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realtime-neilWhy can't my `bzr` invocation do `git-build-recipe`? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sxCGZszSBh/15:05
cjwatsonWhy would it?15:06
cjwatsongit-build-recipe is a git-build-recipe thing, not a bzr dailydeb thing :)15:06
cjwatsonThey're similar but not identical15:06
realtime-neilbecause this? https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes15:06
cjwatsonThat doesn't tell you to run bzr dailydeb on a git recipe though ...15:07
cjwatsonYou have to use the command that matches the kind of recipe you're writing15:07
realtime-neilOkay, granted. How _do_ I test the recipe I've written?15:08
cjwatson"Things are similar for git, but use git-build-recipe instead of bzr dailydeb"15:09
realtime-neilAh, tricksy documentation.15:09
realtime-neilThe pedant in me wants to point out that, while `git-build-recipe` matches the first-line declaration, `bzr dailydeb` does _not_ match the `bzr-builder` declaration. But I won't mention it. :D15:12
cjwatsonYeah, that bit was before my time15:13
realtime-neilcjwatson: how long have you been with Canonical, if I might ask? You're everywhere I look.15:14
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: about 16.5 years15:16
cjwatsonI meant before my time on the Launchpad team, in this case :)15:17
cjwatson(which is coming up on 6 years)15:17
LocutusOfBorggoodbye launchpad builders...15:21
realtime-neilLocutusOfBorg: I find your lack of details disturbing. What happen?15:22
LocutusOfBorgrealtime-neil, its a crypting message for IS team :)15:23
LocutusOfBorghttps://launchpad.net/builders looks like 179 builders are "manual", so not processing new stuff15:23
LocutusOfBorgnot sure if this is intended or not, maybe they need just a long enough stick15:23
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: We're just fiddling with their job queue, they'll be back in a bit15:32
cjwatson(Redeploying that rabbitmq-server on focal rather than trusty so that it hopefully stops leaking kernel memory over time)15:32
cjwatson"Manual" there is always intentional15:34
realtime-neilOkay, I changed the declaration to `bzr-builder` and I'm getting "This operation is not supported by the Git smart server protocol." : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5pf2PkMDPf/15:34
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: That seems like the wrong way round.  You can't build git-based recipes using bzr dailydeb.  You'll need to change the recipe header back to git-build-recipe, and then use git-build-recipe to build it.15:44
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: bzr dailydeb doesn't understand the git-flavoured variant of the recipe format.15:44
realtime-neilcjwatson: okay going back to that15:45
realtime-neilI don't see any `run` verbs documented for `git-build-recipe`. How would I override the default packaging actions?15:47
LocutusOfBorgrealtime-neil, https://code.launchpad.net/~videolan/+recipe/master-daily15:47
LocutusOfBorgdoes this help you?15:47
LocutusOfBorgthis one has two different git nested https://code.launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+recipe/boinc-upstream-daily15:48
LocutusOfBorgthanks Colin for the help15:48
realtime-neilLocutusOfBorg: I'm seeing that, but there's no `run` actions in the recipe.15:48
realtime-neilAm I supposed to add the packaging bits in another repo and merge that just before building?15:49
LocutusOfBorgrealtime-neil, I don't get the question15:49
LocutusOfBorgin boinc-upstream-daily, the upstream code has no "debian directory" so I added one in another git, and nested it inside after the checkout15:50
realtime-neilLocutusOfBorg: you showed me an example of a repository that merges things before (I assume) running the default build commands --- which is great, and thanks for the link --- but this assumes that I want to create a repository for packaging bits.15:51
realtime-neilI'd much rather override the default packaging commands to generate the `debian` directory in the checkout.15:51
cjwatsongit-build-recipe has "run", though it's disabled on LP production16:18
cjwatsonOverriding the default packaging commands to generate the debian directory is not really how everyone else uses recipes I'm afraid16:19
cjwatsonIf I'm understanding you correctly16:19
cjwatsonWe generally regard the debian/ directory as (at least in substantial part) code and therefore it's best stored in revision control16:19
cjwatson(builders should all be back now, BTW)16:37
realtime-neilcjwatson: you do understand me correctly, and okay, I'll work with what I'm given16:41
realtime-neilcjwatson: I really need to get good with git-buildpackage and release repos16:42
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DarxusAnother build that failed becuase new upstream broke the merge with my build-fix repo.  When a simple patch would easily handle the task.  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/509579667/buildlog.txt.gz21:20
DarxusWouldn't have broken if I could just apply a simple patch instead of merging a git repo.21:45
rbasakI don't speak for Launchpad bug I'm curious to know what situation git can't merge when a patch works.22:35
rbasakDid upstream do a non-fast-forward update to your source branch? That's the only situation I can think of.22:35
DarxusI don't know, it's happened to me a bunch of times.23:17
DarxusI'd love a better understanding of the problem, so we can work on fixing it.23:24

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