LarryLafferhi all. am a newb in this field but curiosity got me here. how could i query the values for "mnt_optstr_get_flags ()"? http://mirrors.mit.edu/kernel/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.28/libmount-docs/libmount-Options-string.html#mnt-optstr-get-flags14:56
arighiLarryLaffer, I guess the best option is to look directly in the source code `apt source libmount-dev`, then `cd util-linux-<version>`, open libmount/src/context_mount.c and search for linux_flags_map and userspace_opts_map16:13
LarryLafferarighi: tyvm. no idea where this journey will take me but you provided me with some keywords that should help me. i got curious. :)16:15
LarryLafferarighi: backstory - /proc/mounts /etc/mtab mount -l  output did not satisfy my curiosity.      i'll dig some more. thx16:18
arighiLarryLaffer, ok, let us know how it goes :)16:19
LarryLafferarighi: aye aye. although most likely going to be the weekend16:19
luna_Any kernel meeting today or still not?16:41
luna_also are you rebuilding the 5.9.11 kernels ?16:42
tjaaltonthere are no kernel meetings since many years ago17:07
chiluk;( sniff... I miss the meetings too ...17:08
luna_tjaalton: oh well any plan for the 5.9.11 kernels? those failed building and only 5.9.10 is out now17:11
tjaaltondon't know17:11
tjaaltonapw: ^ looks like 5.9.x mainline packaging uses unstable.git? it's trying to include scripts/modules.lds but that's only available from 5.10 on17:16
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