ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <FagunBhavsar> Looks like it was an issue with VirtualBox. Got an updated version of VB n now the new iso build is getting installed.07:49
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <rs2009> Forwarded from unknown: Ubuntu Unity 20.10 is now available for the Raspberry Pi!  🎉 It includes amd64-arm, which sets up an emulated Debian x86_64 (Stretch) environment. This would help you to run common 64-bit (amd64) programs on your Raspberry Pi.Details are available at: https://ubuntuunity.org/2020/12/01/ubuntu-unity-20-10-for-raspberry-pi/ :18:52
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <rs2009> Forwarded from unknown:18:52

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