE^ha im in there14:39
^AuGiE^u sure i cant go in there and reconf my lubuntu boot14:39
^AuGiE^in lubuntu part14:40
kc2bezI don't really know which part is having the issue. It likely will take more effort than a re-install.14:41
^AuGiE^i guess14:42
^AuGiE^at least i can go and save all my files , i can even save come config files an just paste them in new install14:43
kc2bezI would just worry that there are other issues you don't initially catch visually. I am not sure how much I would trust it14:43
kc2bezI think that is a good course of action14:43
^AuGiE^i dont care about kubuntu much its a new install i didnt set it up yet14:44
^AuGiE^i can save the whole lubuntu partition on a flash thou and pick at it later14:45
^AuGiE^u been alot of help kc2bez , but 1 more ?14:46
kc2bezSure thing14:46
^AuGiE^am i going about this wrong... cant i just install KDE WM on lubuntu and pick either to use on login14:47
kc2bezWell, you can but sometimes things get a little messy when you do that. You can end up with extra packages and whatnot.14:48
^AuGiE^ok cool14:48
^AuGiE^u the man kc2bez14:48
^AuGiE^u aint a woman right14:49
* kc2bez he/him14:49
^AuGiE^although a linux woman is kinda sexy14:49
kc2bezBut it is good to be inclusive14:50
lubot<FedeBosio> lol14:50
^AuGiE^getting my gf into linux14:50
^AuGiE^she wont do the configing but i set lubuntu up on her pc14:50
kc2bezSounds good ^AuGiE^ Good luck!14:51
^AuGiE^ty man14:51
^AuGiE^ill keep in touch14:51
^AuGiE^i like u some ppl see noob and make fun14:51
^AuGiE^they forget they were there 1s14:52
^AuGiE^ok off for backup an reinstall14:56
jix-freedmanHello, can someone point me to a tutorial on how to change the default resolution? I'm running nomachine as a server and would like to have a resolution larger than 1024X76819:02
jix-freedmanSorry, I'm running Nomachine headless.19:02
LimeOnjix-freedman:  have you tried "lxqt-config-monitor" in terminal?19:06
jix-freedmanLimeOn: That just brings up the monitor settings window correct? The issue is that I do not have a monitor running so that window is empty/no options.19:07
jix-freedmanLimeOn: I do not have a monitor plugged in at all, IE I am running it headless.19:09
LimeOni see, i relly do not know how to do it without a monitor, sorry19:09
jix-freedmanLimeOn: Thanks anyways. Lubuntu has a default resolution of 1024X768 .... somewhere there is a configuration file to change that.19:10
JohnDoe_71Rusiirc remmina has setup for resolution19:20
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jix-freedmanHello, can someone point me to a tutorial on how to change the default resolution? I'm running nomachine as a server and would like to have a resolution larger than 1024X76823:07
jix-freedmanSorry I had to restart to try to a fix for the resolution error if anyone responded please respond again.23:30
jix-freedmanDoes anyone know how to change the default resolution from 1020X768 to a higher resolution when no lcd monitor is installed?23:30
jix-freedmanwxl: thank you. There is no monitor installed on this box. I am using Nomachine to remote into it. The "Monitor settings" window is empty of information.23:32
jix-freedmanwxl: IE there are no monitors to choose from to change the settings on.23:32
wxljix-freedman: i'm pretty sure nomachine has some specific requirements for headless machines, so you should inquire with them. i will say that you should be able to use the `xrandr` command to add any resolution you want as long as there is a display card to work with23:33
jix-freedmanwxl: Nomachine has the ability to change the resolution, but alas, I can not figure it out. The slider does not work and when I set the resolution in the server it does not work. So I figured I'd try to find a config file for Lubuntu and change that.23:35
wxljix-freedman: https://www.nomachine.com/AR02M00836&an=headless%20resolution23:38
jix-freedmanwxl: Thanks, it seems complicated to turn off my xserver but possibly a solution.23:42
wxljix-freedman: like i said, nomachine has its own requirements. you should really post to their forum for the best solution.23:43
jix-freedmanwxl: So there is not a way to change the default resolution in Lubuntu to something other thant 1024X768?23:47
wxljix-freedman: did i not mention xrandr?23:48
jix-freedmanwxl: to the best of my knowledge xrandr is just a way to change the resolution to a different resolution. Not a way to perneantly change the default resolution in a config file somewhere. But if you are telling me that is the way then okay.23:50
wxljix-freedman: it can add resolutions, change resolutions, and do any number of things. it's not permanent but there are a plethora of ways to make it so by running the xrandr command at boot, upon login, etc.23:51

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