droid3hey guys  i am wonder is there away to create a ubuntu repo from a github repo ?00:13
droid3And what determines the difference of a github repo vs a ubuntu repo vs  rpm based repo for redhat /centos ..00:14
droid3I always been on the side of adding a repo and downloading software.00:14
jeremy31droid3: I don't think there is such a thing as github repo00:15
droid3But now i am considering the other direction making my own ubuntu , redhat/centos ,...etc repos that i put my software on and that people can add thru there apt program ...etc00:15
sarnolddroid3: I have no idea what a github repo is, but you can create your own apt repositories with aptly or apt-ftparchive00:15
droid3jermey31 github example https://github.com/torvalds/linux00:16
droid3its a version control for keeping track of your software versions , bugs ,...etc00:17
sarnoldoh, you mean git repositories?00:17
jeremy31droid3: I know what github is, I don't think it can be considered a repo00:17
sarnoldthey're very different from apt repositories00:17
droid3I was curious on if there is away  to take your github repo and convert them into ubuntu or redhat repos so people can rpm or apt-get the software rather then git cloning it and building it from scratch.00:18
droid3sure its a software repo the ubuntu repo are more deb file repos or binary repos00:18
droid3I just was curious about if one can convert one over to the other visa-vera00:19
droid3Because i do find .deb , .rpm ,...etc are easier for most to install then downloading the .jar , .tar.gz , .exe /appImage ...etc00:19
droid3Also been awhile just curious on how one can manually create his own ubuntu third party repos on his website or hosting server?00:20
droid3Usually you go thru ppa , canonical  ,...and other server hosting sites that create your ppa url/uri to use with apt-get for you.00:21
droid3I am just curious on the software canonical uses to do it manually00:21
sarnolddroid3: many people use travis or jenkins to offer binaries built for a variety of operating systems and architectures; there's also the opensuse build service which is apparently pretty nice00:24
jayjoWhat's the best way to get a list of required packages for a certain package? I'm trying to manually download debs for offline use, can I get a list of 'recommends' packages? I'm going to use dpkg-scanpackages to create the Packages.gz00:26
sarnoldjayjo: you could check if apt-offline still works00:26
Bashing-omjayjo: ' apt depends <package> and apt show <package> ' should help.00:27
droid3jenkins , circle , travis , bamboo , teamcity , shippable , codeship , semaphore , continousphp ,...etc there so many to choose from by the time you get good with one its legacy and there is another one you got to learn. So its either learning about the deployment/continous build software which takes you away from programming the actual software00:48
droid3So i am just wanting more to setup a ubuntu repo that people can add to there sudo add-apt-repository xxxxx00:49
droid3and i want to host it myself later i am going to put it on a launchpad ppa:url...etc00:50
droid3But i was curious on how you create your own lauchpad set in your internal network00:50
sarnolddroid3: as far as I know there's exactly two instances of launchpad running in the world. you almost certainly don't want to run *launchpad*.00:51
droid3Obviously the no brainer is just to sign up for launchpad or another service and put your application to deploy out there at people can just sudo add-apt-repository xxxx00:51
droid3sarnold but isnt launchpad the main site that allow PPA your personal package  achive so people can apt-get or yum it down01:03
droid3what other sarnold options for hosting a PPA are there for people?01:04
sarnolddroid3: aptly and apt-ftparchive are the two popular choices01:04
sarnolddroid3: at least with apt-ftparchive you can use the webserver of your choice to host the end results; I don't know much about aptly, but it looks neat01:04
droid3Github is great for source code repos but for deb , rpm and package managers they dont work so well  so you kind of need a launchpad website that hosts it /builds01:04
droid3wait are you saying apt-ftparchive  is a software service you can install locally on your home network to host your own PPA launchpad like repo for people to sudo add-apt-repository xxxx01:06
sarnolddroid3: for the building side, you could more easily maintain a bunch of schroots for each release you want to support, for the various ubuntu and debian releases01:06
sarnolddroid3: of course that'd only get you builds for whatever architectures you have available01:06
droid3so how does launchpad target any linux distro be it tar.gz source/binary or .deb or .rpm01:07
sarnolddroid3: launchpad doesn't; launchpad only builds for debian-derived systems. the launchpad canonical hosts only builds for ubuntu, even01:10
sarnolddroid3: if you want to build for rhel or sles you'll need to do something else to build rpms01:10
droid3ok so maybe i was wrong what do we have for rpm based distro repo01:10
droid3i usually just yum them down never consider setting my own up for different distro flavors01:11
droid3sure mirroring them over with rsync is a different story but actually creating them i am curious hummmm01:11
sarnolddroid3: I left rpm world back when up2date was still a thing :) heh01:11
droid3ya i remember those days lol01:12
sarnolddroid3: check out the opensuse build service, I think it'd be something you'd like, and it is probably way easier to self-host that than launchpad; OBS also understands how to build both rpms and debs01:12
droid3i uses to think source code control repos like github , cvs, svn , mercurial was difficult to setup locally or use them but there pretty easy now a days. Back in the day less info was out on them and proprietary version controls where most insider company used01:13
droid3Now to me version control is not bad working either setting them up locally on your server or just as a client pushing changes to github...etc01:14
sarnoldyeah, source code systems are *significantly* easier to manage than build services :)01:14
droid3The major issue now is creating my own package manager repos thats the last step as i hate just setting up github instructions on how to build or how to run01:15
droid3if i can just make a package repo that each individual distro repo can use like yumming , apt-get ,...etc and just have people add the url/uri that be another option i like to explore.01:16
droid3It be really cool if github , sourceforge , and the rest of the popular webbased software version control system on the web01:17
droid3to have the features of create a PPA or .deb .rpm , repo...etc01:17
droid3If they just enhanced the website with this for programmers without making it overly complicated01:17
droid3then one could make a repo url and an easy install method for any of his repo projects on these hosted site01:18
droid3wishful thinking it be really really cool01:19
droid3because github has bug tracking features , webpage hosting , wiki hosting ,...etc the only aspect it is missing is for linux/unix repo01:19
droid3to beable to sudo add-apt-repository xxxx and then sudo apt-get or sudo yum -y install http://xxxxx.rpm01:21
droid3thats the one area to integrate into software repo and program hosting site i see as an enhancement the ability to create repo for deb , rpm and other type of linux/unix repo01:22
droid3See with microsoft windows OS and mac OSX  you dont have this need for all this stuff.01:23
droid3But with linux /unix package repos are a huge deal.01:23
droid3to make things easier for others when developing software.01:23
droid3i guess my issue is i see alot of people with github project and sourceforge project and there readme/install instructions are like a few page and need really technical people to configure/setup. Sometimes there made overly complicated01:26
droid3yet  i set them up. But thought to myself when ever i provide software its a few instruction or a few as steps as possible to try to make it for people01:27
droid3the more steps you make / more complicated you make it in the deploying step is going to deter people from using it. I dont care how good the software is there are limits01:27
droid3So for me it just be nice if github ,bitbucket , sourceforge ,...etc had a feature button to click create deployment repos for deb , rpm , slack ,..etc01:28
droid3then all you have to do as a programmer is once you done with your github project say01:29
droid3just click the button to create a deploy repo for the debian , redhat , slack , xxxbsd ,...etc01:29
droid3its just better some times to have your finished project in package downloads.01:30
zenni'm having caps lock delay issue any idea how to fix it?01:30
zennany idea how to fix this I believe it has been a known issue for very long time01:30
sarnolddroid3: the trouble is every project has vastly different build requirements01:30
zennI'm running distro 20.1001:30
droid3As well as source builds from git clone ,  or downloading appImages , tar.gz...etc01:30
sarnolddroid3: that's part of why all the READMEs hav ehuge instructions..01:30
droid3ya i know i just am trying to figure out a way that any normally user can use linux like windows interms of installing software01:31
sarnolddroid3: well that part is easy, snap provides a single app store across distributions :)01:31
droid3it seem installing software on windows with install programs or downloading just the .zip or exe is almost as easy as point /click. With no issues 99% of the time for windows users01:32
droid3However for linux its not the case and i think mac /apple would be somewhere inbetween linux and windows.01:32
droid3not talking about difficulty of use of the system there all pretty straight forward for most. But it is in the application install procedures /package managers that things get hair for most people01:33
droid3not to mention you can hire a how team of project managers that only purpose is to maintain the software repos /versions ...etc01:34
droid3thats the only area windows seems to beat out linux/unix OS in.01:34
droid3simple because linux/unix is much more general software , ...etc then windows OS01:35
ToadisattvaI don't know if it's in the repos/software center it's pretty much as simple as windows01:35
droid3anyway just rambling today until i look more into what is the popular package repos developers can use01:35
droid3launchpad is pretty up there its like github interms of package repo hosting for debian/ubuntu based OS01:36
droid3however i am not so sure about redhat , centos and the rpm based distro OS01:36
droid3And not so sure on the slackware repo , xxxbsd repo like net ,free open, dragonfly ,..etc01:37
droid3it seems as the deployment methods are vast and people can over complicate stuff or get lost on even how to download/run/install stuff on linux01:38
droid3where as windows you just click on the visual installer link or exe or .zip01:38
droid3so i am trying not to create new software or other standards /options god knows we have enough of them01:38
sarnolddroid3: heh, funny, I left windows twenty years ago in part because I hated the windows .exe "click next eight times" installers that unpacked a dozen copies of the same old outdated libraries everybody else used...01:39
nunya_Is ther some way to lock icon position on desktop? Every time I save a file to desktop it seems to push files around in no particular order. Is there a way to have new files save to first empty spot after othe files' icons?01:40
droid3but the easiest way to deploy your linux/unix/xxxbsd software in the easiest manner ...keeping portability in perspective and easy of use. As well as being able to easily get it across to as many target audiences01:40
droid3nunya you should beable to say remove from favorites or pin to menu...etc look for those options01:41
droid3If you dont have them you may have to go into configure files or desktop settings , tweak , gsettings ,..etc Or01:42
zennHi guys any idea about the caps lock delay issue ?01:43
nunya_<droid3>not the application icons in the dock. I am referring to files I have on the /home/nunya/Desktop01:43
droid3you mean like locking the icons to always be on the desktop or removing a desktop icon like trash can or something?01:44
nunya_<droid3>I mean for them to always be in the position I left them instead of shuffled every time I add a file.01:46
droid3O i see what you mean01:47
droid3I just gsetting , tweak ,...etc  or look for  icon arrangement settings01:47
droid3usually you can set them to sort by date, name ,...etc but there should be a custom feature to setup in certain ways.01:48
nunya_<droid3>I couldn't find anything in settings  to do such a thing. Even a sort by name, type, or mod date would work.01:48
droid3nunya not sure off the top of my head but take a look at this thread01:50
nunya_<droid3>How do you get them to sort. I see no settings for that or right clicking on the desktop doesn't give me sort options either.01:50
droid3you may need to install iconic if you dont want to go thru the configuration files directly. It seems this program has some cool features that tweak might not have01:51
nunya_<droid3>If I knew the config files to edit I would.01:53
zennanybody here can help me I'm fixing caps lock issue in intellij01:56
zennwhich is affecting my coding01:56
thdootdootmanyeah turn it off01:59
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nunya_Iconic looks like a pain to use. Does anyone know another way to sort files on desktop by name, type, mod date, etc?02:04
k_szeWhy is there linux-generic-hwe-20.04 but no xserver-xorg-hwe-20.04 yet? Is that normal?02:07
nunya_BTW running Ubuntu 20.402:09
sarnoldzenn: what kind of delay? I have capslock remapped to escape on my system for ages but it always felt pretty instant02:11
zennlike the TExt would appear like this when I have already press the caps lock button02:12
zennit happens in Intellij02:12
Jari--hi all Ubuntu users02:13
Jari--morning from Finland02:13
sarnoldJari--: humppa!02:14
sarnoldzenn: perhaps you've also disabled your capslock key? :)02:14
zennI never did disable anything at all.02:14
zennit has been a known issue since ages02:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1376903 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Caps lock delay" [Low,Confirmed]02:15
zennI would like to note that this bug is still being overlooked by the community.02:16
zennIt really is aggravating to know while Linux as a whole claims to be free and open and customizable and user friendly due to the freedom to get what the users want, anything that the majority does not use as much is just... disregarded.02:16
sarnoldzenn: that's strange; has anyone filed a bug with java folks so they would know about it?02:23
zennit has been a known issue02:23
zennit points to xorg02:23
destinydrivenHey guys, is there a way to check whether I'm running two separate instances of nginx on the same server?02:26
sarnolddestinydriven: start with ps auxw | grep -i nginx perhaps02:27
pavlosdestinydriven: shouldn't the parent pid be different?02:27
destinydrivenLet me check02:27
destinydrivenI stopped it service nginx stop and its still serving sites02:28
pavlosdestinydriven: can you paste 'ps -ef | grep nginx' so I can see the ppid?02:32
sarnoldstrange, their parent is dead but they never got the message02:34
sarnoldkill em by hand?02:34
destinydrivensarnold, which?02:34
droid3nunya try using sudo apt-get install gconf-editor02:34
sarnolddestinydriven: the nginx worker processes02:35
droid3if you  dont know the configuration lines directly just use the gui program like that02:35
droid3If you dont find what your looking for just uninstall it when you like.02:35
droid3me personally there are 100 of different setting for desktop managers so dont waste your time trying to figure out the names for every one /keeping track of them02:36
droid3just uses the gui and play around with it till you find what you need or uninstall it if you dont find what your looking for.02:37
destinydrivenI keep getting nginx[78152]: nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use)02:39
droid3destinydriven seems like you already have some socket bound to that port02:43
pavlosdestinydriven: from the last paste, there is no pid 7815202:43
destinydrivenI rebooted the server02:44
destinydrivenLet me see what spawns now02:44
droid3check to see whats running and check your firewalls also.02:44
pavlosdestinydriven: you can try, 'netstat -plant | grep :80' to see what pid listens to port 8002:45
pavlosdestinydriven: add sudo before netstat02:46
destinydriventcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      1644/nginx: master02:46
destinydriventcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::*                    LISTEN      1644/nginx: master02:46
destinydrivenJust this right now02:46
destinydrivenI run into issues when I try to run certbot to dry-run cert renewals.  All fail02:47
pavlosdestinydriven: so ps -ef | grep nginx should show 1644 as ppid02:47
destinydriven1644, 1649, 1650, 1651, 165402:47
destinydrivenOh well yes 1644 is the ppid02:48
pavlosdestinydriven: give us an updated paste, ps -ef | grep nginx02:48
destinydrivenI should add that I'm running passenger with nginx02:49
destinydrivenI suspect that may be the cause of the issues02:49
destinydrivenpavlos: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/45HzdrQ4mX/02:50
pavlosdestinydriven: much better ...02:50
destinydrivenLooks normal right?02:51
pavlosdestinydriven: yes, one ppid, a few pid stemming from ppid02:51
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destinydrivenOk certbot seems to be running cleanly now02:52
destinydrivenI'm still lost as to why there were issues before02:52
destinydrivenRebooting isn't a solution02:52
pavlosdestinydriven: can you paste, sudo /usr/sbin/passenger-memory-stats02:52
Roeyhow do I find out the process that is using my webcam/making it turn red, indicating that it is recording?02:53
destinydrivenPavlos: sure02:53
pavlosdestinydriven: reference this page, https://www.phusionpassenger.com/library/walkthroughs/deploy/ruby/ownserver/nginx/oss/stretch/install_passenger.html02:53
destinydrivenPavlos: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/rzj5FhWr9z/02:54
destinydrivenPavlos: I've been on those docs for days now haha02:55
destinydrivenProblems started when I upgraded from 18.04 to 20.0402:55
pavlosdestinydriven: according to the ref page, passenger is not running ... I dont know how to troubleshoot this part02:56
destinydrivenYeah you're right.  Redmine is certainly down now  .. . sigh02:57
pavlosI'll be afk (for a while ...02:59
destinydrivenPavlos: thanks for the assistance02:59
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ash_worksiwhat size monitors do you use for best productivity?05:05
Mibixim confused why my /media/servername is empty now07:01
Mibixit used to have a bunch of my shares07:01
AlentoI recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and in doing so the program 'gnome-screenshot' is not functioning properly.  Can I get some assistance here?07:20
al_nz1how do you check easy-rsa version?07:21
tribaalal_nz1: "apt policy easy-rsa" should give you that information07:22
al_nz1thanks it did07:22
al_nz1I could nto find that in google07:23
tribaalhehe :)07:23
tribaalyou heard it here first folks! IRC is better than google07:23
al_nz1I am trying to sign a req and the common name show is munted commonName = \0D07:23
al_nz1which is not the CN I usedf07:23
al_nz1and the signing fails07:24
al_nz1but the req looks fine07:24
saurabh009Hi, I made some changes in the config files of the Kernel which is in boot directory, does anyone know how to recompile things again so that those changes I made in the config file gets activated07:47
al_nz1is there a way to check the commonName in easy-rsa08:10
flingConsider using wireguard instead of openvpn if you can.08:13
locsmif_workHi all. Any idea how I can properly cause a command like xset to run every time I boot into GUI?08:14
locsmif_workI've tried scripts in $HOME, none of them seem to be invoked08:14
locsmif_workLatest was ~/.Xresources08:15
locsmif_workI want to switch off dpms at every boot, since Ubuntu doesn't switch on my 4K monitor when I unlock my desktop08:16
locsmif_workI have to manually switch it off completely and on again for the monitor to be added to my desktop layout again08:16
locsmif_workThere for I use xset -dpms08:17
locsmif_work(Plaese tell me I don't have to wrap the command in Bash or add a sleep command to delay execution for 10 seconds.)08:19
bindimight need "export DISPLAY=:0.0"08:20
locsmif_workAh, that makes sense08:21
locsmif_workLooks like .Xresources is a sort of registry though, with its own syntax and I don't know the specific setting name for dpms08:26
snowkidimdanyone familiar with dbus?09:14
HashI NEED JAVA09:14
HashJDK 8 is required for installing the NetBeans IDE. Make sure that the JDK is properly installed and run installer again.09:14
HashWhich one do I need? JRE or JDK, and which version?09:14
snowkidimdQuestion is that if I run a application that calls signal-cli, via dbus, i assigned that process a user, but I am not sure whether or not the user should have been assigned a password to get things working09:16
snowkidimdthe runtime env and developer kit are two different things, some apps need both09:16
locsmif_workIf you're installing netbeans, you need JDK09:19
locsmif_workDoes anybody know how to sanity check upstart scripts? I just added one and I would like to have upstart check if it's valid or not. I'd rather not find out next boot if it isn't09:19
HashJava programs fonts look like absolute hell09:20
locsmif_workHash: I'm not a Java programmer, but maybe wxWidgets is available for Java09:21
sandman13hi, is there an automatic way to revert to ifupdown from Netplan? I mean auto configuration/generation of /etc/network/interfaces09:21
locsmif_workOtherwise, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaFX09:21
sandman13from the docs and wiki page, all I could infer was, ifupdown to Netplan is automatic but nothing much has been said about reverse09:22
locsmif_workHash: I do hope you're not using Swing/AWT or whatever09:23
HashTrying to get netbeans09:23
HashFound this too09:23
HashREQUIRED Remove openjdk and install oracle jdk.09:23
HashDownload deb from http://ppa.launchpad.net/no1wantdthisname/ubuntu/pool/main/f/fontconfig-infinality/09:23
HashThird party debs mmmmmm I dunno09:23
HashI used to have like 3 or 4 options I would export as java options or put into netbeans.conf java command to make nicer fonts09:24
HashI forgot them. Something someting AA something I dunno09:24
locsmif_workHash: oh, that.09:24
locsmif_workNo idea. I have no problems running PHPStorm/PyCharm here at least09:24
sandman13maybe this can work: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/java#Better_font_rendering09:25
locsmif_workThat post is 7 years old, too09:25
Hash-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on, -Dswing.aatext=true09:25
HashThat's two of them09:25
HashLet me try09:25
sandman13IIRC that worked for me09:26
locsmif_workOdd that you have this problem. I don't. Or don't appear to.09:29
locsmif_workUsing older Ubuntu versions?09:29
HashJust upgraded to 20 LTS09:32
locsmif_workHash: the answer is that I'm using the JetBrains toolbox to install my IDEs, and they appear to come with their own tweaked OpenJDK09:41
HashI see10:13
HashI too have their software. I was setting them just now. I have a student pack thing.10:13
ace_mehow should a row record in bind zone look like please ?10:20
ace_medomain.ro.      IN     MX (1) aspmx.l.google.com10:20
Habbielose the ()10:23
aminvakilhow can i have my local mirror using rsync, but excluding specific distros, is there a official ubuntu doc somewhere?10:37
ikonia!mirrors | aminvakil10:43
ubottuaminvakil: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Groovy, and help keeping the servers' load low!10:43
ikoniaI'm sure there was a factoid for mirroring setup10:43
aminvakilikonia: thanks for the link, i have setup my mirror successfully, my question was about excluding specific distros10:44
ikoniayes, so you've not set it up10:44
ikoniahave a look through some of the docs10:44
ikoniait will depend on the process you use to sync the mirror if/how you exclude10:44
aminvakilikonia: i'm not sure if you have read my question or not, i'm using "rsync" as i have said, there is nothing about excluding a distro using rsync in the link you have sent (i have read this), is there another wiki page which i'm unaware of?10:46
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HashI have updated to 20 LTS. I am using Xmonad and I am looking for a standalone Xorg panel to use. I need a button for program menu, a task switcher, and a system tray. It doesn't need to be fancy or have many features.10:46
ikoniaaminvakil: --exclude10:47
aminvakilikonia: that is what i'm looking for, so if just say "--exclude trusty" for example, and exclude any file or folder that have trusty in it, would i be fine? or am i going to miss a package in bionic which has trusty in its name?10:49
aminvakilubuntu mirror structure is very confusing to me, i don't know what is in mirror/dists/bionic/main... and what is in mirror/pool/main...10:50
aminvakilwould i be fine if i just exclude dists/trusty* ?10:50
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ikoniaaminvakil: you can't just write --exclude trusty, man rsync for the --exclude syntax and patterns11:07
ikoniaaminvakil: you're second example is better, I often find that trusty/ would work, because it's looking for a dir name trusty then, rather than a file containing trusty11:08
hackersthere's so much ubuntu going on I can't focus on making the right choice of product and solutions11:15
jpdsaminvakil: No, you can't exclude distros with rsync like that11:17
jpdsaminvakil: There's two options; either do a full mirror with rsync as you have, or use debmirror - but as you're excluding things - you have to resign the mirror with your own GPG keys (and pass those keys to the clients that use the mirror)11:21
ikoniajpds: is it the key signing of the repo that prevents the --exclude option being useable ?11:22
jpdsikonia: --exclude would only have an effect on the dists/ directory and nothing in pool/11:23
jpdsikonia: You'd save at most a couple of MB compared to the many GBs of the package files11:23
jpdsSo, basically useless11:24
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IniGitWhy do all tutorials for systemd suggest to put configuration into `/etc` ? For example my configuration for verdaccio is currently is `$HOME/.config/verdaccio` — why should I move it to `/etc`? Also the same is true for the binaries, why move them to `/usr/bin`?12:09
IniGit`ExecStart=/usr/bin/verdaccio --config /etc/verdaccio/config.yaml` is suggested in the docs instead of the default locations of those files12:10
ThinkT510isn't /etc system wide and $HOME./config/foo user specific?12:12
ikonianot seeing the problem there ?12:12
IniGitThinkT510: I think so, but why is the user specific folder not ok?12:13
ikoniaIniGit: I'm not sure what your question actually is ?12:14
ikoniawhat are you asking12:14
IniGitikonia: Why I have to copy those files to the system wide folder and cannot just use the default files within the user specific folder?12:14
ikoniayou don't have to12:15
ikoniayou can do what you want12:15
ikoniait's advised/recommended to make functionality easier, standard etc12:15
IniGitikonia: ok, thank you12:17
DeyaaI'm a Linux beginner12:21
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DeyaaI heard that Firefox is opensource project and cross platform. My question is how is it cross platform I'm mean does Firefox had repos for all operation systems?12:23
ikoniadistros (ubuntu) package it12:23
DeyaaAnd where I can find these repos?12:23
ikoniait's in default in the ubuntu repos12:23
DeyaaI'm taking about the source filea12:24
DeyaaFor win Linux ios12:24
ikoniayou may want to do a little bit of open source research on that12:25
psych094An online search for the source files should result in one of the search results to be mozilla's website containing the source files for (amost?) all the old versions to the latest.12:25
psych094Just do a search for firefox source codes... Using firefox :v12:26
DeyaaI came a cross these12:29
psych094Deyaa: https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/12:42
psych094Deyaa: Source code about releases or the latest version from here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Developer_guide/Source_Code/Downloading_Source_Archives12:43
Deyaapsych094: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/1.0.7/12:44
DeyaaI can't find win6412:44
ikoniaDeyaa: youre getting a little offtopic for this channel focus12:47
ikoniamaybe join some of the firefox community groups, maillist/irc/news groups etc12:48
Deyaaikonia: okay I'm sorry12:50
ikoniano need for sorry, it's fine12:51
BluesKajHi folks12:52
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g3poandlslI have an Ubuntu 18.04 install joined to an Active Directory domain with SSSD.  I'm trying to use Evolution to connect to an Exchange server using kerberos. However, when I open Evolution, I get the error "No response: Server not found in Kerberos database".13:39
g3poandlslI have a valid kerberos ticket, but I'm guessing the Exchange server needs to be added to my keytab. Any thoughts?13:39
lotuspsychjeg3poandlsl: ubuntu server?13:45
g3poandlsllotuspsychje, Ubuntu desktop13:49
KurozenI'm looking to blacklist certain drivers, is the method stil the same in 20.04 LTS as in 16 and 18 ?13:52
IniGitWhen I have a service running and it constantly logs something, will my harddrive be full after so time?13:57
IniGitOr does systemd ensure, that this does not happen?13:57
IniGitI'm talking baout /var/log/syslog and journalctl13:57
lotuspsychjeIniGit: the user needs to manage his system, clean your logs and other tmp files etc, check bleachbit/stacer to wipe14:01
BluesKajno info14:01
IniGitlotuspsychje: ok, thx14:02
vlmwhen i do mkfs.ext3 /dev/mydisk after when i do blkid /dev/mydisk it shows sec_typefs=ext2 along with ext3 is that intended?14:02
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kyle__Using i3 on 20.04, it's logging me out completely when I leave it idle.  No errors, no obvious log messages.  I come back and I'm logged out.  Has anyone else come across this?14:12
RoseBuswhat's a good program to encrypt / decrypt directories that need to be accessed semi-regularly14:14
RoseBusit's getting tedious to use pgp and tar14:15
kyle__RoseBus: Is there a reason not to just do FDE?  Or at least encrypted /home ?14:30
mgedminRoseBus: I still use ecryptfs for that, but apparently it's deprecated14:32
mgedminmaybe LUKS on a loop device would work?14:32
mgedminext4's new encrypted directory support is tantalizing, but I don't know how well it's supported14:33
kyle__It's been around since 2015 apparently.  Though this is the first I've heard of it.14:37
IniGitCan I also run a command within ExecStart= and if so how? (systemd)14:45
IniGitI mean without a .sh file14:50
IniGitOr do I have to have a .sh file?14:50
ikoniayou can run anyting you want14:52
ikoniatry the systemd channel to get some specific help on it14:52
LimeOnIs possible to install virtualbox 6.0 in ubuntu 20.04 or its dependencies will be incompatible with that version?14:54
ikoniacheck the deps14:55
kyle__LimeOn: if it's from a tarball or a .deb there's no reason not to try.  Won't hurt anything and it's trivial to try (assuming you're not on dialup where downloading it would be painful)14:57
kyle__LimeOn: Umm... why do you want 6.0 specifically anyway?14:58
vlmdefault for tar when used as root is preserve and extract permissions ,how come it still preserves owner and permissions when used as regular user,seems only it did not copy setuid permissions though14:58
LimeOnkyle__: i've seen that 6.1 no longer allows you to enable direct3d15:03
LimeOnand that the option was avaiable before 6.115:03
chullMy husband’s Ubuntu 20.04 machine is freezing in the middle of typing for like 30 seconds every few minutes. What could be doing that? It affects Terminal as well as LibreOffice. And IRC.15:07
mefistofeleschull: something in the logs?15:11
chullmefistofeles, thanks for replying. :)  I always forget where to look. (It's not my computer) Where to look?15:14
mefistofeleschull: maybe dmesg, when that happens15:14
chullmefistofeles, it keeps happening, when it happens, I can't type at all.15:16
mefistofeleschull: yeah, maybe check dmesg right after it happens, when possible15:17
BluesKajor /var/log/syslog15:22
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ace_meis not quite possible to use nginx proxy and apache on same machine to serve sites on same port 80 ?15:29
ddubyaace_me, you could bind each to a different ip address15:40
herol3oyhi. my apt repository just messed up and apt --fix-broken install doesn't work. and i can't install any new package throguh apt!!! can i clean my apt somehow?!15:43
BluesKajherol3oy, which error came before you tried apt fix?15:44
herol3oyBluesKaj, https://pasteboard.co/JCVvrIo.png15:45
coconutherol3oy, better to pastebin instead of uploading images here if you can15:47
ddubyaace me, is it possible to remove and re-install codeblocks?15:50
herol3oywhen i run apt --fix-broken install >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/j5hqRsCY8R/15:50
herol3oyddubya, trying now..15:51
ddubyaherol3oy, maybe apt-get autoremove codeblocks-*15:52
BluesKajherol3oy, start at the the bottom (cccc) and install them in the order going up the list...this has worked for me on dependency issues in the past...it's worth a try15:52
kyle__LimeOn: Well that sucks.  Guess I'm lucky I haven't needed that in a while, I hadn't noticed.15:54
kyle__chull: if all else fails, install atop and enable it.  With luck it will capture what was running at those times, and you can scroll through the history to see what gobbled it up when.15:55
herol3oyddubya, whatever apt command (remove purge autoremove and etc) i run i get this result >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5GkMFPdvdm/15:55
ddubyaherol3oy, try autoremove on each package listed there or codeblocks-*15:57
herol3oyapt autoremove * > just give me the same result :/15:58
ddubyamaybe apt --fix-broken remove16:01
ace_meddubya: have no ideea16:02
ddubyaace me, disregard last comment, was meant for hero. First comment still stands (listen/bind address is configurable)16:02
wedroh no, I think I broke the Ubuntu dock... It's no longer detecting mouse events.   This is caused when I'm trying to do a screen capture snip (the one where your mouse turns into a cross) on a right mouse button context menu in Visual Studio Code.16:40
wedrBe aware, folks16:41
wedrum... anyone knows how to restart Ubuntu dock? I can Alt-Tab/WinKey-Tab windows just fine, and I can launch apps from the App Launcher using the WinKey, so I'm good with and without the Ubuntu dock16:46
ace_meI do not understand ... slave DNS should be able to be queried of r a domain it has there ?16:58
ace_meI get ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached16:58
ace_mehow to test a DNS slave server?16:59
ace_meI did nslookup, then server IP17:00
ace_methen a domain it has17:00
wedrah, it's just Alt+F2, then "r" for restarting the UI17:00
ace_meI also get zone transfer denied17:03
nunya_I am trying to write an executable script to shutdown my computer in 90 minute and tell me that it's doing so. Here's what I have so far. #!/bin/bash17:04
nunya_shutdown -h +90&17:04
nunya_echo Computer will shutdown in 90 minutes17:04
MikeRL100Having networking issues with wifi dropping for no reason over the past day or so. Running 20.10. No clue why. I have already disabled power saving for my wifi card.17:05
nunya_Oops should have used pate bin sorry17:05
nunya_paste bin17:05
MikeRL100It could disconnect at any moment. Not good.17:06
MikeRL100Could try IRC from phone but that sucks. Maybe from a Pi?17:06
MikeRL100I already did some troubleshooting on 20.04 before and fixed the issues.17:07
nunya_I have gotten the timer working and shutdown and gnome-terminal opens but no message about shutdown in terminal,please help.17:07
MikeRL100If nobody knows off hand how to fix it, considering esp. that the network could crap out on me, maybe I should use AskUbuntu? But what logs and details do I need?17:08
aminvakilikonia: jpds: thanks for your advices! as it seems there isn't a clean option, i'd do a full mirror rsync then.17:32
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MikeRLSo, anyone have advice for troubleshooting the network? I think my post may have been buried. Been a while but miraculously the network hasn't disconnected again.18:12
sarnoldMikeRL: is there anything in journalctl?18:16
MikeRLsarnold, Where's that?18:22
MikeRLSorry for the late response.18:22
MikeRLI see a ton of search results. Which location are you referencing?18:23
sarnoldMikeRL: type 'journalctl -f' and then use your machine for a while18:24
sarnoldMikeRL: when you experience network problems, look at that terminal again, and see what was emitted at about the same time18:24
MikeRLsarnold, My guess is I should wait for a disconnect?18:24
MikeRLOh ok.18:24
sarnoldMikeRL: you could also read what's in history, but that requires a lot more understanding of what gets logged18:25
MikeRLsarnold, Where is that? I could paste it and use a grep command. Is it that simple?18:25
MikeRLsarnold, There was an issue earlier when shutting down, in the color red at the shutdown screen. Network-manager was mentioned.18:26
MikeRLSo with that being mentioned that may narrow it down. My suspicion is I triggered a bug in network-manager.18:26
sarnoldMikeRL: when you've got nothing to work with, you don't want to use grep -- you want to start with as wide a view as possible18:27
MikeRLBut it's impossible to purge that package and reinstall it easily from what I remember.18:27
MikeRLsarnold, got it.18:27
MikeRLsarnold, But I do have one suspicion. Network-manager as mentioned above. It was hanging on shutdown.18:28
sarnoldMikeRL: which one do you want to work on first? rebooting or using the machine? it's probably best to work on exactly one at a time18:29
MikeRLsarnold, Are you referring to the error on shutdown when you say rebooting the machine?18:30
sarnoldMikeRL: yes18:30
MikeRLsarnold, I think whatever the consensus is on the most likely culprit. I'll likely watch journalctl.18:30
MikeRLsarnold, But it disconnects at startup. Err fails to connect, period. So running the command from the terminal may not catch it in time. May have to look at the history.18:31
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sarnoldMikeRL: ah, troubleshooting a failure to connect at all is indeed different18:34
sarnoldMikeRL: that's best handled by looking at the logs after you boot18:34
MikeRLsarnold, It will connect if I mess with the network via the panel or settings. Don't know what I did to resolve it. But it fails to start normally at boot.18:35
ash_worksiis i3 the window manager in 20.04 ?18:39
ash_worksi(also, why are the LTS' always x.04 and x.10 ?)18:40
MikeRLAll the releases are .04 or .10 except one because they come in April or October.18:40
DJonesash_worksi: LTS releases are every 2 years, latest is is 20.0418:41
MikeRLThey reach stable that is.18:41
DJones!lts | ash_worksi18:41
ubottuash_worksi: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.18:41
ash_worksiso, this is not semantic based on release? (ie patch or backwards compatibility)18:41
MikeRLTH dang bot beat me.18:41
ash_worksihuh; well anyway, as for the first question...18:43
DJonesash_worksi: LTS are released every two years, in April, so 16.04, 18.04 and latest 20.04.  Everthing in between are short term releases that need to be updated every 6 months18:44
ash_worksiabout window managers...18:44
sarnoldash_worksi: i3 is *not* the default18:45
sarnoldash_worksi: I run i3 myself on 20.04, it works well enough, but the default with ubuntu is gnome, and the other flavours have their own choices18:45
MikeRLWhat is an i3 Desktop environment?18:46
MikeRLMust be new.18:46
tomreynit's newer than X1118:47
MikeRLtomreyn, Anything is newer than X11.18:50
MikeRLGuys still have a question. How do I go about getting the results from journatctl after boot?18:52
sarnoldMikeRL: yeah, i3 is only 11 years old18:52
sarnoldMikeRL: just run journalctl18:52
MikeRLsarnold, I thought it would miss the mess up after startup.18:52
MikeRLsarnold, It messes up before I can fire up the terminal.18:52
MikeRLStill may have useful info though.18:53
sarnoldMikeRL: the default behaviour of journalctl is to show you all the journal messages in the current boot; journalctl -f follows new ones, and journalctl -b -1 etc shows you from previous boots18:53
MikeRLsarnold, Oh so it keeps a log of the older ones? Good.18:53
MikeRLI will run this as soon as I'm done mucking around with a Win7 install in vbox. May be 15 minute max. No more.18:54
sarnoldMikeRL: yeah; the journal tries to keep everything until it hits disk use limits18:54
MikeRLI have enough space left so I'll be OK. Talking tens of GBs free.18:54
hggdhMikeRL: and journalctl --list-boots will show you all (currently) saved boots (so that you can zero in a specific previous boot)18:57
MikeRLGuys I wrote down the documentation you gave me for journalctl. Thanks. I know it's in the man pages or viewable with the --help argument, but there's probably a ton of arguments.19:01
MikeRLAnyone else with GNOME Shell try the DING desktop icons shell extension?19:02
MikeRLWay better IMO than the bundled one.19:02
sarnoldMikeRL: heh, there's hundreds of thousands of lines of documentation for systemd-related stuff. figuring out which dozen things you actually need to know is insanely hard with it19:08
MikeRLsarnold, Well thanks. Makes my life not a nightmare.19:08
MikeRLsarnold, I have an issue. "journalctl --list-boots" only lists one boot.19:24
MikeRLIs there any way to increase the capacity to say 2 or 3 boots?19:25
tomreynMikeRL: which ubuntu version are you running?19:25
MikeRLtomreyn, 20.1019:25
tomreynis /var/ almost full?19:25
MikeRLtomreyn, How can I tell?19:26
MikeRLdf -h?19:26
MikeRLDoesn't list /var...19:26
MikeRLOnly /var/tmp.19:27
daxdf -h /var, it'll show whichever partition is relevant, probably /19:27
MikeRL80% in use for the main partition.19:27
tomreynhow much is free, in absolute numbers?19:27
tomreynand what does this report?    journalctl --disk-usage19:29
MikeRL101G available out of 513G partition.19:29
MikeRLToo short to paste.19:29
MikeRL"Archived and active journals take up 16.0M in the file system."19:29
tomreyndid you customize /etc/systemd/journald.conf ?19:30
MikeRLNo customizations to my knowledge.19:30
MikeRLDon't think I've viewed that file till today.19:30
tomreyndoes the directory /var/log/journal exist?19:31
tomreynif not, you would need to run: mkdir -p /var/log/journal19:31
MikeRLDo not see it.19:32
MikeRLDo you need a paste of ls -a?19:32
tomreynno, i believe you.19:32
MikeRLNow the folder exists.19:32
tomreynit's unsualy that you don't have it, though. the only explanation i can think of is a custom installation or a system that was upgraded from before 18.04 LTS19:33
tomreynoh, also a failed release upgrade could have caused it19:33
MikeRLThis Linux install has been upgraded for a while. Not sure when I started it.19:33
MikeRLNot custom.19:33
MikeRLJust been upgraded for some time. Likely the cause.19:34
MikeRLIs there any way to tell what the original pre-upgrade version was?19:34
tomreyncat /var/log/installer/media-info19:34
MikeRLI backup using GNOME Disks so I haven't reformatted clean in a while.19:34
MikeRLNo such file or directory for that command.19:35
MikeRLI wonder if Bleachbit removed it.19:35
tomreynthen it gets harder, maybe /var/log/release-upgrade* can hint on it19:35
MikeRLI use that occasionallly.19:35
MikeRLOld install for sure though.19:36
MikeRLSo I guess I'll get back on topic.19:37
MikeRLI did have cloudflare deamon installed. I removed it when networking issues started to streamline any issues. Just to be more close to a fresh install.19:42
MikeRLOutput for "journalctl -b -l" from this morning's boot: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sZGrHq8QyP/19:45
MikeRLI updated X so I probably should reboot. And I'll get more logs.19:46
fribafter installing ubuntu 20 wifi and bluetooth are off by default at reboot. I tried changing power saving config file but it doesn't work. please help, ty19:47
kyle__Any other i3 users on  20.04? Weird problem: it's logging me out completely when I leave it idle.  No errors, no obvious log messages.  I come back and I'm logged out.  Has anyone else come across this?19:47
sarnoldkyle__: is there anything in journalctl?19:49
kyle__Nothing obviously correlated19:51
MikeRLBack. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pJkyzrVF5Z/ Same command as before. No noticable network disconnect this time. Yet.19:52
kyle__I should repharse: nothing that obviously shows what went wrong, just a message that "[../../i3-wm-4.17.1/i3bar/src/xcb.c:1078] ERROR: X11 connection was closed unexpectedly - maybe your X server terminated / crashed?"19:52
MikeRLI disconnected and reconnected that time on purpose and it worked.19:54
MikeRLSo, no disconnects now. But it did it several times earlier.19:55
sarnoldkyle__: ohho! how about the X logs?19:59
sarnoldMikeRL: you've got some gnome shell messages in here, maybe disabling some / all of your extensions may help something20:00
kyle__Apparently the stopped writing on the 30th...20:01
sarnoldDec 01 14:49:08 mike-HP-ENVY-Notebook kernel: STATE_INVALID_DROP: IN=wlp3s0 OUT= MAC=4c:34:88:4c:2f:2a:dc:bf:e9:f6:df:81:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x20 TTL=50 ID=37949 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=80 DPT=39200 WINDOW=0 RES=0x00 RST URGP=020:02
sarnoldkyle__: dang, I assume the crash was on the first?20:02
sarnoldDec 01 14:49:19 mike-HP-ENVY-Notebook wpa_supplicant[1358]: wlp3s0: CTRL-EVENT-SIGNAL-CHANGE above=1 signal=-54 noise=9999 txrate=39000020:03
sarnoldMikeRL: hmm, what's gcr-prompter ?? I'm afraid it logged a key to your journal20:03
MikeRLsarnold, I disabled all but DING, Dash to Dock, Bing Wallpaper Changer, and Appindicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support.20:03
kyle__The most recent was.  I'm Using the default unity-like-gnome that comes with 20.04 right now.  And no issues if I walk away from it for hours :/20:03
sarnoldMikeRL: it does say public= .... in the string, but it also has an 'aes' in the thing. what's it do?20:04
MikeRLsarnold, I have no clue what that is without searching it up.20:04
sarnoldMikeRL: ahhh, gnome keyring prompter. it's probably fine then. pfew. :) I was worried for a minute..20:05
MikeRLMy guess is it's a qt pw prompt?20:05
MikeRLThought it was a rootkit or something?20:06
sarnoldMikeRL: I saw some tor stuff earlier in the logs and worried if there was a tor-specific application that might have been writing silly debug messages20:06
MikeRLsarnold, That would hurt being anonymous via tor, wouldn't it?20:07
sarnoldMikeRL: yes it would :) it might also expose the data; but I strongly doubt gnome tools would do something so silly20:08
MikeRLWhat do I do now? Keep rebooting till it happens again?20:09
MikeRLI dual boot and 10 has another annoying update.20:10
MikeRLBut ofc I want to tackle this.20:10
MikeRLIf only it logged more than the current boot.20:10
MikeRLsarnold, Do you have any ideas on what to do next? Should I just wait for it to come back?20:13
sarnoldMikeRL: the STATE_INVALID_DROP: and CTRL-EVENT-SIGNAL-CHANGE messages were the 'funny' looking things I saw aside from the noisy gnome stuff20:14
sarnoldMikeRL: see if those correlate with your problems in the future or not20:14
MikeRLsarnold, So I guess log again and see if they reappear? Log when it messes up?20:15
sarnoldMikeRL: yeah, that's the nice part of journalctl -f, when it happens you just glance at another terminal20:15
MikeRLYeah. I will do it again. May be some time though. No way to tell when it returns.20:16
rjwiiiHi ... I keep getting the message "Package operation failed/The installation or removal of a software package failed." ... there's no information telling me what failed ... any ideas?20:31
rjwiiiUbuntu 20.0420:32
sarnoldrjwiii: try starting with sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, see what errors pop out20:33
mefistofelesrjwiii: when is that happening? What are you running to get that?20:33
rjwiiimefistofeles: that happens when the updater runs.20:33
mefistofelesrjwiii: I guess what sarnold says then20:34
rjwiiisarnold: Something to do with v4l2loopback-dkms ...20:37
rjwiiisarnold: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bX5shD52Kc/20:39
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sarnoldrjwiii: okay, that looks like a pop_OS! kernel version; I suggest talking to popOS folks for advice20:41
sarnoldrjwiii: if they're out of ideas, I suggest just purging that dkms package, but they may have better ideas20:41
rjwiiisarnold: This is a System76 machine, but I am NOT using POP! OS ... Straight Ubuntu 20.04 ...20:42
sarnoldrjwiii: it isn't, note that your kernel comes from http://ppa.launchpad.net/system76-dev/stable/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/20:44
rjwiiisarnold: I see that ... it is still Ubuntu 20.04 that came with the machine ...20:45
rjwiiisarnold: not POP! OS ...20:45
rjwiiisarnold: Is it something that System76 to 20.04?20:46
sarnoldrjwiii: yeah, system76 maintains your kernel20:47
fraktorWould this be the right place to ask for nVidia driver support? Or is there a more appropriate channel?20:56
matsamanthere're worse places20:56
fraktorTrue that. I just did a kernel upgrade (I'm on the lowlatency kernel) and now my video card doesn't seem to be recognized. I can start X applications, but my resolution is wrong.20:57
fraktorAlso I can't start other applications like Steam, etc.20:57
matsamanfraktor: and the only thing you changed was your kernel?21:00
fraktorI did a `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`.21:01
fraktorFollowed by an autoremove.21:01
matsamanso just boot the old kernel instead to confirm. If that works, you can try and find a newer version of the kernel and see if it still has the issue. If it still has, you'll have to actually find out what the issue is21:01
fraktor...I should not have done an autoremove, should I...21:01
matsamanwell, if the packages are properly dep'd in, it shouldn't have been an issue21:03
fraktorI don't think I have the old kernel around anymore.21:03
matsamanyou probably do, it's likely in /boot/21:03
EriC^fraktor: ubuntu always leaves 1 or 2 old kernels21:04
EriC^fraktor: in grub go to advanced > select an older kernel21:04
fraktorI uh, in my thrashing around I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver package. So according to dkms, I only have the nvidia module for the current kernel.21:05
EriC^fraktor: are you sure it doesnt build for all available kernels?21:11
fraktorI mean, looking at `dkms status` I only see the one module.21:11
YounderAre the 5 kernels working on ARM?21:12
EriC^fraktor: what's in "ls /boot/vmlinuz*"21:12
EriC^!arm | Younder21:16
ubottuYounder: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.21:16
sarnoldYounder: this is 20.04 lts on an rpi3b+: Linux ubuntu 5.4.0-1022-raspi #25-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 15 13:31:49 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux21:21
YounderYes I am running 20.04 on a Raspi 4 as well.21:22
sarnoldhow's that working? I thought 20.10 had some important updates for the 421:23
YounderMy xavier-nx (from nvidea) is still on 18.0421:23
Youndersarnold, I did it a few months ago. I installed the server version and then 'sudo install ubuntu-desktop' to get the desktop version.21:24
sarnoldYounder: and it mostly seems to work? wired or wireless?21:26
YounderTHis is a month or so before the desktop vesion of ubuntu was released.21:26
Youndersarnold, It works wired and wireless. Haven't had any serious glitches yet.21:27
sarnoldYounder: sweet21:28
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Azrael_-i try to run the danted socks proxy server and already managed to get a connection to it, but now it doesn't forwards the connection request. that's the whole config i'm currently using. https://pastebin.com/gPKZQTHn  any idea how to fix it?21:40
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sarnoldAzrael_-: "eth0:0" looks super-funny21:48
sarnoldAzrael_-: these interface aliases are twenty-ish years old, I'm not sure how well supported they are21:48
sarnoldAzrael_-: I suggest replacing both those with an IP address21:48
sarnoldAzrael_-: I'm also guessing the pass, client pass, blocks could use some refinement21:49
kyle__sarnold: They still work perfectly fine on modern kernels.21:49
sarnoldkyle__: yeah, but all the other tools?21:50
sarnoldbinding to interfaces is a thousand times harder than binding to an ip address21:50
kyle__Hrumm.  OK that I'm not sure of.21:50
sarnoldsometimes highlevel tooling makes it look easy, but it's *much* more work21:50
sarnoldbinding to an IP address is much simpler, and easy to test :)21:51
YounderNetworking is hard to do off the top of your head. It's like it wont all fit. At least for me. I read up on a subsystem and then go.21:53
Azrael_-ok, i just realized that this is running xenial! thus the version is dante 1.121:55
Azrael_-sorry for wasting your time, i'm switching now to centos as this is the only newer version they offer22:01
sarnoldAzrael_-: dante appears to be packaged for newer versions of ubuntu, too, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dante22:03
Azrael_-yeah, but unfortunately this is a vps-environment, so i don't think i can easily upgrade ubuntu to a newer version. i know the current ubuntu has 1.4, xenial has 1.1. didn't find an easy way to run 1.4 on xenial22:05
sarnoldoh yeah, upgrading a vps is kinda weak vs just using whatever they already offer22:07
Starship8014hi, how risky is "sudo apt upgrade"? I am running a ubuntu server since 6 months and perform this command once a week to stay up to date. Being a windows user all my life, I fear that it will break one day. are my worries unfounded?22:14
ddubyaStarship8014, it will probably break one day. Depends on how many services are running, now they're customized etc. If it is a production server you should probably use a second server or VM for testing updates22:20
Starship8014I see, thanks. I hope'd I wouldnt have to do that :D22:22
ddubyaeventually you end up doing it, because it breaks and the server goes offline for hours or worse22:22
Starship8014how often should i do updates? I would like to expand that then a little as it gets more time consuming22:23
ddubyait is worth the effort since you also get the freedom to experiment without risking anything22:23
kyle__Starship8014: Mostly dependent on how many PPAs you have, and how well they are maintained.22:26
ddubyanot sure what the release schedule is, but you could go by that. also only to the security updates22:27
ddubyaif you skip upgrades for say, once a quarter or whatever when the big breaks might occur22:27
kyle__apt upgrade shouldn't be upgrading anything that needs a reboot, and shouldn't be changing versions enough to break config files.  _Shouldn't_ of course is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.22:27
sarnoldwe release security updates monday through thursday most weeks; we release new kernels every three weeks, and not all kernel issues can be livepatched22:28
kyle__I've had it break things for me a few times, but I could count them on one hand.  And the only one that was on a production box was due to a PPA, not due to something from the primary repos.22:29
Starship8014Interesting, with that being said, I should do updates every day^22:30
Starship8014I think I don't run anything fancy - mostly very popular software as this server basically is a web server for my sites22:31
kyle__On a desktop weekly, because it feels like there are security patches for the browsers all the damned time.22:32
ddubyait depends on what you are risking, what your time is worth, what downtime costs the business22:32
Starship8014I agree22:32
kyle__ddubya: Do you have standard/planned maint windows where you work?22:33
ddubyanope, it's a low priority22:35
kyle__If they're on the schedule like clockwork, it really helps take off the pressure, by normalizing them.  All the org will just expect it then.  It's been really nice when I've worked places that had that.22:35
ddubyastuff goes forever without being updated lol22:35
* kyle__ remembers to update the freebsd NFS server in the basement seomtime next year....22:35
kyle__Ahhem.  Yeah.  That happens.22:36
ddubyaI would like to have a pre-production system that updates automatically, runs unit tests etc , then emails me it is ok to apply to production22:36
sarnoldthere's a reason why unattended-upgrades is default installed these days :)22:37
ddubyathen I can do a manual update outside busy hours22:37
ddubyayeah it enables too much botnet rampage22:37
ddubyaor rather prevents22:37
jpdsStarship8014: These days I just use unattended-upgrades everywhere22:38
Starship8014Hm, what's unattended-upgrades? Like auto-upgrades?22:39
Starship8014jpds, do you run a webserver with that and how long has this been working for you? :)22:40
jpdsStarship8014: I run several pieces of infra as my day job22:40
Starship8014Alright, I'll look into that - thanks for pointing that out22:44
jpdsStarship8014: I'm also of the school of thought that if a stable release update is rolled out to an LTS that broke a webserver package - it's an instant regression bug with the distro22:44
InteloWhat disk encryption does ubuntu uses if chosen during installation?22:48
Starship8014Alright, :)22:48
jpdsIntelo: LUKS22:49
sarnoldStarship8014: unattended-upgrades installs security updates overnight22:49
Intelojpds: what type and bits?22:52
Starship8014sarnold thank you :)22:52
lnx20Anyone have any knowledge with ARandR sceen layout editor?22:58
Harlinlnx20, what you trying to do?22:59
lnx20Boot my linux box in portrait mode. I have 24" screen in portrait mode and would like to boot straight into it instead of having to change after login23:01
matsamanlnx20: so it's in landscape mode, and therefore rotated 90deg for your eyes, by default?23:13
lnx20matsman: yes, rotated clockwise 90 degrees. I use it for terminal work but atm I boot in, turn my head to log in, then open saved ARandR config file which has settings to rotate screen to portrait.23:22
matsamanlnx20: probably you'd want to add a file to xorg.conf.d with something like 'Option "Rotate" "left"' mapped to your monitor23:25
lnx20matsaman: ah ok, I will look into that then. late here so logging off now. If it works I'll thank you in advance, thanks!23:26
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MikeRLGood news. Think I may have fixed the connection issue. Either was the firewall or a shell extension. I removed all extensions except a casting one that modify the system menu.23:54

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