KrakenPolarhello from Amsterdam people01:55
KrakenPolaryou know...01:55
KrakenPolari need teacher01:56
KrakenPolargood bye :-P01:57
KrakenPolar if you need a student contact bye01:57
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> @KrakenPolar, Still need help?02:15
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EnchanterTimHere's my issue03:50
EnchanterTimI think i need to patch that function and recompile plasma03:50
EnchanterTimBut I don't know which source package in kubuntu it is03:50
EnchanterTimI tried apt-file search 'plasmaquick/dialog.cpp' and no results03:51
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lordievaderGood morning07:55
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BluesKajHi folks12:23
IrcsomeBotdkocylo was added by: dkocylo13:03
IrcsomeBot<dkocylo> Hello, How i can and short code to kubunto 20.04? I want to ad short code on flameshot screenshot13:05
RikMillsEnchanterTim: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-framework13:10
IrcsomeBot<dkocylo> Focal13:15
IrcsomeBot<dkocylo> @RikMills, Focal13:15
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^AuGiE^kc2bez, u there14:45
k_szeIn KDE, is there a way to get a task switcher where multiple windows of the same application are stacked together (like in GNOME)?15:18
k_szenvm, I think I understand how it works in KDE now.15:20
k_szeBut I guess I would prefer if the tasks are stacked together when I do Alt+TAB15:21
IrcsomeBot<Kristian> When I logon to my Kubuntu 20.04 Discover is always starting automatically. But in the system setting there is no autostart defined. How can I disable this autostart?16:22
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EnchanterTimI figured it out17:18
EnchanterTimI had to take that dialog.cpp file and revert the two functions17:18
EnchanterTimI reverted them back to before the kde bug fix17:18
EnchanterTimThat KDE bugfix breaks Xmonad functionality17:18
EnchanterTimsince I don't use KDE like that, it matters little if I have it or nto, so I reverted back, ust the two functions, and rebuilt the package17:19
EnchanterTimNow Xmoand again works with latest plasma.17:19
EnchanterTimThough with each package update, I'd have to apply the patch and rebuild17:19
EnchanterTimGiven that the source doesn't change too much and the patch is applicable.17:19
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BlessingHello everyone! I am getting random freezes on my Kubuntu 20.04. I installed the system 5 months ago and the freezes started about 2 months ago. I read log files in /var/log, but I don't see anything unusual there before the freeze occurs. There was a message about CPU temperature above threshold, but when I tried to load my CPU so its temperature17:56
Blessinggets above the threshold again, nothing unusual happened, it just kept working. I used to struggle with this issue on the previous laptop I had, but couldn't find the solution and 5 months ago I got new laptop which worked fine for 3 months. Last such freeze happened 1:30 hours ago, I was using MATLAB and running Brave browser on the background, I17:56
Blessingdon't see any pattern to replicate this problem. I read many questions regarding random freeze in ubuntu, but there's no solution so far (obviously if I didn't miss it somehow). I'm not sure if that means something, but my friend has exactly the same laptop as me and running Kubuntu 20.04 on it, it works perfectly well, not even single freeze so17:56
Blessingfar for him. How do I solve this problem? What can I do to find what causes the freeze? Is there a better place to ask for help?17:56
diogenes_Blessing, monitor the RAM and SWAP usage.18:03
Blessingdiogenes_, thank you! I will do that, but what do I do if I find out it was or was not related to RAM and SWAP?18:05
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> NVidia card?18:06
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IrcsomeBot<jvier_x> @Blessing, I had random freezers on open suse and kubuntu, I disabled file search and it freezers gone19:26
Blessing@jvier_x, what kind of file search? Like file indexing?19:35
IrcsomeBot<jvier_x> @Blessing, Yes19:36
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k_szeIs Wayland support considered mature in Kubuntu 20.04?23:33

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