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Code_Bleuis this channel still being used?  I've seen no one talking for a couple of days now.05:14
hackerstanks meena07:26
hackersI was reading it a bit more07:26
hackersthe prolem I'm facing is that I really like instal debian from a minimal netinstall CD and install nothing else but the requirement for Debian to work07:27
hackersbut now I look at ubuntu snaps, more cutting edge software, things like minik8s easily deployable and I'm interested to give it go07:28
hackersjust not to an ubutu-desktop-xx that ships with IDK what07:28
hackersI need to know what's installed and how I want it to behave07:29
hackersso I read cloud-init has this interesting configuration that makes it easy to reploy ot re-deploy07:29
hackersbut I also read it doesn't support graphical environments? is that true?07:30
hackerselse I'm going back to my minimal debian an installing ubuntu-server in a VM but I wish I could virtualize from ubuntu07:30
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meenahackers: we do have people coming in here from time to time who use cloud-init on their desktop08:13
meenaand they're gone08:13
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digal_54Hi Guys13:42
otubosmoser: thanks for the info so far, helped a lot to start thinking about a possible fix. Please take a look at this patch https://github.com/otubo/cloud-init/commit/6ffcee4ead7b107028af0ea9d24657931fcfee7615:16
otubosmoser: still work in progress, need to add the tests, etc. But overall it's that.15:17
otubosmoser: as usual due to timezone stuff I'm off now. But feel free to leave a comment on github or here :) Thanks again!15:53
smoseri left comment, otubo16:02
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: falcojr I just dput dput ppa:cloud-init-dev/proposed   ../out/cloud-init_20.4-0ubuntu1~20.10.1_source.changes    looks like all bits for cloud-init SRU are in  ppa:cloud-init-dev/proposed for the SRU16:56
blackboxswand rmadison cloud-init agrees that uploads are accepted/available for cloud-init v 20.4-0  in xenial-proposed, bionic-proposed, focal-proposed and groovy-proposed16:58
Odd_BlokeAnhVoMSFT: ^ We have cloud-init 20.4 packages in -proposed across all stable releases, so we're ready for you to perform your testing.16:58
giesenCode_Bleu: cloud-init seems to reset networking on every boot. You can set guestinfo.metadata in your VM config to get it to keep the config. That's actually why I came in here, wondering what's the best to have cloud-init set networking config once and then leave it alone17:02
AnhVoMSFT@Odd_Bloke - thanks. we'll get the testing underway for azure18:05
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Odd_BlokeAnhVoMSFT: Thanks!18:22
Odd_Blokefalcojr: I haven't reviewed the test yet, but (you'll be glad to hear, I'm sure ;) I have thoughts about the proposed refactoring: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/693/files#r53438520618:23
falcojrSweet, thanks18:35
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Odd_Blokefalcojr: Just pushed up a full proposal at https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/702 so that's ready for a full review with a view to landing it.22:34
Odd_BlokeThanks for your comments on the initial proposal, this is a much simpler iteration as a direct result.22:34
Odd_BlokeThis doesn't include skipping by OS release, because (a) I want to think about that a bit more, and (b) we don't have any tests that currently require it; I'll probably implement it naively (specific marks to skip xenial and bionic) alongside the integration test I'm working on which will require it.22:36

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