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jamespradahi guys I got a one question09:31
jamespradahi guys I got a one question?09:31
jamespradawhy flash player under xubuntu is so slow?09:31
jamespradai cannot play farmerama09:31
diogenes_jamesprada, flash is dead and currently works only in Firefox.10:09
ochoHello. I'm new with Linux and Xubuntu. I have just installed Xubuntu on a laptop, but the screen looks so akward, dont know why13:37
diogenes_ocho, that's fixable.13:38
ochoDo u know how? Notice that i'm noob with linux13:38
diogenes_ocho, open a terminal.13:38
ochoDo u know a shortcut to open it? Because it's almost impossible do it with the interface like this13:39
ochoOk, done, I opened it13:39
diogenes_if you have troubles with that interface then hit: ctrl+alt+f113:40
diogenes_login with your username and password13:40
diogenes_and tell me when done.13:40
ochook, done13:41
diogenes_ok now type in there: whoami13:41
diogenes_just to see iff it gives you your username13:41
ochoyes, it gives me my user name13:41
ochowhich is 'juan'13:41
diogenes_ok now type the following command:13:42
diogenes_xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/vblank_mode -t string -s "glx" --create13:42
diogenes_when you hit enter after it, you must be getting no output.13:42
ochook done, no output13:44
diogenes_ok now run the following command:13:44
diogenes_sudo systemctl restart lightdm13:44
ochook, done, now everthing is working perfectly! thank u so much13:45
diogenes_you're welcome.13:45
ochohow do yyou know how to fix it?13:45
diogenes_it's a known issue on some GPUs with xpresent compositor and open source drivers it doesn't refresh the creen properly.13:46
ochooookey, thank u so much13:46
diogenes_you're welcome.13:47
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xu-irc9wnewb here, just wanna know if i should have specified a larger root partition18:46
xu-irc9wcus now its like 50% full18:46
xu-irc9wi have a lot of software to install and if i run out what'll happen18:46
brainwashxu-irc9w: isn't it obvious what would happen in such a scenario?18:48
xu-irc9wis there no way to install to the /home partition18:48
xu-irc9wi looked around a lot and it sed i only needed like 20gb18:49
brainwashnot when you use the package manager18:49
brainwashsnap packages may be installed in /home18:49
xu-irc9wawrite, so how if i wanted to remove xubuntu then i just need to delete the partitions aye?18:49
xu-irc9wi'm running windows 10 as main18:50
brainwashI think so18:50
xu-irc9wand if i do that i can get safely get back to windows after a restart?18:50
brainwashthe boot manager may remain still intact though18:50
xu-irc9wwill that be a problem18:51
xu-irc9wcus i wanna reinstall with more root space18:51
brainwashdid you try to resize the partition?18:51
brainwashthat may be possible18:52
xu-irc9wresizing means i would have to reinstall rite18:52
brainwashnot quite18:52
xu-irc9whow do i resize the partition then18:53
brainwashI would try with gparted18:55
brainwashit's a partition editor18:55
brainwashand it's present on the live ISO18:56
brainwashyou can install it manually also18:56
brainwashof course18:56
xu-irc9wsounds scary xD18:57
xu-irc9wi just tried resetting the bootloader using command prompt18:57
brainwashbut it may be necessary to resize the root partition while the OS is not running18:57
xu-irc9wand it isn't working18:57
xu-irc9wbcdedit /set “{bootmgr}” path \efi\microsoft\boot\bootmgfw.efi18:57
xu-irc9wcus when i restarted it was still showing the os selection screen18:58
xu-irc9wif i delete the partitions now and i restart will it mess up my windows18:58
xu-irc9wi'd rather do a clean reinstall of xubuntu18:59
xu-irc9wand how much space you reckon for the root18:59
brainwashsince you do not touch the window partitions, it should not mess with them18:59
xu-irc9wokay and in bootup as well18:59
xu-irc9wi plan to use it for mainly dev stuff19:00
brainwashideally, you should have a backup of important data19:00
xu-irc9wthere you go... i've no means to backup that large a data19:00
xu-irc9wis there a possibility that a restart might screw up my windows19:01
xu-irc9wafter i remove linux19:01
brainwashonly if you delete the windows partition(s)19:02
xu-irc9where goes nothin19:02
brainwashthe bootloader part can be restored I'd think19:02
brainwashor the next installation will set up a new bootloader19:02

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