lotuspsychjegood morning02:14
ducassegood morning07:22
lordievaderGood morning07:23
crorafHi, I'm using GNOME terminal, and I see it is based on VTE. I'm confused on what the VTE provides, and what GNOME terminal provides on top?11:36
crorafDoes VTE like provide all these graphical elements (which are customizable) and GNOME put them together?11:39
ducassecroraf: aiui vte is just the terminal widget11:44
ducassei might be wrong, though, you should ask the gnome people11:45
crorafI'm confused about the term "widget". From my understanding widgets are buttons, scrolls, scroll wrappers, labels, plain panels. Every UI element is one widget.11:50
crorafwhat do you mean by gnome people, you mean irc gnome channel?11:50
croraf(if such exists)11:51
ducasseyeah, they have their own irc network, see their website11:51
ducassethe terminal inside the window is a widget11:52
ducasseaiui, at least11:52
ash_worksiso, once upon a time, several people helped me understand how the names of various services fit in the heirarchy of an ubuntu OS; re-reading the logs (thank you ducasse, sarnold, mgedmin, daftykins) I am left with 2 questions:19:37
tomreyni think you have 4 people (those you just highlighted) waiting in tight anticipation for those 2 questions now.19:42
ash_worksiI keep proofing my questions19:42
ash_worksiand hopefully those 4 people just feel appreciated :)19:43
ash_worksinonetheless, the general feeling I got was that dwm doesn't seem like a trival thing to implement especially (perhaps?) in an Ubuntu environment, but clearly people do..... rereading it, I think someone was saying it's just not easy to switch back-and-forth between gnome-shell and dwm so maybe that's not a question19:45
ash_worksithe other more direct question is: if you use something other than one of the main underlying programs associated with gnome (for example, dwm instead of gnome-shell), is it "gnome" anymore? and consequently is it ubuntu anymore?19:46
sarnoldash_worksi: there's a lot that goes into "ubuntu": the default choices made for every level of the stack, security support, community support, etc19:53
sarnoldash_worksi: there's kubuntu and xubuntu and lubuntu and ubuntu studio and I'm sure i"m missing some..19:54
sarnoldash_worksi: all are various takes on what it means to be "ubuntu"19:54
sarnoldash_worksi: dwm is far from trivial to implement because the way to configure dwm is to edit the source code and recompile it; that doesn't work well with tens of millions of users :) you're going to have a small group at best, and they'll all want it to be something different19:55
ash_worksisarnold: so what are people running dwm on? archlinux or something?19:58
sarnoldash_worksi: or ubuntu or debian or gentoo or slackware or something they maintain themselves or void or nix or .. :)19:58
ash_worksiand are you basically saying, "it wouldn't be gnome because the pieces of software that make gnome are so tightly inter-dependant, that swapping one would effectively evolve a different DE" ?20:00
ash_worksiI see20:00
sarnoldyeah once you take gnome-shelkl out of gnome, then you're 'just' using gnome applications with your own window manager :)20:08
ash_worksithanks sarnold20:14

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